fourculture issue 17

Page 14


His fiction and nonfiction has appeared in Atticus Review, Metazen, Little Fiction, PANK, Thought Catalog, Whiskey Paper, to name a few. Mensah Demary's writing mesmerizes me with its harmonious flow. Sometimes a kind of poetry that slams together situating itself into a storyline that makes complete sense. Creator of Specter Magazine and writer at Fourculture we have invited Mensah to join us in our artistic endeavor and bestow the title of Literary Editor. I got to know a bit more of our new Literary Editor in the following flowing interview. One thing that mystifies is the care free boy before us and the layers of thoughts which spark most spontaneous.


You are in Brooklyn now and seem to thoroughly enjoy yourself. What does this borough say to you? Change, I think. Sounds trite but moving to Brooklyn has helped me figure out where to go next in life. The city aids my writing, and it showed me the paths to a different life. A happier, more focused life. When I think Mensah I think literature. For some reason it seems to envelop you. Any ideas on what that reason is? Probably because I tweet about it incessantly. Hopefully this doesn't come off the wrong way, but a lot of writers talk about writing and publishing, or the act of having work published. Literature, to me, is so much more. It's the history of the written word, of books; it's the business of publishing; it is editing and translation; it's discovering authors, new and old, well known and emerging and long forgotten. I love the art form, even if it feels as if the love isn't reciprocated. What literature do you enjoy most? Personal essays and memoirs, at the moment. Literary fiction, sometimes. Poetry, rarely (despite writing poetry as a teenager and 20-something, long before I even considered prose).