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Everyone knows there ain’t no free lunch, but the pickers keep thinkin’ they can win from a hunch.

Your broker’s out buyin’ himself a fine yacht, and you’re gettin’ nothin’ from the stocks that he bought.

Stock gamblin’ can be like drinkin’ that booze, leavin’ you singin’ the Speculation Blues.

Market timers dream of makin’ a killin’ on a trend, but buyin’ and holdin’ wins out in the end.

Fund managers trade as though taxes don’t matter, but tradin’ too much just makes Uncle Sam fatter.

Silent partners have a feast on most investors, but you know that they suck the least from savvy indexers.

Traders think that money grows from speculation, but indexers know it’s just risk compensation.

Trades placed online just guessin’ tomorrow’s news, leads those gamblers into the Speculation Blues.

So before investing your hard earned green, catch a good vibe for the variance and the mean.

The smart money man is best served, by checkin’ out how the bell is curved.

For when it’s skinny and the average is high, the traders can’t beat it no matter how hard he try.

A risk taker gots’ta know his risk capacity, then hang on for his payout with true tenacity.

While the passive relax on a tropical cruise, the active are singin’ the Speculation Blues. Watch the music video at:

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