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The Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. Biennial Report was released in April 2012. Offering extensive accounting of Foundation support over the past two years, this collaboration between various departments and divisions displays the cohesiveness of the organization and the expanse of its influence. Copies were also sent to Directors, Chairs, key donors, and colleagues at AOA. The reception of the Biennial Report has been very favorable from employees, other auxiliaries, campus community and administrationsprevious and current. Many expressed their appreciation for the work to create the report, as well as, the representation of support to the University provided by the Foundation.

Please take a moment to review at

Tax return filed and available for view online at the Foundation website.


Connect2One Awards first ever ALL-STAR Recognition to Bronco Bookstore This year Connect2One has announced a new award category, the Facebook All-Stars! The recipients are members who have consistently kept students engaged and interacting on their Facebook pages with eye-catching promotions, events, contests, videos, and more. By getting involved with their students on Facebook, these AllStars have enhanced their relationships with their fans, and are changing on-campus attitudes about what a bookstore is and what it can be. This first year recognition for outstanding presence in social media was awarded to the Bronco Bookstore for the excellent campaigns created and executed by Foundation Marketing Online team, Lily Ly and Darren Isomoto.

“We continue to try new things and better ways to reach the students and get them to interact with the bookstore on Facebook, on the website, or in person”, Lily Ly stated. “It’s great that students at Cal Poly Pomona have been so receptive and engaged with the Bronco Bookstore”, said Darren Isomoto, “it’s definitely a team effort and an honor to be recognized for the success of our page”. Connect2One is an alliance of independent college bookstores with a mission to connect bookstore managers with the resources they need. They are the largest and most comprehensive buying group in the college bookstore industry.


April-May Committee Meeting Schedule April 25 April 30 May 8 May 16 May 16 May 24

Personnel Committee Meeting Finance Committee Meeting Part 1 Program Committee Meeting Finance Committee Meeting Part 2 Investment Committee Meeting Board of Directors Meeting

3 PM – 4 PM 11 AM – 1 PM 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM 11 AM – 1 PM 3 PM – 4:30 PM 2 PM – 4 PM

New High Capacity Tape Library Installed To meet the growing backup needs of the Foundation we recently install a Dell™ PowerVault™ TL4000 tape library which enables two critical data-protection activities: backup and archiving.

ideal for growing data-protection needs. Encryption Key Management is available with LTO-5 technology for added security.

Frees up resources and helps improve reliability Versatile, Expandable, Affordable Dell’s PowerVault TL4000 Tape Library offers expandable and affordable tape automation for the Foundation. It is the product of choice for medium size businesses that require an affordable, versatile, easy-to-use, automated, mid-range tape backup solution. It provides the benefits of hands-off, around-theclock operation which minimizes human error, backs up data quickly and predictably, creates offsite archive copies of data to meet compliance requirements, and bolsters our disaster-recovery strategy.

The right capacity and features for our organization The PowerVault TL4000 tape library holds up to 48 tapes for a native capacity of up to 72 Terabytes of data on LTO-5 tape media. LTO-5 backs up a staggering 504Gigabytes per hour per drive, or a maximum of 2.016Terabytes per hour with four drives, making the PowerVault TL4000 tape library


Dell PowerVault TL series tape libraries use a robotic mechanism to move media automatically, allowing for unattended and independent operation. To keep contents properly organized, a bar code reader inventories and tracks all tapes stored in the library. The PowerVault also allows users to add in a tape backup target to an iSCSI 1Gb Ethernet SAN, utilizing little to no degradation in transfer speed, 90Mb/s in most cases. For more information on this exciting next generation data backup solution contact the Foundation IT department at

Nutrition Made Easy Classes may run during the week, but on the Cal Poly Pomona campus the learning never stops. Our commitment to providing students and staff a nurturing learning environment spans the entire campus experience, especially when it comes to nutrition. In an effort to enhance the dining experience, Dining Services has officially launched its partnership with Sodexo – an international food service company – to provide a new database of over 6,000 recipes, web menu development and detailed nutritional information. This information has never been easier to locate and use. Accessing the Dining Services website will provide an online menu with nutrition and quick-reference dietary codes that notify you if each item is gluten free, organic, local, vegetarian or vegan. This information has also been posted at each service station at Los Olivos for quick reference when making your food choices. Today’s students expect campus dining to offer high quality fresh food, and Foundation Dining Services provides a variety of options that are convenient, nutritious, and educational. Whether you are a ‘regular,’ or haven’t visited in a while, check out the new menu options and quick reference signs at Los Olivos.


Exclusive Offer to CSU and Foundation Employees from Enterprise Rent-A-Car Member employees receive favorable rates for use of rental cars for both business and personal use through an exclusive offer from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Please see below link for the daily and weekly rates for different car types. The agreement includes $300,000 in automobile liability insurance and full comprehensive and collision coverage in the event that your rented vehicle suffers physical damage. Additional benefits include: * Unlimited mileage * No one-way “drop-off charge” * Online reservation system * Counter Bypass Program to avoid lines when renting * Rates apply to all locations within the United States with the exception of New York. * Models are subject to availability and may be requested but are not guaranteed. Personal Use Rentals: Member employees may use this Account Number – NACA053 – when renting vehicles for personal use. The negotiated rates and the unlimited miles will still apply to all rentals; however, the following will not be included in the personal use rental: a) Collision damage waiver (physical damage coverage on the rented vehicle) b) $300,000 in third person liability coverage c) No one-way drop off charges For more information for booking a reservation on line or by phone, please visit: P_295_Enterprise%20Rental%20Instructions%20&%202009%20Rate s.pdf


Neutra Medal Winner Spurs Record Book Sales Internationally celebrated architect Tadao Ando came to Cal Poly Pomona on March 28 to accept the Neutra Medal for Professional Excellence awarded by the College of Environmental Design. His appearance drew hundreds of attendees from all over the region including CPP alums and environmental design professionals inspired by his work. Bronco Bookstore became a part of the event when they were asked to handle selling advance copies of Taschen Publication’s retrospective book on Mr. Ando: “Ando: Complete Works 1975-2012,” a $50 hardback ‘coffee table’ style book filled with photos and illustrations of Ando’s designs and buildings. Although the book’s official publication date is May 2012, Taschen agreed to rush-ship 150 advance copies from the printing facility in Korea to be available for the ceremony. Ando had graciously agreed to sign every copy, and also supplied 150 sketches to insert in the books to make them even more special. Taschen contacted the store just days before the ceremony. Initially they had planned to ship the books directly to the architecture department, but they realized that they needed to work with a campus entity with a valid resellers permit from the state, and who better to sell books than the bookstore? Although it was the always-hectic first week of the quarter, the bookstore staff were happy to jump in and take responsibility for handling everything related to the book sale. The store took care of receiving the shipment, and transporting the books to the theater courtyard on the afternoon of the award ceremony and reception. It was clear that turnout was huge from the lines forming more than an hour before the reception was scheduled to start, and the courtyard was already filled with people as the books were unpacked. While bookstore employees handled the sales transactions, student volunteers from the architecture club inserted the sketches from Ando in each book as it was sold. In less than an hour, all 150 books sold out. According to Associate Director Suzanne Donnelly, the bookstore typically handles anywhere from 10-20 author event sales a year, but this is the most successful one she has seen in her 8 years at the store. While many speakers draw large and engaged audiences, the most books ever sold for prior events was less than 100. ‘It was exciting to sell that many books so quickly, and to see how happy people were to get their copy’ she said. The bookstore plans to order more copies of Ando’s book when it officially releases so CPP faculty, staff or students who missed their chance to buy one of the advance copies will be able to pick up a book from the store in May.


Foundation Financial Services 11/12 Year-End Closing Tentative Schedule - Commercial Operations Tuesday, 7/9/12

Payment Requests, IDT’s, cash receipts, requests for invoice journal entries, spreadsheets and adjustments due at Foundation by 5 PM.

Tuesday, 7/17/12

Financial Services will have all entries posted by 5 PM.

Thursday, 7/19/12

Complete recurring JE, run and distribute first preliminary financial reports by 3 PM.

Tuesday, 7/24/12

Assist Managers and Directors with questions, adjustments and accrual due by 5 PM.

Wednesday, 7/25/12

Run and distribute second preliminary financial reports by 3 PM.

Thursday, 7/26/12

Final adjustments to accounts due by 5 PM.

Monday, 7/30/12

Perform Balance Sheet Reconciliation and post any resulting adjustments by 5 PM.

Monday, 7/30/12

Redo recurring JE and distribute final financial reports by 5 PM.

Tuesday, 7/31/12

Prepare and distribute P&L packet by 9 AM.

Wednesday, 8/1/12

P & L Meeting, send final financial statements to VLS.

Monday, 8/6/12

VLS annual audit begins.

Please note that the above schedule is subject to change. You will be notified if there are any changes. Should you have any questions, please contact Sue Chiazza at ext. 2930.


Upgrading to Business Class Meetings and Conferences get a hi-tech renovation at Kellogg West Business meetings, corporate conferences, and all group events now have a high quality state-of-the-art professional system for presentations, online teaching and videoconferences. The Foundation has upgraded the large auditorium at Kellogg West to a “smart conference room� to utilize the latest technology and deliver the highest quality products and services to our guests and the University community. The smart room offers an innovative ceiling projection system, large automatic screen, centralized A/V controls, wireless microphones, HD video source capabilities, and iPad interface for digital whiteboard presentations. We will supply the iPad already configured to our system, so all the presenter will have to do is load their materials and begin their presentation without worry for configuring their individual devices. The advanced network allows for participant connectivity, WiFi access, and support for upgrading to advancing technologies. As always, we provide seating for up to 300 people in a clean, comfortable, and quiet room with floor-toceiling windows that offer adjustable natural light. Upgrading your next meeting, conference, or event has never been simpler. Contact Kellogg West for more information about the new smart room, or any of their meeting room options at 909-869-2222.


PUBLISHED BY: Cal Poly Pomona Foundation. Inc. Ph: 909-869-2912 Fx: 909-869-4549 Board Insights provides communication on a range of activities that are taking place in the Foundation. The objective of this publication is to provide board members with opportunities to learn more about the Foundation and strengthen communication.

WHAT YOU SPEND ON CAMPUS … STAYS ON CAMPUS Surplus funds generated by all Cal Poly Pomona Foundation operations go back to the University to provide financial and facility resources to benefit students, faculty and staff.

More Paperless Textbooks Available Soon at Bronco Bookstore The CSU Chancellor’s Office has announced the introduction of the ‘CSU Rent Digital’ program to all CSU campuses as part of the system-wide Affordable Learning Solutions initiative, which focuses on reducing students’ textbook/course materials costs. Starting in Spring 2012, CSU faculty are encouraged to adopt titles that are part of the CSU Rent Digital program for their Fall classes. These titles will be offered to students at a reduced rate of at least 60% off the new print version. Bronco Bookstore has been on the forefront of e-books by currently offering titles from two suppliers and is in the process of including all available vendors under the CSU program within the next few weeks. The primary focus of the bookstore is to educate and encourage faculty on the benefits and available titles for their classes, and convey to students the efficiency and cost savings of the Rent Digital program.

Foundation Supports Golden Leaves Program Celebrated annually by the University Library since 1986, the Golden Leaves program honors present and past members of the Cal Poly Pomona campus community who have recently authored or edited a book. The program is also scheduled to occur during National Library Week. To celebrate their achievements, the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation donated gift cards to each author and the Farm Store presented them with bags of produce.

The event celebrates not only our campus book authors, but also the book format, which has continued to remain popular throughout the course of many centuries. People worldwide continue to enthusiastically use books in spite of the emergence of various e-book readers, electronic publishing and the web. So far no other format compares with the book for affordability, physical beauty, general ease of use, convenience, stability, longevity, comfort and suitability for reading and comprehension. Books published by our campus authors will be on display in the exhibit case outside the Library Administrative Office.




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