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Welcome to the world of the glass lake; inspiration, beauty, peace, and music brought to us by Alice & The Glass Lake. With subtle power, Alice & The Glass Lake create music that is grounded by nature, inspired by dreams, and mixed up with futuristic electronics and visuals. To step into the world of Alice & The Glass Lake is to find yourself in a new world of color and vision. Will you take that step?

Your songs are both strong and yet vulnerable. How do you strike that balance between the two? Do you ever have trouble dipping into that well of emotion? I can’t say I’ve ever had trouble dipping into emotion. For me it’s been more about learning how to interpret it. I’ve always recognized vulnerability but struggled for a long time with learning how to accept it-- insecurity, grief, confusion— before turning it into self-awareness. Songwriting helped with that. When did the need for making music first strike you? How did you then go about setting that into action? I’ve always been compelled to sing since I was very small. I played many instruments and was always drawn to music, but I didn’t start making music of my own until recently, after I started writing towards the end of college, and then just got swept up in it. It was never a matter of “I’m going to do music.” It just happened that way. With your music, you manage to draw people into your world of the Glass Lake. Tell us what “the Glass Lake” means to you and how does it feel when the listeners enter that world with you? The Glass Lake is a place for me to escape into my imagination. Sometimes ISSUE NINE

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