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Nominate an LPS Educator by Nov. 15 FLPS recognizes and celebrates educators who make THE difference in the classroom. Nominate your favorite teacher today for an Educator Award: • Marie Bourke Principal Award • Ruth I. Eickman Early Childhood Educator Award • Helen Krieger Outstanding Healthcare Provider Award • John Prasch Health and Physical Fitness Award

Jennifer Absalon Barbara Baier Bob Barth Julie Bechtel Lanny Boswell James Bowen Bob Caldwell Dick Campbell Tom Cherry Thomas Christie Nicholas J. Cusick John Dittman Connie Duncan John C. Geist Norm Hedgecock Chris Hove Steve Joel, Superintendent Susan Keisler-Munro Janet Labenz, Treasurer Boyd Ober, Vice Chair Takako Olson Jeffery T. Peetz Karen Peppmuller, Asst. Treasurer Laurie Boyd Petty, Secretary Ron Romero Linda Robinson-Rutz Jason Schmaderer Jill Gradwohl Schroeder Lisa Smith, Chair Jane Stavem Jennifer Strand Judy Terwilliger Sharon Wherry, President

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Go to to nominate an LPS educator.

Giving Just Got Easier. Make an impact on student learning through monthly giving. • Monthly giving is a secure way to donate to student needs year-round. • Saves paper, postage and time. • You choose the amount of your gift.

Choose ‘Monthly Giving’ on the donation form enclosed or visit

Don’t Miss the IRA Rollover Opportunity Under the extended charitable IRA legislation for 2013, if you are 70½ or older, you can make charitable gifts now to the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools using funds from your individual retirement accounts (IRAs) without undesirable tax effects. Transfer any amount (up to $100,000 per person) from your IRA account directly to the Foundation for LPS. This IRA transfer is not reported as taxable income and 100% goes to charity. You receive a benefit even if you do not itemize.

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Foundation for LPS Board of Directors

Fall Newsletter


FLPS 25th Anniversary and New Home at 5905 ‘O’ Street On September 15th, the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools (FLPS) welcomed Founders, Board Members, Trustees, Legacy Society members and friends to the 25th Anniversary Kick-Off Celebration at the new LPS District Office at 5905 ‘O’ Street. The Foundation was created in 1989 after LPS received a $150,000 estate gift from a retired teacher to fund a language immersion program for students. As a result, the School Board and community leaders decided to create the Foundation as a separate, independent 501 (c) (3) organization to work with others who are passionate about education and who want to donate additional resources to teachers and students. Since inception, FLPS has funneled $27 million for scholarships, awards and programs affecting more than 85,000 students. When the May 2011 fire burned the LPS District Office to the ground, FLPS was able to set up temporary offices at Labenz and Associates LLC, Lincoln East High and the Celerion Building

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Go to for examples or contact Vietnam - traditional wooden junk Ruth Gerber at (402) 436-1612 or for more information.

on 14th Street to continue to support student needs. In July the Foundation moved into the new District Office and is located on the first floor. This 100,000-square-foot building features full lab/training rooms, a music library, the Lincoln Board of Education room, executive offices for the Superintendent and Administration staff, and various LPS departments including Special Programs and Student Services. The District has also become home to a beautiful new five foot bronze sculpture on loan from Robert and Karen Duncan. Tall Flowers by Donald Baechler is located on the northeast side of the building and can be seen from ‘O’ Street.

The Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools thanks the many friends and donors who supported the recovery efforts from the fire and those that continue to support LPS student needs! The Foundation for LPS is located on the first floor of the newly rebuilt LPS District Office at 5905 ‘O’ Street.

A Message From Our President

Students today face many challenges. Many have big goals and they dream of a better life. Thankfully we are able to help many students with scholarships and grants thanks to donors who care. A few who inspired us recently include -

Cultivate an Interest Encourage a Vision

13 Year Old Donated to Foundation for LPS

One student who moved halfway around the world in hopes of a better life and to learn English. After 3 ½ years of hard work, she rose to become the top student in her senior class.

Foundation Welcomes New Legacy Members Established in 1994 to recognize the generous individuals who have made planned gifts to the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools, the Legacy Society is dedicated to the work and mission of the Foundation. In 2013 we welcome the following new members: • Richard & Kathy Campbell • Andrew & Ellan Hove • Sandra S. Fabry • Jean Hile & Sgt. Major John Swindle, USMC (retired) • Patricia Jorn • Mary Louise Dutcher • Trixie & Dave Schmidt • Jane Wendorff • Jeff & Holly Quandt • Marilyn & David Moore • Mary L. Kanter • Daisy & J. Gates Minnick

Heritage League to Support FLPS The Heritage League Women’s Club of Lincoln will present the 41st Annual Holiday of Trees event December 5-6, 2013 at Westminster Presbyterian Church (2110 Sheridan Blvd.) from 10:00am – 8:00pm. Proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the ‘Andrew’s Angels Fund’ at the Foundation for LPS to provide iPad technology to students with autism. For more information visit

Another student was determined to rise above his family history of drug and alcohol abuse and plans to become a counselor to help others. Another top notch student found time to excel in athletics and be a dedicated community volunteer despite their low-income and health challenges. One student decided to resist the pressure to join the family business because they felt that life had much more to offer and they wanted to be the best they could be.

Thirteen year old Sophia, creator of Live Life for Shoes, donated $670 to the ‘Andrew’s Angels – iPads for Students with Autism Fund’ at the Foundation for LPS.

In each instance, these students are driven to make their lives better for themselves and their families. Though they are focused on achieving top academic success, they also find time to contribute significantly to community service. Thanks to our many scholarship donors, we are able to give financial aid to these inspiring students who hope for a better future. Each student writes a thank you note to their donor and many say they are so grateful for the help that they plan to pay it forward to assist future students. In fact, both students and donors are inspiring! To learn more about the Foundation’s scholarship program visit

Help bring the latest technology to classrooms. Fund-A-Need today! Sharon Wherry Foundation for LPS President

Fund-A-Need Supplies New Technology Matt Wagner (Irving Middle School Industrial Technology teacher) understands the importance of integrating advanced technology into his classroom. He strives to ensure his students receive the topnotch education needed to be successful in our global economy. Thanks to generous community donors, Wagner received funding for a new Promethean Interactive White Board as

Technology is a vital component of the learning experience for LPS students. Now more than ever teachers are requesting iPads, iPods, e-Readers and new computers for their classrooms to make their lessons more dynamic and impactful for our students.

E-Books for Fredstrom School Provide a subscription to Tumblebooks, an online service that provides access to 1,500 e-Books and lesson plans. Teachers wish to use the books during classroom read-alouds and independent reading for over 500 students.

part of the Foundation’s Fund-A-Need classroom grant program.

Funds Needed: $244

The white board consists of an 87” screen, projector, stylus and student response systems (cell phone-like devices for each student). The response systems allow students to interact with the lesson by answering quiz questions letting Wagner gauge the students’ understanding of the lesson.

East High Learning Center - 2 Dell Laptops

Wagner’s goal is to deepen his students’ appreciation and excitement for learning while concentrating on engineering and architecture curriculum as part of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The new white board creates a more dynamic learning environment for his 250 students to engage and explore.

Funds Needed: $398

Enhance the learning experience for students, Fund-A-Need today!

After seeing a pair of tie-dyed shoes that were too expensive to purchase, Sophia created her own tie-dying business online at Sophia’s tie-dyed shoes sell for $20.00 and approximately $10.00 from each pair sold is donated to a non-profit.

Add two new Dell Laptops to the Learning Center at East High for students to complete course work and research.

Funds Needed: $1473

iPad for Morley Elementary Double the access to reading materials, phonics testing and math practice for students by donating to purchase an iPad for classroom use.

Galaxy Note for Pyrtle Elementary Ms. Painter’s class wishes to add a Galaxy Note to their classroom. This technology provides an interactive way to practice handwriting, phonemic awareness, reading fluency, letter recognition and listening skills.

Funds Needed: $644

Donate today to support student achievement!

Why I Support the Foundation for LPS “We have donated to the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools for over 15 years. We have found this organization to be committed, courteous and easy to work with. A professional organization that puts our donations to good use for the children in the Lincoln Public School System!” -Trixie & Dave Schmidt, Owners, Aspen Child Development Center

Fall Newsletter 2013  
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