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Step 12: Invest & Relax

Step 12: Invest and Relax

“A decade ago, I really did believe that the average investor could do it himself. I was wrong. I’ve come to the sad conclusion that only a tiny minority, at most one percent, are capable of pulling it off. Heck, if Helen Young Hayes, Robert Sanborn, Julian Robertson, and the nation’s largest pension funds can’t get it right, what chance does John Q. Investor have?” – William Bernstein, Ph.D., M.D., “The Probability of Success,” 2003

“Index funds are the only rational alternative for almost all mutual fund investors.” – Mark Hulbert, “The Prescient Are Few,” NY Times, July 13, 2008

“What if your advisor talks only about returns, not risk? ...It’s his job to take risk into account by telling you the range of possible outcomes you face. If he won’t, go to a new planner, someone who will get real.” – William F. Sharpe, Nobel Laureate in Economics, 1990, Money Magazine, June 2007

“The best way in my view is to just buy a low-cost index fund and keep buying it regularly over time, because you’ll be buying into a wonderful industry, which in effect is all of American industry...People ought to sit back and relax and keep accumulating over time.” – Warren Buffett, MarketWatch, May 7, 2007

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