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The Office of Information Technology

The LINK The University of Virginia’s College at Wise

2nd Annual UVA-Wise Technology Symposium

Moving forward with Technology for UVa-Wise 2009 has been an eventful year at UVa-Wise. New building projects and new systems have marked the beginning of a very exciting new era in the life of the College. With the rollout of Jenzabar, the new “My UVa-Wise” Portal and the new Moodle course management system, lots of change means more features and more flexibility for students, faculty and staff now and for the future! Read how we are moving forward!

Important in this issue Tech Symposium October 22


Where’s Wireless?

Got Questions?

UVA-Wise Wireless

Take part in discussions that shape technology in our region

Get some of your biggest IT questions answered in this issue (2)

Find out where wireless network access is available on campus now (4)

Please mark your calendars for Thursday, October 22, 2009 for the 2nd Annual UVa-Wise Technology Symposium. This year's symposium will focus on re-visioning business in the face of a changing economic environment. We will be listening to national and regional technology leaders on how to rethink business processes and directions and analyze whether your company is in line with customer needs. This year's symposium will be valuable to you whether you are in industry or education. All faculty, staff and students are invited. Their admission is free but a $25 fee is required to take part in the luncheon. You can review the schedule and speaker details online at


FALL 2009

So Why? Your Q & As! Why are we doing what we are doing in Information Technology at UVA-Wise? Why is it so important? Your Q&As!

Why Jenzabar? The College was informed in 2007 that CoCo, the previous student information system the College used, would no longer be produced. Soon after, a group of leaders from across the campus came together, discussed, evaluated and chose Jenzabar EX from proposals from several leading vendors. Jenzabar has a very good track record with many of its 400+ customers in higher education. Problems and bugs are still being worked out and we hope to have most of them stomped out soon!

Why Moodle?

Why a new IT Building? A new facility was needed to insure the safety and

Currently, UVa-Wise is evaluating Moodle and

reliable access to College information systems and

has not made an official decision to leave

networks. This critical need, along with the obvious

Blackboard. Initial tests by faculty members on

need for technology staff offices, made this facility a

our campus feel that Moodle far surpasses

vital building addition to the new Smiddy Hall design.

Blackboard in functionality and ease-of-use.

(This project was funded through Virginia State

Many major higher educational institutions

Capital funding, separate from the College’s standard

across the country have moved to Moodle over

operating budget)

the past 3 years including LSU, NC State, and University of Minnesota.

Distance Education? In 2009, Chancellor Prior appointed a Committee on Distance Education made up of faculty from many different areas of the College. The Committee is exploring how an expanded distance education program at UVa-Wise might better serve our current students, as well as helping us better meet the needs of our Southwest Virginia region. This Committee is currently developing an online distance-learning plan to possibly expand the current online learning programs at the College. 2


FALL 2009

New Information Technology Center to house new offices and new datacenter After many months of building and collaboration, the new Information Technology Center will be ready for move-in in Early December 2009. The new center will feature new technology staff professionals’ offices, a new datacenter and backup power center for central computing and networking operations.

The new facility will also house “The Center for Technology Learning” which will be a place where faculty, students and regional businesses will learn about new business and instructional technologies. “We are very excited about the new center and are looking forward to this next step in technology development at UVa-Wise”, said Keith Fowlkes, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and CIO.

Information Technology hopes to have an open house in December as time permits. First floor offices will house network and systems engineering staff. The new datacenter will be an incredible improvement for the campus with redundant air conditioning and power systems for center server and network systems.

Seen above is a computer rendering of the new facility (left), an early construction photo of a standard office (middle) and a photo of the dieselpowered generator for the new datacenter (right).

Byte, the Technology Dog Tips from the Dawg on the latest tech news! Always faithful, Happy is on the case this semester to keep you on top of the latest computer technology! Check out the newest Canon SD780IS digital ELPH Camera! The camera is small and sturdy and takes great shots of your own doggies, trees or fire hydrants (3x zoom, 12.1 megapixels)! The 780IS also allows humans to take incredible high-definition videos (720p) of those activities in the park or holidays with your pets (except cats). The camera is available in four colors and priced well for the dog on a budget. Enjoy and Ruff, ruff! 3


FALL 2009

Where’s Wireless? There are several places on campus where wireless networking is available. Here are a few of those places and more are coming! Look for the signs! • • • •

Student Center (all) Library Chapel of All Faiths Science Atrium

• • • •

Darden Public Areas Bowers-Sturgill Greear Gym and more planned…

UVA-Wise conducts LMDS Testing with Virginia Tech LMDS is “Local multipoint Distribution Service” and is a form of high-speed wireless data transmission over microwave. This technology was developed in the mid-1990s as a way to connect residential homes to the Internet. As more homes were reached with fiber optic cabling, investments diminished in LMDS. Today, industry attention is shifting back to LMDS for high-speed remote and mobile networking applications. UVa-Wise and Virginia Tech has partnered to test LMDS on campus between our campus buildings. Testing this technology in our region where installation of fiber optic cable to homes and businesses is too expensive or not feasible. The use of LMDS could be a cost effective way to supply many people in remote areas with Internet connectivity that might not otherwise be able to be connected. LMDS uses frequencies across the 26 GHz and 29 GHz bands and can connect points as far as 5 miles away. Top speeds are around 400Mbs and can support many business and home networking applications. More information will be communicated as we begin testing this technology in the Spring 2010 semester. (above: a small LMDS wireless communications dish for home and business use) 4

2009-2010 Office of Information Technology Staff J. Keith Fowlkes Vice Chancellor for Information Technology & CIO | x4578

Susan Herron Security and Policy Coordinator | x4641

Grant Baker Senior Systems and Security Administrator | x4640

Kristi McKinney Desktop Support Specialist / HelpDesk | x4509

Chris Boggs Director for Network Operations | x1041

Chelsie Lawson Programmer/ Analyst for Administrative Computing | x4540

Randy Gilmer Director for Media Services | x0312

Holly Meade Administrative Assistant | x4578

Pam Potter Director for Administrative Computing | x1040

Joseph Meade Systems Administrator / Web Systems Specialist | x1075

Laura Pritchard Director for User Support Services | x0195

Slade Potter Desktop Support Manager | x4509

Oscar Raile Director for Policy and Planning | x1044

Alison Ray Coordinator for Media Services / NewMedia Services | x4506

Don Calton Network Engineer | x1047

Congratulations to our Kristi McKinney! Kristi and her husband, Aaron McKinney, welcomed their new baby boy, Colton Aaron on September 16, 2009. 6 lbs. 10 ounces! 5 5

UVa-Wise OIT Link Newsletter- Fall 2009  

UVa-Wise OIT Link Newsletter- Fall 2009

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