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August/September 2012

Congratulations to the EMBA Class of 2012!

EMBA class of 2012 with Dr. Gershon

What a great honor it is to usher the second alumni group into the Temple University Alumni Association of Singapore (TUAAS)! The EMBA class of 2012 graduates on August 18th after 15 months of classes. The EMBA cohort joins the MSHRM class of 2012, who graduated in May. There’s still time to join our EMBA graduation cum networking event on August 18th at the Prelude Rooftop Bar (Fullerton Waterboat House Rooftop). Email to RSVP. Welcome also to all of the Temple University students and alumni to the inaugural issue of the newsletter. The goal is to keep current students and alumni connected and to share upcoming education and networking opportunities. Turn the page to see the class notes where you can keep up to date on what your fellow alumni and students are up to. We want to hear from you so please send your announcements (job changes, promotions, relocations, births, awards and other recognitions) to us at

MSHRM class of 2012 with Dr. Geddes

This month’s newsletter includes an introduction to the October Executive MBA professor who’s back to teach “Law and Ethics in the Enterprise” for the second time. We also a have a list of August and September birthdays and a few special offers for our class and alumni, including Isaac’s popular Next Generation Excel workshop.

Welcome to the EMBA and MSHRM Class of 2013...

EMBA & MSHRM class of 2013 with Dr. McClendon


International Executive Education Center



As if working full time and studying for his EMBA wasn’t enough, Dr. Rajan Kalidindi (EMBA class of 2012) welcomed a daughter on April 8th (conveniently arriving in between the marketing and information modules) and sold his residence which required moving.

Moving on Up... Arusha Teotia (MSHRM class of 2012) is relocating to Zurich, Switzerland. She shared, “I’m moving to Zurich, Switzerland mid of September due to my husband’s new job. He has been offered a VicePresident position in the ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) corporate headquarters in Zurich. I have already started to look for a job in Zurich in the HR realm and look forward to make a positive contribution in this field.”

Exciting New Role! Jonas Covey (MSHRM class of 2012) recently joined Caterpillar Asia Pacific Limited as the HR Process Implementation and Solutions Manager in the Asia Pacific Human Services Division. In this newly created role, Jonas will be forming and leading a team of HR consultants based throughout the region to drive execution excellence in HR Operations. His Masters in Human Resource Management complemented by his Information Technology and Project Management experience positioned him well for this opportunity.

October’s EMBA Professor - Dr. Lewis Kerman teaching “Law and Ethics in the Enterprise”

A little known fact about you? My undergraduate degree is in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics from Yale, I got an Associates Degree in Psychology from the University of Hamburg in (at that time, Western) Germany and got my training in pedagogy in the courses I took at Humboldt University in East Berlin. I thought very seriously about being an architect.

What students can expect to learn? Students can expect to learn to think about the color “grey!”. Everyone always imagines that law is about black and white -- that there are firm answers to every question. But law is every bit about strategy and tactics, as it is about politics, economics, ethics, geography, sociology, and oh yes, history!

Most common misconception about the class? That law is boring! Law is so exciting and interesting and if you have had an instructor in a basic course in law and thought s/he was boring, you obviously had the wrong teacher!

Jonas was also awarded the Temple University Fox School of Business Dean’s Certificate of Excellence.

Have a class note? Email us at Please include your name, year of graduation and a photo if possible.

Lewis and his partner with their four godchildren (two sets of twins!)


International Executive Education Center

SPECIAL OFFERS FOR OUR CLASS AND ALUMNI Isaac is back... Applied Excel for Better Business Decisions & Statistical Analysis Dr. Isaac Gottlieb Friday, 19 October from 9:30 am - 5 pm IEEC Training Facility (75 Bukit Timah Road) Gain new insights into the hidden analysis power of Excel and learn to harness its incredible modeling functions to empower a new world of decision making, analysis, marketing, accounting and finance... Alumni and Students receive a 50% discount. Invite a colleague to attend for a 20% discount. For full details, visit

KNOWLEDGE LEADERSHIP SERIES (KLS) Free attendence...and bring up to 2 colleagues as complimentary guests Lehman Brothers: Accounting Magic – Deleveraging, Manipulation & Moral Hazard Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 7:00pm As Wall Street’s problems were reaching a crescendo during 2007 and 2008, Lehman Brothers, a prominent New York based investment bank, faced a continuing drain on its cash and reserves. Its debt laden balance sheet, coupled with illiquid assets with uncertain valuations, constrained its ability to borrow or raise new capital. Lehman needed to convince its lenders, investors and government regulators that its position was not as dire as the rumors on the Street suggested. What happened next involved accounting magic that circumvented GAAP requirements and enabled the company to concurrently deleverage and manipulate the presentation of its balance sheet. Join Professor Kreimer as he discusses how Lehman Brothers’ “too big to fail” mentality coupled with a moral hazard mindset led the company down a path of destruction…and why no one was held accountable.

The Dark Side of Pay for Performance...and Some Solutions Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 7:00pm Pay for performance, or variable pay, is generally seen as a useful practice because it focuses employees on desired behaviors and motivates them to work harder. But there are dark sides that aren’t always recognized or appreciated. Join Dr. Deckop as he discusses recent and ongoing research into the dark side to pay for performance and evaluates the impact of implementing the practice across an organization. Visit for full details.

BIRTHDAYS August 8 Peter Kropp (EMBA class of 2013)

August 12 Sara Stratton (MSHRM class of 2013)

August 14 Sean Coakley (EMBA class of 2013)

August 18 Boaz Wibowo (EMBA class of 2013)

September 6 Arusha Teotia (MSHRM class of 2012)

Temple University Singapore Alumni & Student Newsletter (Aug/Sept 2012)  
Temple University Singapore Alumni & Student Newsletter (Aug/Sept 2012)  

temple University Alumni & Students Newsletter (Aug/Sept 2012)