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Compassionate Communities – Reach Out Scheme We are pleased to welcome you to the Compassionate Communities - Reach Out scheme. The service is delivered by volunteers (Compassionate Neighbours) who are supported by an experienced coordinator and facilitator. The aim of the service is to help to support you to remain independent and in your own home if that is your wish. It is a befriending service. Trained Compassionate Neighbours will visit you for 1- 2 hours every week. They may be able to help in the following ways: • • • • •

Shopping Providing transport Going out for a coffee or a cup of tea Contacting other people on your behalf Keeping you company

• Relieving your carer • Helping to identify other people who may help you, if you wish • Linking with voluntary and community groups There are a few things they cannot help with such as personal care and housework

About our volunteers All our volunteers are selected for their desire to help others. All volunteers have gone through a recruitment procedure that includes having an Access NI check, have attended 4 x half day training sessions and receive ongoing support and training. Your volunteers have identity cards that they carry when visiting – do ask to see them. If your volunteer is a car owner they may offer to take you in their car to the shops or to attend an appointment as part of the agreed tasks. The volunteer can claim expenses from Compassionate Communities. We want to support you as much as possible but we do ask that advantage is not taken of the volunteers’ use of their own transport as our funding is very limited.

What support do you need? Our project staff will visit to discuss with you what support you feel you need and whether it can be provided by a Compassionate Neighbour. Taking into account personalities, interests, location and availability you will be matched with and introduced to 1 or 2 volunteers to help you

Confidentiality The Compassionate Communities Reach Out scheme recognises that the people we visit have a right to have information about them kept confidential and this is essential or maintaining trust in our service. All volunteers have received training about this and have signed a Declaration of Confidentiality. No information about you will be given directly or indirectly to anyone else without your expressed consent. The scheme also has its own written Data Protection Policy.

Complaints Should you have a complaint about the Compassionate Communities Reach Out scheme please contact the project facilitator Linda Morris 02871 351010.

Volunteers’ Personal Safety The welfare and safety of volunteers is of paramount importance. We encourage our volunteers to consider their own safety as well

as yours. We ask you to do the same and not to put volunteers at risk by asking them to do things that are risky or have not been agreed. If you have pets of an uncertain temperament please put them in a different room whilst the volunteer is with you.

Insurance Volunteers using their own cars will have informed the insurance company that they are doing so. All volunteers are covered by Public Liability Insurance.

Contacting your volunteer If you need to get in touch with a volunteer between visits, please telephone the volunteer coordinator Tracy Gray 0784 1101932. If you are unable to speak to her contact the project facilitator Linda Morris 02871 351010. We instruct volunteers not to give out their home telephone numbers to preserve their privacy. We are always keen to know if the service we provide is what is needed and will contact you from time to time to ask what you think of the service so that we can improve it. You are in control of what help you accept. Despite all the formal talk we are here to help you and will do our best to respond positively as far as we possibly can.

Get in touch… To find out more contact Linda Morris Project Facilitator T: 02871 351010 E: Opening times: Monday — Friday 9.00 a.m. — 5.00 p.m.

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