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Newsletter Vol. : 0902

Introduction It is past Uttarayan as I write this introductory piece for the school newsletter. We have already crossed December and January and this year, winter was not a season by itself but a mere visitor who came to Surat for a few days. Global warming is a reality now and not a threat and unless as a community, we act fast, our children will be facing dire consequences of our thoughtless actions. Fountainhead School continues to buzz with activities for children and teachers. The past 3 months were marked with drama presentations, exhibitions, poster making, field trips, night outs etc. You will read reports on some of the activities in this newsletter. On the professional development front too, there is a lot of news and I would like to use this space to talk about it. At Fountainhead, we do not just train the teachers but we also

conduct some trainings and workshops for our admin staff, housekeeping staff etc so that their personal and professional growth is also taken care of. Some of the training/ workshops/ professional development that has happened at Fountainhead School over the past few months are: 1. All teachers from Fountainhead School and Fountainhead Preschool are undergoing a training on “The Seven habits of highly effective people”. This training is being conducted by Sheeba Nair from Oasis, Baroda. 2. A mixed group of housekeeping staff, admin staff and teachers underwent training on “Fire Safety” and “How to catch a snake” 3. Aban Bana from Anthroposophy India conducted a 3 day workshop on Steiner education. We learnt some new rhymes and songs. If you have heard your child singing “Toombai.. toom-

bai”, all credit goes to Aban Ma’am for it. 4. Zahabiyah, Gowri and Daksha attended a training on “Teaching Language in the Classroom” conducted by Ratna Sagar Publications 5. Vishal (Administration) and Nirav (Operations) attended a training on “Disaster Management for School” conducted by Ahmedabad Management Association. 6. All the school and preschool staff went on a nature exposure trip to Gira Falls in Dangs in October 2008. 7. Ankita and Vardan visited 4 PYP authorised schools in Bangkok and Chiang Mai (Thailand) in the Diwali break. This is just a glimpse of the professional development happening at Fountainhead. Ankita Kabra

Human Rights Exhibition How does it sound to you? Boring or Exciting?

impressed them with their dialogue delivery

Many of us will obviously say ,“ What can one

& knowledge of the concept. Naomi, Jigyasha,

present in an exhibition on human rights ?

Anay & Vivek handled the Human rights

Probably only articles which are so boring .”

abuse section in an effective manner. In the

It’s the usual reaction of the people, but grade

significant people section, Snehil Raizada was

four students proved such words wrong, with

dressed up like Martin Luther King Jr., Manan

their presentation on human rights which

Shah came dressed up like Nelson Mandela,

drew praises like “ Excellent presentation etc .”

Shaurya Mashruwala was dressed up like

These were the words of parents and teachers

Mahatma Gandhi. In our responsibilities

when they visited the exhibition .

section, the posters showing the responsi-

The exhibition held on Wednesday 1/10/08,

bility in claiming and maintaining ours and

was a part of the unit of inquiry “HUMAN

others rights were displayed. In the human


rights section, almost every human right was

tion was divided into four sections:-

displayed through posters, articles and role

Human rights, Our responsibilities, Significant

plays by Asiya Razvi ,Yaashi Zaveri, Khushi

people and Human rights abuse. Students

Shah, Jayani Mehta, Parantap Sinha & Nikunj

displayed their work done in the class during

Pansari. All the parents, teachers and most

the UOI ( Posters , banners ,articles ,models).

importantly, the students, enjoyed the

The best part of the exhibition was the role


play of different characters by the students which really entertained the audience &

Jigyasha Gothi


Parantap Sinha

Nikunj Pansari. .

Asiya Razvi

Priyanka Tiwari Shaurya Mashruwala, email -, blog -

Nature at its very best Words fall short to describe the experience-

unleashed their creativity and came up with

than the ascent but more treacherous.

trekking through wet deciduous forest of

lively presentations with poetry and music.

After reaching the top we had a great feast of

Dangs, stretching our physical limits, breath-

Awake, alert and alive at 5 am the next day,

Khichdi, Kadhi & Nimbu Pani. We also played

ing fresh mountain air, exploring forests,

it felt great to see the spectacular view and

a game of “Web of life” where all of us were

sighting snakes, counting the stars and so on.

breathe in the

woven together in a big web. Humans always

I am talking about the trek to Gira Falls, Dangs

fresh morning

try to disturb this web with their wrong habits

on the 10th and 11th of October, 2008. Foun-

air. On our way

like using plastics, wasting water and disturb-

tainhead School and Fountainhead Preschool

to Gira falls, we

ing the ecological balance. As a small effort

staff had a weekend nature camp as a part

stopped at

from our team,

of their training program. This program was

various points

we collected the

organized by Team Prayas (

to explore nature with all our senses. We

plastic garbage

It was both a learning experience as well as

learnt a lot about algae, fungi, mushroom,

lying in the lap

fun and adventurous. We started off at 5:30

orchid & other different trees like bamboo

of mother nature,

pm from Surat. In the bus, we were


on our way back


assigned one

Finally after a long drive, we reached Gira

from the trek. In short, the trekking was


activity where in


village from

refreshing and everybody got charged to


we had to find


where on we had

accept more challenges. We sincerely thank


some informa-


to start our trek-

Prayas Team Environment for taking us to a


tion on different


king. All the staff

memorable journey of our life.


flora & fauna.


had great fun

Later that night, presentations were made.


under the cool

Although tired from the journey, the teams

water of Gira falls. The descent was easier

Falguni Jariwala

Once upon a.............. tiger Fountainhead school, in its mission to educate

through lots of music, dance and humour

an issue for those sitting beyond the first few

the school community, hosted a play ‘Once

regarding wildlife keeping our national animal -

rows, especially for parents at the back. All care

upon a tiger’ which was not only entertaining

the tiger in focus.

will be taken to ensure that such technical

but also carried a powerful message. This play

The students were eager and enthusiastic in

issues don’t occur next time.

was performed by the ‘Working Title’ theatre

sharing their knowledge and being the part of

It was indeed a great learning experience for

group. Many tales begin with a young man or a

the play. All of our Fountainites and of course

both our teachers as well as our students watch-

girl out to make a fortune. But this one begins

the parents had great fun watching the play

ing the play. Hats off to the theatre group for

with a message -Kids power and how to save the

which conveyed an effective message about

conveying such an important message to kids in

extinct species to save our beautiful jungle.

food chain, the ecosystem, endangered wildlife

a creative & funfilled way !

The play sparked the interest in young kids

and environment. Sound quality however was

Falguni Jariwala

Night oooo.........ut Yes, that’s exactly what students from Grade 1

The activities started at 4pm with the “Lemon

War”. After a lot of pulling on either side,

to 5 had on the 19th of December.

& Spoon race” for all grades .The winners got

some wins and some losses, the game ended.

On Friday the 19th, students arrived with

to keep the lemons !

Tiredness and hunger took over and you

luggage of various types, descriptions and

After a snack break, all the students were

could have witnessed the fastest line being

styles and sizes. At 3:30pm, sharp, the stu-

mixed to form groups for the treasure hunt.

formed in the dining area. Chole-puri with

dents rushed to the changing rooms to get

For the next one hour, the students, using

rice and halwa was downed by the students

into casual clothes and came running to the

clues to identify locations, ran across the

and others with full gusto. The younger ones

assembly area armed with bats, racquets, etc

school grounds looking for items assigned to

were ready to sleep after dinner. But, the

to relax !

their groups. Now, it was time for “Tug – of –

night was not yet over!

It was 8.30pm


rooms, boys of

and soon all were

and time for the


Grade 4 and all

awake in the

“Camp Fire”. The


students of

tents. By 6.30

campfire was lit


Grade 5 slept in

am everyone had

in the grounds at


tents put up

assembled at the

the back and


specially in

main gate for a

every one gathered near it. It was time now

the grounds. It was zzzzzzzzz time for those

4km walk to Kunkni village. The beauty of

for “Word Antakshari”. The game proceeded

indoors. But for

the day breaking, the sounds of birds and

briskly, but soon

those in tents,

insects and the greenery of the fields unfold-

made the

the night was

ing before us was worth all the effort. After a

students restless.

still young. After

refreshing drink of cold milk and fruits, it was

“Star Gazing” too

a round of snac-

packing time.

was organized

king, it was time

At the end the students were all boarded in

but the clouds

for some campfire singing and dancing fol-

to the buses and the teachers and organizers

played spoilsport hiding

lowed by “desi antakshari”. 4.30 am dawned

heaved a sigh of relief.

the stars from being visible.

with a heavy drizzle, waking some children

It was indeed a very long day but an enjoy-

Finally it was time to s….l….e….e….p….

in the tents with a steady sound. These few

able day and night for everyone !

Grade 1,2 & 3 slept in their respective class

children worked as a wakeup call for the rest

Gowri Murali

Snap Shot

Learning place value Grade 2

Presentation on school as a work place Grade 2

Feild trip to Police Station Grade 3 & Nursery

Field trip to mangrove Grade 5

Christmas celebration

Presentation of “I believe” Grade 5

Physical Education

Field trip to Reliance Fresh Nursery

Garba Celebration

Creating an ideal Community What fun the third graders are upto! You

play, residence and places that serve us and

from each category- a place to live, work,


should see them

also the general movement pattern in the city.

play and places that serve us. Kids sometimes


in working

Day two—The kids eagerly waited for their

selected colorful drawings and left out some


mode, full of zest

team leaders. As soon as the team leaders

important but less attractive ones.


and energy,

arrived, the kids started making templates of


putting their

various places that they had seen like the


creative instincts

to the best use. In our third unit of inquiry

They pasted them around on

–How we organize ourselves---Communities--

the cardboard and made roa-

--and as a part of enabling “enduring

ds and greenery around it.

understanding”, we were supposed to design

temple, hospital etc. By the end of the day,

Now their ideal city was ready and they were

our own community.

each team had quite a collection of templates.

ready to present it.The kids explained their

With the help of architect Snehal Shah and his

Day three—Once again, the kids were anxious

choices for planning their city in a particular

team of

to know what was in store for them. Now

manner and even accepted their mistakes .


each team was given a blank landscape—a

Overall it was quite an enriching experience

Vairagi, Shabbir,

cardboard with one thing drawn on it---a

for the third graders who became little archi-

Nakul and Ankur,

river/ a lake/ a road or a railway line –and they

tects for a few days .The town planners of the

we successfully

had to plan their

future are ready and raring to go!

completed our

city around it . Every


now and then, the lead-

It was a 3 day activity. Day one—We went on

ers kept on reminding

a city tour to observe the places of work,

them to choose wisely, to pick a template

Mariyam Baxamusa

Air Exhibition What does the word “ Exhibition” mean? That’s exactly what was going on in the minds of the students of Class 1. It was the first experience for the children of Class1 to conduct an exhibition. Students were excited and enthusiastic. The exhibition was held for the UOI ‘Where is air?’ Each student demonstrated an experiment related to a property of air.

3. How to give presentations confidently.

• “Good show put

4. Working in teams and listening to their

up by class -1 – won-

team members’ ideas.

derful. Keep it up.

We received a lot of positive feed back after

Even we enjoyed

the exhibition.

going through the

• “Excellent effort by tiny scientists. They

concepts of ‘air and its functions’ which was

could conduct all the

done so well by the children”.

experiments with


ease which shows

ABOUT! said the students of Class -1 at the

their good understa-

end of the day of exhibition.

nding level. Keep it up. Looking forward to many more such exhibitions.” • “The exhibition was fabulous. It demonstrated the Things they learnt were : 1. How to conduct an exhibition. 2. Answer the questions asked on the spot.

central idea very well. The children were very confident and knew what they were talking about. Great work” Zahabiyah Shaikhmahmood

Our Journey Till Date The Senior KG kids sailed smoothly and com-

they have debates and arguments on pin-

fortably through the previous two UOIs i.e

pointing each other’s meal as junk or healthy food. Celebrations had its own excitement with the children getting hand on experience to know the different festivals, cultures and their respective rituals. It was for the first

time when the children became aware of the fact that there are different religions such as

‘Health & Nutrition’ and ‘Celebrations’ and are

Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jains & Parsi and also

almost on the verge of completion with the

that each of them has a different place for

current UOI- Shadows and Reflections.


The children had their share of unique and

Our current UOI - Shadows and Reflection-

lovely experiences

has been going great guns with the kids

through out all the

experimenting with their shadows , exploring

three UOIs. Even till

different natural and artificial sources of light,

date, during meal time

experiments on reflection etc. The mirror activity and the mirror game was a great hit amongst the kids. Our learners continue to pose interesting questions & learn with all their senses ! Sr KG Teachers

They ask me why I teach Being in the company of these young children

They ask me why i teach & I look around

Or eat the food their hand will grow

has been such a wonderful expereince --

My classroom and reply;

And yet, I may

where else would we get such unconditional

where else would I find such

And later i may say

and pure love and affection? Where else

splendid company?

“I knew them

would we get those simple thoughts which

There sits a statesman to be,

And they were strong or weak

at times are weird & give a knock on the

strong, unbiased, wise

or kind, or proud, or bold

imagination; at times funny & give your bone

Another Daniel Webster,

I knew them once”

a tickle and at times intelligent and you think

silver tongued.

They ask me why I teach, and I reply,

why couldn’t I think like that !!

And there a doctor whose quick steady

‘where else would I find such a

When our Junior KG Team was preparing the

Hand will need a bone or stem

splendid Company?’

POI (program of inquiry) for the year 2008-

A life’s blood flow.

This poem has been penned by Robert Crowe.

2009, we were pondering upon how would

A builder sits beside.

& we JUNIOR KG teachers dedicate it to our

we go about the central idea, lines of inquiry,

Upward rise the arches of the church

learner profile etc. with such young children

Where else would I find such

and tender minds BUT behold! These young

splendid company?

ones not only made our each UOI move

That minister will speak. the word of god

forward smoothly & successfully but they also

And all about, a gathering of farmers,

helped us to open our minds & think the way

merchants and labours

children think.

who work and note and build

These children will move ahead in life & what

And plan and pray

we will cherish with us would be their smiling

Into a great tomorrow

faces, innocent thoughts, unconditional affec-

And I say,

tion, tingling laughter & we would say ........

I may not see the church, Or hear the words,

young children

Feedback Form Report We have given below the charts made in some areas which gives the analysis of the parent feedback form which was earlier sent to the parents. The 4 charts below gives the analysis of parents in 4 major areas- food, infrastructure, transport and administration. The 1st bar in each catgory indicates the number of parent respondents who feel their expectations have not been met, the 2nd bar indicates the number of parents whose expectations have been met and the 3rd bar gives the number of parents whose expectations have been exceeded. The 4th bar gives the number of parents who did not respond to that particular question. Food

Infrastructure & Facility





100 1

80 60 40 20

80 S eries1

2 60

S eries2


S eries3

Not40 Marked

S eries4


0 Taste

Quality & Nutritional value of food




0 Class room

Outdoor Facilities


Indoor Facilities


classroom cleanliness

Overall Cleanliness

As per the Chart, it is seen that we are upto the expectations of pare-

The school is built in such a way that best facilites can be provided to

nts. The variety in food is also seen every month and we make sure

students. Expectations are being met regarding cleanliness of school

that the taste of food is also upto the childrens’ expectations & they

toilets, classrooms, indoor games. Library is the heart of our school

enjoy it. We have consciously introduced items like Juwar roti, Bajra

and we can proudly say that we have exceeded the expectation of

roti etc so the children are accustomed to different tastes.



Administration Fountainhead team


has made sure that


all the queries of parents are solved


as soon as possible and they get the 1


precise answer as 2


per their needs. We 3


Not Marked did take time to


solve the problem regarding id card

0 Duration of timing

Behavior of driver Language of driver Helping the child

S eating Arrangement in bus

S afe S peed

S mooth over bumps/turnings etc.

but now we have found a solution for the id cards and will make sure that every child gets the id card

We have tried to hire the best drivers with good language com-

when needed. There were some complains regarding the uniforms,

mand & safety in driving. Despite having the mobile no. 9327089891

which we did try to solve by getting the vendor to replace the uni-

displayed prominently behind every bus, we have received almost no

forms. However, some complains do persist and we will try our best

complaint calls from the public or our parents. We have met the ex-

to exceed the expectations of parents regarding uniforms for the next

pecations of parents reagrding the time duration also. We are aware

academic year.

that for the next year, there are a number of issues due to the changes in stops and we are trying our best to resolve them. The charts given on the next page give the analysis of the response to some questions asked by the school to the parents. The analysis of the charts as well as our comments are added below the charts.

No. of hours spent actively

Weekend activities

If on an average

Parents would like

the mother spends

activities like skat


15 active hours

ing, western/folk


and the father

dance, instrumental

spends 6 active

music, basket-

hours, that’s very

ball etc every

good. For those

Saturday between

parents spending lesser time than the average, it is important to

9 to 12. Parents

understand that your child can benefit the most from education only

wish to have school

if you play your role in it.

transport and

Mother tongue

are open to

60 50 40

S eries1

30 20 10 0 E very S aturday

One S aturday NOT a month INTE RE S TE D


9 am to 11 am

9 am to 12 9 am to 1 pm noon

120 100 80 60

for extra weekend




S eries 1


students of all the


mu s


Dr am a

ca l

W es te


me nta lm us ic rn/ fol kd an ce


ite s tru Ins


ctiv ga



Re ad in


ra d

Ga me s


es Ch

Sk ati


rro m Ca








Fountainhead has



cultures & different


S eries 1


mother tongue but most of the students are having Hindi as their mother

40 20

tongues followed by Gujarati. We are already offering Hindi. Introduction

0 Own trans port

of Gujarati is being planned but a road map is not yet clear.

Comments about survey

Alternate S aturdays

sk etb

pay additional fees


S c hool trans port

E xtra F ees



PCM attendance

Feedback form was sent to all the parents out of which most of the parents found it useful. Some did not find it useful. Language

The 1st PCM received very good attendence from both parents. How-

used in form was

ever, we noticed a drop in attendence after that. Attendence at PCM is

easily understood by

very important to support your child’s learning at home. With respect

most of parents who

to timings, we are also taking care that meeting for pre-primary, pri-

returned the

mary and Fountainhead preschool are now on different dates as per

feedback form.

requests from many parents.

Although the form was lengthy, it was comprehensive and covered all aspects of the school. Infact most of the parents do expect that this kind of survey should be conducted every 6months. Feedback form is beneficial for parents and more importantly, for the school so that we can know where the school is lagging behind and where we have met the expectations of parents.

Sonam Vachchani


Pooja Kshatriya

Notes on an unhurried journey

Change is in the air !

When we adults think of children there is a

unless they are denied to him by adults who

Taking inspiration from Barack Obama, Foun-

simple truth which we ignore;

have convinced themselves that childhood is

tainhead too has gone in for a change for the

childhood is not preparation for life; child-

a period of preparation.

better. Here’s how:

hood is life.

1. Fountainhead Preschool has moved from

A child is not getting ready to live;

How much heartache we would save our-

its old location to Mehta Bhuvan, Opp.

A child is living.

selves if we would recognize the child as a

Denticare, Behind Sargam Shopping Center.

The child is constantly confronted with the

partner with adults in the process of living,

Our new premises are bigger with more

nagging question;

rather than always viewing him as an ap-

facilities for children. Fountainhead Preschool

“What are you going to be?”


runs Playgroup, Nursery and Mother Toddler

Courageous would be the younger who, look-

How much we would teach each other?

Classes. Admissions are currently open for

ing the adult squarely in the face, would say,

adults with the experience and

2009-10 session.

I am not going to be anything: I already am.

the children with the freshness.

2. Our website has been updated. Please visit

We adults would be shocked by such an inso-

How full both our lives could be.

us at

lent remark, for we have forgotten, if we ever

A little child may not lead us, but at least we

Fountainhead Newsletter Team :

knew that a child is an active participating

ought to discuss the trip with him:

Designed by Sakina Sadriwala

and contributing member of society from the

For after all,

Edited by Ankita Kabra

time he is born.

Life is his and her journey too.

Childhood isn’t a time when he is moulded into a human who will then live life; he is a human who is living life. No child will miss the zest and joy of living

Parents are invited to send their original articles/ poems/ short stories for the school

Adapted from : T. Ridalpi

newsletter. Articles can be in English/ Hindi/

Contributed by Hasina Saifee

Gujarati. Please send an email to

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Newsletter 2009  

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