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Wallens Towing & Recovery Winter 2023
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2 Winter 2023 — Strictly Business

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Wallens Towing & Recovery Winter 2023 STRICTLY BUSINESS A publication of the Southern KY Chamber of Commerce Celebrating 90 years and four generations News Journal Winter 2023 — Strictly Business 3 Page 5 Meet the Board of Directors Randy Bargo - President WELCOME FEATURED CHAMBER RIBBON CUTTINGS & MEETINGS Chamber Corporate Sponsor
Towing & Recovery
Top and bottom right photo is Daniel Wallen, bottom left, is Randy Broughton and Danny Wallen.
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4 Winter 2023 — Strictly Business
Robin Mahan Corbin Government Center 805 South Main St., Corbin, KY 606.528.0669

Meet the Board of Directors


What does a Chamber of Commerce really do? How beneficial is a Chamber of Commerce? How can the Chamber of Commerce help me and my business? These are some very good questions and may be questions you have even thought of when it comes to becoming a member of your local Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

In this issue of Strictly Business, I wanted to talk to you about the Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s vital role in influencing our communities by working with our local businesses. I would like to discuss the benefits the Chamber will provide to your busi ness to help it succeed.

No matter what your industry is or what business you are in, sup port is key. Many business own ers do not realize the untapped resource their local Chamber of Commerce is on the community level. The goal of any Chamber is to help further the interests of small businesses in a local area. These activities can include host ing events such as ribbon cuttings and open houses, to lobbying lo cal representatives and govern ment officials on certain key is sues, and advocating on behalf of small businesses in the commu nity or state level.

How can we help your business?

Below are just a few examples of what the Southern Kentucky Chamber can do for our local businesses.

1. Networking: As a business owner or manager, it is important that you network. Our Chamber gives you an opportunity to meet with other local business people and network with them at our monthly luncheons, ribbon cuttings and other events we host or support. During the Chamber

luncheons you can meet and speak with our influential guest speakers ranging from local politicians to Kentucky officials and representatives to CEO’s of large companies to State Chamber Representatives that help influence policy at the state level.

2. Free Marketing: As a member of the Chamber of Commerce you will have access to send a promotion or special event to our office to be distributed to our other Chamber members through emails or other avenues.

3. Advertising Opportunities: If you are a Chamber member you can sponsor a monthly luncheon in which you have an exclusive opportunity to place marketing materials in the venue and speak at the luncheon to promote your business to those in attendance. Your business can become a corporate sponsor and have a banner advertising your business displayed during the luncheon and special events. Your business also will be listed in the Southern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory publication which will give potential clients your business contact infor-

There are many more benefits that our members enjoy. We would love to partner with you in helping support your business. If you are not a Chamber member we encourage you to contact our Chamber office or any of our Board members to discuss how the Chamber can help your business succeed even greater.

Additional information about the Chamber, its benefits and activities can be found online at www.

Remember, together “We Are Southern Kentucky”.

Winter 2023 — Strictly Business 5
Randy Bargo President of the Board of Directors Southern KY Chamber of Commerce



A day in the life: Wallen’s Towing and Recovery always on the clock

Wallen’s Towing and Recovery, located at 952 Hwy. 25W in Corbin, has made a name for itself with hard work and dependability for 90 years and counting. The family-owned business was started by Luther Wallen in 1933, handed down to his son, Danny, in the sixties, and today it is Daniel Wallen who is actively carrying on the legacy of prompt and professional service that customers have come to know and expect. Daniel’s son, Dylan, will be the fourth generation, and the next in line to carry on the Wallen’s tradition when the time comes.

Of course, building a business like Wallen’s is no easy feat. It takes dedication and commitment from everyone involved in the operation, from the truck drivers out on the roads to the folks answering calls in the home office. Recently, Daniel Wallen allowed Strictly Busi ness Magazine to ride along with him so that readers can see firsthand just a small example

of the types of jobs that he and his employees might handle on any given day.

“We’re used to little sleep and cold food,” Wallen said. “It’s something that I’ve grown up on my whole life. We’re used to being up multiple times during the night.”

On a normal day, if there is such a thing at a place like Wallen’s, Daniel and his father will arrive in the office and begin prioritizing tasks. “It can go from being a peaceful day, and just sweeping the parking lots, to a mass casualty and everything happening at once,” Daniel explained. “An interstate call could be one hour, or six. We are blessed to have a great clientele, though, and most are understanding if there is an emergency call that we have to handle first. We do take 911 calls, and have to prioritize anything that is in the roadway.”

“We’re never sitting,” Wallen added.

On the day of the ride along, Wallen had a pair of scheduled tows lined up in the Corbin

6 Winter 2023 — Strictly Business
Story and photos by Trevor Sherman *additional photos courtesy of Wallens Towing & Recovery Brenda Wallen, Danny Wallen, Dylan Wallen

area. One was a vehicle in a business parking lot, and the other was a bit trickier, requiring him to maneuver his truck in a tighter space in order to remove a car from a parking lot at a local apartment complex.

In between calls, Wallen spoke about some of the dangers of the job, including a close call that he personally experienced recently, saying, “I’ve been stuck, broken down, had cables break… We had a van in a lake that was probably one of the closest calls that I’ve ever had. It was a stolen recovery, and had been in the water for years. We were getting it out, but it had been in there so long that it was full of mud and silt. It was very, very heavy, so we had a 16-ton medium wrecker pulling it. Right as it was getting to the top of the water, and getting close to us getting it out, the big hitch that we were connected to broke.”

“It snapped, and when it did the cable, the blocks and everything came flying right at where I was standing. It smacked the back of the truck, and you can still see the big indention where the block hit. It just wasn’t my day to meet Jesus, but that was a real eye opener.”

Taking an active role in the business in the mid-nineties, Wallen has seen a lot of changes over the years. Speaking about how technology has affected day-to-day operations, he said, “All through the eighties, when I was growing up, everyone would be at the garage during the day. When it was time to go home, my dad would stay at the shop while my mom, Brenda, drove back to the house. We had a business line at home, so once she was there, she would call him and let him know, and then he would leave. That way there was always somebody near the phone in case a call came through.”

These days, Wallen keeps a cell phone on him at all times, and he says that it pretty much never stops ringing. “You could take the battery out of it and it would still ring,” he joked.

While cell phones may have helped to make Wallen’s more accessible in recent years, Wallen admits that he has also seen a negative effect when it comes to the amount of distracted driver accidents that he now routinely responds to.

“The phone is a distraction to many people who are driving,” Wallen said. “I see that all the

time, and I don’t understand why that, in today’s society, with all of the modern technology, we can’t put more safeguards in cars that would make texting while driving more difficult, or impossible. I just don’t see how it’s anybody’s right to text while you’re driving down the road. I don’t get that.”

After generations of responding to calls of all sorts, there is probably not a road in the local area that the Wallen family is not intimately familiar with. While on the way to the last call of the ride along, a lockout, Daniel pointed to several streets and roadside areas, recalling various jobs that either he or his father had been called out to over the years. After returning to the shop, Daniel and the Wallen’s crew regrouped and began prioritizing runs for what was shaping up to be a busy afternoon. As it turns out, rain showers that blew through the area later that day resulted in dangerous driving conditions, and inevitably, several calls for assistance all over the tri-county area.

It was all in a day’s work for Wallen’s Towing and Recovery.

Winter 2023 — Strictly Business 7
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Daniel Wallen Haley Messer
I just don’t see how it’s anybody’s right to text while you’re driving down the road. I don’t get that.

1930’s - 1940’s Cecille was Luther Wallen’s wife’s name - during this time period the restaurant, garage, auto parts store and towing was named after her. The business was located on Master Street.

8 Winter 2023 — Strictly Business City of Williamsburg Mayor Roddy Harrison 423 Main Street Williamsburg, Kentucky 40769 (606) 549-6033
West SINCE 1977 WE HAVE BEEN SERVING THE TRI-COUNTY AREA. We look forward to many more years to come! 8828 Ky 1232 (Old Barbourville Hwy.) Corbin, KY • Payroll • Monthly Bookkeeping & Financials • Tax Professionals •Notary Services To schedule an appointment or for more information call 606.523.9700 MON. - FRI 8 AM - 6 PM; SAT. 10 AM - 2 PM OTHER HOURS BY APPT.
Photo by Mark White.
Teresa Black
Gina Hamblin
Loren Connell, Patty Faulkner, Richard Foley, Erica Harris, Mary Ann Stanfill, Laurel
1940’s - 1950’s 1990’s - Present WALLENS
- 1980’s


We realize college isn’t for everybody, but we’re not everybody. Cumberlands is one of the most affordable colleges in Kentucky, offers quality education that matters the most, and always puts our students first.

That’s our commitment to you.


Winter 2023 — Strictly Business 9




Southeastern Medical Supply has been providing customers in south-central and south-eastern Kentucky with medical sup ply sales and service since 2008. In that time, the company has grown from a single-person operation to a staff of about 20 em ployees, and they also have multiple locations to better meet their clients’ needs.

“We have been in our cur rent location since 2014,” said Owner Barry Mahan of Southeastern’s main facility at 120 N. Laurel Ave. in Corbin. “We opened our Somerset location (at 120 S. Hwy 27, Ste. 4) in 2021, and we have just been growing consistently ever since.”

In addition to these two locations, Southeast ern also operates a medical boutique, called A Personal Touch, which is located inside Baptist Health Corbin. The boutique also opened in 2021,

and offers a wide assortment of products for cancer patients, maternity needs, and various other

Since its inception, Southeastern Medical Supply has made a name for itself by helping customers with a broad range of issues, with one of the most important areas being respiratory care. Home oxygen, ventilators, nebulizers and sleep therapy equipment are all offered by the company, including delivery and service after the sale.

“It’s not just about dropping stuff off and leaving,” Mahan said. “We make sure that our customers understand what we do here, and the value that we bring. We are there to help with any needs that they might have.”

Although respiratory care has been a cornerstone of Southeastern’s day-to-day operations,

10 Winter 2023 — Strictly Business
Story and photos by Trevor Sherman

their areas of service stretch far beyond just that, including walking boots and braces, lift chairs, wheelchairs, hospital beds and diabetic footwear, just to name a few. They also have a mastectomy suite lo cated in-store to assist breast cancer patients with special clothing items and accesso ries.

“The good thing about this being a small, family-owned company is that we get to develop relation ships with the patients,” said Territory Manag er Carla Steely. “You get a lot of patients that just like to come in and talk from time to time, and we enjoy getting to know people personally in that way.”

Southeastern Medical Supply can help patients either through physician referral, or by walk-in at one of their three locations. As for the future, Mahan said, “We just want to continue being the best that we can be internally, and hopefully that will carry over to the pa-

tient. It is important for us to not lose sight of what we set out to do each day.”

To find out more about the products and services that Southeastern Medical Supply offers, call them at 606.258.0001 in Corbin, 606.679.0155 in Somerset, or

Winter 2023 — Strictly Business 11
OXYGEN AND HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT •Mastectomy •Breast Pumps •Walking Boots & Braces •Diabetic Shoes
Care •Respiratory Care
Pulse Oximetry •Home Oxygen •Ventilators & Supplies •Adult & Pediatric Nebulizers •Sleep Therapy •Enteral Products •Hospital Beds •Wheelchairs & Walkers •Lift Chairs Corbin 120 N. Laurel Ave. Corbin, KY Phone: 606.258.0001 Fax: 606.258.0021 Somerset 120 S. Hwy 27, Ste. 4 Somerset, KY Phone: 606.679.0155 Fax: 606.679.0088 2 Locations • Available 24/7
“Our Family Caring For Yours”
Southeastern Kentucky’s Premier Medical Supplier


Goodwill Industries operates in more than 100 of Kentucky’s 120 counties, providing Kentuckians with a variety of goods and services for nearly a century now. With retail stores in both Corbin and Williamsburg, Goodwill has also had a strong presence within Whitley County itself, where they have been fixtures for decades.

As part of the company’s continued push to expand and meet the growing needs of its communities, Goodwill is branching out even further within the county with the opening of their new Corbin Opportunity Center. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Jan. 17 in celebration of the Center’s opening at 37 South Park Center Drive just off Cumberland Falls Hwy. near the Forest Hills Center.

A number of Goodwill officials were on-hand during the ceremony, including Amy Luttrell, Goodwill president and chief executive officer, who spoke about the company’s desire to lift communities through the Center’s many differ-

ent services.

“This is a relatively small space, but we’re expecting to do some great things here for our community partners and the whole community of Corbin,” said Luttrell. “We are delighted to have this kind of presence here, to have an Opportunity Center. That’s what we call it because we like to extend opportunity or a hand-up to people who are ready for something different in their lives.

“At Goodwill, we have dedicated ourselves to trying to help people escape poverty. We know that there’s a lot of bad things that come along with poverty—it’s not really what anybody chooses, people get there through a variety of circum stances—but we have seen so many people be able to build a different life for themselves, so

Connie Foster, Lou Anne Akers Story by Timothy Wyatt, photos by Trevor Sherman Goodwill Opportunity Center grand opening and ribbon cutting celebration.

that they have choices in their lives…and we are working toward having…Opportunity Centers in nine different Kentucky communities.”

The Corbin Opportunity Center offers a variety of employment and self-sufficiency aid, including a GoodStart program that is designed to provide participants with resources and tools to strengthen their existing skills while learning new ones, as well as a Reintegrating Individuals Successfully Every Day (RISE) program meant to help previously-incarcerated individuals ease back into society through incentivized job-readiness

“When I was a little girl, I used to daydream about a life one could be proud of. As a child, I wanted to be a mom, a wife and work in an office somewhere. This is not where my life would be though,” said Holt. “At 16, I began to experiment with drugs and I quickly became hooked on them. At 18, I had my first son and the following year I got my first [criminal] charge, which was a felony. Rather than seeking treatment, my addiction progressed.”

Holt continued, describing her life’s story of struggle, hardship and a loss of hope. She eventually got in a treatment program and began building relationships with her children, but the onset of COVID derailed her progress and she relapsed due to many establishments moving away from in-person help.

Following another stint in a treatment program, Holt landed a job in a treatment center before learning about Goodwill’s Opportunity Centers, where she enrolled in the RISE program.

“I learned about resources that help people who were willing to put in the work. After completing RISE, Goodwill helped me to obtain my Peer Support Certification. Then, one day, I got a job, telling me about a peer support job at Good-

Winter 2023 — Strictly Business 13
• Reentry

will that paid far better than what I was making at the treatment center,” said Holt. “Today, I have a wonderful husband who loves me and I’m able to love him back. I have a really great job, a really nice car and we have a really nice house…I get to tell people every day that there is hope and that they can be anything they want to be as long as they put in the work. Today, I believe in myself and other people do, too.”

Among the Center’s other services are: financial and budgeting support, applied digital skills, addiction treatment, SNAP assistance, soft skills certification and behavioral, mental and spiritual health support.

The Center also offers legal and expungement services to help those with a criminal record get prior convictions erased, destroyed or sealed from state record. An expungement clinic was held during the Center’s ribbon cutting ceremony, which offered free assistance to 50 individuals.

For more information about Goodwill and its Opportunity Centers, visit

14 Winter 2023 — Strictly Business nk you to the people and communities who have worked together to help SEKRI succeed the past 52 years. SEKRI, a non-profit organization creating employment opportunities for individuals with WWW.SEKRI.ORG SEKRI YEARS 52 Tipton & Tipton 404 Roy Kidd Ave. Corbin, KY | 606-528-1166 Attorneys at Law Attorneys At Law Wes Tipton Sarah Tipton Reeves Wesley Tipton Jeff Tipton •Personal Injury •Truck Wrecks •Probate •Car Wrecks •Real Estate •Divorce •Bankruptcy Thank you Corbin for voting us the People’s Choice Attorney! Serving the legal needs of the community for over 35 years. 1971 - 2023
Amy Luttrell, CEO
Winter 2023 — Strictly Business 15 1000 Cumberland Falls Hwy, Corbin, KY 606.528.1630 Offering a wide range of services to business and individual clients with personalized quality and attention. Certified Public Accountants 500 Summit Drive, Corbin, KY 606.528.2454 Whitley County Fiscal Court Whitley County Judge Executive Pat White, Jr. 606-549-6000 Meetings every third Tuesday of each month at 4 pm

Celebrating 30 years!

We provide customers with turn-key solutions to manufacturing ideas.

NOW HIRING — 606-656-1101

NOW HIRING — 606-656-1101







Gas Assist Electronic Assemblies Vibration welding

Gas Assist Electronic Assemblies Vibration welding

Ultrasonic welding Spin welding

Ultrasonic welding Spin welding

Decoration (IML, pad printing, heat transfer, Hot Stamp, etc.)

Decoration (IML, pad printing, heat transfer, Hot Stamp, etc.)



Production Operator Quality Assurance Material Handling

Production Operator Quality Assurance Material Handling

Forklift / Warehousing Maintenance, Tooling, Processing

Forklift / Warehousing Maintenance Tooling Processing



16 Winter 2023 — Strictly Business


Chamber News

Bedtime Sleep Solution in Corbin had a ribbon cutting to celebrate it’s grand opening on October 14, 2022. They are located at 531 E. Cumberland Gap Pkwy. in Corbin.

Kentucky - Corbin Opportunity Center had their grand opening and ribbon cutting celebration on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. They are located at 37 South Park Center Drive, Ste. 11 and 12, in Corbin.

held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate their grand opening on Friday, January 20, 2023.

Winter 2023 — Strictly Business 17
fastpace health urgent care clinic located at 1873 Cumberland Falls Highway in Corbin had their grand opening on October 19, 2022. For more information call 606.404.6450. Goodwill Industries of Freeman Brothers Realty
18 Winter 2023 — Strictly Business 500ArenaDrive|Corbin,KY|606.258.2020 Where the best entertainment comes to life! Check out our calendar online at 1871 Cumberland Falls Hwy. Corbin, KY | 606.528.1505 NOW WITH ONLINE TICKETING AT WATCH SOMETHINGFORBIG SUMMER ‘23!


Our Rehabilitation Centers specialize in short term rehabilitation for a wide variety of health conditions such as fractures, joint replacement, other orthopedic procedures, heart attack, stroke, other cardiovascular diseases, as well as chronic disease management, wound care, pain management, and many other debilitating diseases and conditions.

During your stay, we strive to provide the comforts of home, which includes our beautifully decorated private rehab suites that are available upon request, delicious and nutritional meals, personalized activity programs, flat screen TV’s, iPad’s, Wi-Fi, and telephone service. Every resident and recovery is different, with our extensive experience in rehabilitation and long term care, our program gives residents of any age or medical status access to the experience and expertise of our dedicated physicians, nurses, nursing assistants, therapy team, di-

etitians, social workers, and activity team, who are specifically trained in individualized care management.

We are very pleased that our doors are open to the public! We will post any visitor information at the entrance regarding mask use, etc. We look forward to lots of in person holiday celebrations as we close out 2022.

Also, we are excited to have volunteers providing visits and activities for our residents on a daily basis.

We would be happy to add new volunteers both individually and with groups. Contact our activity directors if you or your organizations would like to share your time and talents with our residents.

Our facilities are open to welcome new residents and we encourage you to experience our facility and meet our team by scheduling a tour.

Winter 2023 — Strictly Business 19
PO BOX 556, Corbin, KY 40702 606.528.8917 PO BOX 719, Williamsburg, KY 40769 606.549.4321 PO BOX 1190, Corbin, KY 40702 606.528.8822 PO BOX 1090, Barbourville, KY 40906 606.546.5136
Our professional team of caregivers will work together to promote health as well as help you set and achieve goals for long term or your journey home.




Brothers Blake and Barrett Freeman are no strangers to buying, selling and maintaining properties, but with their newly opened business, Freeman Brothers Realty, they are excited to finally be putting all of the pieces together in order to offer a full array of property management services.

“We have been pretty heavily involved in real estate in southeastern Kentucky, doing business in Corbin, London, Williamsburg and Barbourville,” explained Barrett Freeman. “We were remodeling houses and apartments, which led to us managing our own properties. People then began to approach us, wanting us to

manage their properties. We found out that you had to have a real estate license to do that, so we took the tests, passed them, and after two years we are now eligible to hold our broker licenses.”

With Barrett having already passed his broker exam, and Blake planning to do so in the near future, the brothers are hitting the ground running with this new realty company, hiring a team of agents whose day-to-day duties will include exploring new and exciting property management opportunities not just locally, but all over the state of Kentucky.

“When we both came out of law school and

Left to right, Agent - Will Childers, Properties Manager - Thomas Bayliss, Owner - Barrett Freeman, Sales Manager - Tonya Freeman, Owner - Blake Freeman, Agents - Elizabeth Guillermo, Melissa Torres, Rose Gonzalez, and Hannah Farris. Story and photos by Trevor Sherman

moved back to Corbin, we immediately started getting involved in real estate,” Blake Freeman said. “We started buying houses, remodeling them, and then renting them. Looking back, we now realize that we should’ve just gone ahead and gotten our licenses a long time ago.”

“Getting the licenses has opened up a whole new world of opportunities,” Barrett added.

Speaking more about how this new business came to be, Barrett Freeman said, “We just chased the opportunities. We were selling some properties as real estate agents, but our focus has really always been on property management. We have our fingers on the pulse of that, reaching out to landlords in the area all the time in order to network, and see how they’re doing things. Most people self-manage around here, so we’re really the only professional property management company in the area.”

Elaborating on exactly what a property management company does, Blake Freeman said, “It’s everything from marketing, to finding renters, qualifying them with background checks, getting leases signed, and collecting rent. Once we have someone move into a property, we will also take all of the maintenance calls, and find the people to take care of various issues.”

Freeman Brothers Realty is now open at 317 S Main Street in downtown Corbin. To find out more about their services, call them at 606.620.9093, or visit them online at

AS A HIGH-RISK HEART PATIENT, DEREK TURNS TO THE CARDIAC SPECIALISTS AT BAPTIST HEALTH CORBIN when he experiences chest pain. He’s confident in the care he receives at our nationally accredited chest pain center. We know his history, which includes heart failure, heart attacks and aortic stenosis, so we can make sure he gets the advanced treatments he needs. This high level of care is just one reason more people trust Baptist Health with their hearts than any other hospital system in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Find out why you can, too, at

Winter 2023 — Strictly Business 21
Corbin | Floyd | Hardin | La Grange | Lexington | Louisville | Madisonville | Paducah | Richmond
119854_BHCOR_FY23cardiac3_625x10.indd 1 1/17/23 12:09 PM
When we both came out of law school and moved back to Corbin, we immediately started getting involved in real estate.


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•Alzheimer’s Association

•American Business Systems

•Appalachian Outfitters, LLC

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•AT&T Store

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•Barnhill Pediatric Dentistry, P.S.C.

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•Old Town Grill

•On The Money, LLC

•O’Neil-Lawson Funeral Home

•Ossoli Foundation

•Owens Auto Parts

•Paw Paw Patch Dog Grooming, LLC

•Pennington Wellness

•Pepsi Cola Bottling Company

•Pierce Dant Hamblin Post

#3167 - VFW

•Pilot Travel Center

•Planet Earth PC

•PNC Bank

•PT Pros, Inc.

•Rapiscan Systems

•Re/Max on Main

•Rebecca Lucas

•Reeves Property Group

•Renfro Supply

•Robert P. Hammons, Attorney at Law

•RRJ Solutions

•Sallie Davidson Realtors

•Sav-Rite Home Care Inc.

•Servpro of Pulaski and Laurel Counties

•Shawn Rogers Realty Inc.

•Sheltowee Trace

Adventure Resort

•Small Business

Development Center - EKU

•Somerset Community College

•Sonic Drive-In

•Sonny’s BBQ

•Southeast Apparatus LLC

•Southeast Kentucky Audiology

•Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College

•Southeast Kentucky Rehabilitation Industries

•Southeastern Medical Supply LLC

•Spero Health

•State Farm Insurance - Michael Jones

•State Farm Insurance - Mike Sparks

•SUDS Car Wash

•The Appalachian Wildlife Foundation, Inc.

•The Arena

•The Brick Oven

•The Caboose Sports Tavern

•The Depot on Main

•The Gail Frederick School Of Dance, Inc.

•The Great Escape Corbin

•The Holler

•The Job Shop

•The Mint Gaming Hall Cumberland

•The MPI Group LLC

•The Suds Barn

•The Wrigley Taproom and Eatery

•Tim Short Auto Mall

•Times Tribune

•Tipton & Tipton

Attorneys At Law

•Tire Discounters

•Tomahawks LLC

•Total Foot and Ankle

•Transamerica Agency Network Corbin

•Tri-County Cineplex

•Trinity Family Health, PLLC

•University of the Cumberlands

•US Marine Corps Toys For Tots/ JC Paul Marine Corps League 1448

•W.D. Bryant & Son

•Wallen’s Towing and Recovery

•Waste Connections of Eastern Kentucky

•Webbed Sphere, Inc.

•Whitaker Bank

•White, Greer & Maggard Orthodontics

•Whitley Broadcasting Co. Inc.

•Whitley County Board of Education

•Whitley County Fiscal Court

•Whitley County Health Department

•Whitley County/UK Extension Service

•Wildcat Harley Davidson

•Williamsburg Health and Rehab Center

•Williamsburg Insurance Agency

•Williamsburg Tourism Commission

•Wilson Equipment Co., Inc.

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