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English Literature AS/A2 Level Examination Board: AQA Specification B Aims of Course The AS and A2 English Literature courses encourage students’ enthusiasm for literature of a variety of types and periods, and to develop their ability to read with understanding and discrimination. In the process of studying the works of other writers it is intended that the students should develop as writers themselves.

Programme of Study at AS Level and A2 Level AS course content:

A2 course content:

1 Analysing the central position of narrative in literary texts, (examination).

1 Developing ideas on the significance of genre, focusing on either Elements of the Gothic or Elements of the Pastoral, (examination).

1 Analysing aspects of the dramatic genre focusing on two plays; at least one of which will be by Shakespeare, (coursework). Texts studied will include Hosseini’s Kite Runner, McEwan’s Enduring Love, a Shakespearean play and a variety of narrative poems.

1 Independent reading and comparative analysis and application of critical theory, (coursework). Texts studied may include Shelley’s Frankenstein, Chaucer’s The Pardoner’s Tale, Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, the poetry of Marvell and Blake and a wide range of World War One Literature.

Approaches to Learning Students can expect to study different texts with different teachers. This makes the most of teaching expertise and ensures a variety of teaching styles. Students will become adept at analysing various authors’ uses of language in prose, poetry and drama. Students will make connections through a synthesis of insights gained across a range of reading and literary investigation. They will build upon the skills developed during AS, analysing linguistic and literary techniques, evaluating differing critical interpretations and exploring various cultural contexts. The nature of this subject requires considerable independent reading and research in study sessions and in the students’ own time. Students will be expected to actively participate in group discussion, role plays and presentations.

Who is this course aimed at? A genuine interest and enjoyment of reading and critical analysis are vital. This course will obviously benefit those who have a particular interest in Literature and it will complement the study of English Language, History, Modern Foreign Languages and Art.

Minimum entry requirement is a grade C in English Literature at GCSE.

E N H A N C E D B Y S P E C I A L I S T T E C H N O L O G Y, M A T H S A N D C O M P U T I N G S T A T U S

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