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South Korea? Wonders in India! Happy Elephents, Happy Srilanka Play Etude, Play Pink


outh Korea which is a place full of cool, handsome and fashionable people has been climbing the stairs toward the well-known countries for the past few years. Besides their gorgeous ladies and sharp edged faced men, Korea is well known of its music and dance steps which come under the .”name of “K-pop Psy’s “Gangnam style” song has found its way to popularity within one day after it reached a million viewers on youtube. This song which talks about a very famous place in Korea, Gangnam, has opened a lot of travelers’ eyes and attracted a lot of tourists. When mbc channel asked Psy about the reason he thinks that a lot of people enjoys his song,

he simply answered “I think people love my song because they don’t understand the lyric”. What i saw in Gangnam is that all the people there are really well dressed and drink coffe, and yes let me tell you that when a person holds a cup of coffee in korea it means that they are hard working, and that is the emage a person wants to gain while .being in Gangnam

South Korea B

esides having great songs that make people smile, cry and even shout, Korean people have been known for their simple yet daring sense of fashion since ages. Their traditional custom is called “Han bok” and it is nothing but layers over layers of silky clothes that end up making a colorful piece of art. Those layers and wonderful colors makes the “han bok” expensive for tumblr_n521azGAdW1tsfdmbo500_1

common people, that makes people make .them by themselves kimchi” which is a“ very famous side dish in Korea, has a very unique taste that does not satisfy all. But somehow I just fall in love with it; it gives me this amazing fresh feeling that makes me want to eat it more. It is simply made by almost all the locals since it’s considered to be a must on a dinner table. I personally recommend all the tourists who visit Korea to try it even if they did not like it because that will give them the feeling of being there for real. And for your information, if you were asked to do “kimchi” while taking a picture, dont panic, its just the way Koreans say “smile” while

INcredible INdia

India, it is often said, is not a country,

but a continent. Stretching from the frozen summits of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala. It has variety of languages, .food and colors If it is your first visit to India, then I would definitely recommend you to visit the magnificent Goa. Goa was considered to be a holiday destination since the colonial time. British troops travelled there to do relaxation and sports activities for the solders. Later on people all around the world, especially locals, started to plan their holidays in Goa because it .has a very beautiful view Being to a country without tasting its famous food and trying their unique clothes means you did not really visit it. “Andhara Paradesh” is called to an area in India that has smaller areas under it specially Hyderabad. Hyderabad, the capital, is a major hi-tech hub, an atmospheric city with lively bazaars, the eclectic Salar Jung Museum and the mighty Golconda Fort. If you visited Hyderabad, you should try the Hyderabadi Biryani, which is a famous spicy rice .dish that is served with meat or chicken

Want to hear some wonderful music? Then you just came to the right place. Gujarat is a state in India that has the most fun weddings in the country. You can enjoy dancing and singing competitions in those fun weddings and festivals. The people of Gujarat are well known of their ability to dance and amuse. They are also well .”known of their yogurt drink “Lassi The only thing that keeps you from seeing the most famous monument of india is 750 Indian rupees. Taj Mahal , which was built by the Mughals. Muslims, is an spectacular building. Its stunning architectural beauty is beyond adequate description, particularly at dawn and sunset. People gather outside the building when the .sunset to view the most beautiful scene ever I can’t just simply write about India in few lines because I know I won’t be fair enough in describing all the amazing places there. Visit .India and judge by yourself

The Great Trip To China

If you enjoy history and enjoy knowing about emperors’ secrets and their lives, you should definitely

try visiting China where the history’s source begins. China is one of the countries that have the most human beings population in the world where it reached last year 1.4 billion people. Because of the rapid growth in China’s population, the government forbids more than two children per family.

Chinese people have a lot of religions that they believe in such as Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. Whatever their religion is they still have this Buddhism and Taoism beliefs because it is considered to be their traditional way of living. One of the best places I have visited in China was the city which did not allow common people to enter it, the “Forbidden city” where I smelled, tasted and hugged the history that place carries. The Forbidden City is 600 years old and it was the main house of twenty four emperors from both Ming and Qing dynasties and it’s where specialists kept every single item that those late emperors used protected and displayed in their rooms until today. You can walk on the same path that the emperor once walk on and feel the glory and fame. Since they have many religions, they do have many restaurants that satisfy peoples’ need and beliefs in the way they prefer their food to be done. I, personally, have visited one of the best Muslim restaurants in Shanghai city and its called “Qing Mei Ju” where they serves the most delicious fresh mutton hot pot. This restaurant attracts not only Muslims but also people from all over the world. Not to forget one of the world’s seven wonders which is the “Great wall of China”. I recommend people to visit this amazing wall in any other season but summer and that is because in summer the temperature is high and a person cannot enjoy the view while climbing the wall hardly. Once you are up there, you forget all the difficulties you have faced while climbing since the view is stunning. If I have the chance to visit China again, I will not miss it because it’s a place full of mystery that I couldn’t find all about in that short time.



Peacefull Sri Lanka

ave you ever tried riding an elephant in the middle of the jungle?, well I did in one of the most places I have been to .through my travels, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka maybe small in size but it is big in the wildlife it has to offer to all tourist and travelers. Packed into this tiny island is a wealth of natural wildlife starting from the famous Asian Elephant to lions .and leopards

According to the World Conservation Union, Sri Lanka endangered 43 has more than animals on its lands. Although Sri lanka is small in size, it has been considered officially that it has the largest numbers of .elephants in the world Besides having wonderful and wild animals, Sri Lanka is considered to be the adventure seekers play yard. There are plenty of activities that Sri Lanka offers that it gives the tourist a hard time to choose in only one holiday. Camping, trekking, kayaking and canoeing are only few of these .exciting activities

It is really hard to describe the traditions and the rich culture that Sri Lankians have in their lives. The country is rich in tradition and while it has embraced the modern world, retains its old values. Dances and singing skills are handed from one generation to another. If you visit this island, try attending one of the dance shows and you will immediately .know what I am aiming to A little country yet a wealth carrier one , this is simply how I can describe Sri Lanka in few .words

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