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What is a typical day in the studio like? My studio days are cyclic following the casting process. I actually live in my studio, so my day starts at 6.30 with yoga & meditation. Ha! I know how that sounds but I suffered my whole life with ADHD only diagnosed 5 years ago. The morning is essential to settle my mind. After breakfast I make a start on whatever needs doing. The majority of my time

is spent with the foundry side as that is so did spend quite a lot of time dancing around time-consuming. But the best days are when the studio to Macklemore and Ryan this I have a model here as that’s all day creating summer. new work plus some good conversation. Where do you want to go next with your What do you like to listen to while sculpt- art? ing? Do you have a specific soundtrack Simply to realize my vision more comto set the mood? pletely and finding better opportunities to I used to listen to music all the time. show my work. These days, I’m more likely to be listing to a dharma talk or working in silence, although I 30 || ISSUE ISSUENINE SEVEN

Fourculture issue 9  
Fourculture issue 9  

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