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Los Olivos welcomes the New Year!




CAL POLY POMONA FOUNDATION, INC. AND SODEXO ANNOUNCE GROUNDBREAKING PARTNERSHIP Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. (CPPF) Dining Services and Sodexo are announcing a partnership to deliver a more comprehensive and efficient dining experience. This alliance is the first of its kind nationally, and will become a model for other colleges and universities in the near future. Capitalizing on their leadership position as a dining and facilities company, Sodexo offers unmatched purchasing leverage, with over 5 billion dollars in purchasing power, and expertise in automated menu management. This partnership will allow CPPF Dining Services management increased negotiation leverage of pricing on products purchased from existing and new distributors that are part of the Sodexo purchasing portfolio. CPPF Dining Services will remain an independent in-house dining operation. It will also have access to Sodexo’s broad range of tools and services including menu management tools, professional nutritional graphics for all resident dining materials, on-trend recipe database of over 6,000 recipes, menu analysis tools, and web menu development with nutritional information. In order to ensure a seamless integration of this partnership, a Sodexo technician will be on campus to support our purchasing and menu management implementations. Like Sodexo, exceptional student experiences have always been the basis of CPPF Dining Services as we continue to align ourselves with partners such as Sodexo to accomplish our mission. For more information on Sodexo, visit

Brett Roth, Director Dining Services


Dining Services Tidbits Los Olivos welcomes the New Year! Students, faculty and staff brought in the Year of Dragon at Los Olivos on January 19 with a variety of Asian cuisines from delicious Pho to fried dumplings to a special mandarin orange cake.

Sweets for your sweets on Valentines Los Olivos on Valentine’s Day, rolled out a “cupcake creation” table where guests customized a cupcake for their sweetheart, friend, or just for themselves! The Marketing Department also set up a Valentines Day photo booth between 11 AM – 1 PM at the dining area. It was such a big hit!

Get it while it’s hot! Other February Bites. Roundtable Pizza at the Bronco Student Center will be creating their yearly tradition of heart-shaped pizza’s for the Valentine’s season! This unique pizza comes in one size, but can be customized with any of your favorite toppings! For a limited time only – from February 6 through February 14! Also in February, on the 21st - indulge in a buffet of traditional New Orleans tastings as we celebrate Fat Tuesday with a Mardi Gras Luncheon at Los Olivos. Before you give up your favorite foods, feast with us as we serve traditional Louisiana fare like jambalaya, catfish and cornbread! On February 22nd, Los Olivos will feature a special Seafood Luncheon to coincide with Ash Wednesday – and kick off the Lenten Season. Enjoy a traditional buffet of fish and shrimp dishes.


“The Shop� Gives Two Wheelers Support Last fall marked the grand opening of Cal Poly Pomona's first bike shop called, "The Shop," which is located at Campus Center Marketplace. The Shop offers free bike repairs provided by the service and support of the school's Cycling Club.

"We were also graciously supported by Steve Whippie and his team of Mark Guenette and Dave Matheson. Without a doubt, they're great people to work with and I congratulate him and his team on the efforts they have done with the new Village Bikestation."

"The Foundation was gracious enough to offer us a space in the Campus Center Marketplace, which serves as the perfect location for The Shop. It's convenient being located so close to housing, classrooms, and in the center of campus," said Mike Yartzoff, President of the Cycling Club. "A student will come in with a flat tire, which we can repair while they go to class. When they return from class, their bike is ready and they're able to get on with their day."

From the initial idea, to setup, and now its success, The Shop and its staff continue to appreciate Foundation's support.

"It's really a win/win situation," adds Dave Flores, Cycling Club Advisor and Coordinator of Ride Share Services. "The location at Campus Center benefits us by providing our customers with that extra level of convenience. At the same time, we're drawing in more traffic to the dining options at Campus Center. We'll often encourage students to grab a bite to eat while we work on their repairs."

Aside from hoping that the physical size of The Shop will grow with the popularity of its service, Flores also envisions its future as a place where training sessions and clinics can be held for students to learn about repairing and overall bike safety.

Both Yartzoff and Flores agree that The Shop's development and success is largely credited to the support and dedication of the club's members and some key Foundation employees.

"We're really thankful for Brett Roth and Paul Storey. It's great people like them that have a vision to recognize the importance of sustainability at Cal Poly Pomona and to make this a greener campus," said Flores

"I also want to thank Carolyn Couchman, Joanne Casey, and Donna Bebensee at the Campus Center Marketplace. We're really thankful for their patience and understanding with the students when they need access to The Shop," said Flores.

"Our motto is 'Run by students for students' which was modeled after the Foundation's motto of 'Quality service supporting quality education,'" explains Flores. "Ultimately, Cycling Club and The Shop stand for more than just being a group of cycling enthusiasts. It's about students helping students, 'learning by doing,' and giving back to the campus community."

Community Gardens Growing Pride at the Village The Sustainable Planning and Action Committee, consisting entirely of residents and advised by staff member Davinah Simmons, is ready to launch Community Gardens. This innovative project was conceived last quarter and is planning a ribbon cutting ceremony in late February 2012. “We wanted to find a way to get residents more involved in their community”, says Davinah, “this project will not only get people more connected, but will give them a sense of pride about where they live.” The Community Gardens will be 100% student managed. Residents will be able to purchase a ‘flat’ of land where they can cultivate and grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs…legal herbs, that is. There will be workshops available that teach the basics of gardening, as well as, ways to make bird feeders that attract hummingbirds and bees for pollination.

For more information or to reserve your garden space, contact the University Sustainability Advisors at or Davinah Simmons at


Bronco Bookstore: Happening This Month ... Book Department: • African-American History Month: We’ll have a display of all our featured books set up right at the top of the stairs in the book department. This year the theme is the contribution of African Americans to the music industry, from jazz to funk to hip-hop and beyond! • Mid-Term “Grade Boosters”: All our study guides and charts are 20% off Jan. 30 - Feb. 2. We carry a wide selection of study aides from Bar Charts, Schaum’s Outlines, REA Guides and more to help students get that ‘edge’ in learning. • Mid-quarter Buyback: We’re also doing buyback all week for books that students might have only needed for the first half of the quarter. • Dr. Seuss’s Birthday/”Read Across America”: Every March 2 libraries and booksellers across the country sponsor events to encourage children of all ages to develop a love of reading. To do our part, all Dr. Seuss books are 20% off Feb. 27-March 2. (We also have a few prizes for students who can come in and recite a tonguetwisting passage from their favorite Dr. Seuss book). General Merchandise: • Faculty Regalia Fair: Feb. 21-22 we’re hosting an event to get the word out to faculty about the option of purchasing commencement regalia instead of renting it every year. We’ll have a representative from Jostens on hand to demonstrate the value and quality of the various package options, and refreshments will be set up for faculty who stop by. • $7 Facebook t-shirt promotion. Students were able to vote through January 31 for their favorite design for this promotion. Once we have a winner the shirts will be ordered and should arrive later in February. Watch our Facebook page for more news! In March, watch for books for Women’s History month, and of course we’ll be promoting buyback March 8-16.


Greetings from the University Village! In early January, the Village welcomed our new residents for winter quarter into our community. The Sustainable Planning and Action Committee (SPAC) hit the ground running with the planning of the University Village Community Garden, which is set to open in mid-February. The Residential Education team bid farewell for now to our Complex Coordinator, Kyle Sirowy, who has left to work on the spring voyage of Semester at Sea! Kyle will travel to places like Tibet, South Africa, and Brazil until early May while working with students on their voyage. We will miss him greatly, but are very excited for his upcoming adventures! On January 20th, the Village hosted “The Price is Wrong!” where Cal Poly Federal Credit Union and the Career Center came to educate students on proper money management as well as preparing for the job search. Resume critiques were given, and a good time was had by all! At the end of the month the Village had our first ever Emergency Preparedness Evacuation, in which students were educated on the proper evacuation locations should an emergency happen, and received free fire extinguisher training, coffee, and pastries. All is well at the Village!

Use Protection! $10 will get you two vanilla lattes at Starbucks, or a large pepperoni pizza, or it can give you peace of mind for an entire academic quarter! The Village Bike Station has opened to offer security and convenience for all campus riders by providing a 24-hour entry card activated self-park area. The space is air-conditioned and under constant video surveillance, with free access to repair tools and air pumps. “With a rise in bicycle thefts around campus, we wanted to create a bike station that would protect students property with the added benefits of essential tools to help any bike enthusiast,” says Ken Fisher, Director of Foundation Housing Services. For more information or to reserve your bike space, go to the Business Office at the Community Center of University Village.


s cial age By: Lily Ly & Darren Isomoto

The Social Age is a new column that shares the opinions and ideas of two Social Media Coordinators. Whether you're enthused as much as we are about the world of Social Media or want to learn more, The Social Age is where you can join in on the conversation. Social Media is a part of everything we do: Work. Play. Live. It’s 8:15 in the morning as I’m stepping out of my car to embark on my journey to the office. First, I pull out my iPhone to secure my reign as the “mayor” at Cal Poly Pomona Foundation on foursquare. Check-in. Next, I refresh my Twitter feed to see what’s hot this morning. Looks like #OscarBuzz is trending, let me share with my 169 followers what I think about this year’s nominations … “I’ve only seen Moneyball but would like to see War Horse.” Tweet. I’m still only halfway on my walk so I start scrolling through Instagram. Looks like my friend bought an expensive watch from the looks of an artsy sepia-toned photo he shared. I’ll double tap the adorable heart icon next to his photo. Like. Well, that only took less than 15 seconds. Now I’ll open up Facebook. A student asked what time the Bronco Bookstore closes today. I love easy questions. I answer with, “6:30 PM and we’ll open tomorrow at 7:45 AM.” Post. This is the life of a Social Media Coordinator. We refresh, check-in, share, tweet, like, post and upload. Whether we’re at our desks or simply walking, we’re constantly communicating. And that’s what it boils down to: social media is simply communication. As users, we catch up with old friends, share interesting stories, discover the latest trends, and meet new


people. As marketers, we leverage social media as a valuable tool to engage and connect with our audience. Not only do we represent Foundation through various social media networks, we’re engaging in conversation with individuals on a personal level. In a constantly changing world, it’s difficult to stay afloat with the latest technologies. This is why we created this column – to help you grasp a better understanding of what social media is. It isn’t fancy digital jargon or something that only “kids these days” are doing. It’s all around us. As long as you have an interest in sharing your story or learning about the world around you, you too, can utilize social media. Let Social Age be your starting point. Here, we’ll put together posts about our work, our ideas and share the latest stories that interest us to you. I’m now approaching the office and as I’m about to open the door, a tweet chimes in from a movie critic in Chicago in response to my tweet earlier. He recommends War Horse but predicts that The Artist will take home the Oscar. Two more notification alerts pop-up. My friend just shamefully admitted that his expensive watch is a replica and that student thanked Bronco Bookstore for providing him with the information he needed. It’s 8:18 in the morning and I’ve reached out to 172 people. My day is just getting started.

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Darren Isomoto and Lily Ly are social media coordinators at Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. Since 2005, they have served in various Foundation units including the Bronco Bookstore and University Village. Prior to joining Foundation Marketing in July 2010, they were partners at a social media-marketing firm offering consultancy to local businesses. Darren and Lily both received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management with a minor in Public Relations from Cal Poly Pomona. Additional posts can be found online at our blog:


Auxiliary Organizations Association awards awards one of our own. The Auxiliary Organizations Association (AOA) recognized the dedication and years of support of David Prenovost during their annual conference in San Francisco. Mr. Prenovost was recognized and presented with the John Francis Service Award during the President’s Luncheon on January 9, 2012.

The members that make up the AOA are the 90plus organizations that are auxiliaries to the 23 campuses in the CSU system. Typically these organizations include foundations that handle contracts and grants or gifts to the university, or enterprise corporations that run bookstores and food services, or associated student organizations and student unions, and sometimes athletic or housing corporations. The award honors Mr. Prenovost for his many years of dedication and support to the organizations’ mission to facilitate the role of individual auxiliaries and their campuses to be more efficient. “It was a tremendous honor to be recognized by the AOA, and I hope to continue to contribute to the growth and stability of the organization,” said Mr. Prenovost.

David (center) holding his award flanked by Ed Barnes and Paul Storey


Mr. Prenovost is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the State of California. Mr. Prenovost has served as Chief Financial Officer of Cal Poly Pomona Foundation since January 2000 and is responsible for financial, budgetary, capital and project accounting, cash forecasts, bond financing and covenants, investments and risk management issues.


Resolutions Passed at the Recent Board Meeting Resolution Number


Document Subject

Brief Description of Resolution


Dining Services Master Plan

BOD accepts the Dining Services Master Plan Update developed by Envision Strategies


Policies 130, 132 and 133- New Policies Related to EndowmentsSpending/Lending

BOD accepts the changes to Policy # 130, Policy # 132 and Policy # 133Policy 130 – Endowment Investment Policy, Policy 132 – Investment and Spending Policy for Endowment and Similar Funds Policy 133 – Administration of Foundation Program, Scholarship and Endowment Funds


Policy 209 Affirmative Action Policy Update

BOD has reviewed and approved the attached Affirmative Action Plan. Further, the Executive Director of Foundation is directed to take whatever action necessary to ensure Board Policy #209 is amended to integrate the provisions of AB 887


Health Insurance Premium Holiday

BOD approves Foundation‘s recommendation to offer a “premium holiday” during the month of May 2012 for its active employees, and the Executive Director of the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation is authorized and directed to take any and all action as may be necessary to effectuate this Resolution


2011-12 External Financial and Single Audit

Subject to the Chancellor’s Office approval, the BOD approves retaining Vicenti, Lloyd and Stutzman to perform the financial and single audit for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012


2011-12 External Child Care Audit

BOD approves retaining GYL Decauwer, LLP to perform the Child Development Preschool Grant program audit for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012


Disallowed Expenditure on Federal Grant Program

BOD approves the payment of $6,872.62 in disallowed costs relating to foreign travel costs for the NIH SCORE grant from the Disallowed Sponsored Program Expenditure reserve fund.


Investment Report 2nd Quarter 2010-11

Foundation’s Investment Policy 131 requires a comprehensive quarterly report on the investment portfolio’s performance be provided to the Investment Committee and Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting. Foundation management believes that the quarterly investment report is in compliance with the investment policy and recommends the quarterly investment report be approved by the Board of Directors


Norman J. Priest Scholarship The Foundation’s February 13th Board Meeting started with a special ceremony to recognize the winners of the Norman J. Priest Endowed Scholarship. This award is given to Foundation full-time student employees who embody the ideals of former Foundation Board member Norman J. Priest through their community service, leadership skills, and involvement in the Foundation. Submitted applications are reviewed by Mrs. Halo Priest, her son James Priest, and a Foundation Scholarship Committee. Selection is based on one’s resume, a recommendation from both a supervisor and a Foundation staff member, plus an essay on how the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation has helped them with their educational goals and how the award will help them achieve their career/educational goals. The essay should also highlight how participation and leadership in campus activities and community service will help them achieve their goals. So far, 24 deserving students have benefitted from this award since 2000. The 2011-2012 winners are Ashley Sanders Lerner, Kellogg West Front Desk employee; Rachelle Webb, Research Assistant with STEM; and Angel Vizcarra, Dining Services employee. Ashley is expecting to earn her Bachelors of Science Degree in Hospitality Management in 2013. She is involved in various clubs on campus and holds positions in each. In the Hospitality Club she is the Director of Activities and enjoys planning trips to various hotels, restaurants, and theme parks in the region. For leisure purposes, she is involved in the Yoga Alliance Club on campus and holds the secretary position. Ashley has held a seasonal job as a chaperon to college students traveling to and from Israel since the summer of 2009. This initially sparked her interested in travel and tourism and thus began her studies at the Collins College of Hospitality Management. After graduation she hopes to continue working in the industry while living in Israel. Rachelle will earn her B.A. in Psychology in 2013. She aspires to go on to earn her Ph.D. in Psychology and ultimately conduct research within the fields of cognitive neuroscience and positive psychology. Rachelle is a member of the Kellogg Honors College, a McNair Scholar, and a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority. She was elected Treasurer of Psi Chi International Honor Society for Psychology for the 2011-2012 school year and has served as President of Yoga Alliance for the past two years. Rachelle also serves as a peer mentor for the Psychology & Sociology Department helping her fellow students by holding office hours and hosting workshops on graduate school, financial aid, and stress management.

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Angel (above) and Rachelle (below) accepting their award from President Ortiz and Paul Storey

2011-2012 PUBLISHED BY: Cal Poly Pomona Foundation. Inc. Ph: 909-869-2912 Fx: 909-869-4549 Board Insights provides communication on a range of activities that are taking place in the Foundation. The objective of this publication is to provide board members with opportunities to learn more about the Foundation and strengthen communication.

WHAT YOU SPEND ON CAMPUS … STAYS ON CAMPUS Surplus funds generated by all Cal Poly Pomona Foundation operations go back to the University to provide financial and facility resources to benefit students, faculty and staff.

Norman J. Priest Scholarship On campus, Rachelle is currently in her second year of working as a research assistant for Dr. Bettina Casad helping with her current project involving students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math majors. Angel Vizcarra is expecting to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management in 2012. He was a recipient of the Norman J Priest Scholarship for the year 2010, and is a recipient of the 2011 Collins/Pepsi Scholarship. Angel is also currently serving as President of his fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Angel is currently in the running for the MGM Management Associate Program and has the ultimate goal of establishing his own hotel or resort in the future. He also hopes to be heavily involved as a volunteer in his fraternity as an alumnus. He is currently a shift lead at Subway and has gained an immense amount of experience that will surely help him in his future endeavors as a hospitality manager. Angel hopes to also further his education by attaining his MBA after getting some more experience in the hospitality industry, which will be a great asset in his goal of establishing his own hotel or resort. As volunteer for several Alzheimer’s walks, and having had family members that have been affected by the condition, Angel hopes his involvement as a volunteer will help bring about more research that will one day end Alzheimer’s.

Ashley accepting her plaque from Paul Storey