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By Qurrat-ul-ayn Arshard

Contents Where did the Aztecs settle? Aztec Gods Aztec Clothes Aztec Food Aztec Leisure Conclusion Glossary Pictures and diagrams

Ever wondered about the Aztecs? Ever wondered about the Aztecs? Well this report is going to tell you all about them. It will tell you about their beliefs, Gods, leisure, clothes and food. Aztecs did a variety of things, they were very peculiar but also generous. You will find out lots of interesting facts.

Where did the Aztecs settle? The Aztecs could be found in the valley of Mexico. They settled on an island called Tenochtitlan and their flag was an eagle with a snake in its mouth.

Aztec Gods The Aztec religion and worship was based on many different beliefs. They had over 1600 Gods. They believed that the sun God fought darkness every night and believed in 13 heavens and 9 hells. They focused on four aspects of civilisation - creation, rain, fertility and war. Aztecs performed elaborate rituals to serve their Gods. The sun God was the most important because if he was sad or upset he refused to bring the sun out and the world would end. Aztecs believed that because the world had been destroyed four times in the past that many Gods sacrificed themselves to recreate the world. They feared that after 52 years that the world would come to an end and that sacrificing people would keep the Gods happy.

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Aztec Clothes Aztec clothing came in many forms. As with any culture Aztecs were influenced by their environment and their clothing was quite distinct. Jewellery was an important component of Aztec dress and the amount of decoration determined the wealth of the wearer. Favourite additions included copper, sliver, gold, turquoise, emerald and jade. These stones were cut using a rawhide cord and and a special sand mixed with water. Bracelets

Aztec Food The Aztecs loved food but they did not have as much food as we do. Maize was a staple crop and the Aztec women ground maize into a flour store slab with stone rollers. They then made it into a pancake called a tortilla. The women cooked food in a camal. Aztec diets included rabbits, turkeys, armadillos and sometimes dogs too. That kind of food helped them. The rich Aztecs drank an alcoholic drink called Octil and also a chocolate drink, made with cocoa beans and flavoured with vanilla and honey. Poor Aztecs drank water and an alcoholic ‘pulque’.

Chocolate Drink


Aztec Leisure The Aztecs loved their games. They also loved to give people a sporting chance. Some games played included ball games, similar to the ones played by the ancient Mayas. Lots of children went to school. Aztecs created schools for their own children and attendance was mandatory. At school they could play clay trumpets, flutes and many more instruments.

CONCLUSION As you can see from this report the Aztecs were very religious, educated and special people. They built temples and worshipped many Gods. They also took part in human sacrificing, played sports and board games. The Aztecs invented chocolate and I am very glad they did!

Glossary Atole - a type of porridge Attoli - chilli, to flavour porridge Ceremony - a set of actions with religious meaning Comal - clay disk for cooking Cueiti - woman’s skirt Hupilli - a type of blouse Leisure - things you do in your spare time Octil - a rich wine drink Pulque - a poor wine drink Sacrifice - to kill an animal or human as an offering to the Gods Tributes - valuable goods given to the Aztecs Tilmatil - pancake Xoclatt - rich drink made for Kings

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