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The Speculation Blues


Step 12: Invest & Relax

The Speculation Blues Lyrics by Mark Hebner­ •

The lure of fast money makes you think active, but the record proves you’re better off passive.

Professors came to a shocking conclusion, the active advantage was just an illusion.

The stock market gamble can be an addiction, you’ll search, but won’t find that winnin’ prediction.

Traders devour the news like a school of piranha, while the passive find peace in a tradeless nirvana.

The bets laid down on predictin’ that news, will surely bring on the Speculation Blues.

All them scholars toilin’ at the universities, uncovered the fact that risk was just probabilities.

They said that investors should diversify, and tell their stock brokers “good luck and goodbye.”

The traders oughta learn from Nobel Laureates, but they keep on makin’ them long and short bets.

Once you get the efficient market hypothesis, you’ll no longer be fooled by market randomness.

Stockaholics search for the best stock to choose, but end up cryin’ the Speculation Blues.

Instead of Morgan or Cramer, or Barney or Lynch, you’re better off with Bogle, Fama or French.

The wisdom of crowds throughout the land, will act like the force of the invisible hand.

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