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Step 7: Silent Partners

stocks/40% fixed income Index Portfolio 60. As you can see, the average actively managed mutual fund is more than three times as costly as the blend of indexes.

Solutions Tax-Managed Funds Index funds are tax efficient by their very nature. However, some indexes can be further tax-managed to save you even more in taxes. These tax-managed index funds are very efficient in offsetting realized gains with realized losses, deferring the realization of net capital gains and minimizing the receipt of dividend income. The result is maximized unrealized capital gains that have not yet been realized for tax purposes. Taxes are not paid until a future date when withdrawals are made and the gains then become realized. The benefit is that the unrealized capital gains (profits) remain a growing part of the net asset value of a fund rather than being distributed to the investor.

Minimize The Silent Partners

Index funds are an excellent way to minimize the effect of silent partners. Dimensional and Vanguard are leading providers of tax-managed index funds with funds in many equity categories. While fees, transaction costs and taxes eat up active investors’ returns, index funds investors maximize asset growth by avoiding the major impacts of costs and taxes. No investment is completely free from silent partners, but passive investors use index funds to retain as much money as possible.

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