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Wearable Vintage Fashion Jo Waterhouse Clare Bridge


Look Book / Eveningwear Evening wear of the 20s for the affluent was luxurious, glamourous and sparkling. These items are to inspire a 20s evening look of your own.

Marcasite belt buckle. Celluloid brooch with dancing couple, a ‘snap shot’ of the decade’s fashion.

Luxurious black velvet, fur collared coat with gold brocade velvet evening gown, with large, gold metal belt buckle. Early plastic hair comb, with Deco sun burst design. A pre20’s accessory worn in long hair ‘up do’s’ popular before the short bob dominated.

Diamante Deco design brooch. Blue devore velvet flapper style dress.


Soft orange silk dress with geometric pattern, and matching drop waist belt.

Original satin evening shoes.


Diamante hat pin.

Early plastic, foil-backed dress clips, usually worn either side of a square neckline or on each strap for embellishment.

Long, gold leather gloves.

Original silk embroidered kimono style dressing gown, example of exotic/eastern influence.

Soft blue, long, suede gloves with decadent diamante embellishment.

Black velvet dress with stitched diamante jewels in an exotic style ‘necklace’ shape.

Marcasite hair pins, pre-20s but still worn throughout the decade. A modern kimono, a style classic produced throughout the 20th century and perfect to recreate a 20s boudoir look.

A devore velvet evening jacket.

Black suede gloves with diamond pattern.

Diamante and tortoise shell plastic dress clips.

Oriental style, early plastic hair comb. 25



Earth tones such as browns and greens were popular colours in the 70s. Here we have a pair of heavy, tapestry flares, worn with a polyester pink pussy bow blouse and green suede waistcoat. Accessorised with a handmade carpet bag, furry felt hat and a humungous pair of platform sandals. This outfit would not be for shy and retiring types! This particular look also illustrates the androgynous trend of the decade: colourful, frilly shirts, waistcoats and flares would have been seen on both men and women.



Another colourful look, here we have a floral print maxi skirt, the bold, psychedelic hippie-style patterns of the late 60s carried over well into the 70s. This outfit consists of a bright yellow pussy bow blouse, but just as often you will see long, pointy collars on tops. We’ve teamed it with a velvet jacket and cloth-style cap, plus a big brown leather handbag and coordinating platform shoes.


Power Blouses


Blouses were very popular during this decade and came in many colours and patterns, from the stylish to the outlandish, usually in silk or polyester. They could be oversized to be worn over leggings, or fitted to be part of office attire. There was a strong 40s influence here as they usually all had shoulder pads to create that ultimate sharp shouldered effect. These blouses could be dressed up or down, for day or evening.




80s eveningwear was varied, but there was usually a bit of razzle dazzle whatever the look. In the 80s ladies were as glamourous in trousers for an evening out as they would be in a skirt or dress. Here's a stylish evening look using silky tapered trousers with a high satin waistband. We've chosen an evening crossover power blouse, in gold lamĂŠ. We've accessorised with wonderfully big gold spiky earrings, a wide belt with gold leopard, decorative clasp, a patent clutch and black suede shoes with unusual gold bevelled heels.


Wearable Vintage Fashion Jo Waterhouse & Clare Bridge Covering the looks of the twentieth century from the 1920s to the 1980s, this insider’s guide features the clothing, accessories and styling to recreate the looks of each decade in a new and fun format. Both a visual reference for collectors as well as a styling guide for how to wear classic vintage clothing, this book shows timeless, classic vintage pieces that will always be stylish regardless of the era they came from or the fashion trend of the moment. Full of illustrations of clothing and accessories plus tips on make-up and hairstyles for each decade, the authors provide everything you need to know to recreate a period look – whether you are using vintage pieces or mixing them with contemporary items. In addition, the authors choose a fashion icon for each decade who represents a certain style and show you how to get that look. Farah Fawcett? Marilyn Monroe? Finally, a gallery of vintage street fashion from around the world demonstrates the creative ways that people have put together their own looks combining vintage with, or as, their everyday dress. This book is for all vintage fashion lovers, whether you are a student, a fashion professional, a street-style blogger or you just enjoy dressing up in vintage style.

Jo Waterhouse is a freelance writer and author of several books specialising in sub-cultural art scene including Indie Craft and Concrete to Canvas. She has been wearing and collecting vintage clothing since her teens. Clare Bridge owns the boutique Second Hand Rose turning her love and knowledge of vintage into a successful business. She also styles photoshoots and has consulted on vintage clothing for the BBC.