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KCWC Procedures Handbook for The Board, Activity Leaders, Event Planners

Version: 2012-13

Introduction: Message from the President

Many thanks from all the members of the Kensington Chelsea Women's Club for taking on the job of volunteering on behalf of our Club. Whether you are serving on the Board or as an Activity Leader or in any other volunteer role, your contribution is valued by our membership whom we are all proud to serve. Volunteers are at the heart of KCWC. Indeed it is the spirit of volunteering that fuels our Club making everything possible. Your efforts help our members discover London while expanding their knowledge base in areas they might not previously have had the opportunity or luxury to indulge and explore. And all the while making friends and sharing cultures. This is a lasting gift your contribution of time and enthusiastic effort make possible. This Handbook includes sections on all of the operating areas of the KCWC. It provides an overview of the management structure of the Club and should answer many of your questions on the "technical" aspect of serving on the Board, using the Newsletter and KCWC website, and planning Activities and Events. Along with this necessary information, this Handbook includes sample forms you will use as well as a listing of important meeting, deadline, and general calendar dates to help you plan your diary for the busy year ahead. At the close of your term volunteering for KCWC, you will be asked to prepare a report summarizing the work you did in your particular area. Your successor will be given this along with the Procedures Handbook so that she can benefit from your expertise. Communication and shared information are vital in helping KCWC run smoothly as Board members, ActiVity Leaders and Presidents come and go! The nature of our Club is a changing membership so we need to consistently record the procedures that have worked well and those that need improvement going forward. Thank you on behalf of KCWC in advance for keeping and printing notes throughout your year in office or volunteer experience towards this end. Thank you again and here is to another exciting year ahead for the Kensington Chelsea Women's Club.

Best wishes, Susan Lenora President

What's in This Handbook? In order to provide the information you might need as a Board Member or Activity Leader, we have tried to cover the details of what your job will involve along with answering frequently asked questions. Please don't be overwhelmed by information overload! You needn't read the Procedures Handbook from cover to cover on the first day. But do please skim through it now to familiarise yourself with what it contains. That way when you do need details of how to handle something, you will know where to look. We hope you'll find answers for, or at least some help with, most questions or situations you will meet as a valued KCWC volunteer.

Information in this Handbook: Section A: KCWC By-Laws (NOTE: Revised and Approved December 2010) Section B: Board Members: Contact Details, Responsibilities, Job Descriptions Section C: Club Policies I Facts and Misconceptions I Contacting KCWC Section 0: The Website I Logging on, Activities: Activity Leader's Home Page, Club Planning Calendar, Bulletin Board, Photos, Directory, Board IntraNet Section E: KCWC ENews and EBlasts E2: KCWC Social Networking - Facebook. Twitter and Linkedln Section F: The Newsletter: Deadlines and Copy Instructions F2: Frequently Asked Questions Section G: Activities and Event Planning - Planning Checklist G2: Common Problems Section H: What We've Learned - Sharing Our Experience Section I: Budgets, Accounting, VAT, and TOMS Section J: Stationery Section K: KCWC Planning Dates Section L: Sample Forms: Data Protection Act Fit and Proper Statement Membership Application Activity Costing Sheet (optional) Activity Sign In Sheet Cheque Request and Expense Reimbursement Form Cheque Deposit Form I Credit Debit Card Deposit Form Activity Summary Report (optional) Version 2012/13



Section A: KCWC By-Laws BY-LAWS OF THE KENSINGTON CHELSEA WOMEN'S CLUB When interpreting the text of these By-laws, words in the singular may be read in the plural and vice versa. ARTICLE 1 -- NAME Section 1: The name of the organisation is the Kensington Chelsea Women's Club, popularly known as the KCWC. It will hereinafter be referred to as the Club. Section 2: The name of the Club may only be used with the express permission of The Executive Board, (hereinafter referred to as the Board). The President and/or a vote of the Board can give such permission. Section 3: The name of the Club cannot be used to endorse any person, product or service without a discussion by, and majority vote of, the Board. ARTICLE 2 -- PURPOSE The purpose of the Club is to promote social contacts and interaction between members while heiping to enhance and enrich the experience of members through the development and offering of social, educational and cultural activities. ARTICLE 3 .- ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE The Club is managed by the Board which is charged with the overall administrative and fiscal supervision of the Club. A slate of Board members is ratified annually by the general membership during the June General Meeting. The Board has the authority to form support committees to aid them in the performance of their duties at any time during the year. Such support committee members are not necessarily members of the Board, but must be current members of the Club. ARTICLE 4 - MEMBERSHIP Section 1: General Membership is open to any woman who wishes to join the Club; who agrees to abide by the Club's By-laws; and who honours her financial obligations to the Club. Membership can commence at any time during the Club year and begins immediately upon receipt of dues and the application being processed. Overseas Membership is open to any woman who meets the above criteria but does not have a UK mailing address. Dues are paid in Brttish pounds only. No postal mailings will be sent to an overseas address. Section 2: Membership Year: Individual Membership runs for 12 months from the date an application is processed. Section 3: Revocation of Membership: All members must adhere to these By-laws. Any member who is found to be in conftict with these By-laws and who does not adhere to the By-laws of the Club may have her membership revoked by the President acting with the approval of the Board. ARTICLE 5 -- STANDING RULES OF MEMBERSHIP Section 1: Conduct of Members: Any member who misrepresents the ClUb, uses the Club for her personal financial gain, causes it embarrassment or otherwise damages its reputation will be deemed to have abused her membership in the Club and will be contacted by the President who will decide on the appropriate action, including possible revocation of membership. Section 2: Participation in Activities and Events: Activities and events are open for participation by Club members and, at the discretion of the Activity Leaders, their guests. Participation in Club activities and events is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. If payment is due, the reserved place will not be considered confirmed until the ActiVity Leader receives payment. The ActiVity Leader may resell the space if payment is not received within five days of signing up for the activity. Section 3: Refunds: If an activity or an event has been paid for and the Club member cannot attend, she is encouraged to "sell" her place to another Club member at the price she paid. If she cannot sell her place, she can check with the Activtty Leader to explore the possibiltty of selling tt to someone on a waiting list, if there is one. It is not the Club's policy to refund activity fees to members. Section 4: Promotion & Advertising: Disclaimer: Any advertisements are considered to be from independent vendors with no association or affiliation with KCWC. KCWC makes no representations, guarantees, warrantees or other assurances as to the products and services offered. General Meetings: Members may not use the monthly General Meeting to promote the sale of goods and services without the prior approvai of the Activity Leader Liaison and/or Member Benefits.

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Monthly Newsletter: The monthly Newsletter will contain an advertising section in which members and non members may place paid advertisements. No flyers or other commercial material may be distributed via the monthly Newsletter without prior approval of the Corporate Advertising and the Newsletter Manager. Website: The Club's website will include a section in which members and businesses may place advertisements. Advertisements may only be placed on the website with the approval of either Classified or Corporate Advertising. Section 5: Use of Membership Directory: An Online Version of the membership directory of the membership directory will be maintained on the Club's website and updated as necessary. It is for the personal, noncommercial use of Club members only. No member may use the directory for commercial purposes without securing written permission from the President and the Board. The Board is obligated to provide explanatory information to the membership about any exceptions it authorises concurrent with or prior to such use. KCWC is registered under the UK Data Protection Act of 1998. ARTICLE 6 -- MANAGEMENT Section 1: The Board: The Board is charged with the overall administration and fiscal supervision of the Club. The Board members must be fully paid members of the Club and live in England. Board members must comply with requirements and sign and date a Fit and Proper Statement and a form confirming awareness of KCWC registration under the UK Data Protection Act 1998. a. The Board Members: The following positions constitute the Board. At the discretion of the Board, a position may be filled by more than one person. 19.Events Coordinator 1. President 20.Membership Services 2. Vice President 21.Advertising Services 3. Secretary

4. Treasurer 5. Activity Leader Liaison 6. Classified Advertising Chairwoman 7. Corporate Advertising Chairwoman 8. Hospitality 9. KCWC Kids 10. Member Benefits Chairwoman 11. Membership 12. Potential Membership 13. Programmes Chairwoman 14. Special Events 15. Newsletter Manager 16. Website Manager 17. Annual Charity Events 18. Charity Chairwoman New Board positions can be created at any time by the Board via a proposal that includes a job description and an explanation of how the position will benefit the Club. The proposal must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the sitting Board. Any new position will be considered probationary for a one-year period, after which it may be permanently voted onto the Board once an assessment has been made as to its usefulness to the Club and Board; it must then be presented to the membership to be added to the By-laws. b. The tenn of the Board and each Board position will run from 1 August through 31 JUly. The Board will be ratified by a two-thirds majority vote of those Club members attending the June General Meeting. The June Board meeting will include both old and new Board members as a means to transition each position. During the overlap period between the ratification of Board members at the June General Meeting and 1 August, the elected Board member can become involved in Board issues if deemed necessary. The elected Board members should attend a training session held by the current President. The outgoing Board member will continue to perform her duties through July 31 except in cases where it would be imprudent for her to do so and where the Board has given its approval for her participation to continue for an extended transition period. c. Term Limits: Members may serve on the Board for no more than five years; they will be re-eligible for Board service after a two-year break. Board Members may not hold the same position for more than three consecutive elected terms unless the Nominating Committee determines that there is no qualified candidate as or more suitable to fill her position - except for the President who may only hold that position for two consecutive elected

terms. d. Mid-term Replacement of Board Positions: With the exception of the President (covered below), any mid-term Board vacancies will be assumed by the Vice President until filled and confirmed by a two-thirds majority vote of the sitting Board. When a position on the Board becomes open, the President will initially request that the vacating Board member recommend a replacement. Simuitaneously, the President will advertise the position at Version 2012/13 Page 5

General Meetings, the KCWC newsletter, website and eNews. Potential candidates will be reviewed by the Board and one will be presented for confirmation. While the candidate may be present at the meeting of the vote, she must excuse herself from the meeting for the vote and she cannot participate until after her confirmation. e. Mid·tenm Replacement of the President: In the event it is necessary to replace the President midtenm, the Vice President will immediately assume the position and must be confinmed by two-thirds majority vote of the sitting Board. Should the Vice President be unable or unwilling to assume the role, the Secretary will assume the position and must be confirmed by a two·thirds majority vote of the silting Board. f. Board Responsibilities: · Each Board member or her position partner shall attend the monthly General Meeting and the monthly Board meeting Each is responsible for conducting the affairs of her position in a fiscally responsible manner · Each represents the Board at any Club activity she attends. · Upon leaving her position, each Board member is responsible for briefing and educating her successor. This is done to enable a smooth transftion and to ensure all related files and the Club Procedures Handbook are given to the incoming Board member. g. Conduct, Complaints, Conflicts of Interest & Removal of Board Members: 1. Complaints about Board Members: Any Club member has the right, at any time, to challenge the effectiveness of any Board member by writing to the President and/or another member of the Board. It is then the responsibility of the Board to investigate the complaint and to respond in writing to the Club member. The complaint letter should include enough specific infonmation to allow the Board to conduct a reasonable inquiry. The Club member must sign her letter but the President (or Board member receiving the letter) will keep her identity confidential. Copies of the letter will be made and distributed to the Board without the signature line. The letter and response will become official attachments to the Minutes of the following Board meeting. 2. Removal from Board for Cause: Any Board member who does not follow the Club's By-laws or is judged to be ineffective in her position on the Board may be asked to resign her position by the President, acting with the approval of the Board. If the Board deems that any Board member has caused damage to the reputation or relationships of the Club, she may be voted out of her posftion by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board and thereafter barred from holding future Board positions. 3. Conflict of Interest: Any KCWC member who is a contractual or paid service provider to the Club is not eligible for a Board position. A Board member may not profit monetarily through her Board position. A Board member is obligated to disclose any relevant personal or family interest which may be involved with KCWC

business. Section 2: The Board Nominating Committee & Board Ratification: The Nominating Committee is charged with preparing a slate of Board officers for the upcoming Board term. The Committee will stand from January until July. a. Committee: There will be seven people on the Nominating Committee. The Board Secretary shall be chairperson and is responsible for filling the remaining six positions. In order to optimally reflect the distinct areas of the Club (i.e., Board / Activity Leaders I General Membership), it is recommended that the Committee includes:

Two current Board members ; • Another two club members who are Activity Leaders; and · A further two club members from the general membership. Volunteers for the Nominating Committee will be solicited via announcements at General Meetings, the KCWC newsletter, website and eNews. Nominees for the Committee will be contacted by the Board Secretary. Qualifications to serve on the Committee may include length of Club membership, involvement in Club activities and availability for Nominating Committee meetings. Service on the Nominating Committee will not prevent a member from being considered as a candidate for a Board position, and should any member of the Nominating Committee be considered for a Board position, she should excuse herself from all relevant discussions. b. Responsibility: The Nominating Committee will solicit candidates for the Board via announcements at General Meetings and the KCWC newsletter, website and eNews. Simultaneously, the current President or Secretary will contact all current Board members to enquire whether they wish to be considered for their current position or another posftion on the Board. The general membership will be encouraged to suggest candidates to the Nominating Committee via email or letter before the middle of March. The Nominating Committee will then evaluate and review information deemed helpful to the Committee in preparing their proposed slate. This information may include length of Club membership, involvement in Club activities and availabilfty for Board meetings.

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The Nominating Committee will give equal consideration to all names suggested for Board positions whether the are sitting Board members or new candidates. The Nominating Committee is not obligated to keep a current Board member in her position at the end of the Board year. c. Ratification: The Secretary will present the slate of candidates to the current Board for review at the May Board meeting. It will be presented to the general membership at the June General Meeting to be ratified by a two-thirds majority vote of the members in attendance. d. Stipulations for Board Positions: The position of President shall be filled by a current or past member of the Board. . The position of Activity Leader Liaison shall be filled by a current or past Activity Leader. . The position of Treasurer shall be filled by a member who can demonstrate to the Committee her

knowledge and experience in the area of financial management. Section 3: The Activity Areas: The Activity Leaders manage the Activity Areas of the Club and provide input and gUidance to the Board via the Activity Leader Liaison and other opportunities of interaction. Each Activity Leader is. when possible. to find a replacement when she leaves her position. Activity Areas: The operating list of Activity Areas can and will vary throughout the Club year. An activity will be deemed "operating" as long as it offers events that attract the participation of Club members on a regular basis, it has an Activity Leader, and it is fiscally sound. The list of Activity Areas will be included in each monthly Newsletter and on the Club's webs~e. a. Responsibilities of Activity Leaders, to: 1. Operate their Activity Area and events in a well-managed, fiscally accurate and responsible way. This includes the timely submission of information for both the monthly Newsletter and for the website, and accurate Activity reports including cheque request forms, cheque deposit forms and activity sign-in sheets.

2. Ensure timely and clear communication with Club members and outside vendors when and as called for. 3. Provide representation at own Activity Area events. If an Activity Leader is not participating in her own event and cannot attend to ensure that the event begins on time and runs smoothly, then she must designate one of the participants or someone else to represent her in this way. 4. Attend each monthly General Meeting (or delegate a representative) and staff a table for her Activity Area where she is available to respond to Club Members' inquiries and to provide

information on upcoming events. 5. Keep a comprehensive file. This will include historic files from events during previous years. For the current year, it will include a sheet summarising each activity planned during her term (whether held or cancelled); budget information as supplied by the Treasurer; and any other relevant information relating to the management of her Activity Area. This file is to be passed

on to her successor. 6. ActiVity Leaders are excluded from conducting classes for remuneration in their own Activity Area. An ActiVity Leader may sponsorlhold an event in her own area but she may not receive

any remuneration. 7. An ActiVity Leader may hire an Activity Leader from another area to run a class or event. Where the latter or her company receives some kind of benefit, this engagement is only permitted once per year. In these instances, the Leader is treated just like any other outside tutor/vendor and is SUbject to periodic review, including value assessments and adherence to contractuai obligations. 8. When the Activity Leader is responsible for the organization of an event and attends primarily to handle administrative duties, she is allowed a credit of up to £30 for the cost of that event. This allowance must be budgeted into the per person price of the event. An Activity Leader simply attending the event is not eligible for the £30 allowance. In certain cases, subject to the review of the Activity Leader Liaison, a credit greater than £30 may be offered to the organizing ActiVity Leader or she may be allowed free participation. However, the allowance applied may not exceed the total cost of the event. and free participation is specifically excluded for overnight trips.

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9. Should there be no cost associated with holding an activity/event, an Activity Leader may still charge participants a minimal reservation fee to help ensure registered participants attend the activity/event. The sum collected will be deposited into the general budget of that Activity Area. Introduction of New Activity Areas: A new Activity Area can, with the approval of the Activity Leader Liaison, be started at any time by any member of the Club who will serve as the Activity Leader. The Activity Area will operate for a six-month trial period under the supervision of its own Activity Leader and the Activity Leader Liaison. During the trial period, the new area will offer Club members a minimum of three relevant activities, and its leader must adhere to the By-laws and the Procedures Handbook. As with all Activity Areas, new Activity Areas must be self-funding from their inception. After the trial period, the new Activity Area will be reviewed by the Activity Leader Liaison and will be made a permanent Activity Area if deemed successful. Removal of ActiVity Areas: An Area will remain on the Club's active list so long as it meets the criteria for a functioning Activity, namely, having an Activity Leader who (1) adheres to the By-laws and Procedures Handbook and who (2) operates the Activity in a fiscally sound manner. (3) holds at minimum three activities a Club year. and (4) holds activities that attract Club members. Failure to meet any of these criteria will result in the ActiVity being made inactive and its being removed after a three-month period of review. An Activity may be reactivated at any time if it meets the criteria for a functioning Activity Area. ARTICLE 7 - MEETINGS Section 1: General Membership Meetings: Monthly meetings will be held on the first Thursday of each month from September through June, or at the option of the Board. Section 2: Board Meetings: The Board will meet monthly, generally the third week of the month to facilitate the Treasure~s financial reporting, or as required and called by the President. 路 In advance of a Board meeting, each Board position should submit to the Secretary an electronic report which will be distributed to the entire Board as part of the meeting agenda. 路 Any member may add an item to the agenda with prior approval of the President and notification to the Secretary. Requests should be submitted no less than one week prior to the Board meeting. Three-fifths of the Board positions must be present to constitute a quorum. 路 Resolutions may only be passed with a two-thirds majority vote of a quorum. 路 At the discretion of the President, a resolution may be passed via an electronic vote by two-thirds majority of three-fifths of the Board positions within a time frame specified by the Secretary. ARTICLE 8 - FINANCES Section 1: Club BUdget: The Club's Annual BUdget will include revenue and expenses for Dues, General Meetings, Activities and Events, Advertising, Board/Club Management and other general overhead items and projects as approved by the Board. The Club's fiscal and budget year will run from 1 August to 31 july. Section 2: Dues: The membership dues amount will be reviewed annually by the Treasurer and President and approved by the Board. These dues will be used to cover all or part of: General Meeting expenses, monthly Newsletter production and distribution, website hosting and maintenance, membership database management and general management expenses for the Club. Section 3: Fiscal Management 3. Minimum Cash Balances: The Club needs to maintain a minimum amount of assets to be reviewed annually as part of the bUdgeting process and approved by the Board. These minimum cash balances should equal at least six months of expenses and contingencies. b. Investment Policy: Any investments should be low-risk with capital protection at an established and registered financial institution. c. Tax Status: KCWC is a non-profit Amenity Society. It is not a charity. The Club is expected to spend the money it collects from its members on its members either now or in future. Were the Club to cease operation, any net operating surplus would be distributed equally to the Club members at time of dissolution. Section 4: Cash Advances: These will be available for pre-payment deposits for activities/classes/events with the approval of the Treasurer. Section 5: Activity Area Budgets: All activities and events will be paid for by participating Club members unless a bUdget has been approved by the Board. Activity Leaders will bUdget each individual activity/class/event taking into consideration all related expenses and VAT. Activities will be bUdgeted to be self-supporting, i.e., neither incurring a loss nor making a profit. The annual budget for each Activity Area will include the costs, revenues and administrative expenses of the activities offered. Any net profit realised at the end of the fiscal year by an Activity will revert to the general operating budget of the Club. The Activity Leader Liaison and Treasurer

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will monitor ongoing financial reports from Activity Areas and will work with any Activity Leader whose area has incurred a fiscal deficit in an effort to rectify the deficit and to promote sound fiscal management going forward. Section 6: Board Budget: The Board members, wrth the help of the Treasurer, will develop the Board's bUdget. Each Board position will be allocated an annual bUdget that must be adhered to. These bUdgets will be approved by the Board as part of the Club's Annual Budget. Section 7: Reimbursement & Expense Policies: Any and all requests for reimbursement and/or for payment of expenses must be sent to the Club's bookkeepers and accompanied by the appropriate Club form, receipts and VAT receipts. These should be submitted within one month of an activity or expenditure unless altemative arrangements have been made directly with the Treasurer. Failure to submrt all appropriate KCWC forms and substantiating receipts may result in a delay in payment or possibly no reimbursement.. Section 8: Advertising: The rate for advertising in the Newsletter/website will be reviewed by the Board annually or at the request of Classified Advertising or Corporate Advertising. Any adjustments to rates must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board and will become effective as the Board detenmines. Advertising revenue will be used to offset the expenses of the Newsletter. a, Corporate Advertisements: In the Newsletter, these will be quarter page, half and full-page spaces (inclUding covers) and flyer inserts available for graphic adverts for sale to businesses and charities. On the website, these will be set areas on certain pages with links. b, Classified Advertisements: These are text-only adverts. There will be two separate rates: one for Club members placing "Member Classified" ads, and another for non-members or members placing "Business Classified" ads. Business Classified ads will be charged at a rate higher than the Member Classified ad rates. Any advert referring to the selling or renting of any residence falls into the "Business Classified" category regardless of membership status. Disclaimer: Any advertisements are considered to be from independent vendors with no association or affiliation with KCWC. KCWC makes no representations, guarantees, warrantees or other assurances as to the products

and services offered. Section 9: Donations to Charities: Donations can be made to charity with the approval of the Board. The monies donated will be raised by designated events, when it is stated in advance that surplus funds will be donated to charity. Section 10: Debts: Debts incurred without the express approval of the Board by any individual or any group in the name of the Club will not be the responsibility of the Club. ARTICLE 9 - AMENDMENTS These By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board members present at any Board meeting provided that the proposed amendments have been submitted to the entire Board in writing no less than two weeks prior to the vote. Following Board ratification, the amendments will be presented to the general membership in the form of email or direct correspondence no less than two weeks prior to a General Meeting and passed at that General Meeting by two-thirds majority vote of the members present. These By-laWS as Presented in Total were Revised and Approved December 2010

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Section B: The Board Who Are They: The Board is charged with the overall administrative and fiscal supervision of the Club. It meets once a month, September through June. It serves for one year: August 1 through July 31. Board members are solicited by the Nominating Committee with recommendations from the general membership submitted via email or ballot available in the newsletter and at appropriate General Meetings. The newly nominated Board is ratified by the existing Board in May and confirmed by a general membership vote at the June General Meeting. Board members must be fully paid KCWC members living in the UK. They must comply with requirements, sign and date a Fit and Proper Statement and a fonm confinming awareness of KCWC registration under the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

Board Members 2012-13: 13 Offices / 18 Officers Position


Susan Lenora Susan Lundgren Jenna Cardone Madeline Morrow Jami Christen Anna Groot Kathleen Henman Programmes Kim Parkash Newsletter Advertising - Classified Noelle Irvine Advertising -Corporate Nicky Bindler Member Benefits Lindsay Kennedy Miia Erva-Lahtinen Hospitality Jillian Wood Membership Tessa Nicholson Membership - Potential Janet Tanner Cheryl Lincoln-Nelson Events Erica Unbehaun Events Claudia Marchetti Website President Vice President Treasurer Secretary Activity Leader Liaison


Non Board Paid Staff Marcia Nguyen Web Base Management Non Board Paid Staff Kathy Roll Data Base Management Non Board Paid Staff Kristina Hickey Newsletter Layout Editor Gamze Newell Newsletter Content Editor Non Board Paid Staff John and Celia Maguire Bookkeepers AC Bookwise 01923274681 07976751908/07976751903 Non Board Paid Staff Becky Maguire Bookkeepers AC Bookwise 078 16886716 Board positions may be filled by more than one person to facilitate work management. Most, but not all, Board positions are allocated only one vote in all motions put before it. Special sub-Committees made up of volunteer Club members may help the Board with projects throughout the year. These Sub-Committee members are not Board Members. Current or prior service on the Board is required for candidacy for the position of President. Prior service as an Activity Leader is recommended for candidacy for Activity Leader Liaison. The remaining Board positions are open to all Club members. Version 2012/13

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General Responsibilities: The Board's responsibilities include · the management of Membership Data (subject to the UK Data Protection Act 1998) and Member Issues; Coordination and Oversight of KCWC Activity Leaders and Activities including General Meeting Programmes Annual Charity and Special Events; Production of the Club's Newsletter including securing Advertising Revenues and Member Benefits; Maintenance of its Website and Online Membership Directory; Selling of and Oversight for the Club Annual Operating Budget; Disbursement of funds accumulated in the KCWC Charity Account. Each member of the Board contributes to the management of the Club and to policy and financial decisions made on its behalf. · She is requested to attend at least 8 of the 10 monthly Board meetings and General meetings. · She is accountable for managing her position's budget responsibly and informing the Board fully of developments within her area. · She must be a fully paid Club member living in the UK. She cannot be a paid service provider or contract employee to KCWC. · She must comply with Club By-Laws and any additional requirements. She must sign a Fit and Proper Statement as well as acknowledge by signature her awareness of the UK Data Protection Act 1998. · She must conduct herself in a professional manner as a Club representative at all times.

Job Descriptions: Responsibilities of Each Board Position. All KCWC Board Members perform the following General Duties throughout their term of office in addition to their specific Board department duties and unless otherwise specified: attends all General Meetings and a majority of Board Meetings receives training in KCWC financial procedures via Treasurer; follows the procedures prepares and adheres to a yearly budget submits all expenses related to her budget in a timely manner supports and attends Club-wide activrties when possible attends the Newsletter proofing meetings when possible supports sister Board members and Activity committees where possible to ensure the success of KCWC events · always represents and remembers the needs of the KCWC membership first and foremost · always acts as an Ambassador for KCWC behaving in a professional and courteous manner NOTE: KCWC carries "Board" Insurance: this policy pays for any claims made against Board members and other volunteers of KCWC for their negligence (but not their fraud) in running the club. We hold £1,000,000 of cover against anyone loss. This insurance is specifically written to cover "not for profit organizations". The Treasurer and President consult with an insurance expert yearly to ensure the club has adequate and appropriate insurance to meets its needs. We further consult if any events occur during the year that may be considered or constitute a "reportable event". Please consult the Treasurer if you have questions on this insurance or the other two insurance policies KCWC carries: Liability and Employers Liability. Version 2012/13 Page 11

Job Title: President Job Description: Responsible for managing the KCWC Board while diligently representing the interests of the Membership. · ensures the smooth functioning of the Board · officiates at the Board meetings setting the Agenda and reviewing all departmental reports submitted electronically prior to the Board meetings. · officiates at all General Meetings of the KCWC membership · as leader of KCWC calls meetings when appropriate of the Board, Activity Leaders, Committee members and or paid staff to effectively manage KCWC processes · acts as a signatory to account (s) for KCWC/ completes financial mandates for bank accounts at start of year via Treasurer and Bookkeeper · supports the Nominating Committee in Ws selection of the Board slate (Feb-May) · works with standing nominating committee to fill any Board position that becomes vacant before end of term · writes the President's monthly message to appear in the Newsletter and on the Web · works with Website Manager to write monthly e-News message sent to all Club members on Thursday of the week before the General Meetings · initiates surveys of membership to determine effectiveness of Club activities, possible new activities, and other information fields all complaints/disputes/compliments · acts as liaison to outside organizations on behalf of the KCWC (FIWAL, for example) · acts as the accredited "public face" of the KCWC representing the Club externally and as press contact; presents business outside KCWC to the Board and membership. · organize and leads an orientation meeting for the new Board in June after the slate is ratified at the June General Meeting. · Once her term has ended, where possible, the former President will remain in an advisory, non-voting capacity on the Board for 60-90 days. She will help with outreach and promotion of the Club during this period as needed.

Job Title: Vice President Job Description: Responsible for assisting the President in all general duties assigned to the President when necessary. Should the President become unable to perform her duties, the Vice President will immediately assume the role. Like the President, continually focuses on the interest of the General Membership regarding decision-making processes. assumes the duties of the President when she is unable to carry out the duties of her position works alongside the Executive Board members of President, Treasurer and Secretary. books the venue for the monthly Board meetings; orders catering and reports attendance numbers to venue confirming same to bookkeeper for correct invoicing · acts as a signatory to account (s) for KCWC / completes financial mandates for bank accounts at start of year via Treasurer and Bookkeeper · assumes the duties of vacant Board positions until filled · works with President and the Nominating Committee to fill any Board position that becomes vacant before end of term Version 2012113

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· fields/resolves complaints/disputes/compliments as needed · plans the Board lunch to include venue, gifts, etc. (Mayor June) including gift for outgoing President if applicable · participates in an orientation meeting for the new board in June after the slate is ratified. · assumes role as Charity Coordinator when necessary and acts as Charity liaison between Board and designated Charity(s)

Job Title: Treasurer Job Description: Prepares and maintains financial accounts for the Club; preferably has prior financial training or background. · is in charge of KCWC financial procedures and records · provides training in KCWC financial procedures for Board members and Activity Leaders throughout the year develops a yearly budget for the Club; reviews the budget with the auditors as needed reviews the budget with the Bookkeepers as needed invites Board members to prepare their individual Budgets for the year presents the Annual Budget to the Board for ratification ( May, June) acts as a first point of contact for all members and activity leaders regarding financial matters responds to all questions pertaining to the financial information of the Club via the membership, or refers questions to Bookkeeper for further clarification · approves/signs/mails all checks each week · acts as a signatory to account(s) for KCWC/ completes financial mandates at start of fiscal year with Bookkeepers · maintains records of all money deposited and distributed for all KCWC activities · reviews monthly financial statements and profit and loss statements; presents such financial data to the Board each month · reviews and signs the annual KCWC Tax Return for Inland Revenue, as prepared by the Bookkeeper. redistributes money between checking/savings/charity accounts as needed · periodically meets with the Club's Bookkeepers to resolve issues, reports, bank accounts · maintains records concerning check signing authority within the Club to include the Treasurer, President, Vice President · maintains knowledge of all KCWC contracts with outside vendors NOTE: a monthly breakdown of the Treasurer's duties is available directly from the Treasurer on request.

Job Title: Secretary Job Description: Responsible for the taking of the Minutes at the Board meetings as well as gathering and distributing all informational reports relevant to KCWC business. · assumes all duties of the President should the President and Vice President both NOT be able to fulfil the duties of the position · documents the minutes of all Board Meetings and distributes formatted minutes in a timely manner electronically Version 2012/13

Page 13

· maintains a hard copy of all Board meetings Minutes at which she has officiated. · should the Secretary not be able to attend a Board Meeting, she must seek a replacement from the Board members prior to the meeting for minute taking · presents to the Board all relevant correspondence addressed to the KCWC and is in charge of responding to correspondence appropriately official KCWC scribe for acknowledgement of membership births, bereavements, etc. provides all new Board members with Procedures Handbook upon their election to the Board maintains electronic master copy and PDF of the Procedures Handbook. heads nominating committee; announces requests for nominees at general meetings, and in newsletter / website. · maintains list of Board members with contact details and vacation schedules distributed for updating at each Board meeting · orders and distributes a supply of KCWC stationery and envelopes · holds keys for KCWC storage unit

Job Title: Potential Membership Job Description: Responsible for the receipt/processing of information from those who wish to join KCWC as members up until the point an individual becomes a member. · attends General Meetings to field enquiries from potential members and distribute membership information · answers all additional questions received via email or KCWC answering service as promptly as possible pertaining to annual dues, requirements for membership, membership benefits, general meetings, activities, etc. produces/distributes via email/post information packets to potential members · keeps a current inventory of potential membership packets · visits quarterly the Club's answering service and assumes responsibility for this service provided to the Club · provides a script to the telephone answering service on a monthly basis, giving current information about membership dues, applications, upcoming General Meetings; also directs callers to appropriate person for further information · approves/submits the answering service monthly bills · strives to build current membership via networking (international schools, embassies, companies, relocation agents, local libraries, etc.) and advertising at appropriate venues · is responsible for updating and reprinting the KCWC information brochure · provides copy to the Newsletter, Website and ENews as needed regarding Potential Membership · is responsible for the KCWC Banner Stand

Job Title: Membership Job Description: Responsible for responding/handling questions, problems, or concerns from the current membership. · attends all General Meetings to field enquiries from members and distribute / process new and renewal membership information. · responds as promptly as possible to emails and phone calls from the current membership and from the KCWC answering service and directs callers to the appropriate KCWC department Page 14 Version 2012113

processes membership renewal form for rolling membership renewal mailings distributes welcome packets and membership cards to all new and renewing members assists in maintenance of member information/statistics with the database manager for planning and budgeting purposes · reports on membership statistics at monthly Board meetings or by email report with attention to new memberships processed Iiaises with data base manager and the Bookkeepers to decrease the wait time for mailings saves the membership listing for each year in order to check past members composes and submits Newsletter copy relating to membership renewals - rare coordinates/executes membership surveys in conjunction with the President and appropriate Board members on an as needed basis · signs off on database manager's quarterly invoice and expenses and submits to bookkeeper

Job Title: Hospitality Job Description: Creates and coordinates all Hospitality events for the KCWC membership with specific aim to welcome new members to the Club and promote introductions and friendship · coordinates the Welcoming Committee at General Meetings to include the recruitment of Greeters, the production of name tags for all participating in a General Meeting, and the establishment of a New Member Table at all General Meetings · attends all general meetings to welcome new and existing members · coordinates/attends the lunch to follow preferably each General Meeting (fashion show exception) · creates and submits on a monthly basis the write-up for the Newsletter with respect to Hospitality events and information · supplies relevant Hospitality information to the Web and ENews as needed • coordinates bi-annual New Member Informational Coffee Meetings (Autumn and Spring) including arranging venue hire; Board and Activity leader attendance; issuance of invites by email to all new members · supervises Area representatives re neighbourhood coffee mornings for new and existing members (Autumn and Spring) · acts as liaison between Area Representatives and the Board · coordinates and executes the inclusion of Area representatives to the Annual Activity Leader Luncheon · fields questions from new members and potential members on an as-needed basis

Job Title: KCWC Kids Job Description: Organizes all special events for the children of the KCWC membership (not necessarily limited to or including the Halloween and Easter parties.) · creates and submits on a monthly basis the write-up for the Newsletter with respect to KCWC Kids events and information · coordinates and executes the KCWC Kids Halloween Party to include: preparation of the event's budget; hiring the venue; establishing a committee; recruiting volunteers; reporting to the Board the progress of the event; managing the costs; selling the tickets; submitting the Version 2012/13

Page 15

check disbursement and check deposit forms in a timely manner to the Bookkeepers; solicit sponsorship (August, September, October) · prepares and submits a wrap up report post event with recommendations · coordinates and executes the KCWC Kids Easter Eggstravaganza to include: preparation of the event's budget; hiring the venue; establishing a committee; recruiting volunteers; reporting to the Board the progress of the event; managing the costs; selling the tickets; submitting the check disbursement and check deposit forms in a timely manner to the Bookkeepers; solicit sponsorship (January, February, March, April) · prepares and submits a wrap up report post event with recommendations · prepares newsletter copy and information for the Web and ENews/Eblast in relation to KCWC Kids events · disseminates information to KCWC membership regarding other events available in the community for KCWC Kids participation

Job Title: Activity Leader Liaison Job Description: Responsible for overseeing/coordinating all Activity Leaders to specifically include training and support. Pays attention to balancing the enthusiasm and creativity of the Activrty Leaders with the rules, structures and prescribed formats of the Club. Serves as a liaison between the Activity Leaders and the Board. Preferably has served as an Activity Leader prior to this position.

· provides the table layout & set-up for all General Meetings and establishes attendance of Activity Leaders at each General Meeting providing them all with name tags recruits and oversees Activity Leaders providing help as needed for venues, ideas, speakers · verifies that all Activity Leaders are current members of KCWC reminding them to renew · promotes the development of New Activity Areas by helping new Activity Leaders develop ideas into a practical Activity structure and offering support to these leaders · prints and distributes the Procedures Handbook to Activity Leaders as needed · _ _provides orientation to new and existing Activity Leaders via a focused information session with power point encouraged and conducted by experienced current / past Board members Held twice per year (September, February, ) and mini one to one sessions as needed. · invites the Treasurer, Newsletter and Web editors to Training Sessions to ensure correct training in Financial procedures and Newsletter and Website copy submission · when any club event is planned that involves overnight or overseas travel, the financial planning should be reviewed by the KCWC Treasurer and/or Activity Leader Liaison to ensure that pricing has been done properly, taking into consideration all tax and liability issues. · liaises with Bookkeepers on a monthly basis regarding the financial standing of all activities · composes and submits a monthly article Activities Updates for the Newsletter, Web and ENews regarding Activities ensures that all KCWC Activities are published in the Newsietter for liability issues assists proof reading of the monthly Newsletter on behalf of the Activity Leaders oversees the web site planning calendar and approves all Activity Leader submissions coordinates the thank you luncheon for all Activity Leaders and Committees may purchase appreciation vouchers or gifts for exceptional or departing Activity Leaders fields/resolves disputes/situations relating to Activity Leaders Version 2012/13

Page 16

· acts as a liaison between KCWC members and Activity Leaders in the event of recommendations for improved activities or activity leader performance.

Job Title: Programmes Coordinator Job Description: Responsible for organizing Venues and Speakers for the Monthly General Meetings (September and May venue only; October - June speakers and venues) researches possible venues for General Meetings books venues well in advance of meeting date (a year is preferable) arranges coffee, tea and biscuit catering for General Meetings researches potential speakers for general Meetings through listening to lecturers or responding to member suggestions contacts and books desirable speakers again well in advance of meeting date composes thank you notes and arranges payment / gift for speaker approves and submits relevant invoices for venues and speakers formally introduces each speaker at the General Meetings prepares any power point announcements for presentation at the General Meeting organizes all podium announcements from other KCWC departments at the General Meeting greets/escorts speaker at the General Meeting as his/her hostess through meeting duration. composes the monthly Newsletter and website copy for General Meeting Section to include speaker. venue. and programme information · acts as a publicity agent for KCWC submitting articles and photos about Club Activities to other London publications such as FIWAL, Focus and American in Britain magazines. all well in advance of their publication deadlines.

Job Title: Annual Charity Events Job Description: Organizes events such as the Nearly New Sale & Fashion Show with an aim to raise funds for the KCWC designated Charity. NOTE: for Charity Bookkeeping pricing, payment methods and VA T, please confact the Treasurer before planning any Charity Events. · coordinates and executes the November Nearly New Sale to include: preparation of the event's budget; hiring the venue; establishing a committee; recruiting volunteers (Friday night set up and Saturday sale); reporting to the Board the progress of the event; managing the costs; organizing advertising and publicity; tagging all pro-bono items; solicit sponsorship (August, September, October) submitting the check disbursement and check deposit forms in a timely manner to the Bookkeepers; arranging for the packing/delivery of unsold merchandise at sale close to a KCWC charity · preparing a post event report with suggestions as to how the event can be improved · coordinates the Fashion Show including: preparation of the event's budget; establishing a committee; recruiting models and volunteers; recruiting and reviewing vendors; reporting to the Board the progress of the event; managing the costs; organizing advertising from vendors in a Fashion Fayre brochure; oversight of publicity and ticket sales; solicit sponsorship (January, February, March, April); preparing informational materials for distribution to the Vendors including President's message welcome pack and sale tally sheets; coordinating runway presentation / music / video / photos; submitting the check disbursement and deposit forms in a timely manner to the Bookkeepers · preparing a post event report with suggestions as to how the event can be improved · submits write-ups for the Newsletter, Web and ENews/EBlast for Annual Charity Events Version 2012/13

Page 17

Job Title: Special Events Job Description: Responsible for the researching, planning and execution of all KCWC events categorized as Special One Off events usually capitalizing on Seasonal Venues (Henley / Ascot) or Special London venues (Grosvenor Hotel Tea) NOTE: Please contactthe Treasurer with any questions about Special Events and fund raising for Charity.

· develops Special Event calendar for the year in coordination with Charity Events Coordinator, Programmes Coordinator, and the Activity Leader Liaison to avoid scheduling conflicts · presents Special Event Calendar and Proposals to the Board ensuring proposed events are in keeping with the spirit of the Club, the desires of the membership and the Club financial and insurance guidelines. · at a minimum, develops two Special Events per KCWC budget year. Ideas typically considered are cocktail receptions; musical/art performances; spectator events, dinner dances · responsible for all sub-committees formed relating to the planning/orchestration of a proposed event including venue research and hire; sponsorship; advertising; ticket sales and Board reports on event progress and finances coordinates with Treasurer to ensure financial guidelines are considered and met · generates written details of all special events for the Newsletter, Website, ENews and EBlast · prepares wrap up report post event to record suggestions for improvement NOTE: a By-law amendment has been considered to merge Annual Charity Events and Special Events into one fifled "Special and Charity Events Liaison." This Board position would serve to coordinate committees with responsibilities similar to the duties currently assigned above to these fwo separate Board positions. Going forward, these committees then would be to the Special and Charity Events Liaison what Activity Leaders are to the Activity Leader Liaison. The Special and Charity Events Liaison would be the Board representative for committees working on both variety of KCWC Events - those that are Special events and those that are organized specifically to raise money for Charity (Annual Events).

Job Title: Newsletter Manager Job Description: Responsible for the production, proofing and distribution of the 10 issue KCWC Newsletter in coordination with the paid Newsletter Copy and Layout editors. acts as liaison between the Board, Activity Leaders and Newsletter Copy and Layout Ednors reminds all above of requirement of activity/event listing in Newsletter for insurance coverage Iiaises and follows through with Activity Leaders for timely copy submissions; Iiaises with Advertising and Member Benefits for their copy/space needs confers with Newsletter Production Team and Activity Leaders for Cover themes organizes and attends proof reading sessions with Newsletter team and Board members. confirms inclusion of inserts in Newsletter with Corp. Advertising; notifies Editor and printer. confirms with printer re correct inserts in the correct number have been received and included verifies with printer that newsletters have been shipped on schedule arranges for a newsletter to be sent to a member who has not received hers. prepares Annual Newsletter Calendar to present at New Board orientation in June. Calendar includes deadlines for copy submission, advertising copy, insert delivery date, proofing meeting, printer meeting; and newsletter mailing date; general and board meeting dates. . keeps back copies of the Newsletter for reference / arranges extra copies be delivered to Potential Membership, Membership, Corporate Advertising and the President Version 2012/13

Page 18

Job Title: Corporate Advertising Coordinator Job Description: Responsible for managing the corporate ads in the KCWC Newsletter and on the website. Liaises monthly with Corporate Advertisers, the Board, Newsletter Team, Web Manager, Member Benefits and Classified Advertising. · responds to all advertising queries by phone and email from businesses and individuals interested in placing corporate ads in the KCWC Newsletter and on the website is responsible for preparation and annual update of KCWC Advertising Marketing / Rate File presents suggested changes in advertising rates to the Board for approval when appropriate researches potential advertisers for KCWC and markets to them monitors existing advertisers; approaches for repeat business on expiration of ad contracts pays attention to seasonal ad considerations when marketing to potential and existing advertisers; e.g. approaching Christmas ads well in advance of October deadline or travel companies in advance of holiday periods. - sends electronic copy of KCWC Advertising file to prospective Newsletter and Web advertisers. This includes ad sizes, rates, multiple issue discounts and deadlines as well as marketing information / incentives pitch. sends when requested KCWC newsletters to prospective advertisers for their review · approves all advertisers as eligible in accord with KCWC Procedure Handbook guidelines · agrees sales including pre-paid contracts, multi issue discounts, and thank you advertisements for services rendered to the club (consults with the Treasurer in this last case) · orchestrates and approves all artwork prior to submission to the Newsletter Team and Web team for size suitability, lack of offence; does so well in advance of deadline · manages any inserts placed in an issue considering ample delivery time to printer and cost of its added weight: NOTE: guideline: a maximum of 2 inserts can be included with a newsletter - prepares an invoicing spreadsheet with details of advertiser, contract and payment deadlines · notifies KCWC bookkeepers of Corporate Advertising payments expected; submits aforementioned spreadsheet well in advance of monthly publication deadlines keeps track of ads placed by KCWC Members owing to their specific accounting status · receives/resolves any complaint/feedback from advertisers and presents these to the Board · organizes the attendance of advertisers at General Meetings in consult with ALLiaison and Member Benefits Coordinator with special emphasis on the September General Meeting Version 2011/12 Page 18

Job Title: Classified Advertising Coordinator Job Description: Coordinates the text-only ad sections of the Newsletter and Web site. Responsible for acting as liaison between the classified advertisers and the KCWC Board, Newsletter Team, Web Team and Corporate Advertising. · responds to all advertising queries by phone and email from members and businesses interested in placing classified advertisements in the Newsletter and members on the website reviews/accepts ads from members and businesses for Newsletter and members for web - verifies membership status of members placing ads · agrees sales including pre-paid contracts, multi issue discount arrangements and thank you ads for services rendered to the club (consults with the Treasurer as appropriate for the latter) Version 2012/13

Page 19

· notifies bookkeeper of Classified Advertising payments to be expected. Liaises with bookkeeper when necessary regarding payments from advertisers. · collects all advertiser contact and payment details; submits correctly to Bookkeepers in a timely manner monthly consolidates ads into a Word document and submits to copy/layout editors by deadline facilitates the distribution of Newsletters to business classified advertisers monitors ad text for any corrections, additions, omissions request by members presents suggested changes in advertising rates to the Board for approval when appropriate

Job Title: Member Benefits Coordinator Job Description: Researches and recruits Member Benefit vendors and service providers willing to provide a special discount to KCWC members. Acts as liaison between companies and KCWC. annually reviews current member benefits to review and reconfirm benefit

assesses suitability of member benefit candidates and their compliance with requirements presents to the Board proposed new member benefit opportunities confirms Member Benefit election by Board with a letter of understanding to Member Benefit company highlighting the programme requirements (including advertising) and privileges · submits documented member benefits twice a year for Newsletter publication (September, March) · continually updates/maintains website listing of member benefits with web manager · distributes Newsletter to participating vendors twice a year to illustrate documented member benefits · coordinates/schedules, via the Activity Leader Liaison, at least one presentation per General Meeting by a suitable member benefit vendor · coordinates/schedules, via the Activity Leader Liaison, existing member benefit vendors to attend the Autumn General Meeting (September) · coordinates, via the Activity Leader Liaison, the monthly member showcases at the general Meetings · collects the charity revenue contribution generated by the table fee for member showcases and submits money to the Bookkeepers · communicates on a regular basis with advertising to coordinate the requisite advertising from member benefit companies one minimum Y, page ad per member year.


Job Title: Website Manager Job Description: Responsible for maintaining, improving and problem-solving the KCWC website, in conjunction with a website provider.

· Iiaises between the Board and the Website Provider for updates, service, new ventures. · ensures that all information on the website is up-to-date and accurate, in particular the website bulletin board, calendar, photo archive and general meeting features works on promoting the website to all members assists Board, general members, and Activity Leaders in navigating the website manages and approves all submitted information for the website including web ads coordinates the mass emailing feature known as "ENews" to all KCWC members; works closely with the President concerning the content of the ENews mailing Version 2012/13

Page 20

works with President concerning emailing member survey works with Membership to facilitate on line membership renewals works with ALLiaison facilitating successful implementation of Activity on line payment system works with Corporate Advertising to facilitate and operate click-thru website advertising on home page and Classified Ad member only page; reminds Corp Ads of ad expiration in ample time for renewaVremoval

Job Title: Charity Coordinator Job Description: Responsible for identifying a KCWC designated Charity/ies and for disseminating information about charity and volunteer events to the membership. · initiates and oversees the process every three years by which KCWC selects its designated charity funds recipients. This includes inviting suggestions from KCWC members; selecting appropriate Charities to interview; inviting said Charity representatives to Board meetings for evaluation; presenting candidates for later Board vote as the designated Charitylies. · monitors the KCWC chosen Charitylies over a 3-6 month probationary period before formal ratification; this includes a site visit with a Board member (preferably the President) to the Charity candidate offices · serves as the liaison between the Board and membership with the designated charities; when appropriate, invites them to speak at General Meetings or KCWC Charity fund raising events · submits related copy to KCWC newsletter, website, and/or ENews with particular attention to information about the KCWC Charities or other charity events taking place in London · acts as a clearing house for infonmation about volunteer opportunities in the community Shares this with KCWC members via the newsletter and web. This includes information submitted by members or outside organizations, or referring members to the RBKC Volunteer Bureau · Iiaises with the Charity and AnnuaVSpecial Events teams to assist in raising funds for the KCWC designated Charity/ies · organizes a 50/50 raffle at general meetings to raise money for the KCWC designated Charity/ies · assists in the procurement of raffle prizes for the June luncheon in aid of raising money for the KCWC designated Charity/ies.

Supporting documents for By-/aw changes: new job descriptions follow:

Advertising Services Is a functional area which focuses on developing and maintaining advertising revenue from both Corporate and Classified advertising placements in the KCWC Newsletter and Website. The position is comprised of 2 Board Members who work closely with each other, Member Benefits, Newsletter, Web Manager and the Board.

Job Title: Corporate Advertising Job Description: Oversees and manages Corporate Advertising and presents suggested changes to advertising rates to the Board for approval when appropriate. · responds to all advertising phone and email queries from businesses and individuals interested in placing Corporate ads in KCWC Newsletter and website and researches potential advertisers Version 2012/13 Page 21

· respDnsible for preparatiDn and annual update of KCWC Advertising Marketing/Rate file mDnitors existing advertisers; pays attention tD seasonal ad cDnsideratiDns; monitDrs ads placed by KCWC Members · sends electronic copy Df KCWC Advertising file to prospective Newsletter and Web advertisers: including sizes, rates, discounts, etc. · apprDves all advertisers as eligible in accordance with KCWC Procedure HandbDok guidelines · agrees sales including pre-paid contracts, multi issue discDunts, and thank you advertisements for services rendered to club (cDnsulting with Treasurer in this last case). · orchestrates and approves all artwork in advance of deadline · manages any Newsletter inserts; NOTE: guideline: maximum of 2 inserts in any Dne Newsletter · prepares invDicing spreadsheet; advertiser, cDntract, payment deadlines and nDtifies KCWC bDDkkeepers Df payments expected · receives/resDlves any complaint/feedback frDm advertisers and presents tD Board · organizes attendance Df advertisers at General Meetings in consult with ALLiason and Member Benefits CODrdinatDr with special emphasis on September General Meeting

Job Title: Classified Advertising Job Description: Oversees and manages Classified Advertising and presents suggested changes to advertising rates to the Board when appropriate. · respDnds to all advertising queries by phDne and email from members and businesses for text-Dnly ad placement in Newsletter; fDr members on the website · verifies membership status Df members placing ads and monitDrs all ad texts fDr any cDrrectiDns, additions, DmissiDns requested · agrees sales including pre-paid cDntracts, multi-issue discDunt arrangements and thank you ads fDr services rendered to the club (consults with the Treasurer as appropriate) · prepares advertiser contacts and payment details; submits tD BDDkkeepers in timely manner · cDnsolidates ads into a WDrd document and submits tD cDpyllayout editors by deadline

Membership Services Membership Services is a functiDnal area which focuses Dn recruiting and retaining memberws Df the club and helping current members with questiDns abDuttheir membership. it has 2 Board Members who wDrk together to provide all the services listed below and SUppDrt each other in the prDvisiDn Df thDse services.

Job Title: Potential Membership Job Description: RespDnsible fDr the receipt/processing of information from those WhD wish to jDin KCWC as members up until the point an individual becomes a member. · attends General Meetings tD field enquiries from pDtential members and distribute membership infDrmatiDn .answers all additiDnal questions received via email or KCWC answering service as prDmptly as possible pertaining tD annual dues, requirements fDr membership, membership benefits, general meeting, activities, etc. · prDduces/distributes via email/pDst infDrmation packets to pDtential members · cDllects KCWC mail at Mail BDxes,Etc. SDuth KensingtDn OR frDm AlC BDDkwise representatives and distributes to BDard · strives to build current membership via networking (international schDDls, embassies, cDmpanies, relocation agents, local libraries, etc.) and advertising at appropriate venues · is responsible for updating and reprinting the KCWC infDrmation brochure · prDvides copy to the Newsletter, Website and eNews as needed regarding PDtential Membership · is respDnsible fDr the KCWC Banner Stand

VersiDn 2012/13

Page 22

Events (Coordinators) Job Description: Responsible for the coordination of research, planning and execution of all KCWC (Non-Activity related) Events. These events can be categorized as Special, Annual, Charity, KCWC Kids, and can include special General Meetings events. NOTE: Please contact the Treasurer with any questions about Events and fundraising for Charity. .responsible for committees formed relating to the planning/orchestration of a proposed event including venue research and hire; sponsorship; advertising; ticket sales and Board reports on event progress and finances · at a minimum, develops two Events per KCWC budget year. Ideas typically considered are cocktail receptions; musical/art perfonmances; spectator events, dinner dances .develops an Event calendar for the year in coordination with all Event Committee Leaders, the Programmes Coordinator(s) and the Activity Leader Liaison to avoid scheduling conflicts · presents the Event Calendar and proposals to the Board ensuring proposed events are in keeping with the spirit of KCWC, the desires of the membership and KCWC financial and insurance guidelines · coordinates with the Treasurer to ensure financial guidelines are considered and met · generates written details of all non-activity related events for the Newsletter, Website, ENews and EBlast · prepares wrap up report post event to record suggestions for improvement

Version 2012/13

Page 23

Section C: General Club Policies Introduction The Kensington Chelsea Women's Club is an association of "internafional women in London" In 2012 our membership numbered just about 1000 and we represented 55 nationalities worldwide. The majority of our members are British and American with another 10 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Australia) making up a further significant portion of our member base. Some members claim dual nationalities. Other countries are represented by only one or two KCWC members - for example, Argentina (2), Serbia (2), Monaco (1). Common Misconceptions: The Following Statements are NOT True! KCWC is a registered Charity: KCWC is NOT a Charity. We are a non-profit Amenity Society. We do not qualify for charitable discounted rates in booking facilities. We do not carry a special tax status charity exemption. However, as an "Amenity Society" we are granted special tax status under UK tax law hugely beneficial to our financial survival: we do not pay income taxes on the revenues we take in from members as we are expected to spend the money collected from members on members, now or in future. Were KCWC to cease operation, any net operating surplus would be distributed to members equally at that time. (note this tax status no longer exists but we are grandfathered in.) KCWC is incorporated and listed with Company House: KCWC is NOT incorporated or listed with Company House because as an amenity society, this is not required. Also the constantly changing Board and membership would make annual re-registration prohibitively expensive. KCWC does not need to pay taxes: Another misconception. KCWC DOES pay both Income Taxes and VAT remittances to HMRC. The Club pays income taxes, prepared by our auditors and tax accountants on a yearly basis, on its non-member income (I.e. advertising revenue from non member advertisements and interest income). KCWC is also VAT registered which means we must currently remit 20% of all revenues (member and non-member) to HMRC. This amount can be reduced by the VAT we pay on expenses. KCWC is also registered for a special scheme under VAT rules call TOMS, the Tour Operator's Margin Scheme. See Section I in this Procedures Manual for detailed explanation of both VAT and TOMS. KCWC does not need to have an audit of its financial figures: This is untrue. KCWC, as of the year ended 31 July 2009, now has a yearly financial audit by an independent Chartered Accountant. KCWC is an American Women's Club: KCWC is an International Women's Club. While a large proportion of our membership claims American nationality, we are not made up solely of American members. American nationality is not a requirement to belong to KCWC. KCWC is an Organisation of Expatriates: There are no nationality or resident requirements for membership in KCWC. KCWC has some international members who are resident in the UK either briefly while on assignment, and others who live in the UK permanently. It also has native British members. Furthermore, some of our members live outside the UK and retain their membership in KCWC though without receipt of our printed newsletter. KCWC is Only Run by Volunteers: The vast majority of duties within the Club are planned and organized by our wonderful volunteers recruited from our membership. However KCWC does employ a few paid staff. These include our auditor, bookkeepers, website provider, data base manager, newsletter copy and layout editors. These employees operate with a reasonable salary and contract that are reviewed annually by the Board who must approve any changes. The Treasurer maintains contract file copies and salary histories. Some Overall Guidelines: The transient nature of the Club's membership and, consequently, its Board and Activity Leaders, requires a certain amount of fiexibility in the way KCWC is managed. This flexible approach allows the Board to respond to the ever-changing trends and interests of the membership. That said, however, there are a few guidelines that have served successive Boards and Activity Leaders well through our near 30 year history and which have become permanent KCWC Policies. If you have any questions or suggestions about any of these Club procedures, please contact the President or Secretary.

Version 2012/13

Page 24

Use of the KCWC Name The use of the names "Kensington Chelsea Women's Club" and "KCWC" are not to be used in any public or commercial way by any members without prior specific Board discussion and approval.

KCWC Banking Details: The Club has several bank accounts (Current, Savings, Charity) at different, non related banks to take advantage of the government's bank guarantee. KCWC's main current accounts are with Santander opened in May 2010. This institution offers a favourable "club and charities" account that closely matched our general banking needs when our previous long term bankers, Citibank, ceased trading in this area. The Club further holds current and savings accounts at L10yds and HSBC. These are mostly for holding and investing money in short term deposits and we aim to maintain £50,000 in each. In general, the KCWC President, Vice-President and Treasurer and business manager (John Maguire) hold signatory authority on our bank accounts. At least one Board signature is needed on all cheques and two Board signatures required for authorization on cheques in excess of £2000.

KCWC Insurance Details: KCWC purchases 3 types of insurance on a yearly basis to insure its Board, activity leaders and all attending KCWC functions (whether members or guests): a. Liability insurance - this policy pays for any claims made against the club if the club were found to be liable for its actions. We hold £2,000,000 of cover for anyone "event". b. "Board" insurance - this policy pays for any claims made against Board Members and other volunteers of KCWC for their negligence (but not their fraud) in running the club. We hold £1,000,000 of cover against anyone loss. This insurance is specifically written to cover "not for profit organizations" c. Employers liability insurance - this policy pays for any death, bodily injury, illness or other disease caused to our employees arising out of their employment. We hold £10,000,000 of coverage against anyone loss. The Treasurer and President consult with an insurance expert annually ensuring the club has adequate and appropriate insurance to meet its needs. We also consult if any "events" occur during the year that might be reportable events. The Treasurer maintains copies on file of all policies. NOTE: for insurance to be applicable, all KCWC Activities/Events must be published in the Newsletter or failing that on line in ENews or EBlasts.

Potential Conflict of Interest Club Members Hired as Event Teachers or Leaders: All Club members are eligible to be hired to teach, host or otherwise run an event by the Activity Leader for that area. When a Club member is hired to be an event's teacher she must be treated as any other outside vendor or teacher would be - this may include periodic reviews, value assessments and adherence to contractual obligations. Activity Leader as Event Teacher within Her Own Activity Area: An Activity Leader may not profit monetarily by hiring herself to teach, host, or otherwise run an event within her own activity. Nor mayan Activity Leader otherwise advertise her own services or goods during any of her scheduled activities or within her section of the Newsletter. However, she may teach or host a maximum one even t per Club year (Aug.1-July 31). This policy relates only to her own Activity Area and does not relate to other Activity Areas run by other Leaders. Activity Leader hired as an Event Teacher - not in her own area: Activity Leaders are treated like any other Club member when approached by another Activity Leader from a different Activity area. For example, the Needlework Activity leader can hire the Treblemakers' Activity Leader to teach beginning needlework classes. Activity Leader and Member Showcases: It is only with permission of the Activity Leader Liaison, no more than twice a fiscal year, space permitting, that Activity Leaders may be allowed to enter Member Showcases during General Meetings to advertise and sell their goods and services or to distribute pamphlets / promotional materials.

Use of Club Website Membership Directory By Individual Members: No Club member may use the Website Membership directory or any other portion of the KCWC membership database for commercial or promotional purposes. Nor may any member provide information from the directory or database to any third party for any purpose. The Board reserves the Version 2012/13 Page 25

right to use whatever means it deems appropriate to pursue, and punish if appropriate, the Club member and the third party involved in such use. NOTE: Occasionally a KCWC group goes to a shop or business where a sign up sheet is left out with requests that individual members wishing to receive information register their contact details on the list. This permission is therefore given directly by the member and is not against Club rules. If, as a KCWC member, you are receiving information or email solicitations from businesses you have not personally authorized use your details and suspect the contact is originating from the KCWC Membership Database, please inform the President.

Use of the Club Newsletter Inclusion of Inserts in the monthly Newsletter: In order to protect the integrity and non-commercial feel of the monthly Newsletter, it is the Club's policy to review inserts from either commercial or non-commercial parties on an individual basis. The Corporate Advertising Board Member must be consulted regarding Newsletter inserts requested by any Board Member, Activity Area or outside organization and in consideration, the Advertising Board Member should be mindful of setting precedents. Newsletter access by non-profit organizations: Events and activities of charitable and non-profit organizations have access to the Club via the Charity connections section of the monthly Newsletter as well as the What's On London Section. This can be arranged by contacting the Charity Connections Board Member or the Newsletter Editor. It is recommended that this privilege not be exercised more than three times a year. Charitable and non profits may also have information on the Club's website and in the ENews but only with the approval of the Website Manager and Charity Connections Board Member. Members can post non-profit events on the Bulletin section of the Website (go to Bulletin, then "add new".)

Advertising in the KCWC Newsletter and on the KCWC Website: General Information: Information on how to advertise in the KCWC newsletter and on its website can be found by contacting A file with ad sizes, rates including multi issue discounts, and publication deadlines will be sent electronically in answer to any enquiries. Copies of the newsletter are also available to potential advertisers. Restrictions on advertisements: General: The Board reserves the right to review potential advertisements to insure that they are legitimate and will not be considered offensive by the general membership. The Board does not intend to undertake review of each potential advertiser or advertisement. The purpose of this policy is not to withhold information from our membership but rather to insure that there is no implied endorsement given by KCWC to any person or business advertising in its newsletter or on its website, The Board cannot be held liable for products or services advertised in the Newsletter or on its website and stipulates so in prominent disclaimers there. Complaints against advertisers: If the Board receives a substantiated, written complaint from a member about an advertiser's products or services, it will make reasonable enquiries into the matter but will not act as arbiter or otherwise pass any judgement. If three complaints (in writing and substantiated) are received from any member(s) about the products or services of an advertiser, then that advertiser will not be allowed to utilise the Newsletter in the future.

Sales or Informational Handouts and/or displays at General Meetings & Events Only KCWC Activity Leaders andlor their Committee Members have the permission of KCWC to produce and distribute to the membership at General Meetings promotional information about classes, events, or items relating to their KCWC Activity Area. This material can be directly related to a scheduled KCWC activity or not, but must be deemed to be of general interest to the members. These materials should be available on the relevant Activity Table. General meetings and Events are not a forum for regular overt promotion of individuals (including members) or businesses excepting invited KCWC Advertisers, Member Benefit companies and Member Showcase vendors who are limited to no more than two invitations a year and space permitting. This includes information placed on chairs, tables, poster displays and pamphlet I promotional materials distributed. Permission must be granted by the Activity Leader Liaison, Member Benefits and lor Corporate Advertising Board Members. Version 2012/13

Page 26

Contacting the KCWC: Each Newsletter includes a list of the Board Members and the Activity Leaders with their phone and email contact information. If you need to talk something over with a colleague, feel free to phone or email. But please remember to respect the private lives of volunteers and only contact them during weekday business hours - between 9AM and 5:00 PM. Postal Contact Address: KCWC, Box 567, 28 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3SS Phone Contact for KCWC: Flexy Office Answering Service, telephone: 020 7863 7562 General Enquiries: Membership Enquiries: Newsletter Enquiries: 077 9886 4429 Non Receipt of Newsletter: 020 7863 7562 Address Change: Advertising Enquiries: or Classified ads at Accounting Enquiries: 020 7351 9328; 01923 27468 Volunteer Enquiries:

Other Helpful Contacts & Information Finding Venues: The KCWC has an existing relationship with several venues in London for its activity meetings. In researching a venue, please contact the KCWC Secretary, Activity Leader Liaison, or Programmes Chairperson for references as to whom to contact and a history of costs for these venues. You should also cultivate your own resource list and share it with the Activity Leader Liaison. Please be advised that The Borough of Kensington & Chelsea publish an extensive list of many different halls, rooms, and other buildings that are for hire. Copies are available at Libraries in the borough. Costing: Additional information is provided in Section Gil of this Handbook as to costing events but do feel free to contact the KCWC Treasurer or Bookkeepers with any specific questions especially if you are unsure as to cost margins before publishing any pricing in the newsletter.

Section 0: KCWC Website: Our Club website has two faces - a public and private space. First it is designed for Non Members to learn about the Kensington Chelsea Women's Club from our colourful Home Page. There the public will find available for review news of the upcoming General Meeting open to Visitors and Members as well as the President's Message. Information on how to join KCWC is also available. The majority of the KCWC website is accessible to Members Only providing us with a private space to access information about upcoming Club events, Activities, the Club Calendar, Bulletin Board, Advertising and photos of Club Activities. Special pages for Board members and Activity Leaders are also available. Most important, the Club membership directory is available on line only. Logging On: If you have not used the KCWC Website - it's EASYI Simply log onto On the Home Page top right, you'll see two empty boxes. In the "LOG IN" box, type in your Membership Number, and in the "PASSWORD" box, type in your Surname, up to 8 letters, with the first letter Capitalized. When you click on "GO", you will open up the Members-Only area of the website. Activities On Line: The newsletter copy submitted by Activity Leaders is automatically posted onto the Members Only section of the KCWC Website within a few days of the Newsletter being printed. This way members can, on line, check the date, time, cost, location and description of all Club Events. To find the descriptions of upcoming activities, log-in and click on the "Calendar Activities' tab at the top of the page. This will take you to a page posting the current month's Activities Calendar. When you click on the activities listed in the calendar, a description of the event will come up along with the name of the Activity Leader. Alternatively, if you want to see all the upcoming events in one Activity Area, click on the name of the Activity Area and then scroll down to see all the copy that appeared in the most recent Newsletter. Version 2012/13

Page 27

Changing On-Line Activity Descriptions If an Activity Leader wishes to revise your Activity Descriptions in the Public Area or the MembersOnly Areas of the Club Website, please send changes to Registration for an Activity: You may reserve a place with the Activity Leader by email ahead of the General Meeting. Look for the Activity Leader's email address which will be listed in the Registration Area of the Activity description. (Each Activity Leader has her own KCWC email address linked to her personal email. Activity leaders who change their personal email should notify and the AL Liaison promptly in order to ensure receipt of KCWC email.) The Activity Leader should promptly send a reply email indicating if there is still space availability and if so, requesting your cheque as your confirmed reservation. Payment must include your KCWC member number and mobile on the rear of the cheque along with the Activity Area. Name and Date for which you are registering. Refunds are not allowed.

Activity Leaders' Home Page This special page for Activity Leaders can be found at the Calendar Activities tab. Click this and then click Activity Leaders on the left hand list just above After Hours. Here you can download and print copies of the Activity Sign-Sheet, Cheque Deposit Form and the Cheque Request Form. Please remember to print two copies of the downloaded forms - one to send to the KCWC Bookkeeper and one for you file reference. Your copy along with photocopied receipts for reimbursement are vital if there are questions about funds requested or funds paid by club participants and submitted by you to the Bookkeeper for deposit. The Club Planning Calendar is an important tool available on the Calendar Activities tab. The Planning Calendar is vital to help avoid, where possible, booking conflicting events on the same day. It is a reference all Leaders should use in planning their Activity schedules. The Planning Calendar is maintained by the Web Site Manager in cooperation with the Activity Leader Liaison. To add activities to the Planning Calendar, click onto "add new" on the left column. This will take you to the web page where you can type in activity postings. Once you fill in the form and click Submit, the information is sent to the web site manager for review and placement. If you prefer, you can email information about new events directly to the or the Activity Leader Liaison at

Bulletin Board and Photos The Bulletin Board and Photos sections are set up for members to share information with other members. If Activity Leaders have changes about their events after the newsletter has been printed, they can post it on the Bulletin Board. We encourage Activities Leaders to post pictures of their events in the photo gallery so other members can see what your activity does. To access, log-in, click on the Bulletin Board or Photos tab on the top of the page, and follow the instructions. Scroll down to see entries posted.

On-Line Directory The On-Line Directory is in the Members-Only Area and is the most up to date version of our Membership database. Only current members' names are maintained in the On-Line Directory. While all members names are listed, some members have opted to not have all their details included in the Membership on Line Directory. If you need to verify a member's current status, do an on-line search. This feature includes options: first name, last name, postcode, or home town. You need fill in only one option, not all, to initiate a Search. Contact Information Changes: Please mail all address, phone and email changes promptly to Please include your KCWC Membership Number in your email. Allow a week or two for changes to appear on line.

Board IntraNet Board members have access to an even more private part of the website - pages reserved "for their eyes only". Here they will find copies of Board meeting minutes and information designated only for Board members. Email the Web Site Manager for information on how to access this section of our website.

Version 2012/13

Page 28

Section E: KCWC ENews and EBlasts KCWC has a monthly internet email messagecaliedtheENews.ltis normally sent to all members from the Website Manager with a Message from the President one week before the upcoming General Meeting. The ENews includes information on the General Meeting; space availability in Activities and Special Events; Charity Connection updates; special invitations to KCWC members; new KCWC Member Benefits; and vacancies on the Board and amongst Activity Leaders. Most importantly, the ENews should be used to advertise an Activity/Event past the newsletter deadline to ensure KCWC insurance coverage is in force for this event. Activity Leaders are invited to submit copy (see deadline below) to report any changes, cancellations, or last minute spaces now available on previously wait listed activities. Events needing a few more participants in order to proceed are also ideal to advertise on ENews. EB/asts are intended to be sent only in the event of important unusual announcements such as the last minute scheduling of an activity or event. They are also ideal as a reminder that an Annual Event, KCWC Kids or Special Event is coming up on the Club Calendar. EBlasts are the last forum for advertisement of an Activity/Event too late for the newsletter or ENews to ensure insurance. To submit copy for the ENews, email no later than 10 days before the General Meeting date to or EBlasts will be considered for publication at both mailboxes anytime in the Club year at the discretion of the Web Manager and President.

E2. KCWC Social Networking - Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln KCWC Social Networking Policy The KCWC maintains an official Facebook page, Twitter Account and Linkedln Group. Additional pages may only be set-up with the permission of the Board. Official Pages: Facebook: KCWC - Kensington & Chelsea Women's Club London Twitter: KCWCLondon Linkedln: KCWC - Kensington & Chelsea Women's Club London Please like our page on Facebook, join our Linkedln Group and follow us on Twitter. We encourage Activity Leaders to submit public events or information about past events to help us promote the club to: Should an Activity Leader decide to set-up a Facebook page, please contact the Activity Leader Liaison or the Social Networking Contact for KCWC rules on Social Networking. (The ALL may also seek prior approval from the Board if she deems it necessary). On obtaining these rules, Activity Leaders should also be sure to note: If activities are posted on Facebook, they must still be promoted on the KCWC website, newsletter and/or e-blast and it must be clear that activities are open to members only. • Permission to post photos must be granted before using them on the page. · The Activity Leader Liaison is automatically included as a member, as is the person handling the KCWC Official page. · Members of the Activity Page should be currently active in the group or have been active in the near past,. If there is a reason to allow non-members to the group, please clear it with the Activity Leader Liaison first.

SECTION F: The Newsletter - Information & Guidelines Our research shows the majority of both new and veteran members of KCWC rate the Newsletter as one of the best benefits of the Club. Although an expense to produce, the Board and Activity Leaders continue to respond to the membership's request to keep this "lifeline" reference for our many club activities. We recognize the emerging importance of on-line publications - indeed we have a Website and ENews (Sections D & E). However, we also understand the benefit of the printed magazine we produce 10 limes a year (two double issues January/February; July/August) as a "bible" close at hand for our members to bring to activities and events as their guide. For Board Members and Activity Leaders, the Newsletter assumes a special importance - it is your primary vehicle for communicating with the membership as to the Activities and Events on offer to Version 2012113 Page 29

them each month as well as updates on Club Policies, Administration and News. Most important, all Activities and Events must appear in the Newsletter to guarantee KCWC insurance coverage. Given its important roles, the Newsletter must be timely, accurate and readable. As a part of the volunteer team who keep KCWC working for its members, you have a key part to play in ensuring the Newsletter's successful development and delivery each month. Reading this section should help you reach that goal. If we have missed something or you're confused about the Newsletter after reading this section, just contact Newsietter Manager at or the Copy Editor at

Deadlines Copy is usually due by 17:00 on the 24th of the month that is two months before the Newsletter issue is to be published. (For exampie, the deadline for the September issue is June 24Ih.) The aim is for the members to receive the Newsletter for nex1 month sometime around the 151h of the current month to plan for upcoming activities. With copy arriving from in excess of 30 Activity Areas and numerous Activity Leaders and Event Coordinators, both the Copy and Layout Editors need time to collate, edit and format your copy. In addition, advertising and insert copy are organized along with photo layouts, inside and outside cover artwork. Then the Newsletter is proofed for errors. This process can take a full week. Printing, insert stuffing, address labelling and mailing the 1500 plus copies all take additional time. Adhering to deadline is very important and appreciated.

Where to Send Copy 1. Your copy should always be sent as an email attachment in Word Doc format to the Copy Editor at and copied to 2. Allow for receipt no later than 17:00 on the deadline day. If you are using a Mac program, copy your write-up at the bottom of your email so that the copy editor can convert it to MS Word Doc at her end. 3. The file name of your Word document should include the Activity Name and month: e.g. Art History - November 2012 Newsletter. 4. The title of your email should also include the Activity Name and month as above. 5. Please send full written copy. Do not send instructions only as to what is to be included, deleted from, or added to a previous newsletter submission. 6. If you will be away after your copy is sent, please alert the editor in your email. She can then contact you promptly with any verifications. It's also helpful to give a local contact who understands your copy instructions in your absence. 7. Be sure to proof your copy before submission and after printing. Please alert the editor to any errors or necessary changes. This is most important should your contact details change between newsietter issues.

How do I create a word document and attach it to an e-mail? To create a Word Document in Word: Open a new Blank Document Type in your copy Click on "File" (at the left of the tool bar, top of the screen) Select "Save As ... " Type in the appropriate name for your file, and "Save" (ex. "Golf - Newsletter Copy - May 2012") To attach your File to your Email: This will differ depending upon the provider you are using, but in general and for those using AOL, the following will apply: Open an email addressing it to the Copy Editor ( cc: In the subject line, type the Activity Name and Month: e.g. Antiques October 2011 In the body of the email, alert the Copy Editor where and whom to contact with any questions. Click on "Attachments" or "Attach File" 1 Select the appropriate file that you have created above. Click on "Send" Page 30 Version 2012/13

Once the copy editor has received your e-mail, she will send you a repty acknowledging that she has received your copy. If in doubt, atways e-mail or phone the editor to verify receipt of your copy.

Newsletter Copy Format Guidelines All text is to be submitted without tabs or quirky spacing. All copy must follow these format guidelines: "ACTIVITY TrTlE": Arial Black, 10 pt, Bold (Small Caps) Highlight the Activity Heading / Select "Format" then "Font" and choose "Arial Black"/'Bold"/"10 PI. "/check on "Small Caps" You can also change the Font and Size using the tool bar at the top of the Window, but you would still have to go to Format to check on "Small Caps"

"When", "Where" and "Cost": Arial, 9 pt., Bold Be sure to include the nearest tube information in the where section. Highlight the appropriate words / Select "Format" then "Font" and choose "Arial"l"Bold',/'9 Pt." OR - change using the tool bar at the top "The Activity Descnption" should be in Arial 9 pt. Reg. Highlight the appropriate words / Select "Format" then "Font" and choose "Ariaf',/'g Pt." OR - change using the tool bar at the top As a general rule, always be sure to include: The Activity Leader's Contact Details Balded: Register With Attendance limits (minimum and maximum) after the registration information - LIMIT: number Deadlines for registration. Spellings and language should be British English not American. To set your document to British English, first click open the document and select "Tools", then "Language", then "Set Language" and choose "English U. K. ". This will not change your computer's setting for other documents. Dates are to be British practice: day number month I no commas ''Wednesday 16 November" Photographs: If you have photographs you'd like in the Newsletter, email them to or send them by post to the Copy Editor. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your photos to be returned. You can also post photos on the webgreat to build interest in your activity!

Bulletin Board I Activity Calendar I Under a Tenner: The "Bulletin Board" page appears monthly near the front of the Newsletter. It is designed for items that could benefit from special mention, are new or seasonal, or don't fit easily in one Activity Area. If you think your Activity belongs on the Bulletin Board, request it on submitting copy. You can also ask the editor to include your event as a Looking Ahead Highlight on the Activity Calendar page at the centre of the Newsletter. If its pricing qualifies, suggest inclusion in the Under a Tenner category. Note the editor always has final discretion and decision for activity listing placement.

Save the Date: Should you only have date information, or think it too early to advertise an event but wish members to keep the date in their diary, add Save the Date to the end of your Newsletter Copy. This alerts members a special event is in planning.

F2. Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Newsletter Copy May multiple Activity Leaders in One Activity Area Submit Copy? One person only should be responsible for assembling and submitting all copy for your Activity Area. What Happens if I Miss the Copy Deadline? If the Copy Editor has not received your copy by 17:00 deadline day, and if the production schedule allows, she will email or phone you once (a voice message counts). If your copy is not in by Noon the next day, the Copy Editor or Newsletter Manager has the option, and right, to make your listing one sentence citing no copy was received and referring members directly to you for information. I Have My Copy Ready for the Next Two Newsletters, Should I Send it All Right Now? No. Please keep copy you want for a specific issue until its due date - ego something you wish printed in the December newsletter, keep until the October deadline rather than submit in August or September. If you must send copy in early because you will be away, leave a local contact. Highlight which copy goes into which Newsletter allowing the Copy Editor to set it aside correctly. Page 31 Version 2012/13

Can I Promote an Event A Few Months in Advance of its Date? It is never advisable to promote any event more than three months in advance. Only do so if you are concerned about the financial viability of an event where early promotion to attract a minimum number of participants would be a deciding factor. Should I resubmit Copy for Events that are Full? For Events that are full, request WAITLIST ONLY be added to the copy. This keeps details on view for those confirmed with a cheque. It also helps you fill cancellations near the event from late registrants. What if I Just Want To Repeat the Same Copy as Last Month? Please inform the Copy editor in writing (by email) each month you are repeating copy. Do note that identical copy does not usually attract new registrants so vary slightly by month to ensure interest. Whom Do I Contact if My Copy Needs Explanation? If your copy needs explanation or you've questions on writing or submitting it, contact the Copy Editor BEFORE THE DEADLINE DATE at and CC I'm Confused - The Newsletter Reads Differently from the Copy I Sent In? The Copy Editor may have changed your copy for space/postal weight constraints, errors, grammatical prose, or to clarify details. If you wish your copy to be as submitted, please request this on sending with your reasons. The editor's judgement is final, however. What if there is a Mistake in the Newsletter? The Newsletter is proof read against original copy to ensure accuracy. Mistakes can sometimes appear despite all best efforts. If you feel the error is significant, please contact the Copy Editor, Newsletter Manager or Activity Leader Liaison. Do remember corrections can always be made on the Website Newsletter copy. An EBlast, ENews or General Meeting announcement can also be used in exceptional circumstances to rectify an error. My Event is Full from General Meeting Registrations. Should I include it in the Newsletter? Absolutely, Yes. All Club Activities and Events must be listed in the Newsletter (and past that deadline then in ENews or Eblastsee Section E) to ensure that KCWC insurance coverage will apply to all Members and guests. Therefore be sure to submit copy about the Activity/Event and list it as WAITLIST ONLY.

Section G: Activities and Event Planning Part G1 of this important section outlines the steps of planning an event. Part G2 will answer questions Activity Leaders and Event Planners may encounter.

G1. Check List Depending on the Activity Area in which you are involved or the Event you are planning, it is unlikely you will need to know, or be required to use, all of the Steps outlined below in the Check List. For example, those in a Book Club or Stitchery, will probably never need to hire a coach. Still it is important that all Activity Leaders and Event Planners understand what must be considered in the planning and budgeting stages to make any KCWC event a success. The' should be included in the event's budget. (Part 6)

marks signify the item

1) The Idea First, you'll have an idea or a member might suggest an event (I.e. talk, demonstration, lecture, tour, trip, study series) they would find interesting, helpful, instructive, and/or fun. Hard part done I A list of these ideas will make it easier to plan for the activity year.

2) Finding a Lecturer I Guide Now you need to find someone to give the lecture, teach the study series or guide the tour/trip. Your Activity Leader predecessor might have left file notes as reference - many KCWC lecturers are return guests. Your other KCWC colleagues may have contacts they will share or you might have a lead of your own. These can come from attending lectures, taking tours, reading periodicals, or asking an expert where you shop if he/she might be willing to share their time and expertise. Once you've found a candidate, you'll want to: . Determine his/her expertise and ability to teach and interact with groups. If possible try to attend a lecture before hiring them to judge their presentation skills. Version 2012113

Page 32

Discuss their credentials to use in your Newsletter copy. Discuss together the class you want to provide. Does it match their ideas? Determine what, if any, skills or preparation members will need to participate What will members take from the activity: tangible (e.g. an art project) or intangible (e.g. information or a new skill)? · What materials need to be supplied by the instructor, venue, participants, planner· Remember that some of these will need to be included in the event's budget. You'll want to make sure that your list includes all of the items needed to conduct the class. · Will any special equipment be required (e.g. slide projector, screen, PowerPoint?) Check if there will be an extra charge to supply this.. How long (hour/weekly sessions) will the activity/class be to conclusion? How many students - maximum and minimum number - are needed/allowed? . Is the


charge hourly, by participant, by number of classes? .

Are supplies and materials included in this fee? . Is VAT (Value Added Tax) included in the price given by the instructor? . Pick a preferred date and back-up date. Try to avoid date conflicts with other Activity Areas. Check with the ALL or the Activity Leader's on-line planning calendar for available dates. · Explain the Club's registration procedures and agree on a go/no go date based on participant numbers. Will there be a cancellation fee in this instance? . · Agree payment detail with the instructor: Is a deposit required and when? Is payment due at the Activity end or later by invoice? · Request an invoice/bill. This MUST indicate the service was provided for KCWC. Your name can be on the bill, but it MUST have "KCWC" or "Kensington Chelsea Women's Club" in order to be paid by our accountant. No charges will be paid without an invoice. Where applicable, the VAT number must be on the bill.

3) The Venue Next you must find a suitable venue to hold the activity or event. These can be found through Activity Leader referrals or relations KCWC has with some London clubs. A KCWC member home, hotel meeting room, church hall, or restaurant can also be used. · Agree the venue cost with the supplier. Is the charge by the hour, 11, day, full day? Don't forget to secure the space for set up time if necessary.. · Check and confirm the activity date. Agree on a possible cancellation date and whether there will be a cancellation fee.. · Do this both verbally and in writing. Should there be a long delay between booking the space and the go/no go decision, you might do a letter to hold and one to confirm. · Can the venue provide/supply any needed equipment? At what cost?· KCWC owns a projector and coffee urn to be used free - check with the Activity Leader Liaison. · Is VAT included in the rate/cost?·

Make a note of the VAT number.

· Agree a payment schedule: Deposit? Final payment on the day or by invoice later? Don't forget that you MUST have an invoice showing "KCWC" to have the bill paid by our accountant. The VAT number MUST be included if applicable. Version 2012/13

Page 33

4) Getting There: Transportation A) By Coach Get the name of the coach companies frequently used by KCWC from the Activity Leader Liaison. Contact them first as they have proven reliable. Identify yourself as from KCWC when contacting the Coach companies. · Check their availability for the event and confirm in writing. · What size/type of vehicle is required? Is there a 100 (toilet) on board? (If your journey is not too long, one may not be required as a cost saving measure.) Is the cost hourly. Y, day or full? Does it include their time to the pick-up point? . · Is VAT included in the price?'

It should be.

· Confirm that their VAT number will be on the invoice, and that the invoice will be made out to the KCWC. It cannot be paid without this information. Agree a payment schedule. Deposit? Final payment on the day or by invoice later? Agree on a go/no go date. Is there a cancel fee if the event doesn't take place? . Send a confirmation letter and keep a copy for your file. Send the confirmation paperwork to the KCWC bookkeepers with final payment due date. Budget a tip for the coach driver.' Take a prepared receipt for him to sign. Bring a copy of your sign up list on the day with mobile numbers of participants. Be sure they have yours if they are running late. · Have all contact numbers for your venue, guide, etc. with you. · On a coach with a loo? Bring a 100 roll. Trash bags are helpful for newspaper & snack trash. B) By Rail Determine what train you need to reach your destination. Which station does it leave from? Get the return trip train schedule and distribute it to attendees. How much are tickets? Will members buy individual ones on the day with their money or will you buy a group ticket? (note Group tickets are less expensive)' . Will you need coach or taxi transport on arrival? See above for coach info. Include extra time in your schedule to meet and greet. Pick a specific place to meet at the rail station (e.g." in front of the ticket window" won't be helpful at some stations in London.) Have a sign to indicate KCWC. · Bring a copy of your sign up list with mobile numbers of participants. Be sure they have your mobile if they are running late. ·

Have all contact numbers for your venue, guide, etc. with you.

5) Meals & Snacks I Accommodation If the Activity is taking place over mealtime, you will need to decide: Do members bring their own food individually? Is the venue/speaker supplying food? . Will you be stopping for a meal or coffee en route? Have you arranged a pre set group menu? (may be quicker and less expensive)? . Version 2012/13

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Should coffeeltea, biscuits be included in the activity? . Are service costs included? Remember receipts/invoices must say KCWC. For overnight trips, specify whether accommodation is included in the price . For any KCWC event involving overnight or overseas travel, the budget planning must be reviewed by the KCWC Treasurer and/or Activity Leader Liaison to ensure pricing has been properly done taking into consideration all tax and liability issues.

6) Figuring the Budget Make an overall budget using all the budget numbers' gathered in steps 2 through 5. · Make sure you have added in VAT on the necessary items. · An Activity Leader can receive a £30 credit to costs for her planned event. If the Activity is more than £30, she pays the balance. (Rarely an exception is made for full credit by the Activity Leader Liaison but never for overnight trips.) Budget her full cost however. · Determine the Per Person cost by dividing the Total cost by a number of paying participants. Do this based on three scenarios being realistic not optimisticI a. the minimum participants for whom you will run the event - b. the maximum participants the instructor or room will permit - c. how many people you expect will really register for the event · Then some other factors come into play. - If your Activity Area is losing money overall, calculate on the basis of "a" above. This way, if registrations are few, your risk of lost money is lower. - If you fear a price will be thought too high, you have these options: • Calculate option "c" above and add perhaps £2/person. This will yield a reasonable fee giving some insurance for low numbers. · Cancel if costs are high and/or registration low. Consider rescheduling later in the KCWC Calendar Year. - If your Activity Area has a surplus after expenses paid, consider reducing the per person cost. This will aid your goal of a zero balance at year end. An Example: A Sample Activity All the budget numbers' in planning total £80. This is the total cost to pay for the event. The instructor gives you a minimum of 4/maximum of 8. You realistically hope for 6. SO... If your Activity Area Budget is a 0 balance, charge £80 /6 persons=£13.33/ person (13.50 rounded.) If your Activity Area Budget is operating at a loss, take the minimum number of 4 attendees. £80/4 = £20 per person. If you think this is fair value, proceed and advertise the class being sure to monitor registrations and cancel if not enough sign up to avoid further money loss. If you succeed in reaching the realistic estimate of 6 registrants, you will earn £40 extra from the event to go into your overall Activity Area Budget helping reduce your deficit. If your Activity Area Budget shows a surplus, and you are SURE all previous bills are paid, decide how much money you could, in effect, afford to "give back" to participants. Please note that you should not use the total budget surplus to reduce the cost of one event only. You need to keep some surplus through fiscal year end (July 31) in case subsequent events lose money. So if your budget shows a surplus of £60, you could reduce the cost of this £80 event by £3.33 / person (charging £10.00 / person for this activity). To reach this price - divide £80 by 6 reasonable registrants = £13.33 each. Giving a "discount" of £3.33 each will reduce the total surplus by £19.98, leaving £40.02 surplus for further events.

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7) KCWC Web, ENews and Newsletter Copy / the Web and ENews See Sections E and F - Activity/Event listing ensures that KCWC insurance applies to all members and guests attending your Activity/Event.

8) Collect Registrations · Keep a numbered registration list. As members sign up at general meetings or by email, add their name, phone contacts, email. · Be sure to include their membership number and verify their member status on line. This ensures KCWC members are given priority to attend KCWC events over guests and that our insurance is in operation. · Note the attendance number you'll need to reach so that budget needs are met. · Identify a new member on registration on your sign in sheet. You can then be sure to especially welcome her and make an effort to introduce her to others on the day. · If the event proves popular and there is a maximum number allowed, you may wish to keep a Wait List. It is KCWC policy NOT to give refunds to paid registrants who decide they do not want / cannot participate. A Wait List facilitates refunds. Suggest the member desiring a refund contact someone on the wait list as her replacement. The replacement can pay directly to the member whose place she is filling. NOTE: Emergencies and special situations arise that can result in a member being granted a refund without finding a replacement. This decision of whether or not to refund is normally left to the discretion of the Activity Leader in charge. You may consult the Treasurer if in doubt as to criteria.

9) Payment for Activity/Events by Cheque, Debit/Credit Card, On Line or Cash By Cheque: · Cheques should be made out to KCWC. not to you, the Activity Leader. If you choose to accept a cheque made out to you, submit your own cheque as payment for the registrant being sure to alert the bookkeepers on whose behalf the cheque is being submitted. · All cheques must be for the right amount of money. dated correctly and signed. · Failure to follow these simple rules costs KCWC to redo and resend cheques. By Debit/Credit Card: · Debit and Credit Cards are accepted as payment means at General Meetings at the Accounts Desk for amounts in excess of £25. American Express is NOT accepted. · A pink customer credit card receipt will be issued to the member on payment. This receipt must be presented by the member to the Activity Leader / Event Planner as proof of payment. This receipt shows the Activity/Event, Member Name, Member Number and Payment amount. On Line: · The Treasurer will assign a specific payment code to an Activity Leader for the Activity. · Payment online is available but ONLY through pre-registration with an Activity Leader. On registration, the Activity Leader will give the specific payment code to the registrant. · The registrant will log onto the KCWC website clicking the Calendar Activities tab. Event Payment will show on the left. On clicking this section, the registrant will be directed to an Automatic On Line safe payment page where they can enter card details. American Express is NOT accepted. · Upon payment completion, an immediate confinmation will show on the screen as well as be sent to the member by email. By Cash: · Payment by cash is not recommended as there is never a receipt. However, if you choose to Version 2012/13 Page 36

accept cash as payment at a General Meeting, you must write a cheque to KCWC off your own account. Send it to the bookkeepers indicating on the Cheque Deposit form the member for whom it is payment. Their cash reimburses you. DO NOT Send Cash in the Post.

10) Confirm Details You must confirm details by letter or email to all activity service providers as soon as you have confirmed Budget Costs are met, the minimum number of participants has registered, or you reach the golno go date. Should the event not meet these requirements and need cancellation, you must also send written notice of the cancellation. Keep copies of your correspondence to avoid problems. ensure :an important step in reducing confusion and avoiding disagreements.

11) Submission of Cheques/Credit Card Slips to the KCWC Bookkeepers · Submit members' payment cheques to the bookkeepers as soon as the event is a definite "GO". You need not have received all payments. You can make multiple deposits for one activity or event using the Cheque Deposit Form. (See Section L). · Download the Deposit Form from the website Activity Leaders' page. It is also available from the AL Liaison, Treasurer or Bookkeeper at General Meetings. · Be sure you keep a copy of the Deposit Form for your records. · Always send deposits above £199 by "Recorded delivery" not Special Delivery. (Keep the postage receipt for later submission to the bookkeepers on the Cheque Request Expense Reimbursement Form -Section L). · Please alert the Bookkeepers a deposit is coming by post · You may also deliver cheques with the completed form to the Treasurer or Bookkeepers at the General Meetings. · Pink Debit 1 Credit Card payment receipts must be submitted on a separate Cheque Deposit Form and marked Credit/Debit payments. The Same instructions apply. · Be sure to be prompt in SUbmitting cheques to avoid their cancellation or, in cases of your extreme delay, that a member has moved and closed her bank accountl There is no charge in England for stopping payment on a personal cheque so if a participant decides at the last minute to not attend and you've not deposited her payment, your event budget can show a loss for these non recovered funds. DON'T DELAY.

12) Submission of Receipts /Invoices for Payment / Reimbursement · Requests for payment of expenses owed before the event must be submitted no later than one week prior to the payment receipt due date. · Use the Cheque Request form. Download this form on the website Activity Leaders' page or ask the AL Liaison, Treasurer or Bookkeeper at the General Meetings. · Proper invoices 1 receipts, made out to KCWC, must be sent in with the completed, Cheque Request Form signed by the Activity Leader or Event Planner. Credit Card receipts alone are not sufficient for reimbursement. · Follow form instructions and include an addressed stamped envelope for payments. · Sign the Cheque Request Form indicating your contact info for questions.

13) On the day - At the Activity or Event Finally! A lot to absorb from Step 1. But this all is quick and easy once you've done an event or two. · Arrive early to check the venue seating is correct, tea and coffee if ordered are ready and the materials required by the speaker 1 attendees are available. · Greet the lecturer or guide reviewing programme details before our members arrive. Version 2012/13

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· Welcome members and guests (if allowed) being sure they have paid and signed in. You will need to bring your own registration sheet to verify paid attendance numbers as well as a KCWC Activity Sign in Sheet ( Section L ). This is very important for bookkeeping and insurance purposes and to ensure KCWC's status as a social amenity society holding events for its membership. · Have name tags available. You can prepare them from your registration list or ask participants to write their own (bring a marker or dark pen). Perhaps include a member's post code to ease an introduction between members. Indicate a New Member on the Name tag. · Greet members at the door being sure to introduce yourself as the organizer. Pay special attention to New Members introducing them. Being new to an event can be daunting so please be courteous and welcoming. Always begin the event with an official welcome to all. · Be prepared to introduce the speaker or guide including her CV details if applicable. · Stand to thank the speaker and ask for any questions before concluding the event. This is also a good time to announce any future Activities you wish to promote. · If you are unable to attend the Activity or Event, you must arrange for someone to represent you on the day. Be sure she and the AL Liaison have your contact details should any questions arise. Also inform the venue and speaker of your substitute. If bills are due on the day, be sure to have payment ready for delivery in your absence. Get a proper receipt.

14) Afterwards: The Activity Summary Sheet · An Activity Event Summary is in Section L. After an event, record its details (even if it's unsuccessful or cancelled) so that an accurate record is available for future advice. This also helps retain lecturer, venue, and coach hire details. Recording the reason an event was unsuccessful or cancelled is also helpful to ensure avoidance of these problems in future.

G2. Common Problems I Frequently Asked Questions You can't find a location for your Event or Activity: KCWC has a good relationship with several private London clubs including the Carlton Club, Royal Geographical Society and Royal Automobile Club. Favourable rates are usually offered by these and other establishments known to the AL Liaison and Activity Leaders. If you need a member to hostess an event, the Hospitality Committee may have recommendations. Don't be afraid to ask for help or advice. People are not signing up for your Event or Activity: There can be many reasons for low interest. An idea that worked well once might not sell well again. It's a matter of balance between timing, cost, and member interest. You'll stand a better chance of attracting participants if you've considered the following: · Give enough lead time to publicize but not so much so an event is seen as too far off. · Schedule to fit within school calendars and class hours. Events planned for a holiday period or beginning 30 minutes before a school run can eliminate our members with children in school. Pick a venue convenient to public transportation andlor parking. Price it fairly - give value for money. Avoid listing an event with no location, time or price. Say Save the Date only for now. Make your Newsletter copy enticing. What will members learn, receive, etc. A member ureserves" a spot but you never receive her cheque: This is a common problem. A member may not bring payment to a General Meeting or you've taken a reservation by phone or email. KCWC Procedures ask members pay for any activity I event within five days of reserving their place. An unpaid spot is not confirmed. The Activity Leader may hold it beyond five days at her discretion in courtesy or because numbers are needed to make the event a "go". The Page 38 Version 2012/13

Activity Leader always has the right to give a reserved space to another member. You are not required to call the member for their cheque or to say the space will be given away but it's recommended you do so. This can save awkward difficulties later! A cheque is incomplete, unsigned, for the incorrect amount or not to KCWC: It is the Activity Leader's responsibility to ensure you are in receipt of proper payment from each member. Time permitting, contact the member to send you a corrected cheque. With time short, arrange payment on the day. Do Not send incorrect cheques to the bookkeepers. You feel you are being treated unfairly, rudely or being harassed by a member: Your patience is sometimes required to be gracious and understanding and KCWC thanks you in advance! Indeed, often this kind reaction will work magic to reverse the member's poor behaviour. Always remind the member that you are a volunteer doing your best in your spare time for them. You have every right to request their respect and that they honour the business hours when we ask you be contacted. If the problem persists, you may suggest they contact the AL Liaison or a Board member or you may do so yourself. You've arranged the Event but you can't be there a few weeks before or on the Day: We all travel a great deal within KCWC so this happens. Please arrange a backup contact to help finalize event details with suppliers and to be present on the day. Be sure registration lists are available on line to send to your substitute. Your paperwork re deposits and payment requests should be current. Please also alert the AL Liaison of these alternate arrangements. I am running an Event to raise money for our Charity. Can I reduce the VAT amount we pay? Yes, if you are running a charity fund raising event, please put CHARITY ACCOUNT at the top of all Cheque Deposit and Expense Request forms in big bold letters! This will alert the Bookkeepers and Treasurer to special financial instructions re this event. The KCWC Bookkeepers will need to make all payment from and deposits into a special and separate KCWC Charity bank account. Because of VAT rules, we need not remit 20% on the revenues collected in the Charity account due to our donation of these funds. Similarly, we cannot claim any VAT paid on expenses to raise money for charity. Therefore, before you run any Charity event, please be sure to contact the Treasurer to review the type of event, its costings and payments as VAT will need to be considered. I am running an event to raise money for Charity. Can I accept Credit Card payments or, in future, on路line payments? No, you cannot accept anything other than cash or cheque payments. Because KCWC runs this event through its special Charity bank account, all monies collected must be deposited directly into this account. Only cheques and cash qualify for this direct Charity Account deposit. All credit card and on line payments are deposited automatically into its regular current account. HMRC is very strict about not allowing the mingling of Club monies and funds raised for Charity. If I run a Special Event, does it need to raise money for our Charity? No. You are welcome to run any Special Event solely for the enjoyment of our members without consideration or benefit to Charity. A Special Event need only be something you as organizer, in conjunction with the Board, feel will be of interest to the membership and financially successful (Le. with not suffer a loss and either make a zero balance or small surplus). That said, sometimes a Special Event is an ideal vehicle for raising Charity funds as this element may stimulate attendance. Or, many Special Events might have a charity fund raising component - e.g. Raffle or auction. If so, the funds collected from this portion of the event must be segregated from the main event revenues and deposited separately per the instructions noted previously. Similarly, related expenses need be segregated as well. KCWC has Raised and Saved a lot of Money - Can we have a Party on these Funds?! KCWC is a fiscally prudent Club. The Club often makes a small surplus from day to day operations, advertising, Activity and Event revenues. In some years, however, small losses are suffered in these same areas. We work hard to draft and comply with an annual budget with a net goal of a zero balance: no profit, no loss. However hilling this target is not always a bullseye. The Club on the reasoned advice of its auditors strives to maintain positive cash reserves equal to approximately six months expenses as a buffer against lean years or unexpected expenses. This is felt to be the minimum required to qualify as a financially healthy and vital Club. So, the answer is sadly no party! Version 2012/13

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Cancellations and Refunds: KCWC policy is to not refund money. This is based on the reality that our events operate on a break even, tight profit /Ioss basis. Our No Refund policy is noted clearly in every newsletter and should be re-emphasized by the Activity Leader / Event Planner when a member registers and pays for any event. Note it is the Member's responsibility not the Activity Leader's to find her replacement if she is unable to attend. She may "sell" her place or call someone on the Event Wait List. If KCWC cancels an Activity/Event and payment has been received, please fill out an Expense Reimbursement Form for each member for whom a refund is owed. Indicate to the member that a refund is in process and to contact you if it is not received within 2 weeks.

Section H: What We've Learned - Sharing our Experience Girls Just Want to Have Fun: · Never lose sight of our KCWC goal to meet in friendship. So have fun yourself even as you work hard and responsibly.

Timing is Everything: · In scheduling events, Avoid Public Holidays, major religious holidays, School Breaks, and General Meeting dates. Planning Dates are in this Handbook (Section K). · Check the website Activity Leaders Planning Calendar to ensure other activity areas are not planning an event on the same day you wish yours. Also learn regular schedule days for some Activities (e.g. Antiques Thursdays; Tuesdays Art History.) These days will limit your attendance numbers. Submit your event dates to the on-line Planning Calendar as early as you can. · Email co Activity Leaders with your intended schedule. This helps KCWC plan. · Avoid duplicate planning across Activity areas. If your event may appeal to another Activity area (e.g. a Stately home visit might appeal to Antiques, Art History, or Travel), consult with these Activity Leaders. List registrations jointly in the Newsletter.

Plan Ahead I Be Calm and Carry On: · Finalise your event details as early as practical (even three or four months out). Arranging venues, speakers, transport, catering and accommodation takes time. Remember Newsletter deadlines are two months in advance. Have details ready. · Try to prepare with a year long outline to use as a guide. · Don't Wait too Long and Rush the Details.

The Price is Right: Pricing your events successfully is key to their popularity with the membership. Your goal: reach a year end Activity Budget as close to a zero balance as possible. Price so as to cover costs and provide value for money

=high attendance.

Budget incidental costs: postage, copying, an unavoidable taxi; coffee for a meeting in your home. Note: Babysitting costs are not allowed in Inland Revenue Tax Law. · Follow the pricing guidelines in this Handbook (Sections G /1). · Consult the Treasurer for pricing advice and your Activity Budget status.

Think Outside the Box I Share and Share Alike · Explore new topics, speakers, venues. Don't limit yourself to the usual - be creative. Version 2012113

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· No Activity Leader "owns" the "exciusive" right to a lecturer, topic or venue. Co-operation between ALs helps the Club and is stimulating for Membership. · Share events with other Activity Leaders both as a courtesy and to ensure non duplication. Cross promote each othe~s events or consider offering one jointly.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: · Don't delay required paperwork needed to plan or expense an activity or event. · If you need to cancel an event, don't stall this decision. Cancelling with ample notice allows time to announce the change in the newsletter or web and refunds to be processed. · Keeping easy to read registration lists (preferably on computer) including name, member number, email address, phone& mobile contact numbers saves time and hassle in future!

Always be Courteous: Please be prompt and polite in answering phone messages or emails. Don't forget to welcome members (new and long standing). Remember to write thank you notes or emails promptly to your lecturer, host or coach company. This helps secure their services easily and often at a favourable price in future.

Don't Be Shy: · Feel free to ask for help if you've any question or a problem. · Feeling frustrated and need to vent? Please call the Activity Leader Liaison, a co Activity Leader, any Board Member or the President. Everyone is here to help. We've all been there.

When You've Got to Go, You've Got to Go! Repatriation or Resignation · If you must resign as an Activity Leader, please contact the ALL promptly. · Activity Leaders are encouraged to find their own replacements. Usually it's easy to find someone from the regulars who frequent your events as they share this interest. You can also run a Newsletter "advert", on-line Bulletin Board notice, or ENews message. · Arrange a meeting for the transfer of your duties. Hand over your notes and bUdgeting records being sure your accounting paperwork is completed before you leave the UK! · Be sure to contact Membership and the Web Manager with your changing details.

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Section I: Budgets, Accounting, VAT, & TOMS The Club employs a professional bookkeeper to process paperwork and maintain the financial accounts associated with running the Kensington Chelsea Women's Club. Our Treasurer is the Board Officer who "manages" the monetary side of KCWC and is responsible for insuring the overall financial health of the Club. This is how the duties of both are divided and how you they can help you as a Board member, Activity Leader, and Event Planner. The Treasurer sits on the Board and is responsible for the Club's annual budget. She prepares your Board budgets with your input; answers questions about all budgets; approves all payments made by the club; signs all cheques; and maintains the Club's administrative budget. You may and should call her with any questions related to your Area's budget or if you need help when you are determining a price for an event. She will always have a recent copy of the accounting database on hand. Be sure to check your Activity Area and Board department balances regularly throughout the fiscal year. The Bookkeeper: NC Bookwise has been retained to provide continuity for KCWC accounting practices and reduce the margin for error whenever the Treasurer position changes hands. The company takes all the accounting paperwork submitted by Club members and processes it. They also maintain a master database of the information. They also process all VATITOMS related paperwork. NC Bookwise does not have the authority to sign cheques nor do they have any control over the KCWC bank accounts. Your Cheque Deposit Forms and Cheque Request Fomns are to be sent directly to them. They will call you directly if they have any questions about your submissions most especially an incomplete fomn, lack of receipt documentation, or an error in your own accounting on submitting cheques for deposit. KCWC is billed for their time in doing this so it is important that you follow the instructions on the forms and do you best to avoid errors. If you are uncertain about anything when filling in one of the forms, please ring the Treasurer or Activity Leader Liaison before sending it in.

1. The Annual Budget for the Club The KCWC Annual Budget is comprised of the individual budgets for each of the Board Positions, a general administrative budget for all the overhead items, and all of the individual Activity Area budgets. All Board and Activity Leaders will use the same forms with respect to all accounting matters. Each member of the Board is required to submit a detailed budget projection at the beginning of her temn, which is then incorporated into the master Annual Budget. She must manage her position to keep within that projection. In no case is any Board member allowed to go over her budget projection or run a deficit without prior approval of the Treasurer and President. Each Activity Leader is to manager her Activity Area so as to keep within a slightly positive or zerobalance budget goal. The KCWC is not a profit-making Club. It is each Activity Leader's responsibility to keep the Treasurer and the President apprised of problems during the course of the year that might affect her budget.

2. Individual Activity Area Budgets: Each Activity area budget comprises: · The actual income and expense items for the activities/events you hold during the year. · At the beginning of the Club's year, your Activity Area's budget will likely equal £0 since each event should be designed to cover its costs but not make a profit. · The Treasurer should provide a copy of each area's budget to each Activity Leader. If there are two (or more) Leaders for one Activity Area, both work within one budget. · It is recommended that one person in each Activity Area be responsible for monitoring the budget as well as collating and submitting the financial information for the entire Activity Area. This will facilitate the financial accountability for the Activity Area and avoid the temptation of one leader who has made a profit to think there is surplus to spend when in fact another leader may have lost money in the same area.

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· Activity leaders are allowed the option of a credit of up to £30 towards each of the events they personally plan and officiate. This must be calculated into the activity cost when budgeting for the event. For example, if the group is going to an event where tickets cost £12 each and the leader anticipates 15 members will go in addition to herself, she determines that 16 tickets will cost £192. She will set the price per registrant to be £192 divided by 15 (taking herself out) = £12.80 (or rounded up to £13). Or, she could go ahead and pay for her own ticket, meaning that all tickets will cost the ticket price of £12. · If the cost of an Activity leader's own activity exceeds £30, this amount can be deducted from what the Al will pay. For example, if the event costs £50 per member, the Activity Leader will pay £20 to attend the event as long as this credit is calculated into the overall cost. In very special circumstances, the Activity leader liaison may allow the leader tull credit in excess of 30 pounds for free attendance at her own event and use funds reserved in the Budget to offset this cost. NOTE: This permission is never allowed for her expenses on overnight trips.

3. Budget Updates: You will receive regular reports tram the Treasurer or Activity leader liaison that will show expenses and income for your Activity Area. Make sure that this information jives with the information you keep yourself. If there are any discrepancies, notify the Treasurer right away.

4) VAT - What is it & How to figure it: VAT is Value Added Tax. In the United Kingdom, VAT is calculated on most goods and services rendered. It is similar to a sales tax - but MORE COMPLlCATEDllt is currently calculated at 20%. Non-VAT-rateable items (Items not Subject to VAT) include: · postage, food items purchased in the grocery store, and all forms of transportation (including buses, trains, taxis, hired coaches and plane travel). · Certain venues and speakers are also non-VAT-able. For instance, church halls are not subject to VAT. · Speakers should also be able to inform you if their services are VAT-able or not. ASK THEM. · If you have any questions, please ring the KCWC Treasurer first with your questions. The KCWC must include VAT on all VAT-rateable transactions to comply with the law. This is why it is always necessary for you to ask each vendor, speaker, teacher, lecturer, caterer, venue or anyone else you "hire, buy or rent" a service or supply from if the VAT is included in the price you pay them. A good way to do so is to ask - "do you have a VAT registration number?" If yes, we will not add VAT onto the cost you have been quoted as it will be included. If no, the provider of the goods or services does not add VAT to the cost you have been quoted - YOU MUST ADD IT to the cost in your budget. You must assess VAT on each item separately. For example, if VAT is not included in the fee charged by your speaker or by your venue, then you must figure VAT on each cost separately. You can not just total both numbers (for speaker and venue) and then add 20%. However inefficient this sounds, this is the way we must report all our expenses to the Inland Revenue. If VAT is NOT included in the Price and you need to add it as VAT rateable: Multiply the amount by 1.20 in order to add VAT to the base number. Forexample, a teacher is charging £100 and her fee does NOT include VAT. Then in your planning budget, you must/otal £120.00 for the teacher's fee (£100 x 1.20 = £120.00). If VAT IS included in the price, you simply put a Yes on the Cheque Request Form in the VAT included Column indicating it is part of the figure quoted. You will also need to get a VAT Receipt from the speaker showing his VAT Registration number and be sure to attach it to your Cheque Request Form. Forexample, if the teacher above with the £100 fee says their fee has VAT included in the price, do not add 20% to your budgeting for the event.

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The tax payments will all be done by the Bookkeeper. You simply need to be correct in the information you provide them about whether VAT is included in your costs, or not Remember: you must assess VAT on each individual fee/charge/cost separately. This is easy to do on the Cheque request Form, because there is a check off line for each cost item.

5. What is a "VAT receipt"? The receipt or invoice YDU submit must show each of the fDllDwing items: Date of the expense "KCWC" or "KensingtDn Chelsea WDmen's Club" (it may alsD show your name) The personal and unique VAT registratiDn number Df the provider of the goods Dr services. The TOTAL COST Df the expense. A credit card receipt can nD t be accepted Dn its Dwn. The Dnly exceptiDn is fDr grDceries Dr small amDunts Df food items where it is difficult tD get a VAT receipt.

6. What is TOMS VAT TOMS stands fDr TDur OperatDr's Margin Scheme. KCWC has registered fDr this scheme as it allows us tD reduce DUt VAT expDsure Dn SDme types Df "travel" activities. These activities must include transportation Dr accDmmodation Dr tour guide expenses in order tD qualify. YDur financial training as a Board Member, Activity Leader, and Event Planner will include an explanatiDn Df TOMS by the Treasurer. Activity Leaders need only indicate Dn their Accounting Paperwork that an event is a TOMS Scheme by checking the bDx at the tDP Df bDth the DepDsit and Expense Forms. AlC Bookwise will do all the wDrk invDlved in calculating the difference in the VAT accounting. Again all tax payments are calculated and disbursed by the KCWC BDDkkeepers.

Section J: Stationery KCWC Letterhead The Club pre-prints A4 letterhead, nDte slips and matching envelDpes with Dur IDgD. If YDU need statiDnery fDr KCWC business, please phDne Dr email the Secretary to provide YDU with a supply. SDme BDard members alsD have business cards (President and Programmes Chairwoman.) Please ask the Secretary fDr more infDrmation.

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Section K: Planning Dates KCWC 2012-13 Board Meetings/ General Meetings GM/ Newsletter Copy and Proofing Dates/ Activity Leader Training Sessions / KCWC New Member Coffee Fall Monday September 10 Board Meeting Location Royal Thames Yacht Club Thursday September 13 GM British Academy Carlton Terrace Thursday September 27 November Newsletter Copy Deadline Thursday October 4 GM Royal Geographic Society (RGS) Friday October 5 November Newsletter Proofing Meeting Thursday October 11 Activity Leader Training Sessions 9:30 - Noon & Evening Monday October 15 Board Meeting Location Royal Thames Yacht Club Friday October 26 December Newsletter Copy Deadline Tuesday October 31 Fall New Member Hospitality Coffee Thursday November 1 GM RGS Tuesday November 6 December Newsletter Proofing Meeting Saturday November 10 Near/y New Sale 9:30-1:00 Notting Hill (set up:Jd) Monday November 19 Board Meeting Location Carlton Club Tuesday November 27 January/February Newsletter Copy Deadline Wednesday December 5 January/February Newsletter Proofing Meeting Thursday December 6 GM Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Christmas Hospitality Lunch Royal Overseas League Monday December 10 Board Meeting Location Royal Thames Yacht Club 2013 Thursday January 10 GM RGS Monday January 21 Board Meeting Location East India Club Friday January 25 March Newsletter Copy Deadline Tuesday February 5 March Newsletter Proofing Meeting Wednesday February 6 Activity Leader Thank you Luncheon Thursday February 7 GM RGS Monday February 25 Board Meeting Location Carlton Club Friday February 22 April Newsletter Copy Deadline Friday March 2 - 30th Anniversary GALA Monday March 4 April Newsletter Proofing Meeting Thursday March 7 GM RIBA Monday March 18 Board Meeting Location Carlton Club Thursday March 14 May Newsletter Deadline Wednesday March 20 May Newsletter Proofing Meeting Thursday April 18 GM RGS Monday Apri/15 Board Meeting Carlton Club Friday April 26 June Newsletter Copy Deadline Thursday May 9 GM Open (Evening?) Tuesday May 7 June Newsletter Proofing Meeting Monday May 20 Board Meeting Carlton Club Wednesday May 29 July/August Newsletter Copy Deadline

Thursday June 6 GM RAC - June Luncheon By-Law vote Friday June 7 July/August Newsletter Proofing Meeting Monday June 10 Joint Board Meeting Location TBD Friday June 28 September Newsletter Copy Deadline Monday July 8 September Newsletter Proofing Meeting

Public Holidays 2013: New Year's Day Tuesday January 1 Good Friday Friday March 29 Easter Monday Monday April 1 Early May Bank Holiday Monday May 6 Spring Bank Holiday Monday May 27 Summer Bank Holiday Monday August 26 Christmas Day Wednesday December 25 Boxing Day Thursday December 26 New Year's Day 2014 Wednesday January 1,2014 School Term 'Holidays 2012-13: Westminster Thursday September 6 - December 21 Half Term: October 29 - November 2 Christmas: December 18 - January 7 Tuesday January 8, 2013 - March 28 Half Term: February 17-22 Easter Break: March 29 - April 12 Monday April 15 - July 23 Holiday: Monday May 6 School Term' Holidays 2012-13: UK Private Schools: Cameron Thurs. September 6 - December 12 Half Term: October 19 - 26 Christmas Break: December 13 - January 7 TueslWed January 8/9,2013 - March 27 Half Term: February 18 - 22 Tuesday April 23 - Wed July 10 Holiday: Monday May 6 Thursday September 5, 2013 next term begins School Term' Holidays 2012-13: American School London September 6 - December 21 Half Term: October 27 - November 5 Thanksgiving: 28/29 Christmas Break: December 22 - January 7 Tuesday January 8, 2013 - March 28 Half Term: February 16 - 24 Easter Break: March 29 - April 14 Monday April 15 - July 23 Holiday: Monday May 6 In General, the British History Group plans meetings for Mondays. Art History and Art History Survey use Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Antiques, Professional Forum, Lifeslyling, Parenting, Toddlers and Spanish use Thursdays. Travel, London Walks and other activities float on available weekdays. After Hours, Evening Book Group, Theatre, Opera and Special Events are usually Evening events.

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June 2012 to August 2013









07-1101the month (except Sep)

12-1401the month (except Sep)

1$lor2 11O Thu

Usually Man

Fri 6 Jull Man g Jul


Thu 7 June

Mon 11 Jun




Fail theme

24-28 01 the

28-31 01 the

05-06 01 the




Same date as Proofing Meeting

17:00 hrs




2012 June 2012


Wed 27 Jun

Wed 27 Jun

Thu 5 Jul

Thu 5 Jul

Frl24 Aug

Fri 24 Aug

Thurs 6 Sep

Thurs 6 Sep

Frl7 Sep

Wed 12 Sep

Thu 27 Sep

Thu 27 Sep

Fri 5 Oct

Fri 5 Oct

Man 8 Oct

Fri 12 Oct

Fri 26 Oct

Fri 26 Oct

Tue 6 Nov PM

Tue 6 Nov

Wed 7 Nov

Tue 13 Nov

Thu 4 Oct

Man 15 Oct


Tue 27 Nov

Tue 27 Nov

Wed 5 Dec

Wed 5 Dec

Fri 7 Dec

Thu 13 Dec

Thu 1 Nov

Mon 19 Nov

Winter theme OR Special Event

Thu 6 Dec

Man 10 Dec


issue August 2012


September 2012


Thu 13 Sep

Man 10 Sep


issue October 2012


issue 2013

November 2012


issue December 2012 January 2013








•• n


Fri 25 Jan

Fri 25 Jan

Tue 5 Feb

Tue 5 Feb

Wed 6 Feb

Mon11 Feb

Thu 10 Jan

Mon 21Jan

KCWC 30'" Anniversary

Fri 22 Feb

Fri 22 Feb

Mon 4 Mar

Mon 4 Mar

Wed 6 Mar

Wed 13 Mar

Thu 7 Feb

Mon 11 Feb

Spring flowers OR Special Event

Thu 14 Mar

Thu 14 Mar

Wed 20 Mar PM

Wed 20 Mar

Thu 21 Mar

Wed 10 April

Thu 7 Mar

Mon 18 Mar

TBD (Special Event7)

Fri 26 Apr

Fri 26 Apr

Tue 7 May

Tue 7 May

Wed 8 May

Man 13 May

Thu 18 Apr

Mon 15 April

Luncheon or Henlev - TBC

Wed 29 May

Wed 29 May

Fri 7 Jun

Fri 7 Jun

Mon 10 Jun

Fri 14 Jun

Thu 9 May

Man 20 May

Summer theme

Fri 28 Jun

Fri 28 Jun

Mon 8 Jul

Mon 8 Jul

Tue 9 Jul

Mon 12 Aug

Thu 6 June

Man 10 June



issue February 2013

APRIL issue

March 2013


issue April 2013

JUNE issue

May 2013


issue June 2013



*Proofreading dates to be reviewed quarterly

Section L: Sample Forms For Use by Board Members, Activity Leaders and Event Planners To follow please find eight forms you may need as a KCWC Volunteer: 1. Data Protection Form: Board members are required to sign this form provided by the Treasurer or Nominating committee prior to Board service commencing confirming awareness of the registration of KCWC under the UK Data Protection Act 1998. 2. Fit and Proper Statement: Board members are required to sign this form provided by the Treasurer or Nominating committee prior to their service commencing for KCWC. 3. Membership Application Form: This form is available on line, in the newsletter or from Potential Membership. Activity leaders may wish to send this to vendors or teachers of their events who are not KCWC members. 4. The Activity Costing Summary: This form is available on line (see below) for your optional use should you wish help in costing your event. Please also summarise the costing even for those events which had to be cancelled for whatever reason. Keep it in your records. You may be asked to turn these over to the Treasurer periodically during the year. They should be in the file you turn over to your replacement at the end of yourterm. 5. Activity Sign In Sheet This form is required to be present at all KCWC sponsored activities or events. It is available for you to download on the Activity Leaders page of our website (Click Calendar Activities Tab and then Activity Leaders below After Hours). Be sure to have all attendees sign this form verifying that they attended on the day. You should have verified the paid status of their KCWC membership and payment for the Activity or Event prior to the event date or they are ineligible to attend. This form is important for KCWC insurance at all Activities and Events. Please be sure to submit with financial paperwork for any activity or event to the KCWC Bookkeepers. 6. The Cheque Request and Expense Reimbursement Form: Use this form to request payment from the bookkeepers either directly to a service provider or to reimburse you if you have prepaid the expenses for an event. It can be found on the Activity Leader's section of the website - see above - or can be received from the Activity Leader Liaison, Treasurer or KCWC Bookkeepers at General Meetings. Always keep a copy of your receipts and this form after submission. Some tips when filling in the Cheque Request Form: 路 Please be certain that all receipts included say KCWC on them. Credit card receipts alone will not be sufficient for reimbursement. If the speaker has not included VAT, please be sure to add it to the VAT column on the form. Please be sure to include the Activity Name as Advertised in the Newsletter plus the Date. Indicate whether or not the Event is completed or more expenses are expected to be submitted. 路 If the Event or Activity is eligible for the TOMS scheme, please check the appropriate box. 路 Be sure to sign the form including your contact information by phone and email in case there are any questions from the KCWC Bookkeepers. 路 Please include a self addressed stamped envelope for all cheques requested. Post paperwork to the bookkeeper address or deliver to Bookkeeper or Treasurer at a General Meeting.

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7. The Cheque Deposit Form / Credit Debit Card Deposit Form (NOTE: soon to be redesigned) The Cheque Deposit for is used to submit cheques to the Bookkeeper. This form is also available on line on the Activity Leader's section of the website (see above) and from the Activity Leader Liaison, Treasurer and Bookkeeper at KCWC General Meetings. Directions to complete the Cheque Deposit form: SUBMIT NO MORE THAN 10 CHEQUES per FORM · The name listed on the Deposit form should be the name printed on the cheque (not the signatory of the cheque) even if this is not the name of the KCWC member attending the event. (e.g. often cheques are in the name of her spouse/partner) · Verify that the amount you list in the Amount column is the amount as it appears on the cheque. Some cheques are made out to pay for 2 or 3 members, so note the correct amount. If it is a multiple amount, please note the member names it covers in the column to the right. · Please include the member number and member telephone number on the form. · If you are depositing your own cheque to pay for cash received from a member as payment for the event, please remember to list your name under Cheque and list the member name in the column to the right. · It saves us expense with the bookkeepers if you place the cheques inside the folded form in the same order as you have listed them. Please do not fold the cheques. · Before sealing and posting, verify that the number of cheques listed equals the numbers of cheques enclosed. · Please use the same form to send pink Credit / Debit receipts and indicate this is the type of deposit included on the top of the form. · Remember to post cheques totalling £199 or more by Recorded delivery. Send an email to the Bookkeeper to signal that you have sent a deposit. or; phone 01923 274 681 · You may also deliver cheques with completed Cheque Deposit Form to the Bookkeeper or Treasurer at a General Meeting 8. Electronic Transfer Form - form is pending We can accept a payment request via email if you are submitting an invoice for payment and the payment and the payment will be via an electronic funds transfer (EFT). In general an invoice is made out to KCWC - the room is booked in KCWC's name so you receive an "invoice" for payment from the venue, the guide is booked in KCWC's name and they send you an "invoice" with the Club's name at the top. To do an EFT we need the vendor's bank account sort code (6 digits) and bank account number (8 digits). You must email BOTH a cheque/payment request form (same as before!) and a copy of the invoice to Becky Maguire at . Please keep the original copy of the invoice in case Becky needs to contact you with questions or needs the original. We can repay activity leaders and Board members via EFT tool You just need to provide your bank account sort code and bank account number. 9. KCWC Activity Summary Report This form is available on line for your optional use to summarise the activity while details of an event are still fresh in your mind - its success or lack of, its attendance, its costing, profit or loss and how it could be improved. Even if you are summarising planning for an event you had to cancel, include why you took this decision. It will help inform future Activity Leaders as to what pitfalls to avoid.

Version 2012/13

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KCWC and the Data Protection Act 1998 of the United Kingdom «FirstName» «LastName» «Job TItle)

«Address1 » «Add ress2» «City», «PostaICode» Re: KCWC and the Data Protection Act 1998 of the United Kingdom

Dear «FirstName)), As, the Treasurer of KCWC, I am writing to all the members of the Board and various volunteer members and employees/contractors of KCWC for the fiscal year 2012/13. KCWC is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. KCWC collects the following types of information for which we must notify under the Act:

• • •

membership database with personal contact details of our members, accept crediUdebit cards and hold the records of these transactions, and generation of paperwork for accounts and bookkeeping (deposit forms and cheque requests) that includes information from the above types of data

As part of the Club's responsibilities under the Act, all data controllers must take adequate measures to ensure the safety ofthe data held and appropriate use of the data. To this end, I would direct you to our KCWC Procedures Handbook as this is the basis of our information security policy. However, I would specifically iike to remind you to ensure:

• •

that any data you have in your possession is physically safe (ie. passwords are used on your computer and paper files are appropriately safeguarded); that once you are finished with the data that it is properly disposed of (ie. paper data should be shredded).

If you have any questions about our data control procedures or any questions about the KCWC's notification under the Data Protection Act 1998, please do not hesitate to contact me direcUy on 07900493432. To acknowledge that you have received this letter, please sign this letter and retum to me directly (the copy is for your files). Sincerely,

Jenna Cardone Treasurer

I, «FirstName» «LastName», acknowledge that I have received this letter. Signed:


Fit and Proper Statement I KCWC Board of Directors Purpose To formalize your appointment as a member of the Board of Directors of KCWC for the 2012113 fiscal year and to allow the Club to have on record that you are a "fit and proper" person to maintain that appointment, please complete and sign this confidential form and return to the Secretary.



Have you at any time been bankrupt, signed a trust deed for creditors or entered into a deed of arrangement or similar in respect of your financial affairs?



Have you at any time been removed from the office of liquidator, trustee, administrative receiver administrator or suoervisor?



Have you at any time been the subject of a disqualification order made under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 or other similar foreign act?



Have you at any time been a patient under the Mental Health Act 1983 or other similar foreign act?





Have you at any time been the subject of a police investigation?

Have you at any time pleaded guilty to or been found guilty afany offence? (apart from a driving offence)



Have you ever been disqualified by a court of law from being a director of any company?



Have you ever been asked to step down as a volunteer (either as a Director. Activity Leader or similar) of KCWC?

If you have answered "Yes" to any of the above statements, please give details on an attached page.

Confirmation I have answered the above questions accurately and truthfully, to the best of my knowledge. Should any circumstances change, I shall inform the current President of KCWC immediately. Signed:




KCWC Membership Application Form Memberships starting before 31 July 2012 Save a stamp: and register with our online payment system! Please Print Clearly Membership D Renewing Member DNew Member D Non-resident Member Surname: First name: Address: City:

Postal code:

Home tel:


Spouse/Partner's name: Home city: Email: Profession (current or former): Nationality: Volunteering The KCWC is a volunteer organization. D Please tick here if you would like to find out more about volunteer opportunities within the KCWC. Fees - £72.00 per annum Memberships starting before 31 july 2012 are £72.00 (payable in British pounds only). Your membership will be effective for 12 months from the date your application is processed. Make cheque payable to KCWC and send with this completed form to: KCWC NC Bookwise: Office 14, Greenhill House; 26 Greenhill Crescent; Watford Business Park; Hertfordshire, WD18 8JA Boring but important Your personal information, provided above, will be stored on our private database and used only for the purposes of the KCWC as determined by the Board and/or stated in the By-laws. KCWC maintains a web directory, available only to the members of KCWC. If you do not want your contact details included in this directory, please email the Membership Coordinators at or For further information on how your information is used please email the Treasurer at The names KCWC and Kensington Chelsea Women's Club and the online Membership Directory are NOT to be used for commercial purposes. Membership Dues are non-refundable and membership is not transferable. Annual dues help cover the cost of general meetings, newsletters, website and online services. Dues include £33.50 for the Annual Membership (inclusive of VAT) plus £38.50 for the Newsletter.••• Please note: Non-resident members must provide an email address for online access. Non-resident members will not receive postal mailings, including the newsletter, as KCWC does not mail internationally.••• Signature:




Is VAT Included:



YES 20.0%


(£30 Maximum)


(or best estimate)








£ Profit or (Loss??)

... All postage is NON-VAT-able'


Train Fares are NON-VAT-able. DO Not Add.

NOTE: Many Lecturers Guides Teachers are not VAT registered so they may not charge VAT. However. you must add it, Multiply their fee by 1.200 to get final amount,

KCWC Activity Sign-In Sheet Activity Area:


Event Name:






* Please print neatly and save our eyes!* Name

KCWC Number



1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Please have all attendees at your event sign in and send the sheet to our bookkeepers after the event:

KCWC, AlC Bookwise Office 14, Greenhill House 26 Greenhill Crescent Watford Business Park, Hertfordshire, WD18 8JA Telephone/Fax: 01923274681 or Email:

Kensington Chelsea Women's Club (KCWC) Cheque Request/Expense Reimbursement

Event details (One activity per form; please use the event name and date as listed in the Newsletter) Activity area: _ Event name:


Event date: 'TOMS" VAT event:


D Yes


D No


D Unsure

Description of Expense(s) (See the Handbook for more information) • Events must be booked in KCWC's name. • List each expense on a separate line and attach the related itemized invoice/receipt (no credit card receipts). • No receipt, no reimbursement/payment, this includes postage! • Invoice/receipt must contain the Vendor Name and the VAT registration number (if applicable). • Please make it clear if this is a pre-payment or deposit for a future event. • Contracts or agreements are NOT acceptable as an invoice. Expense Amount VAT included? 1.










Total Expenses Make cheque payable to:


Your Name:



_ ,Date:


Mail white copy of this form with invoices/receipts and a SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE to: KCWC, AlC Bookwise

Office 14, Greenhill House 26 Greenhill Crescent Watford Business Park, Hertfordshire, WD18 8JA Telephone/Fax: 01923274681 or Email: For office use only:

EJeetronicfundspayment Sort code:

Bank account:

Authorization 1:


Authorization 2 (If >£2000):,

Payee name:

Payee email:


_ _

Date Paid

Amount Paid

Cheque #

Account Code

VAT Code

Event Date

Activity Area

Event Name

Kensington Chelsea Women's Club (KCWC) Cheques for Deposit

Event details (One activity per form; please use the event name and date as listed in the Newsletter) Activity area: _ Event name:


Event date: "TOMS" VAT event:


D Yes


D No


D Unsure

Description of Cheque(s) (See the Handbook for more information) • Please fill out 1 form for cheques and cash and 1 form for credit card pink slips. • Ensure each cheque is signed, dated and made out to KCWC. • List the name as it appears on the cheque and attach the cheques in order of listing. • "Other Information" column - If a cheque covers 2 or more payments, note the member's names. If a 3'" party has written the cheque, note the member name. • Do not send cash in the mail, either give directly to the Treasurer with a "Cheques for Deposit" form or write a cheque to KCWC. Note this in the "Other Information" column. • If cheques total more than £199, send via RECORDED DELIVERY (about 75p plus postage). Name on Cheque


Total Deposit


Other Information

1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6.


8. 9. 10.

Your Name:



_ ,Date:

Mail white copy of this form with cheques or credit card pink slips to: KCWC, NC Bookwise Office 14, Greenhill House 26 Greenhill Crescent Watford Business Park, Hertfordshire, WD18 8JA Telephone/Fax: 01923274681 or Email: For office use onlv: Date Paid

Amount Paid

Cheque #

Account Code

VAT Code

Event Date

Activity Area

Event Name


KCWC Activity· Summary Report Activity KCWC Organizer Date Time Location Contact Speaker or Guide Number of members who signed-up Cost for member to participate


Number of members who paid TOTAL INCOME FOR EVENT


Number of members who actually attended


Expenses for event Details










Balance or deficit





2012-2013 Procedures