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Board Insights provides communication on a range of activities that are taking place in the Foundation. The objective of this publication is to provide board members with opportunities to learn more about the Foundation and strengthen communication.




For Fall Quarter 2011, Starbucks at the University Library has taken many steps in response to feedback from the campus community.

Starbucks is thrilled to be able to expand our options to better satisfy our customers. We invite you to come in and try our new items listed below.

We have completed the launch of hot breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks. We installed an oven which allows Baristas to heat any pastries upon customer request, as well as prepare the new breakfast sandwiches and lunch paninis.

Breakfast w Bacon, Egg, and Gouda Artisan w Ham, Egg, and Cheddar Artisan w Veggie, Egg, and Monterey Jack Artisan w Sausage, Egg, and Cheddar Classic w Reduced Fat Turkey-Bacon, Cage Free Egg White, and White Cheddar Classic w Spinach, Cage-Free Egg White, Roasted Tomatoes, and Feta Wheat Wrap

Starbucks is offering a wide variety of breakfast choices to suit all tastes. Two vegetarian options that are included in our line up of artisan and classic sandwiches, and a wrap. Since the launch of these options, we have been receiving very positive feedback from our customers. We had a few staff members that posted on Facebook how excited they were to offer the warm breakfast at Starbucks. Along with the new breakfast ,we have also expanded our lunch options to include new Bistro Boxes such as the fruit and cheese selection shown below, as well as sandwiches and paninis.

Lunch: w Chicken and Hummus Bistro Box w Chicken Lettuce Wrap Bistro Box w Sesame Noodle Bistro Box w Fruit and Cheese Bistro Box w Ham and Swiss Panini w Tomato and Mozzarella Panini w Turkey and Swiss Sandwich w Egg Salad Sandwich w Fruit Cup

Tomato and Mozzarella Panini

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Fruit and Cheese Bistro Box

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this article is to provide information related to the un-audited financial performance of the Foundation for the month of August 2011. The Foundation generated a deficit for the month less than budgeted mainly due to Continuing Education offset by Investment Activities. ENTERPRISES Summary - For the month ended, the Enterprise operations generated a deficit greater than budget mainly due to Kellogg West Conference Center & Hotel. Bronco Bookstore – Revenues are 95% or $15,830 below budget mainly due to textbook sales offset by hardware and soft good sales due to student and parent orientation tours through the store, cost of goods sold is 86% versus 84% of budgeted revenues and salaries and expenditures is 48% versus 47% of budgeted revenues. Dining Services – revenues exceed budget by 15.4% or $57,859 due to Freshens Puravida, Panda commissions, Subway and Los Olivos, cost of goods sold is 33% versus 29% of budgeted revenues. Salaries and expenditures is 107% versus 119% of budgeted revenues. Retail revenues exceed budget by 87% or $44,278, cost of goods is 31% versus 30% of budget and salaries and expenditures are 69% versus 100% of budget generating a surplus of $148 versus budgeted deficit of $15,241. Board operation revenues exceeded budget by 4% or $7,454, food costs are 31% versus 26% of budget, salaries and expenditures are 110% versus 123% of budget generating a deficit of $76,496 versus budgeted of $87,082.

David Prenovost, CFO

For period ending August 31, 2011 and 2010 Monthly Budget Enterprise Activities Bookstore Dining Services Kellogg West University Village Sub-Total:

Monthly Monthly Current Year Current Year Actual Variance Budget Actual

$(100,773) (182,594) (19,570) (335,470) (638,407)

$(105,927) (176,801) (52,051) (340,180) (674,959)

$(5,154) 5,793 (32,481) (4,710) (36,552)

$(164,527) (347,928) (24,514) (685,022) (1,221,991)

(170,102) (333,014) (25,845) (556,200) (1,085,161)

General Fund Foundation Administration Real Estate Development Investments Building Rental Sub-Total:

(217,426) (28,114) 27,740 11,574 (206,226)

(267,634) (39,695) (161,352) 6,792 (461,889)

(50,208) (11,581) (189,092) (4,782) (255,663)

(481,094) (72,894) 58,415 23,098 (472,475)

(461,861) (23,420) (181,337) 19,250 (647,368)

Designated Funds






Other Activities Research Office Agriculture Continuing Education Campus Prog-Unrestricted Sub-Total: Net Surplus/ (Deficit):

3,763 (48,392) (84,679) 102,414 (26,894) (976,505)

2,096 (9,989) 214,574 88,298 294,979 (927,756)

(1,667) 38,403 299,253 (14,116) 321,873 48,749

7,527 (73,446) (48,768) 102,414 (12,273) (1,916,695)

4,192 15,508 264,410 135,165 419,275 (1,464,332)

Kellogg West Catering/Dining revenues exceed budget by 4% or $4,346, cost of goods is 33% versus 32% and salaries and expenditures are 82% versus 75% of revenues generating a deficit of $18,637 versus a budgeted deficit of $8,619 and a prior year deficit $8,449. Kellogg West Conference Center & Hotel – revenues are 62% or $33,278 short of budget and salaries and expenditures are 196% versus 122% of budget, generating a deficit of $52,050 versus the budgeted deficit of $19,570 and a prior year deficit of $37,356. Year to date deficit is in line with budgeted deficit of $24,514 and prior year deficit of $44,000. University Village revenues exceed budget by 20% or $33,229, expenditures are 270% versus 300% of revenues generating a deficit in line with budgeted as we budgeted 30% occupancy during the summer and are realized 39% occupancy.

-Continued on page 3

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GENERAL ACTIVITIES General Activities include administration, rental operations, real estate development, investments and faculty staff housing reported a deficit greater than budgeted due to Administrative fees less than budgeted and unrealized losses in Investments.


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DESIGNATED EXPENSES Designated funds include the President’s public relations and University Advancement’s outreach, communications, infrastructure and University-wide events to our alumni, friends and donors. Designated Funds generated a deficit less than budgeted. OTHER ACTIVITIES Sponsored Research generated a surplus in line with budget; indirect revenues were less than budgeted by $39,990 or 13.4% of budget due to an effective rate of 12.30 versus the budgeted rate of 10% and direct grant expenditures were less than budget by 24.18% or $721,491. Agriculture-Aid-to-Instruction revenues exceed budget by 40.83% or $113,563, cost of goods is 20.78% versus 20.46% of budget and payroll and expenditures are 75.25% versus 105.56% of budget generating a surplus versus a budgeted deficit due to the activities in Agronomy Farms and Pine Tree Ranch offset by the deficits in the Arabian Horse Center due to a lack of program fees (transfer of horse proceeds from University as spent on State side) and boarding fees. Continuing Education includes nine programs from the College of the Extended University, College of Engineering and College of Science. Revenues exceeded budget by 55.95% or $222,256; payroll and expenditures are 57.3% versus 112.28% of budget generating a surplus versus a budgeted deficit due to the English Language Institute. Foundation Programs-Unrestricted includes the activities that are not third party donor imposed stipulations. Revenues exceeded budget by 34.95% or $54,196 of budget and expenditures exceeded budget by 40.73% or $21,445 of budget generating a surplus versus a zero budget. Overall Foundation Programs (unrestricted and restricted) revenues are 38.02% of prior year’s donation from W.K. Kellogg Foundation and expenditures are 92.06% generating a surplus of $95,520. If you have any question or need additional information please contact David Prenovost at or call him at (909) 869-2948.

TECHNOLOGY IMPROVES EXISTING PROCESS FOR CalPERS REPORTING Employment Services continues to take advantage of available technology to improve its processes while enhancing services to employees. The latest improvement involves the process used for transmitting payroll related data to CalPERS regarding retirement benefits. Currently, at the end of each pay cycle, a payroll technician is required to run reports from Kronos payroll to capture related information on its full time employees, and then after verifying the data, manually inputs that data into the CalPERS system, thereby recording the data associated with retirement for each full time employee. While this process takes less than a workday each pay cycle, it is cumbersome and can permit common human errors associated with data entry projects. It also restricts the time that the payroll technician could use for other tasks, such as assisting employees with payroll questions. During the past three years, CalPERS has been working toward accepting electronic file uploads from contracting agencies, such as Foundation, regarding how it accepts and processes retirement data. Foundation Employment Services has been waiting patiently for CalPERS to work through its testing process and they are finally at a point in time where they will begin to accept file uploads. Employment Services is poised to take advantage of this new process immediately.

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After minor programming changes within our Kronos system, we anticipate this automated process will be operational in less than 2 weeks. Once operational, the new process will facilitate the uploading of all retirement data to CalPERS in less than 15 minutes each pay cycle. Another great example of how technology can be applied to improve an existing process.


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4 Norman J. Priest Endowed Scholarship Opportunity for Foundation Student Employees The Norman J. Priest Scholarship was created 10 years ago to honor our former Board Member Norm Priest, and reward at least two deserving full time students who embody the values and work ethic of Mr. Priest in their participation and leadership in campus activities and community service, and in their work activities as employees of the Foundation. Submitted applications are reviewed by Mrs. Halo Priest, her son James Priest, and a Foundation Scholarship Committee. Selection is based on one’s resume, a recommendation from both a supervisor and a Foundation staff member, plus an essay on how the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation has helped them with their educational goals and how the award will help them achieve their career/educational goals. The essay should also highlight how participation and leadership in campus activities and community service will help them achieve their goals.

This web banner found on the Foundation homepage makes it easy for student employees to apply online - they simply click on the ad!

Previous winners include: 2001 Mary E. Forthun and Cynthia Robles

2006 Yesenia Ventura andTammie Velasquez

2002 Nancy Villa and Zully Avila

2007 Alexa Lowry and Ayako Toma

2003 Bethany Anderson and Zully Avila

2008 Aik Roy Heng and Takuya Toride

2004 Tricia Go and Jonathan Hartendorp

2009 Courtney Habegger and Scott Kellum

2005 Jennifer Quincer and Jamie Schade

2010 Abdiel Flores, Angel Vizcarra and Michael Zhou

WHAT YOU SPEND ON CAMPUS ‌ STAYS ON CAMPUS. Surplus funds generated by all Cal Poly Pomona Foundation operations go back to the University to provide financial and facility resources to benefit students, faculty and staff. hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh

For more information, visit our website at


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DINING SERVICES HARNESSES POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA TO CREATE AWARENESS OF SERVICES TO BOTH COMMUTER AND RESIDENT STUDENTS For many years, Foundation Dining Services has utilized traditional sources of marketing to create awareness of their services, such as orientation brochures, posters, flyers, ads in the campus map, etc. In more recent years, with the added capability to print large format posters in house, Foundation Marketing has evolved to larger forms of media such as large banners hung in frames in buildings around campus, posters on stakes, etc. The internet has become one of the most powerful marketing medias and Foundation Dining Services has steadily increased their use of email campaigns to the campus community, to tenants at Innovation Village, with constantly updated websites, as well as partnerships with other websites on campus with web banners, and most recently the use of Social Media which is growing exponentially. The increase in Social Media efforts have been detailed in a report which can be found at: This report covers Social Media efforts including: w Website hits for all units within Dining Services – a record breaking number of hits the past year w Dining’s Facebook hits/impressions (which hit over half million in the past 10 months and interaction of over 2,900 and photo views of over 19,000) w Number of Facebook “Likes” (which is the highest among all CSU campuses) w FourSquare check-in stats for all dining venues w YouTube hits for all Dining Services videos, including links to view each video. w Punchd Stats w Rating of all UC/CSU Facebook accounts (we are currently are # 1, ahead of San Diego State and CSU Fullerton) w And much more!

+ YouTube Insights

+ Facebook Insights

YOUTUBE.COM/IEATCPPDINING Channel Views: 615 Total Upload Views: 1,126 Last Updated: August 10, 2011

FACEBOOK.COM/CPPDINING Page Launched: September 1, 2010 Current Likes: 2,086 Last Updated: August 10, 2011


+ Facebook Insights

Page Hits September




Newsfeed Impressions





586 618







97,361 Event











Free Kobari Beef Day 23,529


Dining Dash


BE SMART at HEALTHfest 2010





Early 511,368 Turkey Day @ CPP I <3 My Red Cup The Big Group Give Chinese New Year Luncheon FREE Golden Shrimp Day Coffee Tasting Party

GETPUNCHD.COM Launch Date: April 18, 2011 Video Total Punches: 310 Customers: 81 Dining Dash Last Updated: August 10, 2011












115 Venue



201 Date of Event 112

RSVP (Attending)

9/20/2010 Denny’s 348 Last Updated: July 25, 2011 All-Time Check-Ins: 887 93 135 113 Last Updated: August 10, 2011 9/28/2010

Dining Services




53 School

Panda Express

32 Student 9/20/10 – 10/3/10 Dining Services Population* 65 106 47 Cal Poly Pomona 10/26/2010

Dining20,747 Services

Bakersfield 19,275 Los 7,906 2,991 1,071 11/18/2010 Olivos Fullerton


San Diego State 1/19/2011

San Jose State 2/3/2011

San Jose State (2) 3/9/2011

San Luis Obispo 5/3/2011

In Session: Denny’s

29,076 Panda Express

18,360 Vista Market


2,086 64 Venue Carl’s244 Jr. 16

537 Los Olivos 5

Panda Express 708 72 & Tea Peet’s Coffee 1,674 Poly Fresh

Los Olivos 105 Thanksgiving Luncheon 2010 94

% ofInternational Student Population


Bronco Buzz (2)


Dining Services


Direct Link: Upload Date Venue Views

Check-Ins 111 9Holiday Luncheon

Taco Bell

3.08% 0.01% Coming

1/4/2011 Bronco Buzz (3)

Denny’s 5/17/2011

53 Dining Services


44 Los Olivos



26 Total Views Direct Link:





33 Los Olivos

1,126 479

Direct Link:

Fall 2011: Denny’s, Freshen’s, Peet’s Coffee & Tea

0.00% 1.84% 2.43%


8 243 61 31



Round Table Pizza Cinco de Mayo Luncheon


Dining Services

Punches Customers Direct Link: Direct Link:

Carl’s Jr.



Denny’s 333 Dining Services International 31Grounds 30,016 10 Kikka Dining Services 57 29,076



1/4/2011 Services 18 Services Get Punchd @ CPP Dining4/27/2011 Dining 123 Dining Direct Link: Direct Link:




Los Olivos

Upload Date

Punchd is a mobile device application that 1/4/2011 acts as an innovative Hot Dog Caper Dining Services 18 All You Care to Eat 4/28/2011 Los Olivos 287 replacement to those “Buy2010 10 Get 1 Free” loyalty cards. Punchd users at Los Olivos scan a QR code at participating dining venues when they purchase Direct Link: qualifying menu items. Direct Link:




Direct Link:

+ Facebook + Insights FACEBOOK.COM/CPPDINING Statistics of CSU DiningFoursquare Pages Insights

Denny’s Grand Slammin’ Opening 27th Annual Hot Dog Caper 40,776


Video Views




Photo Views

Bronco Buzz (1)

Channel Views: 615 + Total Upload Views: 1,126 Updated: August 10, 2011 Punchd Last Insights

5/5/2011 Los2010. Olivos 10 *Enrollment as of Fall Starbucks Source:


VistaFacebook Market The following CSU’s do not have a Dining Page: Channel Islands, Chico, Dominguez Hills, East Bay, Fresno, Humboldt, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Maritime Academy, Monterey Bay, Northridge, Sacramento, Total San Bernardino, San Francisco State, SanCheck-ins Marcos, Sonoma, Stanislaus.

263 18 34


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Foursquare Specials coming Fall 2011.

15 113


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BRONCO GEAR EXPANDED SELECTION RESULTS IN SALES GROWTH New apparel has arrived at the Bronco Bookstore. We have created an exciting new line of casual dress apparel that is great for students, staff and faculty. This line includes Cal Poly Pomona sweater vests and a very nice selection of Dry-Tec Polos. This is a brand new line for us, and although it has just hit the shelves, these pieces are becoming a part of our daily sales. Bronco Bookstore has also expanded the infant/toddler category to include youth sizes. We are offering a larger variety of styles to choose from. Our sell thru in this category was at 19%. (sell through is the amount of the initial order quantity sold). We have increased that number to over 32%. The ladies department is experiencing almost a 100% growth from last year in units. We sold 152 units last year and we have increased that number to 284 units at this time. We have a very

nice selection of styles and colors to choose from. Not only are these pieces cut just right, but they are very soft to the hand, and feel even better when they are being worn. We continue to receive compliments on these pieces daily. We have also expanded our basic sweatshirt and tee designs. There are several new pieces that are flying off the racks. Our new 3D Tackle Twill design is available in four different colors, and we are offering more screen printed designs. This allows us to offer a nice looking product at a great price point. We have already sold 4,000 more sweatshirts than we did in 2010. The Bookstore is proud of our continuing success and we look forward to serving our students, staff and faculty with quality merchandise and great customer service.

Schedule of New Grants, August 31, 2011 ACCOUNT NAME Comparative Genomics of Phenotypic Variation Effects Threatening Environs Women's Success Biomedical Majors Technology and Environment: The Post War House in So Calif Method to Reduce Pedestrian-Involved Collisions Next Generation Lettuce Breeding: Genes to Growers Robust Nonlinear Adaptive Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Genesis R&D Software for Food Science Classes Genetic Structure of Sea Slugs of the Genera Spurilla Improving the Use of Depth Phases of Earthquakes

Awarding Agency The Trustees of the Indiana University National Institute of Health The Getty Foundation The City of Glendale University of California, Davis National Science Foundation So Calif Institute of Food Technologists The Academy of Applied Science United States Geological Service

New Awards

College/ Division

Project Director

87,739 239,030 140,000 25,000 124,979 360,000 4,499 2,600 39,623 1,023,470

Agriculture Letters, Arts, and Soc Sci Environmental Design Engineering Agriculture Engineering Agriculture Science Science

David Still Bettina Casad Lauren Weiss Bricker Wen Cheng David Still Subodh Bhandari Karoline Harrison Angel Valdes Jascha Polet

SWEEPSTAKES QUICKLY DOUBLES FAN BASE ON KELLOGG WEST’S FACEBOOK PAGE One of the most effective ways to generate interest for a business or brand is through promotions like sweepstakes or contests. Kellogg West did just that when it launched a sweepstakes earlier this month made available through its Facebook page. The sweepstakes’ prizes showcased the hotel’s offerings including a 2-night stay and lunch for 12. In creating interest with the exciting giveaways, participants were invited to enter the sweepstakes and check out the Kellogg West Facebook page. “The focus of marketing in today’s world is all about exposure; especially exposure via the internet,” said Kellogg West Director, Cameron Edmonds, who oversaw the decision to place the sweepstakes on Facebook. Word of the Kellogg West Sweepstakes quickly spread across the campus community via emails and social media networks. While people were becoming enticed to enter the sweepstakes, the Kellogg West Facebook page drew in an overwhelming amount of exposure and interest from Facebook users which resulting in doubling its fan base within just a few days. “This area of marketing is all new to Kellogg West, so what we’re going to be measuring is the rate at which people who are exposed to the sweepstakes ultimately end up ‘liking’ our KW Facebook page or not,” explained Edmonds.

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Users who choose to “like” the Facebook page become subscribed to news, photos, videos, travel facts, and more information generated by Kellogg West. For any brand or business, staying connected with an audience through social media networks can prove to be valuable. “The more exposure and likes, the more opportunities for potential KW business,” said Edmonds.


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WELCOME NEW BOARD MEMBERS Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. would like to welcome our new Board Members for 2011-12. This month we feature the bios of student members of the Board of Directors: Evin Coukos and Hae Yeon Kang. Evin Coukos is going into his third year at Cal Poly Pomona, majoring in Computer Information Systems under the College of Business Administration. He has been involved with campus clubs and organizations since the start of his freshman year and is now the ASI Business Senator for the 2011-2012 Academic Year. Beginning his leadership with the greek community and progressing into the department of Student Affairs with Orientation Services has made his journey through Cal Poly Pomona an eventful one. Evin's goals for the rest of his time at Cal Poly Pomona involves creating a community within the individual colleges, encouraging students to develop a true connection to their university and Evin Coukos promoting school spirit more than ever.

Hae Yeon Kang is going into her fourth year at Cal Poly Pomona, majoring in Hotel and Restaurant Management. She has had Bronco Pride from the moment she started her first year at Cal Poly Pomona involving herself in many campus events and activities such as ASI BEAT as a committee member of Outdoor Hae Yeon Kang Recreations, Major Events, and Concerts. She was a Senator of the Residential Suites within Inter-hall Council, an Assistant Chair of Welcome Week, the first President of Suites Council ('10-'11) and sings the National Anthem during sports games held on and off campus. She has now gained another wonderful opportunity to make a difference as the Senator of the Collin's College of Hospitality Management for the 20112012 Academic Year.

FOUNDATION WELCOMES SCE TO 3 INNOVATION WAY Foundation has welcomed the newest tenants at Innovation Way with a welcome table set up in the lobby of 3 Innovation Way. Representatives from Kellogg West, Real Estate, Foundation Marketing, Bookstore, Real Estate and Farm Store have been on hand to welcome employees to the Cal Poly Pomona family, answer questions, and showcase the services that Foundation has to offer our new tenants. As the cost of technology has become more affordable, it has allowed us to purchase a large flat screen television, which we loaded with a photo slideshow on a continuous loop. SCE employees can view the slideshow at their convenince and the display allows them access to campus maps, brochures and flyers showcasing our services, as well as shuttle route information and the new Bronco Shuttle stop at 1 Innovation Way.

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GRANTS ADMINISTERED IN FISCAL YEAR 2010-2011 As of June 30, 2011, the Foundation administered over 253 active grant and contract projects totaling nearly $64 million dollars to be expended over the next two years. Last fiscal year, new award funding totaled almost $15 million representing 156 projects which included: • Year 3 of the Great Leaders/Great Schools funded by the United States Department of Education totaling $1,000,000; • Year 5 of the ADVANCE Program funded by the National Science Foundation totaling $703,121; • ARB Student Services project funded by the Air Resources Board totaling $1,013,000; • Three Strategies to Improve STEM Graduation Rates funded by the National Science Foundation totaling $671,628; • Various TRIO grant projects funded by the United States Department of Education totaling $1,500,000. For fiscal year ended June 30, 2011, the total grant expenditures reimbursed totaled $15,880,313. In addition, Foundation also administered over $1,165,952 in cost sharing/matching expenditures for projects having this requirement. The total activity for last fiscal year was as follows: Sources of Direct Funding: Federal Fund State and Local Government Funds For-Profit Organizations Foundations and Tax Exempt Organizations Total Direct Funding

9,527,368 2,901,466 1,667,091 179,184 14,275,109

Sources of Indirect Cost Reimbursements: Federal Funds State and Local Government Funds For-Profit Organizations Foundation and Tax Exempt Organizations Total Indirect Cost Reimbursements:

Total Reimbursed Expenditure Activity: Cost Sharing Expenditures Documented Total Grant Expenditure Activity:

1,164,271 277,426 161,867 1,640 1,605,204 15,880,313 1,165,952 17,046,265

Grant expenditures by academic unit were as follows: Total 2,533,500 806,742 162,890 628,360 16,200 161,865 745,804 713,706 163,790 1,233,705 1,544,301 25,000 5,637,202 1,507,248 15,880,313

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Academic Unit Academic Affairs Agriculture Business Administration Letters, Arts and Social Science Collins College Continuing Education Education Engineering Environmental Design Foundation Learning Resource Center President’s Office Science Student Affairs TOTAL


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Board Insights  
Board Insights  

newsletter for Foundation Board of Directors - Sept 2011