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iNDex Telenovelas Series Non Scripted Documentaries


- The price of silence - Salome, don´t give up - Runaway love - Love of my life - The past doesn´t forgive - Portraits - Anonymous Infidelity

The price of silence Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 125

When Dr. Santiago Bayona finds out that the clinic he inherited from his uncle is really owned by two mob chiefs, his real troubles begin. While trying to find the way to manage this difficult situation, he meets Luisa Maria Medina - a hard working nurse. But before they get to really meet each other, Santiago suffers an assassination attempt that almost kills him. Santiago’s friend and colleague, Manuel, manages to save him after the attack and suggests him to fake a head trauma, that would leave him in a supposedly vegetative state in order to avoid his enemies. During the time he fakes his health condition, Santiago finds out among others that Vanessa, his fiancée has a very dark past and that her love towards him is not sincere. But also he’ll have the chance to discover next to Luisa Maria, a world full of love and social devotion.

Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 75

An earthquake changes Salome and Carlos Alberto´s destiny. They were just about to get married when a tremor ruined the wedding. Carlos Alberto gets traped under the rubble and declared as missing, while Salome manages to survive. Because of her loss, Salome will try to start a new life, moving into the big city. Miracously, Carlos Alberto is finally rescued but he wont find Salome by his side and will understand she left him. When Salome finds out that Carlos Alberto is actually alive, she decides to go back to her town, but Laura is now in her place. Facing this new and hard reality, Salome goes back to the city and finds a job next to Sebastian, who falls deeply in love with her. Laura and Carlos get married after they find they are expecting a baby. Nevertheless Salome and Carlos Alberto will fight for their love and try to recover it in spite of everything else.

Salome, don´t give up

Runaway love Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 115

Julian and Laura, two complete strangers from different worlds, happened to be in the same jewlery store when four shoplifters bursted in, killing the owner. Laura and Julian end up being unfairly blamed for this crime, and become two of the most wanted “criminals” in the city, and will also be hunted by a couple of reward hunters, who want the USD100.000 offered for their heads. Only the Luna brothers, two geek friends of Julian will be able to untangle the plot against the inocent fugitives.

Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes:101

After suffering a tragic accident, Lucia Garzon and her family decide to look for a better future in the big city. She is a hard working woman who needs to find her way in life so she starts selling beauty products door to door - and this is how she gets to meet Nicolas Santoyo, a succesfull businessman who acknowledges Lucia’s ability, getting also captivated by her beauty. He offers her a job at his company and gradually her tenderness, strength and composure makes him fall in love with her. His intentions will be interrupted by the anger of Andrea Villamarin - Nicolas longtime girlfriend - who will do whatever she needs in order to get rid of the woman who took Nicolas away.

Love of my life

The past doesn´t forgive Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 125

Manuel Lara returns to the country to face his past. Now, his name is Esteban Zaldivar but still a fugitive for a crime he didn’t commit: the murder of the woman he loved - Juliana Alcazar. Esteban will try to prove his inocense and in doing so he´ll find that Harold, his former business partner, was involved in the murder, just as Juliana’s cousins, the Santamaria brothers. Esteban will have to overcome all kind of obstacles but in the process of doing so, he will meet Angela - who will win his heart forever. Nevertheless Angela is married to the main suspect for Juliana’s death. Esteban will be trapped in difficult and dangerous situations, that seem to threaten his intention of clearing his name which also jeopardizes his relationship with Angela.

Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 248

Paulina thought her marriage to Juan Pablo was bound to eternity. But one day he breaks the idyllic dream confessing he has an affair with Alejandra. Paulina, heartbroken as she is, faces this situation with strength and tries to get her professional life back as an architect while trying to keep her family together. Clara, Jimena and Patricia, her best friends, will do whatever it’s necessary to see Paulina happy again. Juan Pablo, day after day will discover that Alejandra is not the person he thought she was and will try to save his marriage although it might be to late. Paulina and Juan Pablo will have to try, not in vane, to find their destiny, rebuilding their lives and family.


Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 121

Anonymous Infidelity is the story of two funny, authentic and opposite universes - Daniel Roldán is the owner of an “infidelity agency”, where he helps those who want to have an affair but dont want to get caught; and the second is a clinic, directed by Dr Manuela Holguin that cures the broken hearts of those who have been betrayed by their partners. Ironic as life is, Daniel ends up in Dr Manuela´s clinic after trying to commit suicide. Dr Manuela will gradually show Daniel what true love really means although they will have to overcome the obstacles that their own universes put on their way. This is a funny and spicy Telenovela, which will make us think about the way we deal with our personal relationships.

Anonymous Infidelity



Mental Kdabra Fair Game Beautiful Girl Shocking Minds * Investigative Unit Files Love lies and video Gangs, War and Peace

* Official Title to be provided

Mental Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 13

When Dr. Jack Gallagher, a young, radical and unorthodox psychiatrist, is promoted as the new Director of the mental health area at a Los Angeles hospital, everything changes. The new methods and ideology of the new chief will revolutionize everything in this hospital. This will inflame the staff and upset the system as a whole. Mental is a drama that explores the complexity of the human brain as never seen before. Each week, there’s a different patient with a unique crisis. To Jack, each case is a puzzle to be solved. He has the unique ability to plunge inside his patients’ minds, and to see reality the way they do, providing an utterly new perspective into their many worlds. Mental will delve into the mysteries, oddities and wonders of the human brain, and the ways in which those intricacies play out through complex human relationships. Jack believes doctors and patients have more in common than what they are willing to accept.

Season 1 Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 13

There´s a place where you can´t tell what´s real and what´s magic…”Kdabra”, a big, anonymous metropolis full of dark characters and roaming street magicians, is reachable only through Luca, a rebellious 17-year-old boy with great acrobatic skills who wants to be a great magician himself. Luca has just escaped from “The Order”, a dark, stifling religious community with its own secrets where his father, Ignacio, is the leader. He joins a gang of unruly, criminal street magicians and begins his quest to discover the secrets of “Kdabra” and the mysterious Magestic Hotel.


Fair Game Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 183

There are millions of young soccer fans around the world. Many of them have crossed the boundary and turned into fanatics - sometimes violent - affecting the stadiums and neighborhoods of most large cities. The best two soccer teams of a Latin-American country are in permanent competition - Albert is the leader of one team’s fan group and Alexandra is the cheerleader of the other one; during a confrontation between both team’s fan clubs, Alexandra and Albert meet and fall deeply in love, although the relationship between them is impossible they will fight for it until the end. “Fair Game” is a colorful, dynamic and fun series about love, youngsters, adults and families who live for the passion of soccer.

Beautiful girl Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 17

Antonia Donoso, is a beautiful, joyful and naive young woman from a small town, whose parents have always overprotected. Her dream has always been to become an actress - until one day, when the opportunity of her life arrives to her hometown. She will meet and fall in love with Tomas Caba-llero, an attractive man, 10 years her senior. Their love will deteriorate Antonia´s relationship with her family and will force her to grow up rapidly.

Season 1 Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 13

Leon Robles is a spanish psychiatrist suffering from a mid life professional crisis who arrives at the Metropolitan Hospital located in a big Latin American city. His goal is to reunite with his twin sister Lola, who suffers from a severe mental illness and has been missing for over two years. Charo Rios, director of the hospital’s psychiatric ward and León’s ex lover, gave him the info regarding Lola’s whereabouts in the city. Upon his arrival at the hospital, León solves a difficult case thanks to his non-traditional methods, which leads Charo to unexpectedly name him the new head of psychiatry. From this moment on, in each episode León will face the challenge of new and different cases of mental illnesses, reaping the admiration and the rejection of the medical staff under his supervision. At the same time, he continues the relentless search for his sister Lola, a key element needed to expel his own personal demons.

Shocking Minds* * Official Title to be provided

Investigative Unit Episode Duration: 30 min Number of Episodes: 370 Special Episodes: 60 min x 49

Investigative Unit is a drama series based on real life stories, that once where published in newspapers around the world. In most of the cases reality exceeds fiction, and the shocking stories will always be evidenced through intense investigations. Investigative Unit analyses the facts of the events assuming a neutral position, and respecting the principle of truth. The structure of this successful docu-drama is based on the narrator who gives evident facts and arguments to solve each case.

Episode Duration: 30 min Number of Episodes: 679

Files is a drama series of unique real life stories which reveal shocking criminal, judicial and clinical files, along with the most touching life experiences. Files structure is dynamic as one of the characters involved in the story being told, is also the narrator. At he end of each case there will be a positive and worthwile conclusion for the audience. Files is a show where reality is the main character.


Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 80

Manolo, and Tomas - brothers and teenagers - live with their mother (Angela) while their father (Felipe) is in Spain seeking for a better future for all. In the meantime, Angela will have to manage the family by herself with the help of Manolo. Tomas, the younger one, feels lonely sometimes but the video camera, that his father sent as a gift will become his companion and the best information source he will have for his blog, where he “posts” his stories and the ones surrounding him. In the other hand, Gabriel (Felipe’s friend) arrives back to the city and stays at Angela’s home until he gets over his feet again after years living away. Given the circumstances, Angela and Gabriel will fall deeply into an impossible love, jeopardizing her marriage, although what she doesn’t know is that Felipe has a new family, of his own, back in Spain.

Love, lies and video

Gangs, War and Peace narrates the everyday life of the Latin American gangs where robberies, family dramas, murders and common life situations are reflected. With realism, action and suspense, love and hate stories are presented as a way to raise public awareness and show that no one is exempt of loosing direction in life or getting involved with drugs and delinquency specially when there’s a lack of family union or bad influences from those who surround us. A catholic priest and a police officer will persuade the gangs into a rehabilitation process that will lead its members to disarm themselves - turning this story into a coherent message about solidarity and reconciliation.

Gangs, War and Peace

Season 1 Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 310

Season 2 Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 125


Flavor of a job * Extreme Chefs * Chef Challenge * Utilisima

Non scripted

* Official Title to be provided

Flavor of a Job* Season 1 Episode Duration: 30 min Number of Episodes: 13

Flavor of a job* is a format that travels around Latin America inquiring into local and typical jobs and the gastronomical culture behind them. Focusing in the food, the ingredients, flavors, scents and traditions of the guests, Fernando Carrera, the host, will meet different persons along the way, and through them discover cities, stories, culture and food. From the famous singer Lila Down, to circus acrobats, a mariachi, a wrestler, a mescal producer, a fisherman, the journalist Jacobo Zabludovsky or a chef, Fernando tries to * Official Title to be provided

understand the nature of each persons job sitting at the table with them and meeting their culinary preferences. With this interaction he will rescue each life´s story and show the social and cultural diversity that identifies each country. The food will be the conducting thread of our path and the perfect excuse to talk about each job along with a great meal. The first season was shot in different Mexican cities such as Mexico D.F, Oaxaca, Puebla and Puerto Escondido, where 39 jobs where persued along 13 episodes

Extreme Chefs* Season 1 Episode Duration: 60 min Number of Episodes: 13

Mark and Jorge Rausch, two well-recognized Chefs, who thanks to the career they’ve accomplished in Colombia, have positioned themselves between the biggest names in the Latin American gastronomy. For them, innovation and quality in the design and preparation of their menus is a must. Due to their experience and discipline in the kitchen, they’ve been chosen to test 14 young cooks in the show Extreme Chefs*. The 14 chosen ones, come from Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia, and must demonstrate the Rausch brothers their talent and devotion for the kitchen. Two teams, each one guided by one of the Chefs, will compete in a weekly test. One team will be the winner, and the looser will have to disqualify one of its own members.

* Official Title to be provided

In 13 hourly episodes we will see how the team of cooks will slowly be reduced down to the best three. The winner will have the opportunity of studying a postgraduate degree in the Cordon Bleu of Peru with all the expenses paid.

Episode Duration: 30 min Number of Episodes: 13

Chef Simon Buhler travels throughout Colombia challenging traditional and international dishes. Carrying his kitchen in a backpack, he visits several spots in Colombia, creating different versions of local and typical recipes. A traditional ajiaco con pollo becomes the perfect excuse for Chef Simon to create his own version of the soup, maybe changing some of the ingredients, or the traditional presentation or just some of the original flavor. Or maybe the three things in just one go! Simon gets into the kitchen of experienced and popular chefs to challenge them to create a different version of their own recipe. Following the innovation guidelines, the flavor and the presentation of each dish is submitted before a panel of judges (with three members, each of them being a cuisine expert) who have to decide which of the two versions they like the most. After voting, one of them will become the winner of the Chef Challenge*.

Chef Challenge* * Official Title to be provided

Utilisima’s wide variety of original lifestyle shows are meant to satisfy the specific needs of the modern woman. Each program is a unique experience where you can learn about cooking, design, health, beauty, gardening and fashion. Some of the most successful shows are Aquile´s Touch, Feminine Attitude, Beauty Plan and The Bakery.


- Tabu - consequences - Miners: Buried Alive

Season 1 Episode Duration:60 min Number of Episodes: 12

Season 2 Episode Duration:60 min Number of Episodes: 4

Tabú Latin America explores the strange and sometimes bewildering practices from different cultures within our continent. Despite sharing the same language, geographical territory and cultural identity, each country has its own code and rules; what is acceptable in one country, may be taboo in another. Tabú will take the audience on a trip to the unknown and to what can be considerd shoking in Latin America.


consequences Episode Duration:60 min Number of Episodes: 4

This four-part documentary series produced by National Geographic Channels International focuses on the events that shaped the current political and social landscape in Latin America. It is divided into four themes—“indigenismo”, “imperialismo”, “populismo” and “dictadura”—and traces back those tendencies over the course of the 20th century, examining their causes and their effects as well as their continuing influence. Through the eyes of the presenter and of numerous protagonists and witnesses of recent history, the series looks at the impact—the “consecuencias”—certain leaders and events have had on ordinary Latin Americans of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It also examines how the new forms of “indigenismo”, “imperialismo”, “populismo” and “dictadura” will shape the near future.

“Indigenismo” looks at the emergence of radical movements seeking to redress the injustices suffered by the population of indigenous descent. “Imperialismo” deals with the complex and traumatic relationship between Latin America and the outside powers, including the United States, the Soviet Union and China, and how that relationship has changed today. “Populismo” examines how people’s dissatisfaction with democracy and the prevalent institutions of government has opened the door to leaders who are placing themselves above those institutions. And, finally, “dictadura” looks at the legacy of the right-wing and left-wing dictatorships of the past and how the traditional dictatorship has been replaced by more subtle forms of authoritarianism. The production involved traveling to many locations, from Mexico and the United States at one end of the hemisphere to Chile and Argentina at the other including many other Central and South American nations. By speaking to different people—from peasants to presidents, visiting places where history was made, exploring the urban and rural backdrop to that history, and identifying what the various countries have in common with regard to the four topics of the series, “Consecuencias” hopes to convey to the audience a sense of why things are the way they are in Latin America today and where the continent is headed.

Episode Duration:60 min Number of Episodes:1

On August 5th 2010, a strong wind left 33 miners buried 700 meters (2,300 feet) below the surface of the San Jose Mine in Copiado, Chile. Two days later, a rock-fall buried a ventilation shaft in a rescue attempt. All hopes to see the men alive were lost. But 17 days later, the rescuers made the first contact with the miners via a probe lowered into the mine. The miners sent a note confirming that the 33 men were alive and safe. The miners´ families rejoiced and promised to camp outside the mine until each and every one of them came out alive. However, days later, engineers announced that they would need at least 3-4 months to be able to drill the shaft necessary to rescue them. Chilean President, Sebastian Pinera, promised that by Christmas, the men would be reunited with their families. Chile was faced with one of its greatest feats yet - how to rescue 33 men buried 700 meters under for the first time in history?

Miners: Buried Alive - - Phone: + 57 1 4 17 42 28 BOGOTÁ / COLOMBIA

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