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I love He-man. Well, actually I love Skeletor … I love Skeletor! Those guys were hot! I used to get really hot and bothered by Heman and all those guys. She-ra and Heman were really beautiful. I really still think so. They were well done. Some of your work includes a lot of homoerotism and gay porn. Which is intriguing to some and some others ask why go there? I would say that in my whole library of paintings 5% of it has some of my fantasies in it. I wouldn’t call it gay porn. I’ve only done a few hardcore gay paintings. The guy sucking his own dick gets reblogged all over the place. I’ve had to recreate it like seven times and I did that almost ten years ago! So, it’s a very small portion of the whole gamut of what I do. The reason people associate it with me is because those are the images that get reblogged the most. They garner the most attention because sex sells. It’s that one guy sucking his own dick! Well, unfortunately I don’t think a lot of people know about that kind of thing. You’re right. I don’t think they do. I’ve introduced it! I made it pop art. I brought it into the popular culture. But that’s it! That’s all I’ve done as far as gay homoerotic paintings. Very few. Even more amazing is your t-shirts now at Patricia Field in New York. Exclusively! Those kind of took off by a chance. I needed to make money. I called the store, just out of the blue and I asked if they’d like to sell my shirts. You don’t do that! Especially at Patricia Field where they will read you the filth! But they were open to it. They asked me to send them pictures and they took a look. They bought the collection! It’s a perfect home for these t-shirts. The sales people love them. The clientele love them. They do really well. Miley Cyrus just bought some. Lots of people bought them and have commissioned me to do some. Blondie, Deborah Harry, has a lot of pieces and I just did the official Blondie con-

cert t-shirt! It’ll be available during their tour.

I want to be in Sesame Street. I want to be with Oscar the Grouch and sing a song or paint something! Remember that man who used to paint numbers? I want to do that. Just be an artist on Sesame Street. That’s one of my dreams. I want to be on Pee Wee’s Playhouse. I want to create monsters for him. I want to have a show at the new museum here in New York. I want to have a lot of stuff. I want … I want to rule the world.

What do you think the world needs most, right now? Tolerance of everything that scares them or is seemingly different. People need to be tolerant and accepting of different cultures. Different lifestyles around the world! If you’re not used to gay people, get used to it and accept it. Just open yourself up and get used to the way other people live. The world needs to be more accepting to things Alright Madonna. that are different to them. Yay! I’m so glad you caught that. That’s What’s in Scooter’s crystal ball? What awesome! are your dreams for the future?



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