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we’ve met other incredibly talented indie musicians who we’ve asked if they’d like their music in our film. So far we’ve attached MC FRONTALOT, MATH THE BAND, ARMY OF FRESHMAN & GABRIELLE STERBENZ, along with the hugely talented David C. Hewitt who is attached to create an original movie score for INVASION and already he’s put a few ideas down. Even at this early stage I can say WOW, this score is going to be amazing.

looking log cabin was made from scratch over a period of 3 months, with my own bare hands. That, to me, is proper independent filmmaking. But as with a lot of areas, I couldn’t have done what I’ve done without the help of some absolutely incredible people, friends, family. I’ve had strangers offer to help me when things get too tough for me, and it’s just very inspiring to know that people really do want to see me succeed and will offer their free time to be a part of this project. It always blows me away, the Filming is set to finally continue this support I get from day to day. year, with post-production and release happening in 2014. What does it feel like You are working with Michele Mulkey to see that light at the end of the tunnel (Chronicles of Riddick, Seed of Chucky, getting brighter as you approach the fi- The Last Samurai and many more crednal stages? its) on the special make-up effects for With my current situation, being a full- Invasion of the Not Quite Dead. How did time dad three days a week having to work Michele become part of the project and evenings and weekends to cover the bills, how much support have you seen from it means I’m having to make INVASION the rest of the film-making community? around any free time I have. This has meant Michele is an absolute living legend. spending several months creating sets, do- She flew over for a two-day shoot just reing test shoots, castings, working with dif- cently. That’s 24 hours of traveling to be on ferent departments on things like special FX set here in England from the States, to do prosthetics and sound. All in all I’m a very a half-day make up on one of our INTRO hands-on filmmaker, so I’m about 80% of characters. She was incredible to work with the crew. I love every aspect of the filmmak- and an inspiration to me and the crew. We ing process. Sure, it means things take a lot really did feel like we’d arrived to have such longer, but I just love working each depart- a professional presence is nothing short of ment. For my first film I want to watch it on a miracle when you’re making a low budget the big screen and be truly proud of what horror film. Having someone like Michele we’ve created, and to know that the scary work her magic and who actually genuinely

believes in you and your vision, well, it’s just mind blowing. I will always be in her debt. We’ll be seeing Michele again early 2014 when she flies back over to do all our make up FX scenes, amd I can’t wait. In the mean time, the next few months will be taken up with shooting all our non make up FX scenes. We have received a LOT of support & love from other fellow independent artists, and we’ve even picked up a few celebrity supporters over the years, some of which have showed an interest in being in the movie. It’s a ‘watch this space’ on who we actually end up forcing to the INVASION set. What other fabulous people have you gotten an opportunity to work with through this project? I’d say that I’m genuinely excited to be working with everyone who I’m working with. I’m keeping my crew small, so it’s more of a close knit family shooting experience. These include Steve Davis, Gary Spate, Danny Allen, Stuart Lawson, my main actor, Frank Jakeman, who has been an absolute dream — he’s supported me and the project for four years now and has waited very patiently to play Sam Peterson. That’s a lot of phone calls from me to Frank saying, “FRANK, it’s not this year!” He’s an incredible bloke, him and his lovely lady Sharon. I’m also very excited to be working with our cast, including Zach Galligan of Gremlins fame, James Fisher, Holly Matthews, ISSUE NINE

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