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Government and Politics AS/A2 Level Examination Board: AQA (AS Award 1151 / A Level Award 2151) Aims of Course Government and Politics affects everyone’s life. Politicians have enormous power that encroaches on every aspect of life. Government and Politics is a course that will help you understand why this is so. It will enable you to learn about how the UK and US governments work and it will give you the opportunity to find out about the different viewpoints held by people involved in politics today. You do not need to have studied Government and Politics at GCSE in order to take this subject at A Level. It is more important that you should have a lively and enquiring mind, an interest in politics and current affairs, a desire to explore new ideas and an ability to communicate you ideas effectively. The subject is not only about current affairs or what is in the news on any particular day; it will also help you take a balanced view of important issues and show you how to evaluate information and ideas.

Programme of Study at AS Level and A2 Level AS Government and Politics consists of 2 units: 1 Unit 1 (GOVP1) – People, Politics and Participation (Exam taken in January Year 12) 1 Unit 2 (GOVP2) – Governing Modern Britain (Exam taken in June Year 12) A2 Government and Politics consists of 2 units: 1 Unit 3 (GOV3A) – The Politics of the USA (Exam taken in January Year 13) 1 Unit 4 (GOV4A) – The Government of the USA (Exam taken in June Year 13)

Approaches to Learning Lessons will take many a varied form and will include discussions, presentations and lively debate. The internet will be our key resource and students will be expected to read about politics in the quality newspapers on a regular basis. Written work will revolve around note taking and answering questions in the style of the exam paper. This includes short answers, responses to stimulus material and essays.

Who the course is aimed at? Government and Politics is particularly useful for careers in the Law, Accountancy, Media, Banking, Public sector administration, Personnel management, Journalism, Public relations, Advertising, Information management, Social research, Marketing, Uniformed services, the Police and Teaching. Government and Politics is highly regarded by Universities and combines well with History, Business Studies, English, Languages, Geography and Psychology.

Minimum entry requirement is a grade B in English Language at GCSE and/or a GCSE Humanities subject.

E N H A N C E D B Y S P E C I A L I S T T E C H N O L O G Y, M A T H S A N D C O M P U T I N G S T A T U S


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