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I could not create and so perhaps it’s my way of letting someone in? I am no psychologist, I just love being touched there! Oh and you can tickle my back for hours. That is heaven. Outside of your musical career, you have another job as a Senior Art Director at one of the world’s largest advertising agency networks. How has your advertising work helped you in your own creative endeavours? It has taught me that any idea is a good idea. Just fine tune it, perfect it, make it thought provoking. Involve the consumer and make them fall in love with the brand. That simple thought translates into anything that needs to be sold, whether it be a product, or music — it’s all relatable! Also, being a Senior Art Director has made sure that I only put out hot artwork for my musical career! I could talk a load of bollocks about Pop and Art, but I will leave that to that other woman who seems to know a lot about Art Pop haha. I don’t wanna sound reductive!

Your largest release so far was this summer’s “One Love” featuring SIRPAUL. Some may say this is one of the best equality anthems of 2013. What does it mean to you to produce a song with such a deep meaning behind it? This is actually a very simple story. I had a track that wasn’t finished, but I loved the sound of it, so I sent it to SIRPAUL and he sent back a finished version! Yes, from just a few bars! I made the track based on his vocal structure and “One Love” was born. We knew straight away it was meant to be a gay anthem. We didn’t go out to create one, but it just felt right. Both being firm believers in equality, for men who like cock and women who like boob — sorry, I am just bored with the LGBT terms, aren’t you? We shouldn’t be categorized — so we decided to make a statement and say that “One Love” is about anyone who wants to love someone and wants to be loved back by that person. There is nothing wrong with that and it’s about time the world celebrated

You had the experience of redesigning the Procter & Gamble offices in Budapest. How in the world did that come about? Do you see any future in interior design after that experience? I have a great relationship with P&G. They have been my main client for the past 10 years or so, and we heard they wanted to redesign the main offices here in Budapest, so I said we can do that. It was very branded, so it wasn’t as fun as it sounds, but it’s something nice for the trophy cabiit instead of hating it. Straight people love net. I did include the word ‘cunt’ into the debeing ‘individual’ and doing what they want, sign — of course, I never told them and I so what’s the difference? I know my answer hope they never found it! It’s our little secret! is not very PC. I don’t want to offend anyone with my comments, but I just say it as I see You are a creative triple threat with your it. We are all different. We are all equal. We ability to make, produce and market are all human and we all live on this beauti- music. For those who want to take that and do it on their own, what advice ful planet together, as one — so live with it! leap would you give them? So “One Love”, for people who love! It’s out Just go for it. Even if it seems like you now, so go and buy it! (Shameless plug!) are out of your depth, you will soon resurOne of your more provocative works is face and find yourself floating again! My another collaboration with SIRPAUL, mother always taught me to just do it, don’t be scared or be scared, but embrace “Touch Me.” For a very hot piece of eye ever that fear turn it into a fierce fighting candy as yourself, what would you say machine. and You fail when you give up! would be the place to touch on you in It’s advice I hadonly to swallow back in order to turn you on? Why? (A question the beginning of the year, butmyself I am so glad I ripped right from the lyrics!) never gave up music. Music is my heart, my I can happily say that my ‘hotspot’ is my world, my air, my sex, my eyes, my alcohol, head; anyone starts touching it and I just get my passion. I will keep it going, long after goosebumps all over and would completely I finally have that Billboard no.1 and hopeand utterly hand over my body to that per- fully will remain firmly with my feet on the son! As for why, maybe because my head ground. If not, I give you permission to slap is the most important part of me. Without it, me back to reality if things go tits-up! ISSUE ISSUE SEVEN NINE

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