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LED Lighting LED Lighting

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LED Lighting


The Versatile Illumination for Space & Life Xplendid LED Lighting is a versatile illumination system which functions not only as the accent light for working, reading, display, but also a brilliant choice for ambient illuminance such as brewing unique atmosphere in living room, bedroom and dining room. Xplendid LED lighting can be installed under cabinet, shelf, inside drawer and wardrobe, over cabinet, showcase, bedside and office desk, etc. It is also applicable to ceiling, cove and plinth revealing the directional or directionless lights. In addition, Xplendid high power RGB color mixing and changing LED lights blend exotic mood in the bar & lounge, living room and bedroom, stairway and passageway. The simple but eternal forms of the designer’s choice pendant / stand / wall lights are inspirational and decorative. Xplendid LED Lighting is feasible to be installed wherever you need for interior.

4 Main Categories in Xplendid LED Lighting 1) Furniture, cabinet and display

Low energy consumption Low voltage operation Low heat generation High lumen output

Long lifetime 50,000 hours

 Uni-X down light & X-lens spotlight  Uni-linear lights & Uni-top lights  X-tra reading lights  X-mini retailing display lights  XP LED power system  Overview of LED lights and power supplies

2) RGB & color-mix  Uno RGB lights  Duo Color-mix  Trio RGB Color-mix

Reduced lamp size, more space for design No UV radiation, no bleaching illumination Wide range of light color & application

3) Ceiling & cove (coming soon)  LED down light – ceiling recessed/surface and track mount  Ceiling task light – recessed and surface mount  Cove linear light

Convenient interface for practical lighting control

Quality LED, durable components

4) Pendant, stand and wall – the designer’s choice (coming soon)  Ceiling recessed & surface pendant light  Stand (table lamp & floor lamp) & wall light

I • The Versatile Illumination for Space & Life

LED Lighting

• II

Xplendid highlight I

Functionality and manifold applications  Xplendid LED Lighting’s wide range of functionality provides manifold applications in kitchen and bath cabinets, bedroom and closet, shop display and workstation at home and commercial place.

 Installation of Xplendid LED Lighting fixture and power supply is easy and user-friendly. Sufficient lighting brings life more convenience and abundance of fun.


 Under cabinet

 Over cabinet

 Inside shelf

 Inside wardrobe


 Bedside

 Shop display (1)

 Inside drawer

III • The Versatile Illumination for Space & Life

 Workstation (office desk)

 Shop display (2)

 Bathroom (over mirror)

LED Lighting

• IV

Xplendid highlight II

Xplendid highlight III

Different luminous flux grades provide comprehensive application for indoor illumination Ingeniously select the suitable power levels (1.2W, 2.5W, 5W, 10W) and light quantity (single or multiple), space of

 Great lumen output of illumination class  High efficacy: 60 ~ 90 lm/W  Enhanced luminance through optical lens or reflector

The versatile illumination for space and life every variety will be efficiently illuminated (reading class) and tremendous energy will be saved Over 50% of total household power consumption can be decreased by replacing the conventional general lights (60~100W per unit) with LED accent lights and retain a normal indoor temperature without heat from lighting


Single LED downlight


Multiple LED downlight - for wider space

State of the art high power LED

Comparison of Xplendid LED lighting and other LED lights:

In the drawer

Xplendid Linear LED (PLD2701) 5W, directional

Other LED drawer light 12W, non-directional

In the wardrobe

Xplendid Linear LED (PLD2703) 7.5W, with motion senser

Other LED rod light 6W, with on/off traditional switch

Xplendid LED lighting obviously provides brighter illumination and higher color rendering, and helps users identify details of stored objects clearly.

V • The Versatile Illumination for Space & Life

LED Lighting

• VI

Xplendid highlight IV

Xplendid highlight V

Truly long working lifetime and recyclable

Metallic and crystalline surfaces harmonize the design of furniture and interior

 Excellent heat dissipation of lighting fixture maintains low working temperature of LED module so as to assist long lifetime  LED module temperature test of 100 minute in laboratory is conducted  Recyclable green products, RoHS compliance

Various metallic finishes and glass covers unfold the high value and elegance

Performance of different illumination class of Xplendid LEDs Power intensity (constant current)


model no.

LED model no.






Temperature after 100 min.

Flux of cool white

ABN - brushed stainless look

350 mA (1.2W)

35 ゜ C

Extra low

700 mA (2.4W)

52 ゜ C


1,050 mA (3.6W)

72 ゜ C

High but still in the workable range

PC - polished chrome

NK - black

NA - matt silver

100 lm 176 lm 242 lm 230 lm 338 lm

 Note: PLD100 LED down light is optimally driven by 700mA constant current NB - with tempered glass surface

ABN - with tempered glass surface

Laser engraving logo on lights promotes the high class kitchen and furniture or directs “TOUCH” as on/off switch or dimmer

Taiwan patent M374014 China patent ZL2009 2 0193696.9

Taiwan patent M404340 China patent ZL2010 2 0588623.2

Taiwan patent M383681 China patent ZL2009 2 0193697.3

VII• The Versatile Illumination for Space & Life

LED Lighting


Xplendid highlight VI

Good uniformity of light colors and brilliant performance of color-mix 3 different white colors with high light intensity

Xplendid highlight VII

Modular power system and flexible function selection  Integrated connection, easy start  Universal power system, certified by worldwide safety regulation  Varied switches with touch on/off, 3-step dimmer, IR sensor & PIR motion detection  Linkable with single or multiple lights with mini-plug & junction box (distributor)  RGB changing & mixing controllable with 2 colors (Duo) and 3 colors (Trio)

Universal plug / AC cord

Warm white (WW) - 3,000 kelvin

Cool white (CW) - 6,300 kelvin

Neutral white (NW) - 4,200 kelvin

switching AC/DC adaptor

Input voltage: AC100 Vac ~ 240 Vac, 50 / 60 Hz

3 RGB colors with high power and crystalline spotlight

DC output: Model ADC70.1-2 ADC70.1-6 ADC70.1-12

LED lights

Red (RED)

Green (GRN)

Voltage 9 Vdc 24 Vdc 24 Vdc

Power 12W 24W 50W

plug-in distributor (3-pin or 6-pin)

ADC70 light controller

Blue (BLU)


DUO & TRIO color-mix, brilliantly changing the mood of space DUO color-mix



TRIO color-mix






IX • The Versatile Illumination for Space & Life


LED extension wire



700mA constant current driver (without switch)


700mA with on / off touch switch


700mA with 3-step touch dimmer


700mA with IR sensor switch


700mA with 3-step IR dimmer


700mA with PIR motion detector


LED Lighting


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Xplendid I profile  

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