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XingYuan Machinery is a global leader in the design and manufacture of die casting tooling, magnesium and aluminum die casting, CNC machining, secondary finishing and assembly. We serve all markets across Asia, Europe and North America. The manufacturing capacity of the tooling shop is 200 + die sets per year.Our production CNC department includes 40 machines and the Die Casting shop has 10 presses ranging from 300T to 2000T. Shot blasting, tumbling and ultrasonic washing are integrated into the process flow to assure the surface excellence. XingYuan utilizes JS Cast, the premier casting flow software to design runners, gates and venting. XingYuan deploys 10 Cold chamber die casting machines ranging from 300T to 2,000T with fully automated controls for the melt, spraying and trimming. Over 40 CNC’s utilizing four and five axis machining on Fanuc, HAAS and Mazak. In total producing over 5,000,000 components per year. XingYuan is TS16949 registered for the Quality Systems. We utilize the Zeiss CMM, X-Ray technology and Spectra analyzer to test and verify all incoming raw material.We have a dual approach for in-process inspection by using functional gaging, and variable data by the QC department as an independent check, to support XingYuan’s Quality First principle. In response to the light-weight design of the automotive industry, XingYuan has been working with many famous OEM and Tier I suppliers to develop the production magnesium die castings. Over the twenty-four years since its inception, XingYuan Machinery has always been dedicated to its Quality First principle, and to serving its customers with the highest level of excellence.

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宁波星源机械有限公 司,是一家集压铸模 具设计与制造,镁合 金,铝合金压铸,精 加工生产和销售为一 体的大型外商独资企 业。模具车间配备德 国DMG高速加工中 心,慢走丝线切割, 数 控电脉冲、深孔钻等 高精尖设备一应俱 全、 精加工车间和 压铸配备全自动生产 压铸机、发那科,马扎 克五轴加工中心等各 类设计,生产设备。公司引进日本JS Cast模流分析软件、实 现了模具设计先期可视化分析。本着一切以质量为先的原 则,星源通过一系列严格的测试,确保模具在原材料、热处 理、标准件, 以及制造过程等各环节都始终处于严格受控状 态。公司拥有从300T到2000T不同规格全自动压铸设备10 余台,全部实现自动化生产。哈斯,发那科,马扎克5轴加 工中心40余台, 年产合格压铸件500万件。通过了ISO9001 和TS16949质量管理体系认证。近年来,星源机械始终掌 握时代脉络,坚持走高端铸造镁合金市场,奥迪、克莱斯 勒、TORO、特斯拉 等众多知名主机厂和汽车行业一级供 应商纷纷选择了星源开发的镁合金产品,并已投产应用于各 量产车型上.星源公司长期为汽车行业和知名机械行业主机 厂服务,营销网络遍布全球,

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Foundry-planet e-Magazine Diecasting-Dialogue ISSUE 1 | JUNE 2017  
Foundry-planet e-Magazine Diecasting-Dialogue ISSUE 1 | JUNE 2017