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Serenity springs from the source ... And at the Spa and Wellness Centre at Four Seasons Hotel Doha, perfect serenity begins with our menu of treatments, therapies and services.

Welcome to the spa ... To step into the spa at Four Seasons is to be immersed in temple-like tranquillity, from the light-filled reception space to the subdued inner sanctum. It’s an experience inspired by the exclusive creations of Sodashi, whose name is Sanskrit for “wholeness, purity and radiance.” Whether formulated with rare herbal essences or mineral-rich, imported clays, Sodashi products are so pure and natural, even the preservatives are organic. And they are applied with skilful, intuitive hands using the best of therapeutic techniques from around the world and across the millennia. Discover their efficacy, soothed by the gentle music of a water wall, in eleven chic treatment rooms – including a private spa suite and two couple’s suites – themed for the ancient elements of feng shui: water, wood, fire, earth, metal. For a day or for a week …

Select from the treatments, therapies and extended journeys of renewal described on the following pages of our spa menu. Or combine your spa experience with a peaceful stroll on our private beach, a swim in the grotto pool or a workout in our complimentary fitness facilities.

Or, should your stay at the Hotel encompass several days, we would be pleased to create a comprehensive spa and wellness programme expressly for you. Each will be tailored to your individual needs and can include a holistic fitness, wellness and/or relaxation package designed for your maximum benefit. We invite you to contact our Spa Manager for details. Before and after …

To make the most of your spa visit, at least 30 minutes before your treatment we suggest you begin the restorative cycle with water in our extensive hydrotherapy lounge. Guided by the experiences you have chosen, we will recommend the appropriate warming baths and steams to open pores, relax muscles and enhance any treatment you are about to enjoy. Open to men and women (swimsuits are required), our communal hydrotherapy lounge offers a reflexology foot bath, hot and cold plunge pools, hydrotherapy and resistance pools, a Roman-style laconium and the meditative colour therapy room. In addition, each of our men’s and women’s dressing areas include their own ice room,

steam room, sauna, whirlpool bath and Swiss shower. (Facilities details are found in the glossary on page 14.) After your treatment, our relaxation lounge provides a quiet refuge in which to linger and rebalance over complimentary fresh fruits. Light cuisine is served in the Après Spa Café.

Four Seasons


Après Spa Café


Feng Shui

Rituals Like a luxurious sensory journey, each of our rituals transports you – body and mind – to a higher plane with its holistically balanced suite of treatments and therapies. Enjoy these extended escapes on their own, or combine them with individual treatments or services for a full day of transcendence. Our Spa Manager would be pleased to offer helpful advice. Sodashi Radiance Ritual

2.5 hours

Sodashi applies nature’s own intelligence to awaken inner beauty and enhance your natural radiance. With our uniquely designed combination of body massage and firming facial, the Radiance Ritual pampers and cares for you from foot to crown, leaving you feeling light, refreshed and extremely vibrant. Sodashi Wholeness Ritual

2.5 hours

After cleansing and remineralising of your skin with warming salt therapy, you will be lovingly cocooned in the richness of plant essences and botanical oils. Facial and body massage techniques are designed to stimulate healthy organ functioning and to create harmony within. By your journey’s end, you will feel nurtured and complete.

Sodashi Purity Ritual

2.5 hours

Beginning with a focus on your back, the therapist sensitively warms you both physically and emotionally. A specially created full-body massage then works from the skin deep into the musculature, to help remove accumulated toxins. Next, a facial purifies the skin with the cleansing properties of Argiletz clay and balancing plant essences. To complete the Purity Ritual, highly effective Sodashi lymphatic facial massage enhances your skin’s clarity and pureness. Five Elements Ritual

3 hours

Our one-of-a-kind Four Seasons signature ritual takes you on a cycle of regeneration that harmonises the seasons with the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Refresh with a cooling prelude to winter: an invigorating body, hand and foot exfoliation. This leads to a nourishing bath infused with the reawakening scents of spring. In summer, your mood lightens and warms with a hot stone massage. And fall closes the cycle with a deeply comforting wrap rich in active minerals and algae, leaving skin feeling and looking toned. The bliss is pure, in every sense of the word!

“Pure Indulgence for One or Two” The Private Spa Suite Minimum 2-hour booking

With a special someone or all on your own, our Private Spa Suite is the perfect setting in which to enjoy any of our Sodashi rituals – or a ritual designed expressly for you from our range of treatments. Whether sipping the wholesome juice of your choice or with a romantic bottle of champagne along with gourmet chocolates for two, this private spa within a spa – with twin treatment beds and its own steam room, whirlpool bath, Swiss shower and relaxation area – allows you to luxuriate in utter privacy.

Sodashi Purity Ritual


Sodashi Radiance Ritual

Sodashi Lymphatic Facial Massage


Five Elements Ritual

Radiance Ritual Four Seasons

Sodashi Wholeness Ritual

Massage Therapies Combine the natural ingredients of the earth with fire’s relaxing warmth in massage therapies for every need and for every stubborn knot. Sodashi Signature Earth Body Massage 60 or 90 minutes

Informed by the healing power of touch, the slow, smooth, stroking movements of Sodashi’s unique massage technique relieve emotional and physical tension. This works in synergy with natural plant oils and essences to encourage lymphatic circulation, clearing blockages in the body’s energy channels. Emerge from our signature massage feeling powerfully re-energised. Balanced spiritually, bodily and mentally, you will be ready to enjoy deeper, more restful sleep. Relaxing Aroma Massage 60 or 90 minutes

Through gentle massage, essential oils are tenderly persuaded to penetrate and nourish the skin. As your body relaxes and your skin renews, the therapeutic powers of aromatic plant essences help enhance your emotional well-being.

Balinese Massage

60 or 90 minutes

Influenced by ancient Balinese traditions, this massage combines Urut techniques with stretching, acupressure and palm pressure. An excellent choice after a long flight. Thai-Style Massage

60 minutes

This traditional oil-free massage, conducted through light clothing, has been part of Thai culture for centuries. Using hands and feet, the therapist works with you through a series of gentle stretches. As your body begins to open and regain flexibility and greater ease of movement, your mind gently returns to a state of calm alertness. Deep-Tissue Massage

60 minutes

Using oils and deep massage techniques, this can be taken as a full-body massage or can focus on problem areas in muscles, joints and tissues. Ideal to speed rehabilitation after a sports injury or to alleviate tensions from work-related pressures.

Hot Stone Therapy

60 minutes

Relaxing Foot Massage

45 minutes

Combining the ancient healing powers of heat and touch, the therapist uses warmed, smooth, flat lava stones placed on the body’s key tension areas to gently massage away stresses and induce a feeling of deep relaxation and renewal. In this relaxing massage technique, the therapist applies gentle but stimulating hand, thumb and finger pressure to the feet. Massage helps reduce tension, restore energy, improve circulation and open nerve pathways – and enhance the overall sense of balance and well-being.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 30 minutes

The ultimate quick fix for 21st-century stress, this welcome deep-tissue massage of the hard-working upper body helps release tensions produced by travel, driving or those long, demanding days at a desk or computer.

Relaxing Foot Massage

Thai-style Massage

Sodashi Signature Earth Body Massage

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage Deep-Tissue Massage

Relaxing Aroma Massage Hot Stone Therapy

Balinese Massage

Hydrotherapy Baths For centuries, therapeutic bathing has been recognised for its ability to relieve pain and promote physical and spiritual wellness. Our hydrotherapy baths allow you to harness the healing properties of pure water and other natural elements.

Our bath menu ...

As part of the full spa experience – and to gain the maximum benefit from your treatments – we recommend that you bathe as the ancients did by combining your bath with a scrub and a wrap:

bath draws out impurities, leaving you feeling clean and freshened

• first, a scrub to exfoliate and detoxify;

Reflecting the five elements of Eastern ­tradition, our menu of baths (each 20 to 30 minutes long) is designed to respond to your needs and focus on any problem areas. Water – This purifying and cleansing

Wood – A nourishing bath designed to

leave you radiant and full of life

Fire – A romantic, hot sensual bath,

with a touch of summer

• then a wrap to deeply nourish the skin with earth essences;

Earth – A grounding and balancing bath

• lastly, a bath and/or a massage to profoundly relax.

Metal – For beauty, clarity and serenity,

In this way, your feeling of total renewal will persist far longer than the duration of your spa visit.

to relax and ease bodily tensions

giving you strength and focus throughout the day

Should you choose to enjoy your bath in the privacy of your guest room or suite rather than in our hydrotherapy lounge, our ­therapist will arrive 20 minutes beforehand to prepare your bath for you.

Scrubs and Wraps Our scrubs and wraps give you a wide array of temptations – from which you will emerge buffed, radiant and naturally rejuvenated. Jojoba Body Polish

60 minutes

An all-over body exfoliation using jojoba beads rich in fragrant Sodashi plant essences, this gentle treatment oxygenates and soothes skin as it polishes away dead skin cells. As a final touch, application of an aromatic Sodashi body cream nourishes as it hydrates, leaving your skin feeling silky, smooth and refreshed.

Sodashi Revitalising Salt Therapy 60 minutes

A gentle oil massage first helps revitalise tired, sore muscles. Deeply relaxing, the massage also prepares your skin for the buffing salt therapy exfoliation. To finish, your now-glowing skin is nourished with Sodashi Revitalising Body Treatment cream. An excellent treatment after long periods of travel or exercise to restore you, inside and out.

Sodashi Enlivening Salt Therapy 60 minutes

Purifying Body Boost

Refining Body Toner

Contouring Marine Mineral Body Wrap 90 minutes

Invigorate your body and enliven your mind with this all-over, mineral-rich sea salt body exfoliation. Enjoy the detoxifying and balancing blend of citrus and lemongrass plant essences, as circulation is improved and muscle tension relieved. This is followed by a refreshing treatment cream to hydrate your skin. A great pick-me-up for the whole system, especially reviving after long periods of travel. 90 minutes

Begin with a gentle jojoba body polish to exfoliate and cleanse. A nurturing and refining full-body mask is then applied – rich in French Pink Clay and herbal tonics – to firm, tone and condition the skin. As you rest cocooned in this comforting body wrap, your scalp is treated to a full mud massage for total relaxation. This rejuvenating therapy is extremely beneficial in minimising the appearance of scar tissue and stretch marks.

90 minutes

A truly purifying treatment that begins with an invigorating body exfoliation, using Enlivening Therapy Salts, to soften the skin and stimulate circulation. This is followed by a deeply cleansing body mask rich in French Green Clay and herbal extracts. The intensive drawing properties of this mask encourage the removal of toxins and impurities. Finally with the application of an enlivening body moisturiser, you will emerge feeling refreshed and uplifted.

This cleansing and firming body wrap begins with exfoliation using finely ground pumice and volcanic clay, blended with soothing plant oils. A warm body mask, rich in active marine minerals and algae, is then applied as you are enfolded in a comforting wrap. Carefully selected marine extracts and plant essences stimulate the lymphatic system and help remove accumulated toxins – a common cause of cellulite. After a refreshing shower, you will be massaged with a specialised contouring gel and cream, leaving you toned, nourished and lustrous.

Purifying Body Boost

Sodashi Enlivening Salt Therapy

Jojoba Body Polish

Sodashi Contouring Marine Mineral Body Wrap

Sodashi Revitalizing Salt Therapy Refining Body Toner

Facials Perfect the face you present to the world with Sodashi’s innovative techniques and oh-so-gentle yet highly effective, all-natural products. Marine Radiance Facial 60 minutes

Take yourself on a journey to total renewal – and deep relaxation. Enjoy pampering warm facial compresses and a marine mineral and algae mask to clarify and hydrate delicate facial skin. Luxurious Sodashi plant essence synergies leave your skin revitalised and glowing – an experience enhanced by a relaxing Sodashi signature facial massage.

Thermal Indulgence Facial 90 minutes

More than a facial, this is a whole skin experience – nature’s facelift. It’s an intensive boost of nature’s vitamins and minerals with a warm, infusing mask to maximise penetration into the skin’s deeper layers. Leaving facial skin beautifully nourished and hydrated, this ultimate facial indulgence also tones, firms and uplifts, restoring forgotten elasticity and radiance.

Purity Facial with Manual Lymphatic Drainage 75 minutes

Sodashi plant essence synergy combines with the deep-cleansing properties of Argiletz clay. Rich in cleansing minerals, the purity facial leaves pores refined and your skin feeling refreshed, clear and balanced. Manual lymphatic drainage techniques help decongest your skin to reduce puffiness – especially welcome after long periods of travel.

Sodashi Eye Zone Thermal 30 minutes

The fabled treat for sore eyes – this mineralrich mask is specifically designed to revive and relax fatigue or stress in the eye zone. As this mineral-rich mask gently warms, it maximises penetration of Sodashi plant essences rich in vitamins and minerals. This treatment reduces signs of tension in the eye area and minimises visible lines of ageing. Sodashi Sensitive (for the highly sensitive)

60 minutes

Extra-sensitive skin will enjoy the sensation of cooling mists along with aromatic gels to nurture and soothe. Plant essences and

herbal extracts will strengthen capillaries and counteract sensitivities, leaving your skin feeling revived and your complexion calm and clear. Deep-Cleansing Facial

85 minutes

Deep-cleansing with state-of-the-art equipment and purifying Sodashi products, this facial includes a brush cleanse, gentle steam and application of high-frequency technology, followed by a relaxing massage and a calming face mask. Waxing:

Upper lip, half leg, full leg, underarm, bikini, or back. Our salon can provide additional aesthetic services, from manicures and pedicures to expert hair styling.

Deep-Cleasing Facial


Purity Facial with Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Sodashi Marine Radience Facial

Sodashi Eye Zone Thermal

Sodashi Thermal Indulgence Facial

Sodashi Sodashi Sensitive

Facilities Colour Therapy Room

Our colour therapy room harnesses the gentle energy and wave vibrations of colour to improve your physical and emotional well-being. In this peaceful space, light colours cycle through one of six 15-minute sequences. Based on the traditional Indian centres of energy, each pattern sequence is designed to aid either meditation, creativity, energy, calming, harmony or chakra balancing. Current Pool

Two state-of-the-art current pools provide the perfect resistance training environment for swimmers. Hydrotherapy Pool

In the hydrotherapy pool the body is massaged with jets of warm air and warm water. An excellent way to relieve pain or tension in muscles and joints, hydrotherapy is also very good for circulation and for detoxification of the system. Ice Room

A rare and exotic feature for this desert country, the ice room closes pores and enhances circulation after any heating treatment.

Reflexology Bath

Combining water with stone pebbles to stimulate thousands of nerve endings in your feet, the reflexology foot bath invigorates your whole body. With its ability to stimulate metabolism and strengthen the immune system, it is particularly effective for convalescence. Laconium Beds

Plunge Pools

Relax and improve circulation by immersing in the cold and then the warm pool. Sauna

This Scandinavian favourite uses dry heat to help open pores, detoxify body and skin, and promote circulation. Steam Room

Situated in the communal relaxation area, these tiled loungers gently warm you with radiant heat – a relaxing place to pause and enhance the effect of your recent treatment.

Using wet heat, the steam room cleanses and tones skin, leaving it feeling soft, supple and healthy.

Laconium Room

With water sprays from the sides as well as above, the Swiss shower provides a gentle massage as it cleanses, aiding circulation and relieving discomfort, particularly from arthritis and rheumatism.

Similar to the Finnish sauna – but with a milder temperature, making it easier to enjoy for longer periods – the Roman-style laconium stimulates circulation, accelerates elimination of metabolic waste and mobilises the body’s natural defences. The regular perspiration in the laconium helps to reduce stress, stimulate the heartbeat and regulate blood pressure. The result is a feeling of freshness and deeper mental and physical relaxation. The duration of the treatment depends on individual preferences, however the effects begin to be felt after 15 to 20 minutes.

Swiss Showers


The setting for our scrubs and wraps, and maintained at close to body temperature, the tepidarium lends a floating sensation to the treatment experience.



How to Spa Spa Hours

Monday – Sunday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Reservations

While walk-in guests may sometimes be accommodated if space is available, we strongly recommend making reservations at least three days in advance. Reservations for day spa packages require full pre-payment. Spa guests must be at least 18 years of age to use the facilities. Gift Certificates

Our gift certificates make a wonderful treat for any special occasion – for a birthday, a thank you, congratulatory celebration or special anniversary. Or book the Private Spa Suite and surprise someone by enjoying the height of luxury and romance together. All gift certificates are non-refundable and are valid for one year from time of puchase.

Spa Etiquette

The spa environment is one of tranquillity and relaxation. Please respect the quiet and privacy of other guests by speaking in a soft voice or simply enjoying the silence. Smoking and the use of mobile phones, pagers and laptops are prohibited throughout the spa. Parking

Parking is available for members, in-house guests and spa visitors. Cancellations

We kindly ask that our guests give us at least six hours, prior notice to change or cancel an appointment. If we receive less than six hours’ prior notice, a charge of 50% of the treatment cost will be applied to your account; if no notice is received, the treament cost will be charged in full.

Spa & Wellness Centre

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Four Seasons Hotel Doha Spa Treatment Menu  
Four Seasons Hotel Doha Spa Treatment Menu  

Serenity springs from the source ... And at the Spa and Wellness Centre at Four Seasons Hotel Doha, perfect serenity begins with our menu of...