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MINUTES for the 1 Annual General Meeting of

The Forum for Youth Advocacy, Cyprus 19:00, February 06, 2012 — Mesa Geitonia Cultural Centre Facilitator: D. Nicolaides




Call to order The 1st Annual General Meeting of FOYA Cyprus was called to order at 19:00 on February 6th, 2012 at the Mesa Geitonia Cultural Centre.


Roll Call Demetrios Nicolaides, Michelle Aresti, Efpraxia Andronicou, Elena Andronicou, Costandinos Christofi, Nima Siar, Omar Bacha


Approval of Minutes Being the 1st Annual General Meeting, no previous minutes were presented for approval.


Reports i. President – Welcome to FOYA (D. Nicolaides) President Demetrios Nicolaides welcomed everyone to FOYA and gave a brief overview of the goals and principles of the organization. He also explained the internal dynamic, decision-making processes, powers of the Administrative Council and the rights of members. Some members inquired as to the reasonable goals of the organization for 2012 to which the President highlighted that due to the poor financial status of the organization, the first and primary goal of the organization for 2012 would be to improve the organization’s finances. The President also explained how he aspires to have at least one successful large fundraising event to bring the organization out of debt as soon as possible. Once this is done, the President also suggested it may be ideal to reduce or eliminate entirely the membership fee. At this time the President also motioned for action items iii and iv to be removed from the agenda. The motion passed unanimously. The President also motioned for discussion items i. and ii. to be removed from the agenda. The motion passed unanimously. ii. Treasurer – Financial Statement (B. Kliri) In the absence of the Treasurer, the President gave an overview of the organization’s financial status.


Resolutions / Actions i. Administrative Council Elections (M. Aresti) Nominations for the positions of President, Vice-president, secretary and treasurer had been received in advance by the secretary and their names were read out. There was one candidate for each of the positions. The floor was then open to additional nominations. Omar Bacha, Nima Siar and Costandinos Christofi were nominated as the general members for the Administrative Council. The following people were elected for the following positions: President: Vice-President: Secretary: Treasurer: General Member: General Member: General Member:

Demetrios Nicolaides (6 votes) Aristotle Glykis (7 votes) Michelle Aresti (7 votes) Barbara Kliri (6 votes) Costandinos Christofi (6 votes) Nima Siar (6 votes) Omar Bacha (5 votes)

ii. Appointment of Audit Committee (D. Nicolaides) The following people were selected to serve as the members of the organization’s Audit Committee; Barbara Kliri, Dragana Nikolic & Dora Savva. iii. Appointment of Fundraising Committee (D. Nicolaides) iv. Appointment of Project Committee (D. Nicolaides) v. Approval of Financial Statements (B. Kliri) In the absence of the Treasurer the President motioned for the financial statements to be approved. The vote was carried unanimously. vi. Constitutional Changes (D. Nicolaides) The constitutional changes were presented and explained by the President. The amendments package was voted on in its entirety and approved unanimously. (See attached) VI.

Discussion and Information i. Planned Projects (Online course, scholarship) (D. Nicolaides) ii. Peace Education Research Project (D. Nicolaides)


Notice of Next Meeting: The next meeting of the FOYA Cyprus Administrative Council is scheduled for Thursday, March 29, 2012, 20:30, FOYA Cyprus Office and the next Annual General Meeting is scheduled for January, 2013, 19:00, Mesa Geitonia Cultural Centre.


Adjournment The Meeting was adjourned at 20:00 by the President.

Signature of President Demetrios Nicolaides

These minutes were prepared and submitted by: Michelle Aresti (Secretary) These minutes were approved by: Demetrios Nicolaides (President) & Michelle Aresti (Secretary)

Signature of Secretary Michelle Aresti

AGM Minutes  

The Minutes from our 1st Annual General Meeting