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Take Away


To view the full catalogue go to fpaaust.com.au

, ~ € EC-SB0369 Supa Flute clamss

Gallery Series Various Designs


DOUBLE WALL Biodegradable & compostable hot drink cup Available in various design Also available in SINGLW WALL

C-HC0607 SINGLE WALL Plain series Hot drink cup

C-HC0681 DOUBLE WALL Cool wall series Hot drink cup

C C-HC0645 EC-SB0356

DOUBLE WALL Cool wave series

Supa Flute Food Tray #1


PET Dome lid Flat slot lids are available.

LHRDS-16 White travel lid

Paper straw regular Red and white

C-PDC425 C-P PDC Clear plas plastic PP cup p sizes are available. Variouss siz

EC-DS0570 Regular straw BLACK Available in a range of size for beer, smoothies, juices & slushees.

Custom Print Available In Cool Wall & Cool Wave


1DWXUDO ÀEUH FODP GLQQHU pack 3 compartment. Various type of clams are available.

EC-NL0115 Kraft luncheon Various sizes & colours are available.

WOODEN CUTLERY 100% natural and responsibly sourced from sustainable forests. Use them for hot food and cold food, desserts, food sampling or outdoor festivals and events!




Natural Fibre Burger Clam Various sizes are available.



OTTEASPN10X100 EC-CR500 + EC-CR500L 1DWXUDO ÀEUH UHFWDQJXODU FRQWDLQHU ZLWK 3(7 OLG Various food containers are available. (Show bowls, clams & food trays)

C-SU8 Tasty Hot Delicious printed 8 oz Chip cup 12 oz is available.

Designed for stacking

One piece, hinged construction Premium clarity and presentation

Market leading seals and tabs

Fresh View Containers

Leak resistant seal & moisture locking White Form Cup Lid



Tasty Hot Delicious printed 8 oz Chip cup

Tasty Hot Delicious printed Available in 4 different sizes. Junior, small, medium, large



EC-SB0250 Window lunch boxes are best used for cold food.

Lunch boxes


To view the full catalogue go to fpaaust.com.au

Plastic Containers Available in various size. Microwavable & freezer grade ranges are available

C-S11-36 Reusable Carry Bag All purpose(various sizes), Heavy duty and environmentally friendly carry bags are available. Go to fpaaust.com.au to see full series.

C-8EL White Form Cup Lid


The Envirochoice Round Container provides an environmentally friendly ĂůƚĞƌŶĂƟǀĞ to foam soup cups

EC-SC016 Heavyboard Round Container 16 oz

EC-SC012 Heavyboard Round Container 12 oz

White Form Cup Hot drink cup Various size are available. a a ab e.


Lid to suit Heavyboard Round Container

EC-SC024 Heavyboard Round Container 24 oz

To view the full catalogue go to fpaaust.com.au

Catering Foil C-APF44 All purpose (available in 30cm width), Heavy duty & extra heavy duty are available.

C-CW33D Extra strength clinigwrap

C-HB30120 Non-stick baking paper. Flat pack is available.

C-LW4783 C-GP4747 Greaseproof paper 400 x 330mm Various sizes are available.

Lunch wrap paper 400 x 300 mm Various size are available.

preparation C-WI0900 Antibacterial blue wipes. $YDLODEOH LQ UROO DQG ÁDW SDFN

C-GV0003 Premium vinyl gloves. Clear pre-powdered.

Blue gloves are used for ĚĞƚĞĐƟŽŶ ŝŶ food C-GV0008 Premium vinyl gloves. Blue pre-powdered.

C-GB1203R Garbage bag on roll All purpose 72-75 Litres Flat packs are available.

Bin liners To see all the range, go to fpaaust.com.au

C-HT0178 Premium feed hand towel. Interleaved hand towel is available in different sizes.

Tel: 1300 407 799 Fax: 1300 991 554 www.fpaaust.com.au


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