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A N I A ETLEPROG R A M M EUR JULIE: At the moment I really like the book I’m reading, Le Mystérieux Docteur Cornelius by Gustave Le Rouge. I like also having a drink really late at night on a beach with Gabriel talking about all and nothing. I like my flatmate’s white cat who recently discovered he has an obsession with water. And an object, a kind of childlike bathrobe in polar blue and yellow that I often wear for my two boy partners... VALQUIRE: Tough call. My all time favs would be maybe my Contax G 35mm cam (its just an amazing cam) and that’s the only "thing" that I fav...all others are neither mine nor nature and animals. If the question was "what most important item would you keep if you had to trash all stuff surrounding you?" I would keep the cam (and maybe a tshirt). Maybe I would check my bookshelf and would add some photobooks and Garp by Irving. I sometimes would like to get rid of everything but since I’m still creating things, I need good tools. GABRIEL: My familly and friends. That beach in south of France, my favorite place on earth, the one where I spent summers that left me so many sensorial memories. A computer, the one that allows me to write and compose things and use everyday for whatever tasks. My sport bag which I take everywhere. People often ask me what it contains, so now they'll know it contains all my favorites starting from number 5.

SCOT T K I D Almond Butter. I have an unhealthy obsession with raw crunchy almond butter. If I had to subsist on one thing for the rest of my life, it would be almond butter. I have been going through a jar a week for the last 6 years. My family dog. Her name is Baby Girl. She is my main girl for life. Just pure and utter love with no words spoken. Let me add my family to that, which the dog is no doubt a part of. I have the most incredible family, and feel entirely blessed to have been born to my mother and father. Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letter to a Young Poet. If you can’t tell, I am a fan. This is the most profound book on life I have ever read. A series of ten letters that have never captured life so simply and purely. The ocean. I have grown up in the ocean. My father carried me into the ocean when I was just a baby. My grandfathers ashes were scattered in the ocean, as will mine. I have the blessing of living by the ocean and make an effort to get in it once a day.

A R M A ND DELUX E Wet Concrete. MMMMMMMM! That needs no description! London evenings in October. Something about being at Canary Wharf or near the docks when the fog is falling, the muted lights warming up the darkness and hearing the fog horns blow, it’s just beautiful. My Sennheiser Headphones. The pair I have are old, but the bass is just still so delicious. My mum! My rock, my inspiration, my travelling partner and the only one that has truly believed in me from day zero!

A NDR E W ASHLE Y My wife - Never leave home without her! She is my heart, my muse, my love and my life. My images - The record of my comings and goings, and all the wondrous things I’ve found along my journey. My camera - Any one will do to help frame my thoughts and put the journey into focus. Travel - Anywhere, any time, any distance, I am ready to go.


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