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In 2010, musical friends Matt and Rizz teamed up. WAZU was born and along with it a darkwave, electro, goth, neo mash up of sound that will blow you away. With layers of sound and lyrics that haunt, WAZU leaves more than a mark. They’re the scratches down your back that memorialize a night well spent. After leaving their home of Sydney, Australia, WAZU found themselves in New York, soaking up the pop culture and filtering it all into making music their way. Combining forces with producer Kevin McMahon in a barn studio in upstate New York, they have honed and mixed and melded their vision. Two years and a 3 song EP later, WAZU is ready to release their muchanticipated debut album this Halloween. It seems only fitting for this dark duo and I, for one, can’t wait to see what more they have up their long black sleeves.

fourculture: issue two  
fourculture: issue two  

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