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TACLB 005960C --Licensed and Insured


Thank You, Calhoun CounTY, For VoTing us #1 heaTing & air! Residential • Commercial • Industrial Air Conditioning Heating • Refrigeration Commercial Ice Machines Mini Split Air

Conditioners Dehumidifiers Whole house filtration UV lighting A/C Coil Coating

Service & New Installations • We service all makes & models



LaVaca BBQ Thank You to our valued customers for making our Texas Monthly-recognized BBQ the best in Calhoun County! We smoked 16 Best recognitions and 2 Runner Ups. You are LaVaca BBQ!

‘The Sweet 16’ 1st Place

• Best Restaurant • Best Barbecue • Best Overall Service • Best Restaurant Service • Best Family Dining • Best Tortillas • Best Gumbo • Best Tamales

• Best Ice Cream/Yogurt • Best Catering • Best Iced Tea • Best Waiter • Best Sandwiches/Subs • Best Birthday Party Place • Best Date Spot • Best Venue

Runner Ups 2nd Place

• Best Place to Work Under 100 Employees • Best Waitress

For more information call:

(361) 894 - 2333

Or come try our award-winning BBQ at:

532 N Virginia St



The Numbers Add Up for LaVaca BBQ 16 First Place Wins in their first year of business putting community, family - and brisket - first BY DD TURNER dturner@plwave.com

It’s all about family – and brisket – at LaVaca BBQ. The restaurant is run by the Nevarez family and populated with their Calhoun County family that awarded them 16 Best Ofs for the 2020 competition. Residents voted LaVaca BBQ as the first-place winner for Best Restaurant, Best Barbecue, Best Overall Service, Best Restaurant Service, Best Family Dining, Best Tortillas, Best Gumbo, Best Tamales, Best Ice Cream/Yogurt, Best Catering, Best Iced Tea, Best Waiter, Best Sandwiches/ Subs, Best Birthday Party Place, Best Date Spot, and Best Venue. It took second place for Best Place to Work Under 100 Employees and Best Waitress. LaVaca BBQ opened on Nov. 16, 2019, in what used to be a gas station at 532 N. Virginia St. “That’s my birthday,” said co-owner Lupe Nevarez, who owns the restaurant with his wife, Christine, and daughter Kelli Nevarez. “Kelli was teaching, but we brought her into the business and made her an owner,” he said. While the restaurant was catching the public’s attention with its brisket that brought with it an excellent Texas Monthly review, 2020 burst onto the scene, bringing with it the novel coronavirus which has overshadowed the year. But it gave Team LaVaca BBQ a


chance to take a break and regroup. “Actually, COVID wasn’t a big issue for us as we did several things to accommodate the disease,” said Lupe Nevarez. This included adding a driveway for pickup as well as tables outside the building to adjust to the 25 percent capacity ruling. “COVID-19 gave us an opportunity to improve our brisket,” said Lupe Nevarez. That improvement meant staying with the higherpriced brisket cuts during the meat shortage that occurred. Instead of using inferior cuts, Lupe Nevarez paid more for the brisket, which allowed him to keep his spot in the supply chain. “We moved up the chain and kept it,” said Kelli Nevarez. And brisket is the name of the game at LaVaca BBQ. The family’s priorities, prominently displayed on the building, are Jesus. Texas. Brisket. Another priority is giving back to the community that thoroughly enjoys the food they serve. This includes 10% off with a church bulletin each Sunday, a Labor Day giveaway of a Yeti cooler, ribs, and brisket as well as feeding more than 600 people over the Labor Day weekend to thank first responders and essential workers.


Clockwise from top: A map filled with pins denoting where out-of-town visitors to LaVaca

BBQ are from hangs inside the restaurant; Steven Neveraz works on making sausage; the shirts and caps available for purchase inside the restaurant; and Monica Neveraz, who won Best Waiter, speaks with customers Armando and Ofelia Espinosa. At left top, Lupe Neverez is flanked by his wife, Christine, and daughter Kellie in front of the restaurants sign. Behind them is the priorities of the family: Jesus, Texas, Brisket. At left bottom: Lupe Neverez points out the grill used to create the award-winning and tasty food.

“We do our own thing, but it all goes back to quality,” said Christine Nevarez. “Our sausage is homemade, and everything is natural, hormone-free, and gluten-free as much as possible.” Kellie Nevarez will soon be managing the restaurant as Lupe and Christine are opening a second barbecue joint in Bay City. Kellie Nevarez wanted to stay local when she accepted a job teaching at HJM Elementary School and now works at the restaurant. It wasn’t an immediate thing, she said, noting she could watch the construction from the edge of the school’s hallway. She also worked with her father and mother on the barbecue competition circuit, and “I would act as his sous chef, help him remember the recipes and special sauces.” And now she joins the ranks of pitmasters, a level few women reach in Texas and will slice it up for serving. Christine Nevarez will be running the store in Bay City making “two females, mother and daughter, getting to run two restaurants,” Lupe Nevarez said. But he is not off the hook, as he will still be firing up the brisket while working his regular job. And family pitched in to make the competition food its best. They also pitch in to make the restaurants run like a well-oiled machine. Monica Nevarez was named Best Waitress and Stephen, who lives in Florida and does marketing for the restaurant, pitches in when he is down - whether it’s making sausage or refilling a tea glass. Great customer service, coupled with great food and great customers, is a recipe for success. “We are very appreciative of the community that has welcomed us with open arms,” said Christine Nevarez. “We’re not from here and didn’t know many people. But now we are starting to know everyone and to feel like part of the community. When people come in now, we know a lot of them personally, and they have become friends and like family.”



Food & Drink 2020 Results

Best Restaurant

Best Oysters

Best Mexican Cuisine


Bubba’s Cajun Seafood

El Patio

LaVaca BBQ

La Antigua Restaurant

Scully’s Sports Bar & Grill Bubba’s Cajun Seafood

The Shack

La Terraza

Best Bar

Best Tortillas

Best Ice Cream/Yogurt

Best Catering

Scully’s Sports Bar & Grill

El Patio Restaurant Josie’s Mexican Food

Dairy Queen

La Salud Tasty Treats

Pit Devil BBQ & Catering

Best Burger

Best Tamales

Best Pizza

Best Steak

The Shack

Josie’s Mexican Food & Cantina

Bubba’s Cajun Seafood

O’Neil & Sons Brewing Co. Omar’s Bar

Wagon Train Drive Inn White’s BBQ

Best Salsa & Chips El Patio Restaurant

La Antigua Restaurant La Terraza

Best Crawfish

Bubba’s Cajun Seafood The Shack

LaVaca BBQ

LaVaca BBQ

Los Rios Mexican Grill & Seafood

Best Fajitas

La Antigua Restaurant

Josie’s Mexican Food & Cantina La Terraza

Best Menudo

El Patio Restaurant

La Antigua Restaurant

Sharkies Bar & Grill

Josie’s Mexican Food & Cantina

Best Seafood

Best Buffet


Bubba’s Cajun Seafood

Cathy’s Skillet’s

The Shack

Bubba’s Cajun Seafood

Best Gumbo

Best Family Dining

LaVaca BBQ Cathy’s

LaVaca BBQ Cathy’s

Bubba’s Cajun Seafood

Bubba’s Cajun Seafood

Best Shrimp

Best Oriental Cuisine


Bubba’s Cajun Seafood The Shack



Best Wings

Taiyo Sushi Fusion Beijing Buffet

Bayside Seafood

Domino’s Pizza

LaVaca BBQ

LaVaca BBQ

Josie’s Mexican Food

Domino’s Pizza

Wagon Train Restaurant

Pizza Hut

Texas Traditions Grill & Bakery Red Barn

Thank You, Calhoun County, for voting us



Fajitas Margaritas Breakfast Tacos Mexican Cuisine

We Appreciate Our Customers.

La Antigua 737 N. Hwy. 35, Port Lavaca, TX • 361-552-7764 Hours: 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. Breakfast: 6-11 a.m.

The Best

All Major Credit Cards Accepted - No checks.


Best Fried Chicken

Best Chicken-Fried Steak

Best Restaurant Service

Best Waitress (Individual)

Wagon Train Restaurant

LaVaca BBQ

Stormy Reyna, Bubba’s

The Shack

Bubba’s Cajun Seafood

Monica, LaVaca BBQ Tasha Jones, Cathy’s

Best Bakery

Best Sandwiches/Subs

Best BBQ

Best Food Truck

Lacey’s Little Bakery

Subway Restaurants

Pit Devil BBQ & Catering

Los Charritos Express #2

Best Coffee

Best Breakfast


Mad Batter Cheesecakes H-E-B


LaVaca BBQ The Shack

Anchored In Love

Wagon Train Restaurant

Linnville Grind & Churn Restaurant

El Patio Restaurant

Best Margarita

Best Breakfast Taco

El Patio Restaurant

La Antigua

Don Julio’s Mexican Restaurant Scully’s Sports Bar & Grill

Best Frozen Drink

La Terraza

La Antigua Restaurant El Patio Restaurant

Josie’s Mexican Food & Cantina

Best Dessert

Rusty Hook Winery

Mad Batter Cheesecakes

Scully’s Sports Bar & Grill

Lacey’s Little Bakery

Best Coldest Beer

Best Meal Under $8


El Patio

La Antigua Restaurant

O’Neil & Sons Brewing Co.

LaVaca BBQ

Bush’s Chicken

Scully’s Sports Bar & Grill

Wagon Train Restaurant

Best Wine Selection

Best Overall Service

Rusty Hook Winery

LaVaca BBQ

Lavaca Bluff’s Winery


O’Neil & Sons Brewing Company

The Shack

Best Snow Cone

Best Bartender

La Salud Tasty Treats

Wendy Bumgardner, Rusty Hook Winery

Best Iced Tea

Best Waiter (Individual)

The Snow Cone Zone Shaved Ice Paradise

Andrea O’Neil Samantha Williams

LaVaca BBQ

Monica, LaVaca BBQ

The Shack

Steven Nevarez, LaVaca BBQ

Bush’s Chicken

Fernando, Green Iguana


LaVaca BBQ White’s BBQ

Bush’s Chicken Cathy’s

Josie’s Mexican Food

Seaux Cajun

Art & Misty’s Boiling Bus

Thank You, Calhoun County!


THE HARBOR Children’s Alliance & Victim Center

children are people too

Crisis Hotline

552-HELP If someone has HURT you, let us HELP!

Confidential ServiCeS Provided • 24 Hour Sexual Assault Center • 24 Hour Crisis Intervention With Hospital Accompaniment • Advocacy With Law Enforcement • Community Education • Children’s Advocacy Center

‘Children Learn What They Live’


215 W. Railroad, Port Lavaca, TX 77979

1 #


Thank You For Your Vote &

Your Patronage�


Oriental Food

Japanese specialties, hibachi in kitchen. Seafood, noodles, soup, meats in a family-friendly atmosphere 915 State Hwy 35 North, Port Lavaca, TX 77979 8


HOURS Monday-Thursday: 11 a.m.–2:45 p.m. 5–8:45 p.m. Friday & Saturday: 11 a.m.–2:45 p.m. 5–9:45 p.m. Sunday: Noon–2:45 p.m., 5–8:45 p.m.


Lifestyles 2020 Results Best Church

Best Hotel

Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Parkway Church

Best Western

First Baptist Church of Port Lavaca

Best Dance/Gymnastics

La Quinta Inn & Suites

Best RV Park

South Texas Strutters - Calhoun Campus

The Two RV Park

TNT Elite Gymnastics

5 Sons RV Park

Joule Valdez, Choreographer

Best Retirement Facility

Port Lavaca Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Texas Lakeside RV

Best Place to Work (over 100 employees) H-E-B

Trinity Shores Senior Living

Memorial Medical Center

Bethany Senior Living

Port Lavaca Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Best Apartment Living

Best Place to Work (under 100 employees)

Villas on Independence

Port Lavaca Clinic Associates

Creek Side Apartments

First National Bank

Sea Greens Apartment Homes

LaVaca BBQ

Our Lady Of The Gulf Catholic Church 415 West Austin Street, Port Lavaca, TX 361-552-6140 WWW.OLGULF.ORG

Join Us For Mass

Monday-Friday: 8:05 a.m. Saturday: 5:30 p.m. Sunday: 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. & 12:00 p.m. en EspaĂąol Confessions: Saturday - 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Eucharistic Adoration: Wednesday, 3:00 - 8:30 p.m.

To the greater glory of God! Thank you Calhoun County for your continued support of our parish and school. May our Lord Jesus Christ deliver us from all evil and grant peace to our days. We welcome you to come join us in worship, prayer, and study, so that we may come to know Him more, to love Him deeply, and to serve Him generously unto eternal life!



Best Non-Profit Organization

#1 RV PaRk

The Harbor

Pregnancy Help Center Calhoun County Library

Best School

Jackson-Roosevelt Elementary School HJM Elementary School

Our Lady Of The Gulf Catholic School

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for The Two RV Park as the Best RV Park in Calhoun County! Receiving this recognition is a great honor! 1402 Harrison Ave. Port O’Connor, TX 77982 Phone: 361-983-4688

Thank You Port Lavaca For Voting H-E-B “Best in Calhoun County” for:

PLACES TO WORK UNDER 100 EMPLOYEES We know you have a choice of where to shop. That’s why we work hard to bring you the quality, service and everyday low prices you deserve. Thanks again Port Lavaca for casting your votes for H-E-B. ©2020 HEB, 20-7512




524 Village Road, Port Lavaca

(361) 552-3741



Home Services 2020 Results Best Electrical Hayes Electric Acosta Electric

Power Hardware LLC

Best Flooring

Best Pest Control Dowell Pest Control

Superior Termite & Pest Control

Best Real Estate Firm

Grace Flooring

RE/MAX Land & Homes On the Bay

Jesse Caldera

Bay Breeze Real Estate

Randy’s Floor Company

Best Carpet Randy’s Floor Company Joe Leal

Russell Cain Real Estate

Best Realtor (Individual) Dallas Franklin Russell Cain Lindsey Smith

Best Homebuilder

Roland Cantu Custom Homes Brian Rokyta Rohe Builders

Best Glass Company Eclipse Tinting & Auto Glass Grace Flooring Keathley’s Glass

4 YEARS IN A ROW! Thank You, Calhoun CounTY!

Gingerbread School


2202 Half League Road Port Lavaca, TX

BEST REMODELING Thank You For Your Support, Calhoun County! Royce Benoit Painting & constRuction

Interior • Exterior • Sheetrock • Remodels Flooring• Doors & Windows • Custom Painting • Small or Large Projects • Siding • Pressure Washing • Carports • Decks • Replace Soffit & Facial Board

36 Years Of experience



Thank You Calhoun County! 638 N. Commerce St., Port Lavaca | 361-717-4663 | dowellpestcontrol.com |

Dowell Pest Control would like to

express our gratitude to Calhoun County residents for voting for us as

Best Pest Control. We appreciate our customers and the votes!


Best Heating & Air Wehmeyer Services

Becks A/C in Port Lavaca Coastal Refrigeration-Electric

Best Contractor

Roland Cantu Custom Homes

D Vasquez Construction, Port O’Connor, TX

Best Plumbing Young Plumbing Co. Grace Plumbing

Your Vote Means The World To us! 1ST BeST InTerIor DeSIgn

Port Lavaca Plumbing

Best Remodeling Royce Benoit

Randy’s Floor Company Coastal Improvements

Best Property Management Russell Cain Real Estate Texas Real Estate

Bay Breeze Real Estate

Best Interior Design

Robin Kacir, Randy’s Floor Company

Best Day Care Gingerbread School Coastal Kids Daycare Tots & Tykes Daycare

Best House Cleaning

Audie Vasquez & Tristan Upchurch Pink Flamingo, Michelle Cruz Coastal Cleaning POC Inc.

The Best


1ST BeST CarpeT

2nD FloorIng & remoDelIng We deeply appreciate the effort and time it took in voting us the Best in Interior Design and Best in Carpet. We equally appreciate the second place recognition in Flooring and Remodeling. We are convinced we serve some of the nicest people in Calhoun County. We appreciate and are so grateful for the opportunity given to us as we do our best in serving you, our customer.

Randy’s Floor Company

220 E. Main • Port Lavaca, TX 77979 • 552-6785 Monday-Friday: 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. NO FUEL CHARGE IN PORT LAVACA


First National Bank

Thank You

Calhoun County for recognizing us as:

BEST BANK FOR 6 YEARS RUNNING 2020 VOTED BEST: Karen Caraway, Loan Officer Tracie Durrance, Teller Car Lender Small Lender Home Lender

2020 SECOND PLACE: Linda Evans, Teller

2020 THIRD PLACE: Barbara Black, Teller Port Lavaca

361-552-6726 • Hwy 35 Bypass at Half League


Bank by Phone, Bank by Internet or by iPhone or Android Apps

Port O’Connor

361- 983-2508 • 3675 W. Adams



361-785-5321 • 101 Railroad


361-579-7911 • 4304 N. Mockingbird (Main at Mockingbird)


Zipping to a third win

Texas Wavenet Wireless wins Best Internet Provider By JARED VAN EPPS jvanepps@plwave.com

Clockwise from top: John

Gertchen, Texas Wavenet worker, helps co-owner of the company, John Kelly, get his equipment on to climb one of the Wavenet towers; Johnny Polk loads one of the work trucks for the company; Kelly climbs one the towers. He was working the tower at the intersection of Texas Highway 35 and Texas FM 2433. (Jared Van Epps/Photos)

Texas Wavenet Wireless has been serving and providing internet service in Calhoun County for more than five years. Blair Kelly, co-owner/office manager, joined her husband, John Kelly, in the internet providing business. Kelly said her husband has been in the business longer than she has. “I started helping him once he started, but he’s been doing this since almost out of high school,” Kelly said. “He kind of started and worked his way up, learning the different areas of it.” Texas Wavenet Wireless is currently servicing Seadrift, Six Mile, Alamo Beach, Magnolia Beach, Indianola, Olivia, Weedhaven, Port Alto, Cape Carancahua and the Port Lavaca area. Service currently also covers the lane area of Seadrift, parts of Green Lake, and the area around Olivia. Kelly said they try to make their internet packages affordable and added they have five different packages “that people can choose from depending on their needs.” When COVID-19 hit Texas, Wavenet Wireless got busy because peopled needed the internet for school, Kelly said. The company also set up hot spots for Calhoun County ISD when they transitioned to remote learning for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. Kelly talked about the importance of helping the district and parents who don’t have internet service. “It’s a really big deal for us to try to help out where we can,” Kelly said, “and that is why my husband started the business. He wanted people to be able to have something that was affordable, and it was a local customer type thing.” Kelly added they do as much locally as they can and are “donating” where they can.”


Best Internet Service Provider Three Years In A Row!

Texas Wavenet Wireless

strives to deliver a personalized and reliable service that customers can depend on. We are so grateful for your support these last five years as a new business in the area. Thank you for your votes. Texas Wavenet Wireless P.O. Box 28 Port Lavaca




Services 2020 Results

Best Attorney

Best Home Lender

Carly Wall

First National Bank

Anne Marie Odefey Jane Lane

TDECU Cal-Com Credit Union

Best Bank

Best Small Lender

First National Bank

First National Bank

Wells Fargo Bank IBC

Best Credit Union

Cal-Com Federal Credit Union TDECU Coastal Teachers Federal CU

Best Car Lender First National Bank

Cal-Com Federal Credit Union TDECU

TDECU Sun Loan

Best Teller

Tracie Durrance First National Bank Linda Evans First National Bank Barbara Black First National Bank

Best Loan Officer Karen Caraway First National Bank

Lisa Lerma Cal-Com Federal Credit Union Majlin Bordovsky Cal-Com Federal Credit Union

Best Investment Broker

Edward Jones - Robby Williams Edward Jones-Ashley French Edward Jones - Daylen

Best Broker Russell Cain

Roland Cantu

Custom Homes newhomespltx@gmail.com

361 920 7376

#1 Contractor & Home Builder Thank You, Calhoun County, for voting Roland Cantu for Best Contractor! Your support is appreciated.

Thank You! We may have to hide our faces, but we can’t hide our love and care we have for each and every family we serve. Thank you for voting Richardson-Colonial Funeral Home best of the best for the third consecutive year.

Standing from left: Funeral Assistants Jerry McClendon, Lydia Aguirre, Renee Behrens, and Allyson Abraham. Seated from left: Funeral Directors: Justin Small and Jamie Kinsfather. Not pictured: Funeral Assistants Bill Myrick, Susan Bryant and David Holford.

Richardson-Colonial Funeral Home 123 Newlin St, Port Lavaca, TX 77979 • 361-552-9766 www.richardsoncolonial.com



Best Title Company

Best Law Firm

Gulf Coast Title Company

Roberts Odefey Witte & Wall LLP, Attorneys At Law

San Jacinto Title Services

Best Internet Provider Texas Wavenet Wireless TISD, Inc Sparklight

The Law Office Of Jane Lane, P.C.

Best Massage Therapy Ines Olachia

Sarah Henderson

Best Dry Cleaner Keep U Neat Cleaners Downtown Cleaners

Town & Country Cleaners

Best Florist Salt Blossom

Gardenland Nursery

Greenhouse Floral Designers

Best Income Tax Preparation

Sara Mclendon

Richardson-Colonial Funeral Home

Angel Lucy’s Funeral Home Grace Funeral Chapel

Best Bail Bonds A & A Bail Bonds

American Bail Bond Co Betty Ramirez, A&A Bail Bonds

Calhoun County Animal Hospital Happy Paws Zayda Falcon

Best Lawn Care

Best Hair Stylist Erika Fortanel

Best Propane Company

Mercedez Kalisek

Talbott Propane Enterprise

Martin Sowa

Aleene Medina

Chuck Watkins AJ Pina

Best Nail Salon Sarah Nails

Main Street Nail Salon Solar Nails Salon

Best Veterinary Clinic Calhoun County Animal Hospital

Tejas Propane Airgas, Inc.

Best Furniture Rental

Uncle Mike’s Port Lavaca

Best Equipment Rental



Verizon T-Mobile

Best Safety Services

Safety Council of The \Texas Mid-Coast Texas Commercial Fire & \Safety Supplies/Drug Testing

Best Hotel

Holiday Inn Express La Quinta

Best Western

Best Engineering Company Testengeer, Inc.

G &W Engineering

Best Photographer

Best Pet Grooming Missy’s Pet Grooming & Boarding

Best Cell Phone Provider

United Rentals

Jackson Photography

Clips & Dips Dog Grooming

Louis Alaniz

Jimmy Heysquierdo

Maxim Crane Works

LanSyd Photography & Photobooth

Fluffy Mutt Grooming & Spa

Robert Montero

Momentum Rental & Sales

Port Lavaca Veterinary Clinic Bayfront Animal Hospital

Best Personal Trainer

Certified Training & Safety

SCS Hair Salon

Herman Novak Agency

Best Funeral Home

Sit & Stay Sleepovers Pet Sitting with Jennifer Soefje

Marvin Gardens & Landscaping Design

Amy Cantu

Gary Krenek, Farmers Insurance

Best Pet Boarding

The House of Hair

Knobles Tax Service

Bob Bonar, State Farm

Jeco’s Marine & Tackle

Marvelous Gardens, Inc.

Shear Beauty

H&R Block

Best Insurance Agency

POC Rod & Gun

Best Hair Salon

Best Barber

Financial Tax Services

Best Rod & Reel Repair

Hope Images

Best Car Wash BayWash


Best Title Company Melissa Sterling, standing, and Joey Gregory run Gulf Coast Title Company, Named Best Title Company for the fifth time. (DD Turner/Wave Photo)

Easing the path from Point A To Point B

Gulf Coast Title named Best Title Company for fifth time by voters BY DD TURNER dturner@plwave.com

You have perused home listings trying to find the perfect home for you and your family. You have attended open houses or walked through homes with realtors to check out how it feels and might look with your furnishings in place. You have decided, and you are ready to buy. To make that experience the easiest it can be is the reason Gulf Coast Title Company comes onboard, run by mother-daughter duo Melissa Sterling and Joey Gregory. The company’s goal is to find any problems with the title, resolve them, and make your buying experience a pleasant one. “If there is a title defect, we correct it and take the steps to transfer a clean title,” said Gregory. For the fifth time since the contest’s inception, Gulf Coast Title Company has been named Best In Calhoun County. At Gulf Coast Title, each person working there has a specific task to accomplish for every title that comes through the office. Opened in 2007, Gregory noted the process is lengthier than most people realize as it involves running a check Debbie Baldera, manning the reception center, is joined on the title to make sure by LaVon Garcia at Gulf Coast Title Company. (DD Turner/ it was always transferred correctly to escrow and Wave Photo) entering the information into the system. Sterling, co-owner of the company, said they have to be licensed through the Texas Land

Melissa Sterling — Manager LaVon Garcia • Joey Gregory Debbie Baldera • Sariah Flores Sheila Benitez• Michelle Grubert Missie Landry (not pictured)

2121 Sailboat Port Lavaca, TX Phone: (361) 551-2300 Fax: (361) 551-2312




2020 Best Lawyer

Carly Wall

Six Years In A Row

Best Lawn Care

Your Vote & Support Is Appreciated! BEST IN CALHOUN COUNTY

Seated from left, Carly W. Wall and John Villafranco. Standing, from left, Sandra Witte, David Roberts and Anne Marie Odefey.

6 Years In a row

Best Law Firm Roberts, Odefey, Witte, & Wall, LLP Attorneys at Law

2206 North Highway 35 Bypass, Port Lavaca, Texas 77979 Office: 361-552-2971 www.portlavacalaw.com


Best Boutique

Best Clothing & Most Helpful Employees

#1 Safety Services

Certified Training & Safety

Certified Training & Safety thanks you for your vote! We have been proudly serving Calhoun County (and others) for 10-plus years and look forward to many more.

Safety Saves Lives!

Owners: Christy & Maria

A Big THANK YOU To Everyone Who Voted For Us! We Appreciate Your Support!

401 Broadway, Ste. C, Port Lavaca Christy: 361-484-7022; Maria 361-676-2521


Our Crew, from left: Bonnie Banks, Houston Banks, Denise Sandy, Kaddie Smith, Karla Perez and Kendall Gregory.

For Information:

361-553-8039 | www.cts-site.com


Thank You, Calhoun County, For Voting Us Best Plumbing Company 6 Years In A Row.

Providing Quality Plumbing SaleS & ServiceS Since 1956

361-552-6733 • Fax: 361-552-4602 603 W. Austin St., Port Lavaca, TX.

Best Florist

$10 off floral arrangement with this advertisement Salt Blossom has fantastic customers! We appreciate you selecting us as Best Florist. We love serving you with quality products and timely service. We appreciate your vote of confidence and your business! 215 W. Adams, Port O’Connor | 361-220-1583 |

@ POC Salt Blossom


Six #1s In A Row!

Thank You Calhoun County Come see us at 422 N. Virginia and let us help you with all your insurance needs

154 Years Combined Experience

BoB Bonar State Farm bob@bobbonar.com 361-552-4689 ‘We are here to serve your insurance needs.’

422 N. VirgiNia St.

(Three Years In A Row)

It’s been an enjoyable experience. Thanks for trusting me with your pets and for your support. A Vacation For Your Pet!

Call to schedule a sleepover! Check Us Out On





BEST PHYSICIAN Leigh Ann Falcon, M.D.

Thank you for continuing to trust me with your health. Port Lavaca Clinic Associates

1200 N. Virginia • Port Lavaca, TX 77979 • 361-552-6721 Tele-HealTH Is avaIlable For our PaTIenTs

Thank you for your trust in us. We are grateful to have been voted Best Clinic six years in a row. Thank you, Calhoun County!

Michael Caughron, FNP-C

Thank you, Calhoun County community. I am humbled by your continued support and confidence.

Port Lavaca Clinic Associates

1200 N. Virginia • Port Lavaca, TX 77979 • 361-552-6721 Tele-HealTH Is avaIlable For our PaTIenTs

Family Medicine

John B. Wright, MD Destiny Ibrom, FNP-C Michael Caughron, FNP-C Henry Salinas, FNP-C Timu N. Kwi MD

Internal Medicine

Leigh Ann Falcon, MD


Jeannine Griffin, MD John Clinton, MD

Tele-Health Is Available For Our Patients

Port Lavaca Clinic Associates 361-552-6721

1200 N. Virginia • Port Lavaca, TX 77979 10 22


Monday-Friday: 7:45 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday: 8 a.m. to Noon


Health Care 2020 Results

Best Health Clinic

Best Dentist

Port Lavaca Clinic

Nielsen Family Dental

Twin Fountains Medical Clinic - Urgent Care

Lavaca Dental

Memorial Medical Clinic

Best Doctor

Dr. Leigh Ann Falcon Dr. Paul Bunnell Dr. Timu Kwi

Best Nurse Practitioner

Michael Caughron

Port Lavaca Dentistry

Best Physical Therapy/Rehab

Memorial Medical Center Rehabilitation Port Lavaca Nusring & Rehabilitation Center Gulf coast Rehabilitation

Best Pharmacy Walgreens Walmart

Traci Shefcik

H-E-B Pharmacy

Destiny Ibrom

Best Home Health Provider

Calhoun Home Health LLC

Best Physician’s Assistant Shanna O’Donnell Destiny Ibron Henry Salinas

Best Nursing Staff (Facility)

Best Nurse

Memorial Medical Center

Erin Clevenger

Port Lavaca Clinic Port Lavaca Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Best Urgent Care Memorial Medical Center

Twin Fountains Medical Clinic - Urgent Care

Sara Rubio Olda Flores

Best Optometrist Dr. Parker at Victoria Eye Center

The Best


Voted Best Dentist Your

Support Is

BEST HOME HEALTH Six YearS running

Thank you to Calhoun County for voting Calhoun Home Health

as the BEST Home Health. We appreciate your support and look forward to providing this community with the best care possible.


Nielsen Family Dental Gentle Dentistry For Your Family

Rhonda Nielsen, DDS


1300 N. Virginia St., Ste. 111, Port Lavaca, TX 77979

621 N. Virginia Street, Port Lavaca

361-552-6367 | 361-552-3182

Monday-Thursday: 8-5:30


11 23

Best Urgent Care

Memorial Medical Center Emergency Room

Bringing you so much, so close to home in healthcare.

Best Nursing Staff voted second by Calhoun County residents.

➣ ➣

Best Nurse Sara Rubio as voted by Calhoun County residents.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Best Physical Therapy/ Rehabilitation Center as voted by Calhoun County residents.

815 North Virginia St., Port Lavaca, Texas 77979




Automotive 2020 Results

Best Vehicle Dealer

Bellah’s Cars & Trucks Affordable Auto Port Lavaca Chevy

Best Oil Change

Best Wrecker Service Coby’s Wrecker Service Bay Wrecker

Best New Car Salesman

Dipstix LLC

Mike Doddridge, Port Lavaca Auto Group

Cary’s Tire & Automotive

Manny Villarreal, Port Lavaca Auto Group

Affordable Auto

Best Boat Dealer

Coastal Bend Marine Sonny’s Marine Inc. Marshall Marine

Best Paint & Body Shop

Port Lavaca Collision Center Frankie’s Paint & Body Shop Abram’s Body Shop

Best Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts AutoZone

NAPA Auto Parts

Best Service & Repair

Ruben Hernandez

Best Used Car Salesman John Bellah

Edward DeLeon, Affordable Auto

Mike Doddridge, Port Lavaca Auto Group

Thanks For Voting Us As

#1 in

Service & Repair Tires & Repair

For The Third Year In A Row

Cary’s Tire & Automotive Affordable Auto

Firestone of Port Lavaca

Best Tires & Repair

Cary’s Tire & Automotive Affordable Auto

Firestone of Port Lavaca

Best Window Tinting

Eclipse Tinting & Auto Glass

Port Lavaca Auto Group Body Shop Firestone of Port Lavaca



We Service All Makes & Models 918 Broadway, Port Lavaca, TX 77979

361-552-4499 • 361-552-1133 • 361-552-7766


The Best


Best Oil Change

Thank You, Calhoun County!

817 State Hwy. 35 SoutH 361-482-0277

Your Local Car Care Professionals 26


Retail 2020 Results

Best Appliances

Best Liquor Store

American Appliance

Pojo’s Liquor & Gifts

Uncle Mike’s Port Lavaca

Baker’s Liquor Store


Best Feed & Tackle

POC Liquor

Best Convenience Store Buc-ee’s

McKamey Bros.

Weaver’s Grocery Inc

Melstan Feed

First Convenience

Tractor Supply Company

Best Bait Stand

Best Storage Facility

Big Bear Shrimp & Seafood

Sandcrab Boulevard Self Storage

Indianola Fishing Marina

Six Mile Storage

The Fishing Center

Best Clothing Store Saltwater Treasures

The Rhinestone Pineapple Boutique

Bay Storage

Most Helpful Employees Saltwater Treasures

Robert Bryce, city of Seadrift Public Works Director Rhinestone Pineapple

Southern Sass

Best Boutique

Saltwater Treasures

The Rhinestone Pineapple Southern Sass

Best Specialty Shp Bluebonnet Blessings

Cee’s Antiques & Uniques

Best Hardware Store Ace Hardware Power Hareware Coastal Nail & Tool

Best Jeweler

Ondrea’s Custom Jewelry Cantu’s Jewelry


Easing the path

From Page 18

Title Association, continue their education, and follow the rules of the Texas Department of Insurance – Title Division. Sterling moved to Port Lavaca in seventh grade and now feels like she was born, and raised here as was her daughter, Gregory. Both said they love working in the place where they grew up and knew the people. “It makes us proud and excited,” said Gregory. As for the work itself, it’s a new story each day, Sterling said. Both Sterling and Gregory said they enjoy diving into the property’s history and finding its origin. “It’s fast-paced and changing every day,” said Gregory. With more than 100 combined years of experience, the Gulf Coast Title Company crew of Sterling, Gregory, Debbie Baldera, LaVon Garcia, Michelle Grubert, Sheila Benitez, Sariah Flores, and Missie Landry are ready to handle the fast-paced world of clearing the title for your new home. From their Website:

OUR PRINCIPLES: “Our principles are respectable and as sturdy as the title policies we issue. Each and every transaction that takes place in our office is given the highest level of care and expertise so that our customers walk away feeling comfortable, appreciated, and secure.” OUR COMMUNITY “Not only do we take care of our customers inside the realm of the title industry, but we also care about the community to which they belong. Gulf Coast Title is owned and operated by hometown residents who take pride in being Calhoun County natives. We volunteer our time outside the office to organizations such as Rotary, The Education Foundation, PTO, Chamber of Commerce, and events that happen throughout the year.” The company is located at 2121 Sailboat Drive in Port Lavaca. Visit them online at https://gulfcoasttitleco.net.


207 Kamey Road, Port Lavaca, Texas 77979 (361) 676-3336 |

Feed Store

McKamey Bros Feed Store would like to thank all of our amazing customers for voting us 2020 Best in Calhoun County! Come see us conveniently located on Hwy. 87 for all your feed needs. Feed | Farm and Ranch | Lawn and Garden | Pet Supplies | Propane | Lacrosse Footwear | Ice, Drinks, and Snacks | Bait and Tackle | Uhaul

Thank you to our loyal customers & to all of our future customers.

John Bellah,

Thank You! For Voting Us #1 for Best Appliances in Calhoun County!

owner of Bellah’s Cars & Trucks, voted as Best Vehicle Dealer & Best Used Cars in Calhoun County! Home Of The Average $200 Payments! Reasonable Down Payments!

BELLAH’S CARS & TRUCKS “COME AND SEE JOHN!” | IN-HOUSE FINANCING 619 Half League Road, Port Lavaca, TX 77979

Office: 361-552-7505 | Cell: 361-676-3331 | Home: 361-552-3330

Let’s raise a toast to Calhoun County! Thanks for voting us Best Liquor Store Six Years In A Row.

POJO’S LIQUOR Hwy. 35 & Travis, Port Lavaca




Whirlpool Cabrio® High-Efficiency Top Load Washer & Cabrio High-Efficiency Electric Steam Dryer



• Sales • Service• Parts 36-inch French Door Refrigerator

Guaranteed Low Prices on

Whirlpool Duet® Steam Front Load Washer & Duet® Electric Steam Dryer




You can't beat our prices on Whirlpool appliances

AMERICAN APPLIANCE “We Service What We Sell”

1917 W. Austin, Port Lavaca • 552-2317

Mon.-Fri.: 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. • Saturday: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. BEST IN CALHOUN COUNTY

Entertainment & Social 2020 Results Best Family Fun

Best Jukebox

Beau’s Billard, Bowling & Arcade

Scully’s Sports Bar & Grill

Twin Dolphin Cinemas

Beau’s Billard, Bowling & Arcade

Indianola Fishing Marina

Omar’s Bar

Best Bait Stand

Best Karaoke

Harvey’s Tavern Casa Jalisco

Saltwater Saloon

Best Place for Birthday Party LaVaca BBQ

Beau’s Billiard Bowling & Arcade Red Barn

Best Date Spot LaVaca BBQ

Rusty Hook Winery

Scully’s Sports Bar & Grill

6 Years straight!

Thank you to all our customers for voting us ‘Best Bait Stand.’ We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to serve all your seafood & bait needs.

Best Fishing Guide

Christopher Cady, Seadrift Rudy Briseno

Captains Gary & Shellie Gray

Best Vape Shop Gypsy Moon

Pro Clouds Vape SCS Vape

Best Gym Evolution Tactical Combatives Calhoun County YMCA Topwater

Best Venue LaVaca BBQ Red Barn

Bauer Community Center


2241 Highway 35 N., Port Lavaca, TX 77979


Zipping to a third win

From Page 15

Texas Wavenet Wireless won Best Internet Provider for the third year in a row for Best in Calhoun County. Kelly talked about how excited it is to receive this award again. “It’s really exciting for us, and we’re really proud of it,” Kelly said. “The employees are the backbone…there are six of us that work here. We’ve been really picky whom we bring in and make sure they’re the most effective.”

Kelly added it has “helped” that they know people, and that the “employees and the customers” make their business what it is. Kelly said she would like to thank customers for “giving “ them the award, especially through a pandemic. For more info about Texas Wavenet Wireless and their Internet packages, please go to www.wavenetwireless.com or call 361-551-8345.


Bringing down The AwArds Evolution Tactical Combatives takes Best Gym, owner voted Best Personal Trainer There are several big gyms in Calhoun County, but a gym in Seadrift took home the best gym in the county. One of the many reasons could be that the owner of the gym, Robert Montero, was also voted the best personal trainer. Montero is a sergeant with the Seadrift Police Department, and in his spare time, he is the owner of Evolution Tactical Combatives (ETC). ETC is a versatile gym incorporating nearly every type of fitness. Not just fitness but anything from kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, mixed martial arts to tactical combatives, firearms, knife fighting, and strength and conditioning. Starting his martial arts journey at the American Kickboxing Academy as an 18-year-old, Montero primarily focused on Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu. Being an expert in the field of martial arts, Montero has been able to use those skills he has learned to make him a better police officer. “My training is part of my personal, and of course professional, everyday life, whether it’s situational awareness or actually going hands-on with someone,” Montero said. In 2018, he opened the gym, hoping to train police officers and reduce injury to both the suspect and the officer during an encounter by educating them on modern control techniques. Montero is working on building a new facility that will be a one-stop-shop for the entire spectrum of training. In winning the best gym and personal trainer in The Port Lavaca Wave’s Best In Calhoun County Contest, Montero thanked his clients and gym members for the opportunity to train them and become like a family. “It is an honor and a privilege to receive these awards and be recognized as the best in Calhoun County. I have been very fortunate to train some amazing people here and love the family we have created with the gym,” Montero said.

Top: Robert Montero, center, is with some of his students after a Jiu Jitsu training session. Left: Montero, and Jimmy Tolar training for strength and conditioning. Right: Montero training with his sniper rifle. (Contributed photos)


Friendly 1808 W Adams Ave., Port O'Connor, TX 77982 | 361-983-4841


#1 Boat Dealer We are here for all your boating needs from sales, services, parts and accessories since 1996. Thank you for your votes and for your business. 30



BEST CREDIT UNION Thank You, Once Again, Calhoun County! www.calcomfcu.org

Loan Officer: Lisa Lerma, second; & Maj Lin Bordovsky, third

We Look ForWard To ConTinuing To Serve Your needS.

3802 N. NAVARRO VICTORIA, TX 77901 (361) 572-3369

1401 N. VIRGINIA, PORT LAVACA, TX 77979 (361) 552-7476


2807 JOHN STOCKBAUER DR. VICTORIA, TX. 77901 (361) 579-9929


Best Veterinary CliniC

Thank you, Calhoun County, for voting us # 1 Veterinary Clinic for the third year in a row & second place in Pet Boarding. We appreciate your support! 1015 State Hwy. 35 Port Lavaca, TX 77979

361-552-4526 32


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