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Century Celebrity: The Rise of Influencers Written By Lindsay Wong

Along with the digital age, a new kind of celebrity has arisen – the influencer. Now, whenever we browse through social media, it is likely that we will come across influencers, either promoting a product or updating audiences about their daily life. The job of influencers is to engage with audiences and expand their influence. The popularity of influencers has demonstrated how regular people can turn into celebrities as long as they know how to use their platform and introduced a different angle to marketing.

Influencers as we know them today are

The history of influencers dates back to the

essentially people with large social media

advent of technology. When the World Wide

following who are able to yield influence

Web was invented in 1991, new modes of

over mass audiences. Influencer culture is

connection between people who had never even

linked to the rise of technology and social

met were ushered in. The internet brought about

media, as well as consumerism. Popular

interactivity through different formats and

social media platforms like YouTube,

allowed anyone to access information and

Instagram and now TikTok have gained

content, as long as they had internet. Early web

massive followings because of the content

forums in the late 90s and early 2000s enabled

they post, which resonate with audiences.

users to interact with each other and form

Appealing and well-edited videos and

connections. This is when the first instances of

photos have led people to hit the ‘follow’

digital influence emerged. Some users who

button if they see content that they like.

regularly used these platforms became an

Influencers tend to have lifestyles that

authentic source by providing quality

people admire. Vlogs are simply videos that

recommendations and expertise to other users,

depict the daily life of influencers, but they

which would influence their subsequent actions,

garner hundreds of thousands of views

such as hiking enthusiasts on the online forums of

because audiences are interested in their

Backpacker magazine. Forums soon became

lifestyles, which may be entirely different to

“influential sources of consumer information,”

their own or they can relate to.

according to a 2001 study by Rutgers. As new social media platforms started popping up and attracting tons of users, influencers continued to gain more digital power. Many influencers are beauty gurus on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, where users learn new makeup styles and beauty tips from their content. Some of them go on to establish their own makeup lines with certain brands.

Pictured Above (left to right): David Dobrik, Jackie Aina, and James Charles

While traditional celebrities

Influencer culture is intrinsically linked to

establish their celebrity status by

marketing because they have the power to

acting, singing, dancing or any other special talents, influencers are also considered celebrities even though they may not have special talents. They simply know to how to use their social media platforms well in order to engage with audiences and thus gain followers. Influencers rise to fame through a more gradual process. Firstly, they amass a small following via unpaid content before they attract the attention of more users of that platform. Once they earn the trust and respect of followers, they can expand their influence and post more sponsored content as companies will start reaching out for collaborations or partnerships. They may even use more platforms to interact with followers.

affect someone’s buying habits. Many influencers are approached by companies to be sponsored and promote their products through content. This can feature influencers using the products in the video, mentioning it somewhere, or posing with it for a photo. Something as simple as tagging the company could also result in sales for the company and income for the influencer. The company is always mentioned in the caption of the content. Some influencers also choose to do reviews and try to entice their followers to purchase the product. Many influencers also establish partnerships with certain companies as both parties will benefit from it. As long as influencers consistently keep their followers engage and appear authentic in their content, they are likely to sell sponsored products. The existence of influencer culture goes to demonstrate the power that technology has, in this case by providing anyone with a celebrity status as long as they engage with followers and keep them hooked onto their platforms. Because social media continues to be a prominent part of our lives, influencers will thrive with their millions of followers.

Drunk on Halloween - Wallows Devil Town - Cavetown It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) - The 1975 Like Real People Do - Hozier Canyon Moon - Harry Styles I Saw Her Standing There - The Beatles Soul Kitchen - The Doors Feels Like Summer - Childish Gambino Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac Low - The Driver Era If I Fell - The Beatles Million Dollar Bills - Lorde Sweater Weather - The Neighborhood C U Girl - Steve Lacy Sensitive - Serena Isioma Campus - Vampire Weekend Television / So Far So Good - Rex Orange County Can't Go For That - 2 Chainz Grape Crepes - Karate Chop Love Test - The Growlers Smokey Eyes - Lincoln Doing All Right - Queen Broken - lovelytheband Shred Cruz - Mom Jeans Clouded - Brent Faiyaz I Want You Around - Snoh Aalegra 911 / Mr. Lonely - Tyler the Creator June - Pip Millett Like I Want You - Giveon Do U Mind? - Evann McIntosh Kiss it Better - Rihanna 20 Something - SZA Pink + White - Frank Ocean Flight 22 - Kali Uchis Whipped Cream - Ari Lennox Closer - Corinne Bailey Rae Cranes in the Sky - Solange

Roadmap To Financial Literacy: An Introduction To Personal Finance For Teenagers is designed to give beginners a holistic understanding of the financial world they will enter after high school. It talks about topics such as building credit, student loans, mortgages, saving, investing, and budgeting. I think there were a series of moments in my life where I saw both a demand for financial education and a lack of it, and so it had been on my radar for some time. But I think the turning point was a conversation I was having with a family member, where they were talking about how the North American financial products and systems are so new to them, and how they had a difficult time navigating through them (my family members are immigrants). This prompted me to think about how so many teenagers come from immigrant backgrounds and cannot rely on their household to provide them with enough financial knowledge and skills. Financial education is important for everyone, and it becomes even more important when you don’t have others in your life to serve as a guide. And that was the moment I decided to write this book... I actually opened a Google Document 5 minutes after that conversation and roughly 6 months later, it became Roadmap To Financial Literacy.

EmpowerEcon is an organization giving youth the skills to approach their financial futures with confidence. Through it, we hold virtual financial literacy events/camps for youth from across the globe to partake in, with the first one coming up from December 20-22. I had the idea to start EmpowerEcon after attending the virtual Kode With Klossy 2020 summer coding camp. Everyone gained something from that experience, and for me, the most valuable part was seeing how they were able to bring people together to learn about computer science with so much passion and enthusiasm. I thought to myself, “if we can bring that joy into the process of learning personal finance, which is a topic everyone needs to learn about, we will have a lasting impact on students’ lives and futures.” And so that experience really served as an inspiration for me to start EmpowerEcon.

They can get involved in a variety of ways! If you want to check out Roadmap To Financial Literacy, you can find it on Amazon. If you want to sign up for our EmpowerEcon financial literacy camp in December or help organize it and spread the message in your community, go to @empowerecon on instagram. You can also message us on there simply to say hi!

Colourful, comprehensive, educational

I think my favourite part is definitely meeting others who share this vision. Financial education is a topic that needs more discussion on a global scale, and so financial literacy initiatives are not just about one person doing one thing one time. It’s really about a community of people working towards a cause they strongly believe in. During this journey, I have the opportunity to collaborate with a lot of people to carry out big projects, and that really excites me. It’s cool to know that something I’ve created is having a real impact.

I think one thing I would like to mention is why financial education is so important for teenagers in the first place. Financial literacy really comes down to a set of habits and skills that are practiced and strengthened over time. When we are learning something solely for the sake of learning, we are so much more likely to gain value from it and retain that knowledge. And that goes with personal finance. If we develop this knowledge and these skills from right now (and even perhaps put them to practice on a small amount of money), we will be so much more likely to start off financially strong from the very start of our adult lives, and continue from there on.

a chat with a gen-z entrepreneur

naomi porter Naomi is a teenage serial entrepreneur and public speaker who has started two businesses, is a gold award Girl Scout, intern for Girl Scouts USA, and activist for gender equality and entrepreneurship.

Tell us about your businesses: how did you get them started, what you do, etc. I began my entrepreneurial journey when I was 11 years old. As a young entrepreneur, I noticed there was a need for an eco- friendly, portable spice kit. So, I created a product that could fill this need. Spice It Up, is a company that sells travel spice kits that are portable and affordable. The kit is reusable, waterproof and lightweight- perfect for all scouting adventures. At age 13, I launched my second business: Bright Futures Tutoring & Academic Coaching. I noticed that many sixth graders were struggling with the increased homework and study skills demands of middle school, and I realized I could help. I created a business to support families and students by equipping them with study skills, organizational strategies and academic assistance. As my business rapidly expanded, I realized I needed help. I now hire and manage a team of employees who have served over 15 students.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Activist

What’s your favorite part about being a young entrepreneur? My favorite part about being an entrepreneur is that I am passionate about it and the skills you learn as an entrepreneur can translate into any job.Entrepreneurs are people who create new businesses, products, services or find ways to improve what currently exists. Entrepreneurs have courage to try something different and solve problems in new ways. They look in their community for ways to make positive and lasting changes. And it starts with YOU. That’s why I started my Girl Scout Gold Award project. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and equipping my generation with the skills they need to be successful. As previously mentioned, my Girl Scout Gold Award partnered with five organizations to provide free entrepreneurial education. With extensive mentorship, a hands-on curriculum, and real-life experiences, each student launched their own business and had an opportunity to receive start-up funding.

Any advice for young entrepreneurs looking to start their own business? My advice for anyone looking for a business would be to find your PASSION. And do it for YOU. Not your parents, not a college, nor anyone else. But do it for YOU and your future. Because the organization will see that passion. They will feel your fire. And it will be beneficial to everyone. If my story has taught you anything is that if you can dream it- you can DO IT. As women we are taught to doubt ourselves and compare ourselves to others. But in reality- we are FAR more similar to one another than we are different. We all strive to make our world a better place. And It starts with uplifting each other. It starts with showing up. Thus, it starts with becoming an entrepreneur. If you remember anything from my story, remember this- entrepreneurs look for a need in their community. They ask themselves how they can make a difference. And I encourage you to do the same things. Find your passion. Show up. Because if there’s anything 2020 has taught us- is that we should support and UPLIFT each other ALWAYS.

Where can the fourall community see more of you?

Find my businesses on Instagram: @spice__it__up, @bright_futures_tutoring, @gsentrepreneurs, and @naomiporterpv.

Anything else you want our community to know?

One of the biggest impacts in my life has been Girl Scouts. As most successful women in business would say, selling Girl Scout cookies was their first business- I am no different. I am a proud Gold Award Girl Scout, but beyond that I have had the honor of being a two year national intern for Girl Scouts of the USA. My responsibilities have included developing and launching the first Girl Scout national TV show, hosting focus groups on mental health, writing research reports, and providing relevant online content for scouts during COVID. Just recently, our team of interns presented our mental health research to the National Board because we recognize the importance of mental health.

land of the free trafficking in the USA

written by kalani dunn

TW: sexual assault/violence, abuse

human trafficking. sex trafficking. child trafficking. labor trafficking. how often is it that you hear those four phrases? do you hear them when you turn on your local news each day? do you read them when you scroll down your Twitter timeline? i’m here to tell you right now: however often you may be hearing those four phrases, you’re probably still not hearing them enough. human trafficking is the practice of exploiting adults and children for use as commodities, or objects, in conditions of sexual and labor servitude, aka a modern slavery. this issue affects nearly every country in the world, especially the united states, so why is it spoken about so little? this question seems to go unanswered. despite little media coverage, trafficking in the united states remains a huge issue. over 50,000 men, women, and children are trafficked each year, and over 71 percent of those victims are women. an astounding 51% of all open cases in the US last year involved children. according to the FBI, human trafficking is the 3rd largest criminal activity in the world. let’s pause for second: i just gave you a bunch of scary numbers with a bunch of scary words like modern slavery and exploitation next to them. but what does any of this mean? does any of this affect you, the person reading this magazine? the answer is yes. it’s a lot closer and way more common than you probably think it is.

there are many types of human trafficking, but the most common types are sex and labor trafficking. child trafficking is also a huge issue, but cases often fit under the terms sex and labor trafficking when children are forced to perform sexual acts or labor. traffickers often lure victims in with promises of money, shelter, drugs, a sense of “family”, and other things that victims may not have had access to before. but once traffickers get their victims under their spell, they deprive them of freedom, communication with loved ones, and basic necessities like food and water. sex trafficking can be things like huge prostitution rings, where a pimp lures in, kidnaps, and forces a person or child to perform sexual acts for money. they make them believe they must keep doing the acts in order to survive. trafficking happens on smaller scales too, from rural america to huge metropolitan cities. it could be that one guy who lives on the corner, who’s been getting neighborhood kids to sell drugs for him and gets a cut from whatever the kids sell. it could be undocumented immigrants being forced to work in agriculture fields under inhumane conditions with little to no pay. oftentimes, all of these scenarios include some form of either physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.

it is so important to bring awareness to trafficking because it can happen to any of us, regardless of race, gender, or age. let’s go over a few ways you can keep yourself and your loved ones safe and fight for the end of human trafficking.

call the national human trafficking hotline (1-888-373-7888) if you are anyone you know are ever in danger of trafficking. be careful with social media: be informed on who exactly you’re talking to and never share personal location/information with strangers. be aware of your surroundings: when walking alone, try not to get distracted by your phone or headphones. if you notice someone following you, alert someone immediately. avoid walking alone as much as possible. know who you you’re giving your money to: who picked those strawberries you just bought at the grocery store? check to ensure you’re informed on who exactly is producing the food you eat. contact your local and state elected officials and ask what they are doing to prevent and address trafficking. be cautious of conspiracy theories (i.e “pizzagate” or Q-anon). these conspiracy theories are simply what the name implies: conspiracies, meaning they are not credible, nor are they backed by factual evidence. listen to the experts, the statistics, and the facts.

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