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At “almost 40” Sutan Amrull has put a lot end of the night, being seen with cakey make-up, your glue sticked eyebrows and hair painted onto your head was unacGrowing up I saw all the models of blood, sweat, tears, talent and love into ceptable. showing their real skin, real hear and real brows. Now I’m learning and evolving my look so I do put a little “tootch” in my butt ochis work in make-up, modeling and drag casionally. However, I do customize it to my own taste. I prefer the boyish, androgynous frame because I believe all clothing is unisex. performance. He’s graced television screens I have the right to wear drag and I don’t feel like modifying my shape dramatically, like padding my hips to do that. I also find pads on two popular contest shows, one as member uncomfortable and hot. Plus, I’m lazy.” Amrull continued “I want to subtract rather than add. I like an alive and lean look. of the crew and one as a contestant. Today I can’t do a curvy Latino figure believably. I know how to turn it out though. There are things you can do in a simple movement many people are more aware of Sutan’s alter ego, that insinuates a hip pad. Moving in a most feminine way, in a slow manner equals ‘hip pad’. A gesture in your eye, fluttering the It’s all creating femininity in different Raja, after her win on Season 3 of RuPaul’s lashes. ways.” Today Andrej Pejic walks runways for some of the world’s most famous designDrag race. But there are still some who ers in both male and female clothing. Has Sutan ever considered trying to land similar modeling gigs. “Well, Andrej is 19 and I’m remember Sutan as one of the primary make-up 39 so there is the age thing. But when I was his age, we were still underground freaks. Also living in L.A. as opposed to New York, artists on America’s Next Top Model. limited our opportunities too. We were not getting the same exposure as East Coast club kids. Honestly, it really wasn’t until Drag Race that West Coast queens got any major recognition.” Raja did get to walk in utan was born in the U.S., the to his own collection of tattoos. Another local Marco-Marco’s L.A. show in October which son of an Indonesian father and person discussed was Jeffree Star. Amrull she loved. a mother of Dutch decent. Their would really love to both make up and colAfter Top Model or Drag Race did anyfamily moved to Indonesia when laborate on make-up projects with Star. He one ever ask Sutan or Raja about becoming Sutan was three and returned to has a very deep respect and high regard for a runway coach? “No. Never got asked to California when he was nine. Early in his Jeffree who, he explains, “has built his em- do that. But lately, I’ve been thinking about childhood, Sutan knew he had the perform- pire out of nothing but a big pile of glam”. doing a fitness routine in Runyon Canyon. I ing gene but he could also draw. As his parWhile on Top Model, viewers had a few would call it ‘Runway up Runyon with Raja’. ents didn’t know a safe way to guide him opportunities to experience small “Raja mo- A proper runway walk is an amazing workdown the performance path without open- ments”. In one episode Raja introduced out. You work your glutes, and hamstrings, ing him to ridicule, they encouraged him to Dita for the burlesque challenge. Along with legs and abs. it is all inclusive. You can’t continue in visual arts. Today Amrull finds Von Teese, Raja mentored the contestants just schlepp around. There is a movement that drawing and painting are still his “go-to” in getting their sexy on without wandering to it. Fitness has become more important arts to relax. Currently he is putting those into the “trashy stripper” zone. In another now that I am approaching 40. I see that it skills to use illustrating the children’s book episode, Sutan turned up in drag as Tyra. is something that will keep me youthful and he is working on and to design clothing and However, it would be a few years later that strong and healthy. Not being jock, there costumes. Raja would move beyond the WeHo clubs are other ways I am figuring out how to do Eventually drawing faces evolved into and Dream Girls Review to join the Sea- that. Besides the pilates and yoga, I like to drawing on faces, so to speak, with Sutan son 3 contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race go hiking”. moving into the field of make-up artist. Be- which she would go on to win. During the Using Drag Race runner-up Manila sides painting the contestants of ANTM, “Snatch Game” episode Raja reprised her Luzon as a lead-in to the question of NYC he has worked with supermodel Paulina impersonation of Banks. vs L.A. took the conversation down an Porizkova, Dita Von Teese and Tyra Banks. The conversation about Drag Race interesting side street. It turned out that Based on her own make-up style and Am- gave some very interesting insights in the Karl Westerberg/Manila and Sutan/Raja rull’s aesthetic, the question was posed evolution of Raja and her aesthetic. Sutan had started growing a very strong friendwhether Sutan has ever made up tattoo art- entered the L.A. club scene in the early 90’s ship during the show that goes on today. ist Kat VonD. He hasn’t but he would like to. which he explains as being a “less is more” Since Karl’s partner Sarhara Davenport/ He’d also like to add some of her ink artistry era. “When they turned on the lights at the Antoine Ashley’s death, he has relocated to