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Bronco Bookstore: Happening This Month ... Book Department: • African-American History Month: We’ll have a display of all our featured books set up right at the top of the stairs in the book department. This year the theme is the contribution of African Americans to the music industry, from jazz to funk to hip-hop and beyond! • Mid-Term “Grade Boosters”: All our study guides and charts are 20% off Jan. 30 - Feb. 2. We carry a wide selection of study aides from Bar Charts, Schaum’s Outlines, REA Guides and more to help students get that ‘edge’ in learning. • Mid-quarter Buyback: We’re also doing buyback all week for books that students might have only needed for the first half of the quarter. • Dr. Seuss’s Birthday/”Read Across America”: Every March 2 libraries and booksellers across the country sponsor events to encourage children of all ages to develop a love of reading. To do our part, all Dr. Seuss books are 20% off Feb. 27-March 2. (We also have a few prizes for students who can come in and recite a tonguetwisting passage from their favorite Dr. Seuss book). General Merchandise: • Faculty Regalia Fair: Feb. 21-22 we’re hosting an event to get the word out to faculty about the option of purchasing commencement regalia instead of renting it every year. We’ll have a representative from Jostens on hand to demonstrate the value and quality of the various package options, and refreshments will be set up for faculty who stop by. • $7 Facebook t-shirt promotion. Students were able to vote through January 31 for their favorite design for this promotion. Once we have a winner the shirts will be ordered and should arrive later in February. Watch our Facebook page for more news! In March, watch for books for Women’s History month, and of course we’ll be promoting buyback March 8-16.


Dining Services Tidbits Los Olivos welcomes the New Year! Students, faculty and staff brought in the Year of Dragon at Los Olivos on January 19 with a variety of Asian cuisines from delicious Pho to fried dumplings to a special mandarin orange cake.

Sweets for your sweets on Valentines Join Los Olivos on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 14, as they roll out a “cupcake creation” table where you can customize a cupcake for your sweetheart, your friend, or just for yourself! And don’t miss the Valentines Day photo booth, sponsored by Foundation Marketing between 11 AM – 1 PM at the dining area.

Get it while it’s hot! Other February Bites. Roundtable Pizza at the Bronco Student Center will be creating their yearly tradition of heart-shaped pizza’s for the Valentine’s season! This unique pizza comes in one size, but can be customized with any of your favorite toppings! For a limited time only – from February 6 through February 14! Also in February, on the 21st - indulge in a buffet of traditional New Orleans tastings as we celebrate Fat Tuesday with a Mardi Gras Luncheon at Los Olivos. Before you give up your favorite foods, feast with us as we serve traditional Louisiana fare like jambalaya, catfish and cornbread! On February 22nd, Los Olivos will feature a special Seafood Luncheon to coincide with Ash Wednesday – and kick off the Lenten Season. Enjoy a traditional buffet of fish and shrimp dishes.



a new beginning for

Sharon Fradella-Stuewe It was a pretty good year - the New York Yankees won the World Series, Ben and Jerry opened their first ice cream parlor, Space Invaders were invading the US, and the price of a gallon of gas was 63 cents. It was 1978, and Sharon Fradella had not yet applied to go to college when a friend convinced her to take a tour of the Cal Poly Pomona campus. She enrolled that same year, studying for a degree in Business Management & Human Resources, while diving into student life by becoming involved in various groups and activities ranging from the ski club, to Pi Sigma Epsilon, to the Rose Float club. During her time as a Cal Poly student, Sharon worked for Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, the Office of Continuing Education, and assisting with payroll for Dining Services. Recounting one of her first times in Building 55, where she was using a typewriter to address envelopes for a fundraising event, she was shocked to discover that the building had previously been the birthing barn for the horses on Kellogg Ranch. Little did she know at the time, but Building 55 would become the place where her career would take root and flourish.

After graduation, she worked in the aerospace industry for 6 years, until the economic downturn of the late 80’s caused massive layoffs and she found herself looking for employment. Answering an ad in the LA Times for an Administrative accountant position, she found her way back to Pomona and Building 55. Many of the staff remembered her from her student employment at the Foundation and she was hired for the accounting job. “I was only 6 years out of college - so I wasn’t thinking long term. I figured after 5 or 10 years I’d reassess and move on; but before you know it, it’s been 22 years!” Sharon states with a smile. Starting in accounting, she was promoted to a supervisor position when the payroll manager decided to take an early retirement. She immersed herself in payroll rules and regulations, and within a few years, she earned the title of payroll manager. The Foundation later combined the payroll and human resources departments to create Employment Services, which led to her current position as Associate Director of Employment Services. These opportunities for growth, coupled with a great working environment and wonderful co-workers, helped the two decades pass by quickly and with ease.


Reflecting on her time at Cal Poly, Sharon says, “I’ll miss the people the most. There have been so many who have come and gone in the past 22 years, and helped create fond memories. It’s always a little sad to see people move on, and every time someone leaves, it’s a piece of the Foundation and history that’s gone.”

There are so many memories and good times at the Foundation, it’s hard to recount them all. One day does stand out as a particularly proud moment, on June 2, 2000, Sharon was honored with the Outstanding Staff Award by her peers, and it remains a monumental and emotional day in her long career.

Sharon has lived through some momentous history on the campus. “It’s changed a lot since ’78. The bookstore is new, all the housing developments, University Village, even the CLA building wasn’t here when I started.”

Her professional and personal life has also evolved during her years at the Foundation. When she started, the work was very manual, from filling out timecards to piles of paperwork. Then, in 2007 everything changed as the switch was made to Kronos, which elevated payroll and HR procedures into the digital age.

She has especially enjoyed experiencing the changes at her favorite place on campus, Los Olivos, a place that she first discovered as a student and continued to enjoy as an employee.

In 2000, while taking tennis lessons, she met Chuck Stuewe and the two started an adventure together that culminated in a romantic wedding on a yacht in 2011. The new Fradella-Stuewe family also includes her son, Garrison, age 20, and stepdaughter Brianna, age 15. People are always worried that Sharon is going to be bored once she retires, a fear that she quickly dispels. Between traveling with her husband, playing tennis, riding motorcycles, hiking, volunteering, water skiing, snow skiing, camping, painting, creating stained glass, sewing, and photography, it is unlikely there will be much time to be bored! “I’m doing what I want to do”, says Sharon, “I wanted to retire while I am still young and healthy enough to enjoy it”.

The campus life, both as a student and employee, has always been an added benefit for Sharon. Not only does she love the academic environment, but being surrounded by the ever changing student population allows her to experience new trends, a variety of music and a ‘young vibe’ that most people don’t get exposure to in their corporate worlds.


On February 17, there will be two celebrations - it’s Sharon’s birthday and her first day of retirement, and she’s going to enjoy every minute of it. (Party information on page 12)

Taken at Chuck and Sharon’s surprise Wedding Shower. From left, Sharon’s friend Katie, her sister Julie, Chuck, Sharon, only child Garrison, and employment Services Director Dennis Miller.

Greetings from the University Village! In early January, the Village welcomed our new residents for winter quarter into our community. The Sustainable Planning and Action Committee (SPAC) hit the ground running with the planning of the University Village Community Garden, which is set to open in mid-February. The Residential Education team bid farewell for now to our Complex Coordinator, Kyle Sirowy, who has left to work on the spring voyage of Semester at Sea! Kyle will travel to places like Tibet, South Africa, and Brazil until early May while working with students on their voyage. We will miss him greatly, but are very excited for his upcoming adventures! On January 20th, the Village hosted “The Price is Wrong!� where Cal Poly Federal Credit Union and the Career Center came to educate students on proper money management as well as preparing for the job search. Resume critiques were given, and a good time was had by all! At the end of the month the Village had our first ever Emergency Preparedness Evacuation, in which students were educated on the proper evacuation locations should an emergency happen, and received free fire extinguisher training, coffee, and pastries. All is well at the Village!

Quotable Quotes Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. Abraham Lincoln Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition. Abraham Lincoln Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. Albert Einstein To love someone is to identify with them. Aristotle


s cial age By: Lily Ly & Darren Isomoto

The Social Age is a new column that shares the opinions and ideas of two Social Media Coordinators. Whether you're enthused as much as we are about the world of Social Media or want to learn more, The Social Age is where you can join in on the conversation. Social Media is a part of everything we do: Work. Play. Live. It’s 8:15 in the morning as I’m stepping out of my car to embark on my journey to the office. First, I pull out my iPhone to secure my reign as the “mayor” at Cal Poly Pomona Foundation on foursquare. Check-in. Next, I refresh my Twitter feed to see what’s hot this morning. Looks like #OscarBuzz is trending, let me share with my 169 followers what I think about this year’s nominations … “I’ve only seen Moneyball but would like to see War Horse.” Tweet. I’m still only halfway on my walk so I start scrolling through Instagram. Looks like my friend bought an expensive watch from the looks of an artsy sepia-toned photo he shared. I’ll double tap the adorable heart icon next to his photo. Like. Well, that only took less than 15 seconds. Now I’ll open up Facebook. A student asked what time the Bronco Bookstore closes today. I love easy questions. I answer with, “6:30 PM and we’ll open tomorrow at 7:45 AM.” Post. This is the life of a Social Media Coordinator. We refresh, check-in, share, tweet, like, post and upload. Whether we’re at our desks or simply walking, we’re constantly communicating. And that’s what it boils down to: social media is simply communication. As users, we catch up with old friends, share interesting stories, discover the latest trends, and meet new


people. As marketers, we leverage social media as a valuable tool to engage and connect with our audience. Not only do we represent Foundation through various social media networks, we’re engaging in conversation with individuals on a personal level. In a constantly changing world, it’s difficult to stay afloat with the latest technologies. This is why we created this column – to help you grasp a better understanding of what social media is. It isn’t fancy digital jargon or something that only “kids these days” are doing. It’s all around us. As long as you have an interest in sharing your story or learning about the world around you, you too, can utilize social media. Let Social Age be your starting point. Here, we’ll put together posts about our work, our ideas and share the latest stories that interest us to you. I’m now approaching the office and as I’m about to open the door, a tweet chimes in from a movie critic in Chicago in response to my tweet earlier. He recommends War Horse but predicts that The Artist will take home the Oscar. Two more notification alerts pop-up. My friend just shamefully admitted that his expensive watch is a replica and that student thanked Bronco Bookstore for providing him with the information he needed. It’s 8:18 in the morning and I’ve reached out to 172 people. My day is just getting started.

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Darren Isomoto and Lily Ly are social media coordinators at Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. Since 2005, they have served in various Foundation units including the Bronco Bookstore and University Village. Prior to joining Foundation Marketing in July 2010, they were partners at a social media-marketing firm offering consultancy to local businesses. Darren and Lily both received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management with a minor in Public Relations from Cal Poly Pomona. Additional posts can be found online at our blog:


Auxiliary Organizations Association awards awards one of our own. The Auxiliary Organizations Association (AOA) recognized the dedication and years of support of David Prenovost during their annual conference in San Francisco. Mr. Prenovost was recognized and presented with the John Francis Service Award during the President’s Luncheon on January 9, 2012.

The members that make up the AOA are the 90plus organizations that are auxiliaries to the 23 campuses in the CSU system. Typically these organizations include foundations that handle contracts and grants or gifts to the university, or enterprise corporations that run bookstores and food services, or associated student organizations and student unions, and sometimes athletic or housing corporations. The award honors Mr. Prenovost for his many years of dedication and support to the organizations’ mission to facilitate the role of individual auxiliaries and their campuses to be more efficient. “It was a tremendous honor to be recognized by the AOA, and I hope to continue to contribute to the growth and stability of the organization,” said Mr. Prenovost.

David (center) holding his award flanked by Ed Barnes and Paul Storey


Mr. Prenovost is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the State of California. Mr. Prenovost has served as Chief Financial Officer of Cal Poly Pomona Foundation since January 2000 and is responsible for financial, budgetary, capital and project accounting, cash forecasts, bond financing and covenants, investments and risk management issues.


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Valentine’s Day Bake Sale Outdoor Spaces Marketplace 11 AM – 1 PM Sharon Fradella-Stuewe’s Retirement Party Heritage Room at CLA 2:30 PM - 5 PM Baseball Home Game Cal State Monterey Scolinos Field – 11 AM Mardi Gras Luncheon Los Olivos Ash Wednesday Special Luncheon Seafood Menu Los Olivos Baseball Home Game UC San Diego Scolinos Field – 2 PM Basketball Home Game Cal State Dominguez Hills Kellogg Gym – 5:30 PM Zeta Tau Alpha Casino Night Bronco Student Center 8 PM – Midnight

The Two Sure Ways to Get Unfriended on Facebook

Common sense is really all you need to understand what would make someone not want to be your friend on Facebook, but a business school has now done a study about it. According to new research by a graduate student at the University of Colorado, Denver, Business School, there are two main reasons people get unfriended online, and they are remarkably similar to the reasons people get unfriended in real life: Being annoying (posting too much about things that aren't interesting), and being offensive, especially about religious or political things.

The difference between real life and the Internet, says the study, is the suddenness of the unfriending. From The New York Times:

"One of the interesting things about unfriending is that most real-world friendships either blow up or fade away," said Christopher Sibona, who wrote the study with his adviser, Steven Walczak, an associate professor of information systems management. "But on Facebook, users actively make the decision to unfriend, and people often don't know why or what's happened in the relationship." I suppose that is true, but the reality is that most people have more Facebook friends than they have real friends, and one's real friends are less likely to actually unfriend them, even if that person is being annoying or offensive. Why? Because people don't want to hurt other people's feelings. Also, unfriending is really easy to do on Facebook. All it takes it a click. Unfriending in real life can mean anything from the easy (simply not returning phone calls) to the difficult (actually having a confrontation and saying you don't want to be friends). But the real thing missing is that-and I can only defend this anecdotally-people do not tend to unfriend people who will actually notice that they have been unfriended. Example: I was promoting a book earlier this summer and several people told me they had hidden me from their news feeds because I was posting too much about the same thing, which I think is totally fair; I would have hidden me too. But was I unfriended? Maybe, but if I was, I didn't notice, making the act a little bit meaningless in real world terms. Have you ever unfriended someone on Facebook that you actually know and are friends with in real life? Have you ever noticed when someone has unfriended you? We’re pretty sure it’s for the same reason the study concluded. Right?



Angela Romero bronco bookstore

TITLE – Customer Service Representative JOB DESCRIPTION – To provide the best customer service

in the Bronco Bookstore for all the students, faculty and staff. I HAVE A TALENT FOR – making people smile. MY BIGGEST CHALLENGE IS – stopping myself from spend-

ing half of my paycheck on shoes. WHAT I LIKE MOST ABOUT MY JOB – being able to meet

new people every day and working with students from different parts of the world. FAVORITE CHILDHOOD MEMORY – taking fishing trips with

my Dad at Santa Fe Dam and my new blue Snoopy fishing pole. MY BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Graduating from Cal Poly in

2011 with my BA in Liberal/Women’s Studies. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – I’m involved in an after

LENGTH OF COMMUTE – A grueling fifteen

school program for kids that provides educational enrichment.


CAREER GOAL – I want to get my MA in special education

the ocean.

NO ONE WOULD EVER GUESS – I’m terrified of

and teach in my community. FAVORITE FOOD ON CAMPUS – I love the Teriyaki Plate at

Kikka with a side order of California rolls! LENGTH OF EMPLOYMENT – One year and four months.

ON WEEKENDS I LOVE TO – catch up with friends over dinner at some of our favorite local restaurants. IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING – I would have more after school programs available to families within our community. IN FIVE YEARS I WILL BE – in the Peace Corps

teaching in Latin America.


Win: 4 Lunch Passes at Los Olivos The new year brings a new feature to our newsletter- the always exciting POLL QUESTIONS! Please take a minute to answer a few questions, and each month we will reveal the top, or the most interesting, or the most obscure answers in the newsletter. PUBLISHED BY: Cal Poly Pomona Foundation. Inc. Ph: 909-869-2912 Fx: 909-869-4549

It only takes a few minutes (honestly!!). Have fun. Be honest. Enjoy! We will raffle off 4 lunch passes at Los Olivos from the entries we receive! Go to this website to join:


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