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4S Ranch Schools Top Of The Line! Let’s face it; we live in a community of high achievers. We have hard working parents and caregivers that hail from very diverse employment arenas. We have marathon runners, extreme athletes and professional sports athletes, we have philanthropists, fundraising devotees and extraordinary volunteers. This drive that permeates the households in our community cultivates kids with that same drive. It’s a wonderful circle-of-life kind of thing and it trickles throughout. From students, to principals, to teachers, to parents, to businesses, we have all helped shape what appears to be one of the top school zones in San Diego.

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Interested In Some Fresh Produce Grown Locally? Local resident Shari Mayer is working with JR Organics to bring fresh produce to 4S Ranch via a program called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). It is farm fresh produce that is grown locally by certified organic farmers and delivered fresh to the hosts’ (Shari’s) house

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Second Annual “Thank You 5K/10K Run” Set For Thanksgiving Day Helen’s Closet, a 4S Ranch non-profit organization, announces they are hosting the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day “Thank You” 5K/10K Trail Run/Walk and Kid’s Run in 4S Ranch Community Park on Thursday, November 24, 2011.

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october 2011 editor’s corner

Debi Renken

Don’t Be A Ghoul community news & lifestyle for 4S Ranch

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Halloween is all about “pleases” and “thank you’s.” It reminds me that I’ve learned a lot about people this year. I’ve learned a lot about myself as well. As your kids grow older (with each passing minute) you move away from childish spats in the sandbox – “Joey, say you’re sorry to Sara”, “Sara, share the shovel with Joey” to really seeing what people are all about. I believe a lot of our character is formed via “the sandbox.” Were your parents adamant that you apologize to others and expect the same in return? Then you probably clearly understand right and wrong. Did you find someone else’s dropped Spiderman action figure on the floor in the grocery store? If your parents insisted you turn it in to lost and found, then you learned to be honest. Did your parents teach you to hold a door open or be quick to pick something up that someone in front of you dropped? Then you learned common courtesy. Admittedly, I am not a licensed psychologist but these “sandbox behaviors” clearly come out in our everyday life and one way or another affect those around us. In this month of goblins and ghouls, let’s go trick or treating, wear fun costumes, and take every opportunity

to teach our kids to be polite, moral and kind individuals. This way when we are 85 years old and we drop our wallet, not only will someone be quick to pick it up, they’ll be sure to return it as well. And when we drop candy in the Little Mermaid’s candy bag, she’ll be sure to say “thank you.” Moving on………………………okay 4S Ranch, have you seen the latest school API scores?!!! Our community schools kicked butt! Del Norte came in with a score of 864, the highest score ever achieved for Poway High Schools! Oak Valley was awarded the Distinguished School Award and Stone Ranch, Monterey Ridge and Del Sur Elementary schools all scored in the mid to high 900’s! Having top-notch schools is one of the main reasons we bought into this community in the first place. Whether you have five kids or no kids, this does wonders for our property values! The API scores are a reflection of hard working students, dynamic teachers, engaged parents and gracious local businesses and foundations. Like the expression says – “It takes a village.” Keep up the good work and enjoy your Halloween Festivities!

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Our mission for Back At The Ranch is to connect 4S residents to each other and to key resources with the goal of building community in 4S Ranch and the greater Rancho Bernardo area.

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Back at The Ranch is a great example of what can happen when neighbors build strong relationships and get busy putting their ideas and skills together for the good of the community. We hope you find this community publication reflective of our excitement to be in 4S Ranch and our desire to build something that brings us all closer together. We invite you to join in the fun and get involved. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form, in whole or part, without written permission is prohibited. Back at the Ranch (BATR) is a monthly publication highlighting house, home and community building. BATR accepts freelance contributions, though there is no guarantee that unsolicited material will be returned. BATR is not responsible for the views of contributing writers and assumes no responsibility for errors appearing within. Opinions expressed are those of the writers and not necessarily those of the Publisher or advertisers. We reserve the right to restrict all advertisements to their proper classification and to edit or reject any copy.

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on your doorstep 4S Ranch Schools Top Of The Line! Let’s face it; we live in a community of high achievers. We have hard working parents and caregivers that hail from very diverse employment arenas. We have marathon runners, extreme athletes and professional sports athletes, we have philanthropists, fundraising devotees and extraordinary volunteers. This drive that permeates the households in our community cultivates kids with that same drive. It’s a wonderful circle-of-life kind of thing and it trickles throughout. From students, to principals, to teachers, to parents, to businesses, we have all helped shape what appears to be one of the top school zones in San Diego.

The latest Academic Performance Indexes (API) are pieces of the puzzle that proves hard work does pay off. Del Norte HS, Oak Valley MS, Stone Ranch ES, Monterey Ridge ES and Del Sur ES all ranked quite high both in API scores and in the district. So keep up the good work everyone and remember that money does help fund programs for the schools, but involved adults are of utmost importance. Congrats to all the kids for giving their all and for showing what it takes to succeed!

Del Sur Elementary – Success Attributed To Many The newest school on the block, Del Sur opened in August of 2008. Del Sur is located 30 miles north of downtown San Diego in the community of Del Sur. The school is built on the notion of educating children for the world of the 21st century. The student body consists of students from richly diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds. As Del Sur grows, it continues to focus on educating the whole child academically, socially, emotionally and physically. The children are respected as individuals and each student’s unique learning style and capabilities are highlighted as well as supported. This promotes confidence and provides learning opportunities centered on curiosity, creativity and academic achievement. All students are challenged and encouraged to rise to their highest potential. Principal Doug Johnson has been with Del Sur from the start. He is inspired by his students, staff and the community. ”At Del Sur we continue to be proud of the progress that our students are making. The credit for this success is attributed to our very strong and talented teaching staff, our support staff, and our very supportive community. This collective group works diligently each day to meet the individual academic and social/emotional needs of each student at Del Sur. Additionally, we are also thrilled to have a group of dedicated Del Norte High School students who come to school once a week to tutor and mentor some of our students.” “Our goal at Del Sur is to have every student meet the proficiency target on the California state standards test. We are getting closer to this target, but still have students who are not performing at this level. In this regard, the staff and I continue to research and implement programs that can help each of our students meet this important bench mark.”

Del Norte: Highest API Ever For A High School In Poway District History! It was a proud moment for Principal Mizel when he found out Del Norte had achieved an 864 API (Academic Performance Index). As he put it “Opening (the first year) with an 856 was pretty extraordinary. In year two, to be sitting at 864 – it’s crazy. “ Del Norte, located in the far west end of 4S Ranch, started its inaugural year with no seniors, very few juniors and a handful more of sophomores and freshmen. In its third year in operation, the school now boasts its first senior class and substantial, junior, sophomore and freshman classes to boot. The little school that could, really did, and now Del Norte is number one in the Poway Unified School District, number eight in the County of San Diego (out of 144). At 864, they achieved the highest API, ever, for a high school in this district. Principal Mizel couldn’t be prouder of the staff and the students, but he also feels the community had a hand in the school’s success. “I think there are several contributing factors to our early success. First, we have a very strong feed. The elementary schools in this community and the middle school are simply outstanding.  So the students coming to us have been well prepared for the rigors of high school. Additionally, and I’ve said this many times before, we have an amazing staff at Del Norte. I can’t emphasize this point enough.  We have district all-stars in every department – phenomenal professionals who provide our students with dynamic classroom experiences each and every day. And finally, we have a very supportive community. From small business owners to our parents, people here are generous, and I’m grateful. Great schools are always the result of great partnerships.” GO NIGHTHAWKS!

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4S Ra nch

on your doorstep 4S Ranch Schools Top Of The Line! Oak Valley Middle School Honored as California Distinguished School The Poway Unified School Board and Superintendent John Collins are proud to commend Oak Valley’s achievement as a 2011 California Distinguished School. “Oak Valley’s award presented by the California Department of Education during the school’s first year of eligibility reflects its strong and involved school community that focuses on the school’s mission statement: ‘Students are at the heart of Oak Valley and meeting their needs is our first priority,’” said PUSD Superintendent John Collins. “Positive support for students is woven into the fabric of the school’s environment, and everyone celebrates each student’s success.” At the school Board meeting on May 24, 2011, Principal Sonya Wrisley was presented with a plaque from the State and the California Distinguished School banner by PUSD Board President Penny Ranftle and Superintendent John Collins. State officials who visited the school in March were very impressed with Oak Valley’s Signature Practices: 1) Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support System, and 2) Staff Collaboration. Notes from the validation team reflected on the worth of these practices include: “Parents interviewed commented on how uniquely and consistently positive the staff are all the time. There is a climate of trust, caring, and support that permeates campus life and beyond. Students feel fully supported, and this is echoed by parents.” “It is especially noticeable that the positive approach to behavior is deeply imbedded in the culture. As students describe the behavior modification process, it was impressive that the positive language was used consistently. It was consistent with parents and staff as well. It was truly evident that the behavior expectations and responses are a part of the school culture.” “As our newest middle school, Oak Valley has demonstrated from the very beginning the powerful school climate that can be created when everyone focuses on the students. Congratulations to the teachers, staff, and

parents who motivate Oak Valley students to be the best they can be,” said PUSD Board President Penny Ranftle. Oak Valley staff members who led the writing of the application include, Tom Downs, teacher, grades 6/7; Devora Garrison, teacher, grade 8; David Harris, counselor; Cheryl Kaiser, teacher, grade 7; Kaleb Rashad, assistant principal; and Sonya Wrisley, principal. Proud Principal Sonya Wrisley shares her thoughts on the schools impressive achievement: “Building Oak Valley Middle School has been a journey for me since 2004. It has been very exciting to build a school that is focused on rigorous curriculum, relevant coursework and filled with teachers and staff that are welcoming to our students and families. To receive the California Distinguished School Award is a great honor for all of our students, teachers, staff and parents. We are proud of this award!”

Stone Ranch – Highest API For Elementary Schools In Poway District Principal Cindy Venolia feels three key factors make Stone Ranch so successful. “What makes a school not just good, but great? As I contemplate our great school, I am convinced it is three key factors: staff, students and parents.  We have a staff of dedicated teachers and support personnel that ensure our students are challenged, encouraged and given an education that will prepare them for their future. We have exceptional students that readily accept these challenges.  And finally, we have parents.  Our committed parents are there every step of the way, making sure their children are ready to learn.  But in today’s current budget crisis, parents provide more than just the warmth and love for their own children to grow – they provide the financial support for our school that keeps the financial crisis from our classrooms. “ When the Stone Ranch Foundation asked Mrs. Venolia “How do you keep a school of 1,180 students and 42 teachers running smoothly and successfully?, she was able to proudly answer like this: “It’s easy when the students and staff are Trailblazers!  There is nothing more true than the fact that Stone Ranch is a great school. We don’t hear much about humility today. With so much pressure to succeed, the virtue of humility can get lost. We could boast about our impressive test scores, for Stone Ranch has risen to the rank of the top performing school in the District. This growth of over 80 points since the school opened makes Stone Ranch’s Academic Performance Index an impressive 963.  But what makes Stone Ranch so pag e 6 : ba ck a t th e ra n ch

special is not that our test scores continue to demonstrate a high level of student achievement, but that we are a school of good character, and a place where our students feel welcome and given an opportunity to learn, explore, and have fun!”

www. backattheranch-online.c om

4S Ra nch

on your doorstep 4S Ranch Schools Top Of The Line! Monterey Ridge Elementary School Enjoys 15 Point API Growth Dr. Richard Newman feels MRES is a place where the magic of learning happens every day! Monterey Ridge Elementary (MRES) is one of those rare, extraordinary and exceptional schools that on any given day over 1,000 adults and students call “home.” It is the place where the magic we call learning occurs each and every day. Unlike many other professions where a huge sale or closing a big deal is celebrated with great fanfare, those of us who work in schools do not have that luxury. In fact, the very best day of any teacher is good for one day and one day only. The next day those same students eagerly wait to once again to be challenged to learn and grow. Just as one chapter doesn’t tell the story of a whole book, nor does one score, such as the state’s Academic Performance Index (API), paint the total picture of any school. We are incredibly proud of our 15 point growth in our API to 942. We are also extremely proud that we met virtually each and every goal we set as a school, and that we will almost certainly once again rank in the top 10 percent of the highest performing schools in the entire state. And yet, the story of MRES is much deeper and goes far beyond our API score. If our recipe of success is to be replicated, we must take a closer look at the ingredients:



Since 1987

fun & fitness for all ages camps boys, girls & adult classes cheer & acro motion evolution fun zone & gym zone

1) Students are our prime focus: As a staff we base each decision on a simple principle – that is, students succeed when all energies are focused on meeting the social, academic, and physical needs of EACH child. 2) High expectations for all: At MRES, we have high expectations for each and every person on campus. This begins with ALL adults and trickles down to EVERY student. We believe that all individuals, students and adults, must continue learning. 3)  Dedicated Staff: Our staff understands that success goes hand in hand with hard work. They challenge themselves, review what is working, make changes as necessary, and continue to model the essence of being a lifelong learner. 4) Innovation continues to be encouraged: Trying new and different strategies for teaching and challenging the status quo remain central tenets of our desire to continue to grow and be at the top of our game. 5) A community effort: Helping our students achieve their potential is a team effort.  We understand that working hand in hand with our parents and community actively builds partnerships so that everyone is invested in the core mission: helping every child become the learner they are capable of being. Lastly, we are proud of our work to date and we are very much looking forward to what lies ahead. We believe deeply that there is no other profession other than teaching that has a greater influence on the future of our country – and there is much learning that lies ahead of all us.




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4S Ra nch

on your doorstep Interested In Some Fresh Produce Grown Locally? Local resident Shari Mayer is working with JR Organics to bring fresh produce to 4S Ranch via a program called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). It is farm-fresh produce that is grown locally by certified organic farmers and delivered fresh to the hosts’ (Shari’s) house. You can choose a small or regular size box consisting of several items of produce and you pick up your box at her house in 4S Ranch on a bi-weekly basis (on a Wednesday afternoon/early evening).  More information on the CSA program, costs and contents of the boxes are available on their website (as well as recipes, information about their farm and so on). http://www.jrorganicsfarm. com/about/. In order for Shari to proceed she must have at least 10 people signed up for the program. Signing up would require a 12-week commitment which would be a total of 6 boxes, one every two weeks. There is no current CSA location in the Rancho Bernardo area. Shari receives no monetary benefit from CSA, she simply wants the ease and accessibility of fresh, local, organic produce.  Please visit the website and if you are interested, contact Shari Mayer at

Concert At The Park

4S Avengers Girls U8 Win 3 Summer Tournaments

The Annual Concert in the Park presented by the 4S Ranch HOA is scheduled for October 8 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at Linear Park. 50’s Rock & Roll Theme – music provided by Gone Blonde!  Rock music concert starts at 7:00 pm.  Join us early for Hamburgers, grilled up by Pitas and Buns and root beer floats provided by Postal Annex in 4S Ranch - floats and food service begin at 6:00 pm. Food can be purchased online prior to the event or the day of. Hot dogs and chips $3, hamburgers and chips $6. If you order online you get a free glow item valued at $5 per order! Also view the classic cars that will line 4S Ranch Parkway. Cars can start showing up at 5:00 pm. TVRI will be hosting a bubble gum blowing contest and Lifetime Montessori will be hosting a spin art craft. Pre-order specials and more details on www.4SConnect. com. Dress up for the “best dressed” contest.

pag e 8 : ba ck at th e ra nch

After their victory in the Nott’s Forest Labor Day tournament, from Left to Right (back) are: Morgan Sanford, Sasya Uppugonduri, Carolyn E., Coach Marvin, Brooke Holmberg, Keelan Williams, Emily Batten, and Lauren Grissom,   Left to Right (front): Grace L., Kayley Tung, Yasmine Mansi, and Emma Pidding.

The 4S Ranch Avengers Girl’s Under-8 competitive soccer team had a very successful summer tournament season. In all, they won all three of the tournaments they played in August and September and finished as a finalist in their first tournament in June. Thanks to a great defense and aggressive offense, they scored 53 goals and allowed only 5 (in 12 games), in their three championship tournaments. The girls are in their first year as a competitive team and almost all played All-Stars in 4S Ranch Youth Soccer last fall.  Their coach, Marvin Peterson, says, “I’ve been impressed this summer with how the girls have developed individually and as a team. Their hard work has allowed us to move girls around to learn multiple positions while still maintaining a high level of success.”  The girls are Champions of the Rancho Santa Fe Attack Summer Classic, San Diego United Summer Challenge, Nott’s Forest Labor Day Tournament and Finalists in the Pegasus Cup. The girls look forward to an exciting Presidio League season and will be playing some of the toughest teams in San Diego in the top flight of the Girl’s Under-8 age division. The 4S Avengers are the competitive soccer program under the 4S Ranch Youth Soccer Association that provides both quality recreational and competitive soccer for over 1,000 kids from 4S Ranch and the surrounding communities each season. Tryouts for all 4S Avengers Teams will begin in late January 2012. Check the 4S Avengers website for additional information at: www. backattheranch-online.c om

4S Ra nch

on your doorstep Second Annual “Thank You 5K/10K Run” Set For Thanksgiving Day their children as they run around 4S Ranch Community Park. Medals will be presented to all children 12 years and under.

Helen’s Closet, a 4S Ranch non-profit organization, announces they are hosting the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Day “Thank You” 5K/10K Trail Run/ Walk and Kid’s Run in 4S Ranch Community Park on Thursday, November 24, 2011. The 10K race begins at 7:30 am. All race proceeds benefit the 4S Ranch-Del Sur Community Foundation and the ALS Association of Greater San Diego. Theresa Shay is very excited about this worthy fundraiser. “The 1st Annual Thank You Run had a great turn out last year,” she said. “With only six weeks lead time we had about 500 runners. This year being our 2nd annual run/walk adding a 10k and Kids Run we expect over 1,500 participants. It’s a spectacular run that supports two great causes.” The 2nd Annual “Thank You Run” will begin on Dove Creek Rd and finish at 4S Ranch Community Park.  This year the run will feature a 10K, 5K and an untimed Kid’s run that will be held exclusively within the park. This will allow parents to complete their run and then cheer on

The 10K registration fee is $40 for adults and $35 for children twelve and under. For the 5K, the registration fee is $35 for adults and $25 for children twelve and under. The inaugural kids race will be $10 for children eight and under. Many of the participants in last year’s race enjoyed the combination of street and trail running and walking. A local resident commented, “4S Ranch Del Sur area has a great trail system. It is a terrific way for the community to enjoy the beauty of nature and return home for a Thanksgiving dinner!” Race Founders Shay & Associates Realtors of REMAX reminds participants that all proceeds benefit two worthwhile causes. Registration is now open and to register online at There is also a link on the website so participants can view a video of any of the three different runs available for Thanksgiving Day.

Del Norte Grad Nite Committee Still Needs Your Support The Del Norte Grad Nite committee has sold over 110 tickets! The committee is excited about the rapid pace tickets are being sold and happy that the graduates have a fantastic safe venue - thanks to Linda Welker owner of  Party Pals! Thanks to the following people/ groups for their generous support: • Big thank you to Randy Koch for the T-shirt sponsorship you are amazing!

I would like to personally thank my co-chair, Kim Donovan and the entire committee for all of their hard work and dedication. I am truly amazed by it all. You have done so much - all the volunteer hours and sleepless nights. I appreciate all of you from the

• A huge thank you to Gigi bottom of my heart! Hotaling for her amazing design and donation of the - Tami Koch Grad Nite poster that is up around town, the beautiful tickets and the thank you notes. We truly appreciate all your hard work!

Grad Nite Tickets are still being offered at a discount - Now $105.00 Soon to be $125.00. Save $20.00 from now until November 18. We are still in need of cash donations, raffle items, for example: items you would need in a college dorm, football or baseball game tickets, amusement part tickets, movie gift cards, gas cards, iPods, lap tops and more! The race is on to make sure that Grad Nite for our FIRST SENIOR CLASS IS FANTASTIC! Mark your calendars for the November 14 Grad Nite Fundraiser: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm at RUBIO’S RESTAURANT in Carmel Mountain Ranch. Flyer necessary for credit – email Tami Koch below. For questions, to make donations, to purchase tickets, or to get a Rubio’s flyer, please contact Tami Koch at

• Maurry Koch for his donation of $250.00. • Judy Sommer for her donation of $50.00. • Capri Blue for two $25.00 Gift Certificates - we are so happy that you are supporting our event! • Jennifer Harper - new owner of the fun and fantastic 4S Ranch Postal Annex gave us our first cool raffle item - an amazing $50.00 S.T.A.M.P.S watch!

32ANCH0ERSONAL,ANDSCAPER We take pride in doing quality work &2%%15/4%3



   0/"OX #ARDIFF #!


w w cka tth e ra n ch - o nli ne .co m


 (Includes fertiliz ing, mow, edge, and blow )

UP (Includes hedg e & plant prun ing, garden cultiva ting, fertilizer, mow, edge & bl ow)

7% !,3/ /&&%2


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4S Ra nch

on your doorstep OF GREATER SAN DIEGO

Call or visit the 4S Boys and Girls Club for more information including rates and fees. We are located at 16118 4S Ranch Parkway, San Diego, 858-6762230. Site Supervisor is Jack T. Nguyen. If you would like information on fall or winter sports programs or about coaching a team, please contact Nate Fenlason, Sports Coordinator - 4S Ranch Branch, 858-676-2230, nfenlason@,

Winter Basketball Boys Grades: K, 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th6th, 7th-8th

Girls Grades: 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th, 7th-8th

Games begin Saturday Dec. 3, 2011*

Games on Saturdays with some weekday games. Times TBD.

Space is limited. Registration will stop once the league is full even if before October 14. No late signups will be accepted after Oct. 21, 2011

Your fees include an 8 game season w/ a single elimination tournament, one hour practice every week, jersey, participant award, and lots of fun!  

*5/6 & 7/8 Boys leagues play only on Fridays.

*No refunds after November 4, 2011.

All Division will play games at the 4S Ranch & Poway Boys & Girls Clubs 16118 4S Ranch Pkwy. 12988 Bowron Road. San Diego, CA 92127 Poway, CA 92064

Cost is $130 per player (includes club membership & league fees) or $70 per player (current Boys & Girls Club Member).

Sign ups begin on Monday September 12 and end on Friday October 14

*Additional $10 fee for late registration: October 17- 21.

Safe passage


· Diverse age-appropriate activities in our 5 CORE PROGRAM AREAS:

For members under the age of 12, a parent, guardian or other authorized adult must retrieve the member from the Club. Members age 12 and older may leave the Club unescorted with written permission from parent or guardian and a signed release of liability. Members 12 and older may also escort other members of their household from the Club. However, no member, regardless of age, will be allowed to return to the Club once they leave the premises for the day.

1) Sports & Fitness—Wide variety of sports, leagues, basic lessons/clinics


· Dedicated staff. · Age-appropriate activities.

Practice Starts week of Nov. 14. Season Ends Feb. 18, 2012.

Afterschool Program - 2011-2012 School Year

$20 service charge for refunds made before November 4, 2011.


TO CHANGE LIVES ON A DAILY BASIS...We provide: · A safe, positive environment · Trained, professional staff

2) The Arts—Painting, creative crafts, and dance: hip hop, theater, etc. 3) Character & Leadership—Junior Leaders, (Smart Moves) Drug Free Program 4) Education & Career—HW Hour, newspaper club, computer clubs, etc.

Head coaches receive a 50% discount off 1 child’s league fees.

5) Health & Life Skills—Healthy Habits, cooking classes, etc.

Nate Fenlason — Sports Coordinator

We also have a mandatory homework session and provide tutors!

For more information:

(858) 676-2230 | Hours Of Operation Mon – 2:30-6:00 PM Tues – 2:30-6:00 PM Wed – 12:30-6:00 PM Thurs – 2:30-6:00 PM Fri – 1:00-6:00 PM

Transportation Afterschool pick up provided from:

· Stone Ranch (Free Walk Program) · Turtleback (Free Bus Pick Up) · Monterey Ridge (Free Bus Pick Up) · Oak Valley MS (Free Bus Pick Up)

October - $147 November - $112 December - $84 January - $133 February - $112 March - $154 April - $112 May - $154 June - $35 (Free transportation is available for select schools) Day camp fees are as follows: Nov. 21-23 ~ $60

Dec. 19-23 ~ $90 Jan. 27 ~ $20

Feb. 20-24 ~ $90 April 2-6 ~ $90

Summer Camp! ( June-August) $90/$100 per week

4S Ranch Sports Park Sports Leagues Fall Youth Roller Hockey Clinics

IT’S FAST — IT’S FUN – IT’S AT 4S RANCH Saturdays – 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Ages: 5-18

Adult Roller Hockey League Mondays

6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Ages: 18 and Above

Cost: $700 Team Fee

Cost: $25

Session: 10 Weeks + Playoffs and Championships

Fall 2011: October 1-December 10

Winter 2012: January 9-April 9

to provide a league for medium skilled players to the slightly higher skilled players. This league is meant for those who wish to play at a level that is more competitive and geared more for those who wish to have a more competitive game. Free agent players are welcome.

Session: 10 Weeks

Fall 2011: October 3-December 19


Winter 2012: January 7-March 24

Monday night roller hockey is designed to provide a league for less advanced players to the slightly skilled players. This league is meant for those who wish to play at a level that is less competitive and geared more for those who wish to better their skills through games. Free agent players are welcome.

Ages: 30 and Above

Youth roller hockey Saturdays are hosted by volunteer coaches who have a passion for teaching young athletes the sport of roller hockey. We cater to total beginners to the very advanced. Our hockey program focuses on the importance of skating and puck handling. We encourage all young skaters to join various leagues throughout the County of San Diego to progress their skills further.


6:30 pm to 10:00 pm Ages: 18 and Above

Cost: $700 Team Fee

Session: 10 Weeks + Playoffs and Championships

Fall 2011: October 4-December 20 Winter 2012: January 10-April 3

Tuesday night roller hockey is designed

pag e 10 : ba ck a t th e ra n ch

7:00 pm to 9:45 pm

Cost: $60 Player Fee

Session: 10 Weeks + Playoffs and Championships

Fall 2011: October 5-December 21 Winter 2012:

Wednesday night roller hockey is geared for players that are 30 years of age or older. This is a recreational league in which many players throughout our other leagues come to play and have fun. Players are required to pay a player fee of $60. Skill levels of the players vary and are balanced amongst the teams. Players are permitted to play on various teams to aid teams lacking in players or the ability to compete. We encourage players to move teams to help balance out lopsided teams to make the game fair and fun. Free agent players are welcome.

For more information on all hockey programs please visit our website at or contact Laurie Jancsek at the 4S Ranch Recreation Office at (858) 673-3900.

Adult Men’s Basketball League Mondays, Tuesdays

6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Ages: 18 and Above

Cost: $425 Team Fee

Session: 10 Weeks + Playoffs and Championships Mondays

Fall 2011: Nov 7- February 13 Tuesdays

Fall 2011: Nov 8- January 31 Our adult men’s basketball league is the talk of the town. We currently have three nights of basketball being played on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. We allow for a maximum of a 12 man roster. We provide 10 games plus playoffs, team and individual stats that are posted weekly on the league website. For more information please visit our website at or contact the 4S Ranch Recreation Office at (858) 673-3900. www. backattheranch-online.c om

4S Ra nch

on your doorstep library events 4S R A N CH L IBR A RY ( 8 58 ) 67 3 -4697

Highlighted Events and Classes for October |


Citizenship Class - Mondays at 6:30 p.m. Open for all interested in taking citizenship tests.

College Preparation and Financial Aid- Saturday, Oct 8 at 10 a.m. For parents of collegebound teens.

Friends of the 4S Ranch Library Meeting - 4th Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

Knitting Circle - Wednesdays at 5 p.m. Join your fellow knitters by the fireplace every Wednesday evening and knit for fun.

Fine Free Friday @ all SDCL Branches - Return your County owned books, CDs, DVDs, or other overdue materials on the last Friday of each month and we’ll get rid of the fines for those items!

Land Investment Seminar Saturday, Oct 15 at 2 p.m. Tips and strategies on land investment. Seminar will be conducted in Chinese.


Risk Management Seminar with Roohi Darugar- Tuesday, Oct 25 at 10 p.m.

Baby Story Time - Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. Pre-walking babies only. Enjoy this one-on-one lapsit activity which introduces babies to stories and songs.

Survival Tips for School Success - Wednesday, Oct 19 at 5:30 p.m. For parents of schoolage children.

Bilingual Story Time with Miss Veronica - 2nd and 4th Mondays at 10:30 a.m. Stories in both English and Spanish.

Science Lab @ the Library Wednesday, Oct 12 at 5:30 p.m. Hands-on science experiments for school-age children.

Preschool Story Time & Craft with Mrs. Z - Fridays at 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. For Children 3 to 5.

Crafts for a Cause Thursdays at 4 p.m. Arts and crafts for K-3rd grade students. Sign-ups required.

Mrs. Z.’s Story Times engage children and focus on the skills and concepts children need to be ready for Kindergarten. Parents and Caregivers get to see proven, modeled techniques to help their child succeed.

Homework Club - Fridays at 4 p.m. Students from Del Norte High tutor children from Kindergarten through 9th grade. Registration required.

Play to Learn Time with Teacher Lee - Thursdays at 10:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Music, Stories, Art and Fun! For children 5 years old and under. www.

Diwali Celebration Wednesday, Oct 26 at 4 p.m. Celebrating Festival of Lights with traditional crafts.


Trick or Treating @ the Library- Friday, Oct 28 at 3 p.m.

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William Ngoc Harpur, O.D. Nguyen, O.D.

Keith Wan, O.D.

10531 4S Commons Drive Ste. 168 San Diego, CA 92127

Natalie Li, O.D.

Jay Mashouf, O.D.

Located in the Ralphs Center Next to

Bed Bath & Beyond 858.675.2020

R A N C H O B E R N A R D O I N N . C O M / FA L L 866 | 579 | 8044

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w w cka tth e ra n ch - o nli ne .co m JOB NO: JCR 3458 Fall/Halloween PUBLICATION: Back at the Ranch COLOR INFO: CMYK TRIM: 5” x 8” BLEED: n/a

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Skoglin Real Estate Proudly Welcomes:

I was born and raised in San Diego. From a young age, my father who was a commercial & residential investor & property manager showed me how to build a strong honest business. Prior to becoming a realtor I worked in the legal field for 14 years with real estate attorneys. I also worked for a large real estate developer for 4 years where I property managed several large apartment complexes. I have sold more homes in the gated communities of Santa Fe Valley & Ivy Gate combined than any other Realtor. I was also able to procure one of the highest sales in 4S Ranch. Raising my children in this community I take extra pride in serving this area. Whether it’s finding you a home, selling your home or just needing some real estate advice please contact me as I will professionally and successfully make your goals happen.

Margaret DeLao

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4S Ranch - Summerwood 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths 1,644 sqft. $2,600 per month

Santaluz - The Lakes 4 Bedrooms 3.5 Baths 2,942 sqft. $4,095 per month

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Sabre Springs - La Cresta 2 Bedrooms 2 Full & 5 Half Baths 1,273 sqft. $324,000-$369,000


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4S Ranch - Tanglewood 3 Bedrooms 2.5 Baths 1,310 sqft. $375,000-$410,000

Tim & Kristine Skoglin

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people in your neighborhood Tom Swanson Tom Swanson is a funny guy. Tom Swanson has to be a funny guy, he teaches high school students AP US History. Here’s the interesting thing though; students at Del Norte High School consistently request his class. One more interesting fact, most will tell you it’s their favorite class! So what’s Mr. Swanson all about? He’s from San Diego, got his undergraduate degree from UCLA and got his teaching degree and Masters of Education from Stanford. Education is in the family - Mom is Mary Katherine Swanson, creator and founder of the AVID program. Tom used to work with his mom during the summers between HS & college and in so doing gained a lot of respect for teachers. Still, it wasn’t until he was a senior in college that he decided teaching was his career of choice. Believe it or not, even with the UCLA and Stanford pedigrees, finding a teaching job after graduation took 25 interviews. Amusingly, Tom found that the further away from Stanford you are, the more having a degree from there means. Despite the difficulty, he did want to stay in the area and on that 25th interview he landed a job at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, California. It was a very high-achieving school in a wonderful environment and he taught there for eight years. As the years passed Tom realized he wanted to buy a house - if you think the San Diego housing market is high, the Bay Area is exorbitant! The demands of working at such a high-achieving school and the fact that he was an only child also contributed to his decision to move back to San Diego. Rancho Bernardo High School offered him a job where he stayed for six years teaching both APEC and APUSH. During his tenure at RB he became the Department Chair and was really feeling comfortable when out of the

blue he got “shifted” to Del Norte. He makes no bones about how shocked and disappointed he was at the news, but he is quick to point out how wonderful everyone at Del Norte has been. He feels it’s a very unique staff of upbeat, passionate professionals. In his second year at Del Norte, he currently teaches four APUSH classes! This is why being a funny guy is so important. He loves the kids at Del Norte and is very much entertained by their mutual banter in class. He’s an amazing teacher that brings history to life by encouraging role playing and supplementing with stories beyond that which is written in textbooks. Tom and his wife Laura are currently closing on a home in the area – I promised him I would not disclose the location. They are happy to announce that Laura is pregnant with their first child. CONGRATS to the Swansons! Tom and Laura are avid travelers and have visited, to name a few, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, and China. When they are not traveling they love just being homebodies, watching/attending sports events or hanging out with family. Laura’s family is extensive so there is always a family activity going on. Laura is also in the teaching industry working, ironically, for the AVID program. They are both passionate about education and working with kids. Tom is quite content with his decision to move back to San Diego and San Diego – specifically Del Norte - is quite content he decided to move, as well.

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FREE Located in VON's/CVS Plaza To the right of CVS 16769 Bernardo Center Dr.



o (858) 705-1727 11828 Bernardo Plaza Ct., Rancho Bernardo



New clients only Must present coupon S.D. residents only Expires 11/1/11


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school news Del Sur Elementary School Dear Del Sur Students and Parents, Greetings to all Del Sur Elementary Explorers! We established a positive culture built on a strong rigorous child-centered academic program. On a daily basis, our goal is to create a climate that maximizes instructional time for student learning, while developing strong physical, social and emotional characteristics in a safe and caring environment. Looking ahead to the upcoming school year, we will continue to build on this accomplishment. Our parent community is instrumental in helping us to form a solid foundation for our students. The staff and I are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with your amazing children as we continue to explore the richness of our past, the opportunities of the present and the infinite possibilities of the future. To ensure a smooth start to the school year, it is important to clarify rules and expectations for student safety and maximized student learning. Please review the important information presented here so the school year begins as smoothly as possible. You may also find more information on our school web page at

Grades 1-5 Schedule School will begin at 8:25 a.m. each day. Students that arrive after 8:30 a.m. are considered tardy and need to check in with the office prior to going to class. School dismisses at 2:50 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Thursday is our time-banking day. School dismisses at 1:10 p.m. every Thursday. PEPP Schedule PEPP will begin at 8:30 a.m. and dismiss at 12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, every day of the school year. Kindergarten Schedule For Kindergarten students, school will also begin at 8:25 a.m. and instruction begins at 8:30 a.m. The first month school dismissal is 12:00 p.m. Recess 10:15 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. (normal schedule) Lunch 11:20 a.m. – 11:50 a.m. (transition day schedule) Beginning Monday October 3, school instruction will begin at 8:30 a.m. and dismiss at 2:50 p.m. Recess 10:15 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Lunch 12:00 p.m. – 12:40 p.m. Dismissal (M,T,W,F) 2:50 p.m. Thursday Dismissal 1:10 p.m.

Before and After School Supervision The playground will be open to students in the morning beginning at 8:00 a.m. No supervision will be provided before 8:00 a.m. so students should not arrive at school before this time. Once students arrive, they may not leave unless a parent or other authorized person comes to the office to sign them out. To ensure the safety of our children, you will be required to show identification when you pick up your child.

Supervision is only available for 10 minutes after dismissal. For safety reasons, students may not remain on campus after that time. Please ensure that your child is picked up promptly after school each day. Childcare is only provided through ESS, for a fee.

School Breakfast & Lunch – Prices Students have the option of buying lunch at school. Please prepay if possible. Lunch is served daily in the cafeteria for $2.50 and includes milk. Free and reduced prices are available for those who qualify. Please fill out the application if needed. Medication at School If your child is on medication, a “Physician’s Recommendation for Medication” form must be obtained from the school, completed by the physician, and returned to the school. No medication may be given at school without this form. An adult must bring the medication to the school office in the original container medication is dispensed. Children may never have medication in their possession at school. This includes aspirin, inhalers, cough drops, etc. Absences The absence reporting phone number is (858) 674-6200 ext. 6303. State law requires that attendance be verified. Please call the absence line prior to 9:00 a.m. on the day your child will be absent from school. In addition, if they will be tardy more than 30 minutes please call also. Bicycle Riding Only students in grades 3, 4, and 5 may ride a bicycle to school. Children must wear a helmet, provide a lock for the bicycle and follow safety rules/ laws. A permission form, obtained from the office, must be completed and on file with the office for students who wish to ride their bikes to school. Bikes must be walked once on school grounds. No rollerblades, razors, scooters, or skateboards are allowed on campus. Parking Lot Drop Off & Pick Up Please be cautious when driving near the school and follow all procedures of state law. Enter the parking lot from the north and exit from the south. Please abide by the directions of our wonderful volunteers and staff. They are working hard to ensure the safety of our children. Cars in the traffic circle should never be left unattended at any time. Do not enter the bus drop off circle located off of Paseo Del Sur. This area is for buses only. Extended Student Services Del Sur provides an ESS program, which is a fee-based before and after school childcare program. ESS is open from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. All students planning to participate in ESS must be registered at our ESS building. Please call our ESS Department, Jennifer White or Danielle Beccarelli at (858) 674-6200 ext. 6348, for information regarding registration and fees. Doug Johnson, Principal

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SUMMER CAMPS, CLASSES, & INTENSIVES Tap - Ballet - Contemporary - Jazz Lyrical - Hip Hop - Yoga Sculpt

10750 Thornmint Road, Suite 102 4S Ranch Business Park, San Diego, CA 92127 | (858) 613-1155

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www. backattheranch-online.c om

4S Ra nch

school news Monterey Ridge Elementary Back To School Night A Huge Success Thanks for making Back to School Night such a wonderful experience. We are thrilled that you were able to take a moment and connect with your child’s teacher. We hope that you will continue to stay in touch with your child’s teacher as the year progresses and work closely with her/him to ensure your child’s success.

Use Your W.I.T.T. – MRES New Antibullying Program Is Off And Running We have launched a new anti-bullying program across campus this school year. Students are being trained to use their WITT (Walk Away, Ignore, Talk it Out, or Tell an Adult) strategies. Monthly lessons will occur in each classroom to help ensure that students get hands-on opportunities to reinforce our program and to tackle different topics and scenarios they may encounter with others. At Friday Flag students were taught that words are like toothpaste – once they are out it is impossible to take them back or put them back inside the bottle.

Peace Patrol As part of our comprehensive anti-bullying program we are implementing a Peace Patrol on campus. While all students participate in classroom and school wide anti-bullying lessons and activities we also want to build leadership across campus and provide opportunities for our students to put their learning into action. Fourth and fifth graders will be trained to serve as part of the Peace Patrol at recess and lunch and help students problem solve issues that arise on campus. The outpouring of students in fourth and fifth grade that wanted to be involved has been overwhelming and beyond our expectations. We hope to begin implementing our Peace Patrol on campus very soon.

MRES Foundation Wants You to Make An Impact As you know, class sizes have risen the past couple of years. In an effort to address the increased class sizes and provide more targeted support and enrichment for our students, one of the areas our Foundation is focusing on is raising funds to support the hiring of additional teachers (IMPACT teachers). Our goal is to provide support to all grade levels by hiring one certificated teacher who works with small groups to reduce our class sizes and provide more opportunities to engage all students. Our IMPACT teachers had a HUGE IMPACT last year working with students of all levels. Please support our Foundation’s efforts to help us raise funds to ensure that this reality can be maintained all year. Checks can be made out to the MRES Foundation. Thank you in advance for your support of our great school! It’s easy to donate: 1) Click on the Donate button located on the MRES website and you will be redirected to MREF’s Paypal site to make your donation  2) Leave your donation in the Make an Impact box located in the Office. 

Gates Open At 8:40 Each Morning Please note that the gates at school open at 8:40 each morning. Unless your child is attending ESS please make sure not to drop off before 8:40 as we have no supervision available to ensure the safety of your child. Thanks for helping us ensure the safety of all students.


²"/"$"%&.*$"--:#"4&% 13&4$)00-130(3".³ $BMM  UP4DIFEVMFBWJTJU50%":


4S Ranch 10414 Craftsman Way San Diego, CA 92127 (858)675-7000

Our Academic Curriculum provides age-appropriate educational activities to develop the whole child! Learning experiences include: Zoo Phonics, Literacy, Math, Science, Art, Music and Movement.



Rancho Penasquitos 9995 Carmel Mountain Rd. San Diego, CA 92129 (858)538-KIDS(5437)


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school news Stone Ranch Elementary Love To Read?

Girl Scouts Troops Are Forming

Share that love with a child by being an “Everyone A Reader” Volunteer. This highly successful program links an adult volunteer with a first grade student. Your commitment? One afternoon a week to give the joy of reading to a child. We provide all the materials and the training!  If you are interested in being a part of a Trailblazer Team that has made a huge impact in the lives of others, please consider giving one afternoon a week to this very special program. Contact Amy Yamasaki at ayamasaki@powayusd. com for more information.

A parent information meeting occurred in early September but if you missed the meeting and your daughter is interested in joining Girl Scouts, please email Donna Clopine at Girl Scouts is all about opportunities - to discover new things, connect with new friends and take action by making a difference in our community.

Compass Learning Principal’s Challenge Trailblazer friends, let your computer fun be educational too! Compass Learning Principal’s Challenge begins this month.  For those of you new to the Ranch, the Principal challenges YOU to go on Compass Learning for one hour a week, then bring in the student report that shows the amount of time you’ve spent learning new skills and reviewing some old ones!  More news to follow.  Remember that every Trailblazer can sign on to Compass Learning. All you need is your student identification number and your birthday. Go to our website under “Student Resources” and click on Compass Learning. Ecofuture Club Our wonderful, environmentally friendly, community service club Ecofuture began mid-September and we meet 12:30-1:30 every Wednesday. We are excited to get our club started early this year and earn some money for Stone Ranch by filling up the big recycling bin! If you have any questions, or are still interested in joining, please e-mail Vince Luna at or Mrs. Auten at

Cub Scout Pack 687 Is Forming A parent information meeting occurred in early September but if you missed the meeting and your son is interested in joining Cub Scout Pack 687, please contact Cindy at (858) 472-7597, (858) 675- 7096 or e-mail

PTA News As of September 1, all cards previously registered with Ralph’s or Vons have expired, and need to be re-registered. You must renew your cards every year, with Stone Ranch as your charity of choice. Registering your cards does not affect your reward points. You will receive them as you always have. Ralph’s: (click on community contributions), Escrip/Vons:, Fresh & Easy:  Save your receipts dated September 15-December 31, where purchases total $20.00 or more.

Save the Date: October 21, 2011 is our Fall Festival PTA Membership and Volunteer forms were sent home in early September. If you have not already joined the PTA, please consider doing so. Art Corps Volunteers Are Needed Love Art?  Come be part of our hands-on art program! We are looking for parent volunteers to teach and assist in the classroom. If you are interested or just need more information, your questions can be directed to Cathy Keast, Stone Ranch Art Corps Volunteer coordinator, at LET’S KEEP OUR SCHOOL CONNECTED!  Turn in your student directory form!

Located in the 4S Ranch Village Shopping Center Between Chevron & Starbucks


$20 off ANY Mailbox Rental*

~Notary Services ~Shipping ~ Document Shredding ~Faxing ~Copies B/W & Color ~Unique Gifts *New Mailbox Rentals only. 3, 6 or 12 Month Rentals Available.

16625 Dove Canyon Road Suite 102 (858)674-1150 Open Mon.– Fri. 9 am to 6 pm - Sat. 9 am to 3 pm

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www. backattheranch-online.c om

4S Ra nch

school news Oak Valley Middle School Keep Our Students Safe!

Thank You Volunteers

Here are some things to remember as you drop off and pick up children at Oak Valley: • Reduce your speed around the school.

I would like to thank our wonderful volunteers for their many hours of service during registration. We had close to 150 volunteers over the two days and we couldn’t have done it without you! I am so proud to work in a school that has such strong volunteer support. ~ Sonya Wrisley ~

• Please remind your students to use the sidewalk and cross in the marked areas in the parking lot. Remind them to cross at the intersections with controlled signals and crosswalks (Dove Canyon/Carmel Valley Road and Winecreek/Carmel Valley Road). • Please watch for students walking in the parking lot, on sidewalks and in crosswalks. • Before and after school, the Oak Valley staff will continue to provide a safe and orderly environment while on duty by monitoring students and controlling the traffic flow in the school parking lot. This is the safest place for students to be dropped off and picked up. At times, the California Highway Patrol will be monitoring during our drop off and pick up times. • The section of Bernardo Center Drive/Carmel Valley Road between Dove Canyon and Winecreek is THREE-MINUTE DROP OFF/PICK UP (No extended parking allowed) from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. directly at the curb, with the bike lane “floatingâ€? outside of that. PLEASE use caution when you cross that bike lane, as we expect our students to use that lane to come to school. • There are flashing yellow lights letting drivers know they are in a school zone, and to reduce speed to 25 mph. • There is a new NO U-TURN/NO LEFT TURN DURING SPECIFIC TIMES sign posted in the median in our bus drop-off driveway. • The designated right turn lanes to bring you into our parking lot have not changed. • At the end of Winecreek Road, there is an entrance to Ivy Gate development. This is a private road. Please respect the sign which states “Private Road – DO NOT ENTER.â€? Do not use that road for U-Turns, waiting to pick up your child, etc. By following these few rules, we can help keep our students safe. Together, we can set an example of good citizenship for our children. Thank you for your cooperation. Traffic Congestion Suggestion If you’re trying to pick up your child at 3:05 p.m., you’ve experienced the traffic of 1,400 students. Many of your kids would love to chat with friends for a few minutes after school and you would probably rather not be stuck sitting in traffic. If you make proper arrangements with your student, please consider arriving 15 minutes later to help minimize your wait.

I.D. Badges In response to the growing focus on school safety, many schools are turning to a variety of measures to help keep their students and staff safe and secure. One of those methods Oak Valley has always used is requiring students and staff to wear I.D. badges. This has proven to be an effective way to ensure we know who is on our campus. Please remind your student to always wear their I.D. badge and remind them why it’s important. Thank you for helping us keep our students safe. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me at If you would like read more about our I.D. research, please click on:http://powayusd.sdcoe.k12.

MATHCOUNTS Club Do you like challenging and fun math activities and share common interests with new and often long-lasting friends? Do you like to explore a variety of math that isn’t always taught in middle school classrooms and have a chance to compete for scholarships and prizes? Join MATHCOUNTS Club! For details and questions, please email to OVMATHCOUNTS@ GMAIL.COM. 

Cross Country Cross Country season began on Monday, September 12. Practices will be on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:15-4:00 p.m.  Practices are not mandatory, you can come whenever it best fits into your schedule. The team is open to everyone...6th, 7th and 8th grade, both boys and girls. If you have any questions feel free to contact Coach Kenny at or (858) 487-2939 ext 6204.   

Are You Looking For A Carpool? Oak Valley has renewed our participation with the online SchoolPool program to help you set up a carpool, walking buddies and riding buddies to and from school. The regional SchoolPool program is part of RideLink, the commuter services program provided by San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG). Visit the Poway Distict website, School Pool or 



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school news Del Norte High School Please Consider Joining The PTA And/or Foundation Good Afternoon, This is Jeff Erwin, proud parent of a Nighthawk, as well as a member of both the PTSA and the Del Norte High School Foundation. I’m urging you to consider joining both organizations which exist to enhance the academic experience of your children. Both organizations can only be successful if parents are willing to participate. Over the past three school years Poway Unified School District has been forced to cut its budget by nearly $30 million! If Del Norte is going to maintain a level of excellence realizing its potential during these financially troubled times, we need your support. The generosity of the Del Norte community this last year enabled both the PTSA and the Foundation to make generous contributions to the school. The PTSA has supported both the Counseling and Student Services departments, and will be partnering next year with the Foundation to help establish a character education/student recognition program. In just its first year, the Foundation gifted over $30,000 to teachers – taking care of individual classroom supply needs, replacing consumables in departments like Art and Science, and awarding Professional Development Grants to teachers who are interested in expanding their skill set. In addition, the Foundation made generous gifts to the Athletic Department Library. It’s our hope, with your continued support, to expand our giving. We hope to support a weekly tutorial center, hire Impact Teachers and launch a new Character Education program Your support and membership in the PTSA and Foundation enables staff to be more responsive to student needs as they arise, and ultimately, more effective. A basic PTSA membership costs $10. A contribution to the Foundation starts at just $99 – and may be tax deductible. Great schools are always the result of great partnerships. Let’s make 2011-12 the best year yet at Del Norte! Thank you in advance for your generosity.

There’s A New Counselor In Town Del Norte High School is proud to announce the addition of Jen Mitchell to our counseling team. Jen comes to us from Poway High and will be working part-time. Students can find her on campus on Monday and Thursday and every other Tuesday. The new counseling breakdown is as follows:  Mrs. Kihneman   A-Hr Mrs. Mitchell     Hs-Mc Mr. Tahapary     Me-Z

Del Norte Online Store – Ordering Opportunity Ends This Month

Students Parking on Campus Please be advised that there are 73 parking spots in the front of the student parking lot that belong to seniors. These spots are all highlighted with a large white box and a spot number in the bottom left hand corner. The painted numbered spots are strictly for seniors who have purchased their senior parking permits. If you are not a senior and you park in one of the numbered spots, the following repercussions apply: First Offense: The student is contacted and receives a “Friday School.” Second Offense: The student will be ticketed and their parking permit will be revoked. Third Offense: The student will be ticketed and their car will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Notable Dates October 1 Seniors – CSU application window opens October 6 & 7 Parent/Teacher Trimester One Conferences School will be dismissed for students on both days at 1 p.m. October 12 PSAT (time to be announced)  ctober 18 College Fair – 100 colleges represented – DNHS Campus O 6 to 8 p.m. Seniors: Throughout the late start Tuesdays in October and November, counselors will be holding college application workshops. Please continue to check the counseling website for updates.

Super Fan All Access Pass Support Del Norte Athletics Department by purchasing a 2011-2012 Super Fan All Access Pass for $100. With this gold card you’ll receive entrance for two immediate family members to all home games that would normally charge entrance (not good for tournaments or playoffs). To purchase this card, please see Teri Johns in the DNHS athletics office. Cash or checks only, made out to Del Norte High School Foundation. We’ll also have the passes available for sale at the first home freshman, JV & Varsity football games.

Cross Country Starts Strong The Del Norte Cross Country Team ran fast and ran hard at the Vaquero Invitational held this past September. The Frosh/Soph Boys and Girls teams placed 1st in their Division, the Jr/Sr Girls placed 2nd and the Jr/Sr Boys placed 5th. Coaches Chris Jacobs and Dorra Duensing were pleased with the results and look forward to a successful season.Team medalists are pictured below. 

We have a new online store! You can access it from the Del Norte website This year we are offering spirit wear on a pre- order basis only. Check out our new items including this year’s “Full House” Spirit Shirt. Order online with a credit card (please note there is a convenience fee for ordering online) or drop off a form with check payable to DNHS to Cindy Long in the Counseling office.   Thank you! 

pag e 18 : ba ck a t th e ra nch

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community lif e style : g a r de n By K atie S e id e n w urm, Lan dscap e De si gner an d Owner , Zinn ia De sign, (858) 705-4975, kati e zin n ia@ g mai l .com, si g n byzin n

Color Contrast in the Garden Green. Green. So much green. Sometimes a landscape can be so overpowered by the color green that any hint of another color can make a huge impact. If you have read my columns before, you know I am a big fan of contrast in the garden. The most vibrant color that you can add to your garden is red. This time, however, I am not talking about the pop of red tulips but the pop of red, maroon and burgundy eye-catching foliage. Designing with foliage that has contrast will offer a larger impact than bright flowers, because foliage lasts all season and flowers often do not. Here are some examples of plants that you can integrate into your garden for that extra zing. A u s t r a l i a n Bronze Baby Flax (Phormium ‘Bronze Baby’): This perennial grows three to four feet tall and wide with dramatic blades of maroon. I love the spiky style and vertical lines of this plant. It especially looks good in rows, offering a dramatic line in the landscape. In the photograph below, I placed it with plants that are light green and chartreuse (Hebe ‘Patty’s Purple’ Variegata and Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’) which offer even more contrast. Forest Pansy Eastern Redbud: This tree, with it’s almost purple foliage, is native to North America, grows to about 30 feet tall and has a round shape. It also has pink flowers in the spring. In especially hot areas, it will need to be shaded from the afternoon sun. With its maroon leaves, it can act as an accent in a sea of green trees. Other standard trees with reddish leaves are Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) and Purple Leaf Plum (Prunus cerasifera ‘Krauter Vesuvius’).

Smoke Tree: One of my favorite maroon foliage shrubs is the Smoke Tree. It can be grown as a small tree or large shrub; growing up to 15 feet tall. It has maroon foliage all year long and, in the spring, tan puffs emerge. These puffs are what give it its name. They prefer fast draining soil, so slopes are a good environment for these shrubs. Above is a close up of the dramatic foliage next to an agave.

Japanese Blood Grass: Another bronze colored plant is Japanese Blood Grass (Imperata cylindrical). This ornamental grass grows best in full sun or partial shade and will grow to about 24 inches tall at its maximum. It starts out green at the base: then turns a brilliant red at the tips. In the summer and fall, more of the blades turn red; offering a stunning display of red. It looks particularly dramatic when planted in groupings. The blades are translucent and look stunning with sunlight behind them. Japanese Blood Grass has been known to spread, sometimes aggressively. Keep your eye on it and pull new seedlings as soon as you see them to contain the growth. Catlin’s Giant Carpet Bungle: Sometimes a good garden design needs some contrast at ground level. An example of a reddish ground cover is Catlin’s Giant Carpet Bungle (Ajuga reptens ‘Catlin’s Giant’). This evergreen groundcover will grow one to two feet tall and has small blue flowers. Ajuga does best in sun or partial shade. Coral Bells (Heuchera micrantha ‘Puple Palace’): This small perennial is a great plant to use in shaded areas where you need a small plant. This burgundy-leafed plant grows to 24 inches and will have white, stalky flowers in the Spring. The flowers are not significant, but the foliage is wonderful. There are many cultivars that have the dark foliage; including ‘Prince’ and ‘Beaujolias.’ When using maroon-leafed plants in a shaded area, they can sometimes get lost because maroon and burgundy are so close to the color of nearby mulch. To solve this, make sure that they are planted near plants that have bright green foliage or flowers. In the photo above I planted Heuchera ‘Purple Palace’ with Hebe and Creeping Jenny (Hebe Veronica Lake Variegata and Lysimachia nummularia).

Aeonium (Aeonium arboretum ‘Atropurpureum’): Succulents seem to have an abundant supply of red and burgundy colored foliage. One of the most dramatic ones is the Aeonium ‘Atropurpureum’. Each stalk has a 6 inch rosette of burgundy fleshy succulent. Like Ajuga, the dark color can blend in with the mulch color. Above I planted it with Senecio Blue Chalk Sticks (Senecio mandraliscae). These are a sampling of the many plants that have interesting colored foliage. I like to use these plants as accents in the garden as opposed to the main theme. One’s eye will find them quickly and enjoy the vibrancy. Look in your garden and see where you need an exclamation point, plant a red foliage plant, and see what happens.

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How to Get the Body You Want...Tomorrow T

his month marks the four-year anniversary of a turning point in my life. Four years ago, I decided once and for all to lose those extra pounds and get into shape. You see, I was facing my 40th birthday and I remembered that on my 30th birthday, I had promised myself, “When I turn 40, I want to be in really good shape.” I figured, ‘no problemo’, I have a whole decade to pull it off, but somehow I found myself 60 days before my 40th birthday making a frantic call to a professional for some help. Not that I had been a total slacker that whole decade. In fact, I honestly tried really hard all through my 30s to get into shape. I tried all the fad diets. I joined gyms and even bought a Bowflex (I mean it worked for the Bowflex guy, right?). I exercised regularly. I always tried to choose the lean meat and the low-fat/non-fat versions of my grocery store favorites, etc. Still, as hard as I tried, I just seemed to continue slipping backward, rather than moving forward. At one point, I was 230 pounds, my hair was starting to thin and go grey, I had high blood pressure and I was sick at least a couple times a year. I was headed down a path that was not looking good. So, when my 40th birthday rolled around, it was obvious to me that none of my efforts were producing the results I wanted. It was time to try something different. I called a fitness studio that was just about to open and explained my situation. I went down there thinking my personal trainer would just run me around a bit and ‘bada bing bada boom’ in a couple months, I would look like the Bowflex guy. Well, I did make incredible progress by my birthday, but I quickly learned it takes a lot more than that to look like the Bowflex guy! As it turned out, this ‘birthday’ gift I gave myself became a turning point for me. It was only just the start, but today, four years later, I am stronger, leaner, more fit, more healthy, and...I am wearing smaller jeans than I did in high school. Better yet, I have not been sick or even seen the doctor for an illness in the last four years. To top it off, the graying and thinning of my hair has slowed to a snail’s pace. People who knew me back then will tell you I look like a different person. But, to me, what amazes me the most is that I feel like a different person. I have never felt so good and it just keeps getting better. So, what’s the secret? What clicked? Looking back, I just did not have the right information on how to get into shape. I have learned so much in the last four years about health, fitness and nutrition that it is crazy. And, now that I’ve learned what really works, I am passionate about helping other people that I know are in the same spot I was four years ago. I know how frustrating it is to work out and work out and sacrifice your favorite foods – all with minimal results. You feel like you try so hard and still you get nowhere. I worked so hard for so long, but what I needed to do was to work smart. What I have learned can be summed up like this.   You can have the body you have always wanted by following this simple formula:

Proper Nutrition: This one is key and it is something I was missing all along and didn’t realize. You can have the best trainer in the world and you can workout all the time, until the end of time, but without the right nutrition, you will never be in the shape you want. When it came to food, I tried to do the right thing to the best of my knowledge, but I didn’t have the knowledge I needed to support my goals. Proper Exercise: If you want to have something nice and toned to look at once you get lean, you need some muscle tone. Exercise along with proper nutrition will speed up the process – and here’s a secret – it doesn’t have to be a lot of exercise. I work out four times per week for 45 minutes each and that is it. The type of exercise all depends on your goal. You should be getting measurable results from your exercise program. If you’re not, it’s time to stop and take a look at what you’re doing. I hope that the first two items – nutrition and exercise – are obvious. These next two are equally as important. Consistency: Fitness is like a savings account. If you save only one month out of the year (say January) and then you don’t save anything for the rest of the year, come December you may be a little disappointed. But if you saved every month consistently, you’ll have something to be excited about come December. Time: Now, what if you saved consistently the next year and the year after that? It all builds on top and you get in better and better shape. I can tell you for the past four years I have rarely missed a workout, I am always working on improving my nutrition and I am in better shape than I was the year before. What I have learned from my own experience is that there is no magic bullet or quick fix when it comes to health and fitness. There is no pill, potion or magic machine that will give you the healthy body you desire. The only way to do it is through proper nutrition, exercise, consistency and time. If you leave any one of those things out of the equation, you will not reach your goal. Looking back, the sad thing is that I waited 10 years to take real action. The only thing I regret is that I did not start sooner (taking advantage of the time factor).   It just takes a little knowledge and coaching to get you started, then your body takes over naturally. The key is to just get started and don’t wait for tomorrow because tomorrow may be too late. The best gift you can give yourself is to stop beating yourself up about how you can’t reach your goal, and instead, spend a little time learning why it’s not working and how easily it can be adjusted to get you where you want to be. I would be honored to help you get started on your journey and I invite you to call or email me and let me share all the things I have learned so you can have a head start and get where you want to be faster.

Proper Nutrition + Proper Exercise + Consistency + Time = The body you have always wanted

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business spotlight – Jeff Haux, Ken Mahar If at first the name strikes you as peculiar, you should know that a lot of marketing savvy went into the creation of that name. Jeff Haux and Ken Mahar, masterminds and creators of the new “daily deal” website based here in San Diego, are experienced mark-e-teers and chose the name with shrewd precision.

Clean logo design and catchy tag lines greet you as you log onto From there it’s as easy as 1 – Pick your city, 2 –Sign Up, 3 – CUSTOMIZE! Yes I said customize! You get to choose the deals you want to receive and only the deals you want to receive – no more mass shotgun email blasts - simply receive the deals that interest you. That’s not all; you even get to customize the days you want to receive your deals. For example, you can designate Monday as your daily deal day. Or, maybe you like getting your deals Monday through Friday, that’s cool too. And guess what – you can change your preferences any time you want. If all this doesn’t cause your head to spin, the deals themselves will. With exclusive offers that are heavily discounted, you’ll find that “spending money to save money” is a regular household mantra.

Jeff Haux, who lives locally in Santa Fe Valley, is the former president of a little ole furniture company called MOR Furniture. He helped grow the company from a modest operation to the huge corporation that it is today. Prior to that, Jeff worked in the technology industry with clients in high-end corporations such as Oracle. The retail and technological experience he brings to the table is invaluable. Ken Mahar, a long-time friend and business associate, headed up a successful email marketing company of which MOR Furniture was a major client. His retail and marketing know-how are equally vital in the development and operations of

Merchants are equally elated with the process. Greatly inspired to give equal attention to the retail side, Spotted Fox offers “smart merchant consulting” – they actually spend time advising merchants on how to run a smart deal. Prior to a deal’s debut, thoughtful consideration is given to each merchant’s bottom line.

Decades of retail, marketing and technology savoir faire all came together and exploded into the nextgeneration daily deal site. Jeff and Ken knew that if they were going to launch this new website, they were going to do it right. Spotted Fox is the freshest, hippest of its kind and it promises to be the gold standard in these types of sites.

What makes Spotted Fox so unique is its outlook on the customer/merchant relationship. Customers want relevant deals, and merchants want great advertising for those deals. Spotted Fox employs strategies to ensure both parties are perfectly represented.

The whole daily deal market is still relatively new but Spotted Fox takes it to a whole new level and will continue to evolve and incorporate changes to its unique business model. Spotted Fox has wide appeal both from a consumer standpoint and merchant standpoint – you know your curiosity is piqued, go on log in right now www. If you wish to actually speak directly to a person, they’ve got you covered, call (619) 906-4091. Be clever like a “fox” and “spot” yourself a deal today!

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Contrarian Investing - How About Real Estate? I know. The market is predicted to come down further. However, we are finding investors 10%+ Cash-on -Cash returns in San Diego now. By locking in a 30 year fixed and letting the tenants pay the loan off, our clients will have property free and clear in 13-17 years (by putting the excess rent towards principal). If you look at real estate as a Cash Flow Machine instead of an appreciation investment, returns are fantastic. Couple that with a trend towards lower home-ownership, and rental property might be a great place to look for above average returns. However, not just any rental property will work. For example, 4S property won’t cash flow for you without a very large down payment. With appreciation not in the cards for awhile, that’s not the way to go. If you would like to talk about where we are putting our clients NOW for great returns today and in the future, give us a call about Cash Flow Machine Investing.


october 2011 local resident Shari mayer is working with Jr organics to bring fresh pro- duce to 4S ranch via a program called Community Supp...


october 2011 local resident Shari mayer is working with Jr organics to bring fresh pro- duce to 4S ranch via a program called Community Supp...