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In late 1962, John Cage, Jasper Johns, and Robert Rauschenberg decided to help Merce Cunningham finance a season on Broadway.

Bob and I said that we would help, that we would each give a painting to be sold to help cover the loss that a Broadway “season” would incur, and Cage said that he had a Richard Lippold sculpture, a work in five parts, that he would contribute. Cage and I estimated the value of these three works and it seemed a bit more than Merce’s season would require. I asked him what we should do with the extra money, perhaps a couple thousand dollars, and Merce said, “Help others, because we’re all in the same boat.” But it wasn’t enough, really, and I said why not invite other artists to join us and give works, and then we’ll be able to help others. That’s how it started. –Jasper Johns, Co-Founder of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts










Kerstin Brätsch GRANTS TO ARTISTS 2020

Indran Amirthanayagam 16 Suzanne Bocanegra (the robert rauschenberg award) 18 Julian Talamantez Brolaski (the cy twombly award for poetry) 20 Ngoc Đai 22 � � LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs (the c.d. wright award for poetry) 24 Milka Djordjevich 26 Carmina Escobar 28 Marjani Forté-Saunders 30 Jonathan González 32 Brad Kahlhamer 34 NIC Kay (the dorothea tanning award) 36 Sean Meehan 38 jumatatu m. poe 40 Andrew Schneider 42 Julianne Swartz 44 Marshall Trammell 46 Frederick Weston (the roy lichtenstein award) 48 THE ELLSWORTH KELLY AWARD 2019


California College of the Arts Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts/Lydia Ourahmane

FCA Grants Reception, The Kitchen, New York, 2019. New York Theater Ballet, performance still from Merce Cunningham’s Scramble (excerpt), 2019. Performers: Joshua Andino-Nieto, Alexis Branagan, Giulia Faria, Mónica Lima, Dawn Gierling Milatin, Erez Milatin, Sean Stewart, and Amanda Treiber.














Grants and Awards Programs


Every FCA grant is determined by a panel of artists, offering grantees both vital financial assistance and the inestimable encouragement that comes with recognition by their peers.

FCA’s mission is to encourage, sponsor, and promote innovative work in the arts created and presented by individuals, groups, and organizations. FCA depends on artists to fund its programs; to date, over 1,000 artists have contributed paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, performances, and videos to help fund grant programs that directly support individual artists working in dance, music/sound, performance art/theater, poetry, and the visual arts. Thus, FCA is the only institution of its kind: created and sustained by artists to benefit artists. HISTORY

By the early 1960s, some emerging visual artists were beginning to experience modest financial success while many of their peers working in dance, music, and theater struggled against severely limited funding options to present their work. John Cage (1912-1992), Jasper Johns, and a few friends decided to organize a benefit exhibition to support their colleagues in the performance arts. Lee Bontecou, Elaine de Kooning, Willem de Kooning, Marcel Duchamp, Alex Katz, Ellsworth Kelly, Roy Lichtenstein, Marisol, Robert Morris, Barnett Newman, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Frank Stella, Elaine Sturtevant, and Andy Warhol were among the sixty-seven artists who contributed to this landmark show at the Allan Stone Gallery, a prominent contemporary gallery of the period. With proceeds from the exhibition, the Foundation began making grants to individual artists. During its first year, FCA made grants to composers Earle Brown and Morton Feldman, and underwrote a concert of their music at Town Hall in New York. Other early grantees include choreographers Trisha Brown, Lucinda Childs, Meredith Monk, Yvonne Rainer, and Twyla Tharp; composers Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and La Monte Young; and organizations such as Judson Memorial Church. FCA has operated continuously since the 1960s. Artists are primarily responsible for the Foundation’s existence, its growth, and its continuation. To date, FCA has held sixteen benefit exhibitions at various New York City galleries. In total, these exhibitions have included over 2,000 artworks contributed by artists and have raised over $11 million to support FCA’s programs. In recent years, financial contributions from individuals and foundations have significantly enhanced FCA’s ability to support innovative work in the arts. Since 1963, more than 3,100 grants to artists and arts organizations—totaling over $16 million—have provided opportunities for creative exploration and the realization of new work. 4


These unrestricted cash awards are intended to provide recipients with the financial means to engage in any artistic endeavors they wish to pursue. Recipients are chosen annually through a confidential nomination and selection process. Each year, artists and arts professionals invited by FCA propose one artist, collective, or performing group whom they believe would benefit from an award. These confidential submissions are then reviewed by an advisory panel of artists, arts professionals, and FCA’s Board of Directors. The recipients are determined on the basis of the merit and imaginativeness of their work and the impact such recognition and support might have at this point in their careers. The number of selections made in any of the five fields is determined by the strength of the candidates as well as FCA’s resources that year. Endowed Awards THE MERCE CUNNINGHAM AWARD. This

endowed biennial award was established in 2015 with a gift from the Merce Cunningham Trust in memory of the choreographer. THE ROY LICHTENSTEIN AWARD. This

endowed award was established in 2018 with a gift from The Roy Lichtenstein Foundation in memory of the artist.


endowed award was established in 2013 with a gift from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in memory of the artist. THE DOROTHEA TANNING AWARD. This endowed award was established in 2017 with a gift from The Destina Foundation in memory of the artist and poet. THE C.D. WRIGHT AWARD FOR POETRY. This

endowed award was established in 2018 with a gift from Ellsworth Kelly and Jack Shear in memory of the poet and 1999 Grants to Artists recipient. It is made to a poet over the age of 50.

Funded Awards THE HELEN FRANKENTHALER AWARD FOR PAINTING. This award was established in 2020 and is supported by a multi-year gift from the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation in memory of the artist. THE CY TWOMBLY AWARD FOR POETRY. This award was established in 2018 and is supported by a multi-year gift from the Cy Twombly Foundation in memory of the artist.



This award was established in 2016 with an endowment gift from the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation in memory of the artist. It is made annually to create a solo exhibition opportunity for a contemporary visual artist at a U.S. art museum or university or college art gallery. The 2019 award was $40,000. EMERGENCY GRANTS

FCA Grants Reception, The Kitchen, New York, 2019. Presenters: 2011 Grantee Ryan McNamara (right) and ASL Interpreter Josh Garrett (left).

FCA FRIENDS. One Grants to Artists award each year is supported by the membership contributions of these forty arts patrons.

The remaining Grants to Artists awards are funded by over 1,000 artists who have contributed artworks to the Foundation since 1963, as well as individual supporters. The 2020 Grants to Artists awards are $40,000 each; the eighteen recipients are profiled in this booklet. The Directors of FCA were joined in the grant selection process by art historian and author Bettina Funcke; musician Jenny Lin; Curator at The Kitchen Matthew Lyons; and playwright, director, and New York City Players Artistic Director Richard Maxwell. Advising the selection committee on the Poetry category were poet and writer David Henderson and poet Ann Lauterbach. THE JOHN CAGE AWARD

This endowed biennial award was established in 1992 by the Foundation’s Board in memory of the late composer, one of FCA’s founders and a Director of the organization until his death. This unrestricted award is given in recognition of outstanding achievement in the arts. Selections are made from invited nominations. The 2020 award is $40,000. 6

These by-application grants are awarded on an ongoing basis to artists and collectives throughout the country who are in need of timely, urgent funding. The only program of its kind, Emergency Grants provides quick, grassroots support to artists who have unexpected expenses when projects are close to completion or sudden opportunities to present work to the public. Emergency Grants typically range from $500 to $2,500; requests are reviewed monthly by a panel of established artists. The 2019 Emergency Grants were supported in part by grants from: The Amphion Foundation; Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation; John Baldessari Family Foundation, Inc.; Lawrence B. Benenson; The Aaron Copland Fund for Music; The Cowles Charitable Trust; Mertz Gilmore Foundation; Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation; New York City Council District 33/Council Member Stephen Levin; Louisa Stude Sarofim/The Brown Foundation of Houston Inc.; David and Sylvia Teitelbaum Fund, Inc.; and Trust for Mutual Understanding. This program is also supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council. CONTEMPORARY VISUAL ARTS SCHOLARSHIP

FCA administers an annual scholarship program for college-bound seniors from the Housatonic Valley Regional High School for undergraduate study in the Fine Arts, with funds contributed by a Connecticut foundation. One student per academic year is selected to receive $40,000 toward a four-year college degree, disbursed in annual payments of $10,000. Selection is based on talent and financial need. The 2019 selection committee included visual artists Julian Lethbridge and Mickalene Thomas. 2019 GRANT MAKING

Foundation for Contemporary Arts distributed $1,105,000 in 2019. Eighteen Grants to Artists awards of $40,000 each, including the Merce Cunningham Award, Roy Lichtenstein Award, Robert Rauschenberg Award, Cy Twombly Award for Poetry, C.D. Wright Award for Poetry, and Dorothea Tanning Award, were made—a total of $720,000. In addition, a $40,000 Ellsworth Kelly Award was made; $300,000 was disbursed for 179 Emergency Grants; and $45,000 was awarded in Contemporary Visual Arts Scholarships. 7


In 1999, an annual series of commissioned writings on contemporary art to be published in these pages was inaugurated. The following essay continues this tradition.

1. Once you were a crescendo, a cascade, a sarabande hacked haiku coughing up blood and spitting on moon with no dance to cry over spilled sludge Once your name was John Chinaman You lived in a cricket ding-dong on outskirts of mills and malls in granted state of Marshmallow Falls You said, call me Johnny Jodpurs or Lenny Systematic Suave Stymie or Hamburger Harmonica You said, listen to my thunderstorm and fire worm while you perambulate squeal and stamp indissoluble You said, I am a picket fence, a rumor, a superlative immigrant, a turboprop laxative You said, pickax, influenza, rum, and tuxedo twang This is the placard above my rickshaw chariot moon chaser swoop

2. Once you were an egret tired of all regrets sticking to you like white feathers You thought you were a mirage, a whisper, a lone lover standing on one leg a bush or shrub gleaned in shimmering distance. You began to dream that you saw what you were dreaming in front of you as you looked down from airplane window remembering the dog sitting beside your desk two boys burning a rat for fun a bank robbery in progress, and the song of a young girl who lived beside her dead parents–another body lives inside my dilapidated husk, another intruder longing to leave me standing by the water’s blue and pink edge wondering why I can no longer see my face when I look down into the water



3. Once you were a makeshift bamboo pontoon bride, a cleaver man a phonograph of someone lost in an eddy that no one heard a dirty look pushed through a window a young girl standing on a stoop listening to her father spout clichĂŠs as if they were precious nuggets to be handed down from one military attachĂŠ to another Winter came and stayed You were scheduled to make a speech until you saw a ghost had entered the auditorium and was sitting in the front row smiling, your throat a furnace where the words bloomed in flames a lamp of unstable considerations pressing its muddy towel against your bleeding gums

4. Once you were human but then you forgot to put in for overtime The weather grew hungry but you were not in the mood and decided that being ignorant was a sign of how savvy you were at not being fooled by those who talked down from the sky or wherever they sat when they were not shitting on others besides you there were many tragic cuckoos indebted to their illnesses standing at the end of the street waiting to drift into the creviced sun’s bright red scar Once you were a greasy river cut off from dreams and hundreds of fish floated on your back their bellies swollen and their heads stinking and you said a hundred years from now this watch that I am looking at will still be telling time even though it lies on the muddy bottom, a lone lantern pointing to the stars Once you were a wall pockmarked with bullet holes astonished that anyone would look at you and not vomit but that was before the future arrived, an unexpected guest.

John Yau is a poet, fiction writer, art critic, and freelance curator. Ghengis Chan on Drums is the title poem from his next book of poetry, scheduled for release in the fall of 2021. Yau received a Grants to Artists award in 2002.


I strive to create work that breaks down boundaries between disciplines, an art that in turn becomes a metaphor for opening up thought, perception, and experience. An art that is inclusive, rather than exclusive; that is expansive, human, and multidimensional.


Meredith Monk Born 1942, New York, NY Lives in New York, NY

An art that cleanses the senses, that offers insight, feeling, and magic. That allows the public to perhaps see familiar things in a new, fresh way—that gives them the possibility of feeling more alive.

Composer, Performer, Interdisciplinary Artist

An art that seeks to reestablish the unity existing in music, theater and dance— the wholeness that is found in cultures where performing arts practice is considered a spiritual discipline with healing and transformative power—an antidote in a world with so much distraction and destruction. 1964 B.A., Sarah Lawrence College Founder and Artistic Director, The House Foundation for the Arts 2020 Fromm Foundation Visiting Lecturer on Music, Harvard University Selected Works and Performances 2018 Cellular Songs, premiered at Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, NY; also performed at Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN; Center for the Art of Performance, University of California, Los Angeles, CA; Stanford Live, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 2008 Songs of Ascension, premiered at REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA; also performed at Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN; Stanford University, Stanford, CA; Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL; Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY 1991 ATLAS: an opera in three parts, premiered at The Houston Grand Opera, Houston, TX; also performed at Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH; the American Music Theater Festival, Hebbel Theater, Berlin, Germany; Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY 1988 Book of Days, premiered at New York Film Festival, New York, NY; also screened in the Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY 1976 Quarry: an opera in three movements, premiered at La MaMa E.T.C., New York, NY; also performed at Brooklyn Academy of Music,


Brooklyn, NY; Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy; John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C.; Spoleto Festival, Charleston, SC 1972 Education of the Girlchild: an opera, premiered at Common Ground Theater, New York, NY; also performed at Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York, NY; Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY; Joyce Theater, New York, NY

An art that reaches toward emotion we have no words for and that we barely remember—an art that affirms the world of feeling in a time and society where feeling and direct experiences are in danger of being eliminated. An art that represents a template of possibility for human behavior.

1969 Juice: a theater cantata in three installments, premiered at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY; also performed at The House Foundation Loft, New York, NY 1966 16 Millimeter Earrings, premiered at Judson Church, New York, NY Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards 2017 The Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize 2015 National Medal of Arts 1995 MacArthur Foundation, MacArthur Fellowship 1991 Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts grant for Atlas 1990 Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts grant for Book of Days 1983 Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts grant for Turtle Dreams 1969 Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts grant for Juice: A Theatre Cantata in Three Installments

left: Performance still from Juice, FCA-funded performance, at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, 1969. top right: Performance still from Cellular Songs, at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, 2018. Performers: Ellen Fisher, Katie Geissinger, Meredith Monk, Allison Sniffin, and Jo Stewart. bottom right: Performance still from ATLAS: an opera in three parts, at Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe, Paris, 1991. Performers: Shi-Zheng Chen, Allison Easter, Robert Een, Ching Gonzalez, and Meredith Monk.



Kerstin Brätsch Born Hamburg, Germany Lives in New York, NY Artist

2009 M.F.A., Berlin University of the Arts

Selected Group Exhibitions

2007 M.F.A., Columbia University 2019 Visiting M.F.A. Critic, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

2020 The Botanical Mind: Art, Mysticism and the Cosmic Tree, with Adele Röder as DAS INSTITUT, Camden Arts Centre, London, England, United Kingdom

2017/18 Guest Professor, University of Fine Arts Hamburg

2020 YOU, with Debo Eilers as KAYA, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris, France

2014 Guest Professor, Akademie der Bildenden Künste München

2019 40,000 – A Museum of Curiosity, with Debo Eilers as KAYA, Fellbach Triennial for Small Sculpture, Stadt Fellbach Kulturamt, Fellbach, Germany

Selected Solo and Collective Exhibitions 2019 Fossil Psychics for Christa, Terrace Café, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY 2018 Kerstin Brätsch_Ruine / KAYA (Kerstin Brätsch & Debo Eilers) _KOVO, Fondazione MEMMO, Rome, Italy 2017 Kerstin Brätsch. Innovation, Museum Brandhorst, Münich, Germany

2019 Rumeurs et Légendes, with Adele Röder as DAS INSTITUT, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris, France

I define my practice as a migration around painting, oscillating between a conceptual analysis of the medium and a devotion to painterly processes. I am interested in the power of the unknown and interrogating the concept of the occult within painting. I do this by the creation of a third body via collaboration, developing multiple ever-becoming bodies via a collective community, and utilizing traditional craft techniques by manipulating their processes with an awareness of contemporaneity. I return constantly to the relationship between painting and subjectivity—a connection that is softened, destabilized, and sometimes parodied in my work. To question the agency of painting and engage with the expanded field of painting, I invite artisanal practices (such as stained glass, paper marbling, Stucco marmo) and collaborative projects into the equation of painting history. My work does not exist in isolation, but rather as objects of exchange and interaction. This is reflected in my collaborative projects DAS INSTITUT (with Adele Röder since 2007) as well as my on-going collaboration KAYA (with Debo Eilers since 2010).

top: Installation view of DAS INSTITUT, at Serpentine Galleries, London, 2016. bottom: Installation view of Innovation, at Museum Brandhorst, Münich, 2017.

2017 Whitney Biennial, with Debo Eilers as KAYA, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards

2016 Kerstin Brätsch (Poli‘ahu’s Cure), Gió Marconi, Milan, Italy

2019 Villa Romana Prize, Florence, with Debo Eilers as KAYA

2016 DAS INSTITUT (Kerstin Brätsch & Adele Röder), Serpentine Sackler Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2018 Tokyo Wonder Site Residency 2017 Edvard Munch Award 2014 August Macke Prize 2014 Shortlist, Preis der Nationalgalerie Berlin 2010 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant




Indran Amirthanayagam Born 1960, Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Lives in Rockville, MD Poet, Diplomat

1985 M.S., Columbia University School of Journalism

1993 The Elephants of Reckoning, Brooklyn, NY: Hanging Loose Press

1982 B.A., Haverford College

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards

Columnist, La Voix du Port

2005 Casa de la Cultura de Guaymas, Juegos Florales Nacionales del Carnaval Guaymas Darío Galaviz Quezada

Director, Poetry at the Port Editor, Beltway Poetry Quarterly Co-Director, District of Columbia Association of Literary Translators

2000 The U.S.-Mexico Fund for Culture, Fellowship for Translation

Selected Works and Performances

1994 The Poetry Center at Passaic County Community College, Paterson Poetry Prize for The Elephants of Reckoning

2020 The Migrant States, Brooklyn, NY: Hanging Loose Press (forthcoming)

1993 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Poetry

2019 Coconuts on Mars, Mumbai, India: Poetrywala, Paperwall Media & Publishers

1992 MacDowell Colony Fellowship

2017 Rankont Dout (Indran, CD) 2017 Il n’est de solitude que l’île lointaine, Port-auPrince, Haiti: Legs Édition 2013 Uncivil War, Toronto, Canada: Tsar 2008 The Splintered Face (Tsunami Poems), Brooklyn, NY: Hanging Loose Press

Migrants are on the move, while our Earth is staggering, roiling, and rolling, drunk on human breath. We are living in the middle of the Emergency and some of us will not be able to escape. The seas rise and boil. Brush fires move at a lightning clip. Heavy, sooty swats of Delhi air penetrate masks and decorum, silting lungs with a slow accumulation of poisons—as if our lungs, the breathing tubes, the bellows of our lives, have become a burial pit, the sand thrown in. So, what does the Migrant state? We need open borders everywhere, borders of the mind, of languages. We need to cross over at ports of entry with our dances, tongues, poems, and gods. So, pack your bag for the trip. I invite you to put my poems in an outer pouch, easy to grab and show at Customs. In my words, Sir, there are no vegetable products, no animal residues, no contraband. They are here to wake up essences, dreams, memories; to tell stories of where people come from, and the disputes, struggles, successes they encounter along the way.

Revolutionary Thought: Overhead My idea is not complicated, dear foreigner: Haiti is the center of the universe and Creole the official language for all authorities, United Nations, International Criminal Court, for all kinds of crimes, and NASA as well because, as you surmise, to fight future wars we will need codes that not everybody knows… which is why I am leaving Creole with you: your call: as code language, to explore space. for new commands in war. Dearest Haiti. Great country, center of my head. © Indran Amirthanayagam 2019

2001 El infierno de los pájaros, Mexico City, Mexico: Editorial Resistencia 2001 Ceylon R.I.P., Colombo, Sri Lanka: Institute for Ethnic Studies




I use the tools of theater to interrogate various tropes of the history and practice of visual art. And I use visual art to test the conventions of live performance and theater.

Suzanne Bocanegra Born 1957, Houston, TX Lives in New York, NY Artist

1984 M.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards

1979 B.F.A., University of Texas at Austin

2013 Smithsonian Institution, Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship

1988-2000 Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, Middlebury College Selected Works and Performances

2007 Danish Arts Council Fellowship 1990 American Academy in Rome, Rome Prize

2020 Honor, an Artist Lecture, co-commissioned by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY; the Center for the Art of Performance at the University of California, Los Angeles, CA; and the Institute for Contemporary Art, Boston, MA 2019 Wardrobe Test, Art Cake, New York, NY 2018 Poorly Watched Girls, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA 2018 My Life as an Artist, performed with Anne Gridley, Frances McDormand, and Lili Taylor at the Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 2017 Farmhouse/Whorehouse, performed with Lili Taylor at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, NY 2016 Studio Visit, Old American Can Factory, Brooklyn, NY 2013 Bodycast, performed with Frances McDormand at Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA 2010 When a Priest Marries a Witch, performed with Paul Lazar at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY


top: Installation view of Valley, at Art Cake, Brooklyn, 2019. bottom: Performance still from Bodycast, at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, 2013. Performers: Emily Carson Coates and Frances McDormand.


I used to lock up my writings along with my cigarettes in a file cabinet so my mother couldn’t see them. I considered poetry a matter of profound embarrassment because not only was it considered cheesy but because I could derive from this supposedly cheesy thing the best kind of feeling from reading and making it, the kind that gave me chills. And I wanted to impart that feeling to others. I was also embarrassed by poetry because it was the truth. And I could hardly bear the truth. So, I used to like to hide in my poetry by disturbing the words and making up words and generally being coy with my meaning. I used to pick up bits of language like a magpie and put them in my notebook and make my poems like a collage with my emotions as the glue. I still do that but what I make with the raw material is more direct and as if infused with the enthusiasm of addressing a person you’re newly in love with, and intending to elicit a response, make them feel pleasure, heal their hurts, give them the gift of the difference of your thought from theirs.


Julian Talamantez Brolaski Born 1978, La Jolla, CA Lives in Goleta, CA Poet, Musician, Teacher

2014 Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards

2001 M.F.A., Mills College

2020 Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, Pew Fellowship

1999 B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz Co-Founder, Indigenous Peoples’ Committee, Pratt Institute Former Assistant Director and Board Member, Ether Sea Projects Selected Publications and Recordings 2020 Glittering Forest (True West, EP) 2017 Of Mongrelitude, New York, NY and Seattle, WA: Wave Books 2012 Advice for Lovers, San Francisco, CA: City Lights Books 2011 gowanus atropolis, Brooklyn, NY: Ugly Duckling Presse

2019 Djerassi Residency 2016-19 Montalvo Arts Residency 2018 Millay Colony for the Arts Residency 2017 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

pronoun circle-jerk and the dog charlie i had scarcely got acquainted when they took me by the paw & made me even-minded nor did i mind i had exactly enough window i had exactly enough to get started wine makes a person weak that is not to say that wine is not delightful, only that it makes a person weak a person can be made weak with whisky and this was the mexicans’ military tactic with the chiricahua apache and the dutch with the lenape down in manahatta there was a dog named charlie cally called it an ‘it’ when we had our pronoun circle-jerk i told the group they could call me ‘it’ you know like the sky and the grass and a bird where you can’t tell what it is it, its, itself but then i sort of chickened out and said if ‘it’ ‘made them feel weird’ as a pronoun for a human they could call me ‘they’ or any gender-neutral pronoun i said xe or zae or e or shim-sham or two head-cocks and a click i joked looking at charlie’s belly as charlie rolled on its back © Julian Talamantez Brolaski, from Come Correct, n.p.: fivehundred places, forthcoming



In order to find a new musical language and new forms for songs, I had to deny the official environment of the Vietnamese Government.


Hoang Ngoc Đai ˙ ˙ Born 1953, Hà Nam, Vietnam Lives in Hanoi, Vietnam

My goals are:


Mock the taboo in the language of music.

Break the prejudices about musical aesthetic;

My attitude is not to compromise in any way.

1983 M.A., The Vietnam National Academy of Music, Hanoi, Vietnam Selected Works and Performances

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards 2011 Nomination for Best Composer at the 4th Asian Film Awards (Hong Kong)

̮ 2019 Thà ng Mõ 2, performed at Migration Music Festival, Taipei, Taiwan ̮ 2017 Thà ng Mõ 1, performed at TPAM – Performing Arts Meeting, Yokohama, Japan ̮ 2013 Thà ng Mõ 1 (Phusa Lab Studio, CD) 2010 Nhac Hat, performed at Kim Ma Theatre, Hanoi, Vietnam 2009 Ða∙i Lâm Linh, performed at Hanoi Opera House, Hanoi, Vietnam 2009 Ða∙i Lâm Linh (L’Espace-Centre Culturel Français De Hanoi, CD) 2005 Nhâ∙t thu∙ c 2, performed at Hanoi Opera House, Hanoi, Vietnam 2002 Nhâ∙t thu∙ c 1, performed at Cung Văn Hoá Hũu Nghi∙, in Hanoi, Vietnam

Dai Lam Lin in performance at Hanoi Opera House, Hanoi, 2009. Performers: Ngo.c Đa.i, Tuấn, Quốc Hung, Linh Dung, Thái Hò, Văn Khuê, Mình, Thủ y, Than Lâm, Son X, Mai, Nam, and Ma.nh Hùng.



My love for the mishaps when at play with multiple languages is obvious. Even when one questions why I do what I do how dare I, this dance through sound, place, and memory is where I naturally tweet like Tweet. Won’t stop. Oops. Can’t stop. What is not always obvious is my personal questioning of self, of this body my essence wears, of a past and present that is searching. It is how I teach myself the histories of those who may or may not have been the victor. Call it Hip-Hop. Or when a cassette gets chewed up in the player. Or what happens when I question the roux. Like any mess of beans with salt thrown in too quickly, the risk of getting it wrong eventually gets it right. Don’t stress the technique. What and who I am, my origins and ancestries, are always underneath/above the blanket being woven. I respond and explore the sonic, visual, and textual vocabularies I am drawn to. And what I often dream, learn, forget, mourn, celebrate. In search of somewhere, in this stew, I am at home here.


LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs Born 1970, Harlem, NY Lives in Harlem, NY Writer, Sound Artist, Auntie

2008 M.F.A., California College of the Arts

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards

2002 B.S., New York University Steinhardt School of Education

2019 Randolph College, Anne Spencer Poetry Fellowship

1997 A.A., Borough of Manhattan Community College

2016 Creative Capital Award, Poetry

Selected Publications and Performances 2020 “Yam: The Bag Lady Remix” in Obsidian Literature & Arts in the African Diaspora 45.2, Normal, IL: Publications Unit, Department of English, Illinois State University 2019 THOUgHT spoRtS, Brussels/Netherlands: citybooks 2019 Village/Global Studies, performed at the Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN 2019 Artist Statement, performed at the &Now Festival of Innovative Writing, University of Washington, Bothell, WA 2019 reclaim, performed at TBA21-Academy at Ocean Space, San Lorenzo Church, Venice, Italy 2017 TwERK (excerpts), performed during Question of Will at A4 – zero space, Bratislava, Slovakia 2013 TwERK, Brooklyn, NY: Belladonna* Collaborative 2004 Manuel is destroying my bathroom, Brooklyn, NY: Belladonna* Collaborative

2016 The Whiting Foundation, Whiting Award in Poetry 2015 Japan-United States Friendship Commission, U.S.-Japan Creative Artist Fellowship

somewhere else on the other side of nowhere1 we, during dry seasons, in stride w/ clavé Algerian, may taste test makamba. in here ching ching attracts extravaganza phenomena. lesser seen the derelict barge. oceans been blacker than Vanta. urban like knish. memory for fortunate figurines of preach. near ships, emerald city night shifts. of what’s evicted right there, endangered declaratives underwater, as the lighting strikes off shore. loas redu. sound clash in steel pan yard yardie boys preach beetroot soup, cinderblocks canary; devil’s lettuce blazed up sermons make lazy sky watchers. hear ye shoreline guardians, shame on the billions who tried & dropped claimed we’d forget passage but… we. oui lord from the waterside, Mahicantuck deep divers. didn’t we once grind gritty past that there pier’s ridge? in the nowhere a homecoming for Drexciya’s divinity. the moment babies bide here, butternut hues to Atlantis. the alley of living myths can’t sing swing low for free so pay a mofo. truth inside we enchanted grenades caught in a tidal estuary by golly sweet bounce of shells overboard cause ‘everywhere comes from a dream’ in panther. thunder thunder. greeting claps can’t cheat the elegy of gospel church vanishings. so far, somewhere silicon long data us. sweep, swipe over here, did you dare say leaping honey trap queens been altered? of what a joyful noise here on these ghosts of streets of another busy. streets for gangsta limb flotation. hoes & they pimps. que rico. soirees outlaw. shalom. maldito. club kid wings a flutter. fish bait. that you know you think you know so what you know from here? 1

makamba, a curse, a white man, or a prawn cracker (Papiamentu); redu, gossip (Papiamentu)

© LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs 2020




Milka Djordjevich Born 1980, Long Beach, CA Lives in Los Angeles, CA Choreographer, Performer, Teacher

2005 M.F.A., Sarah Lawrence College 2002 B.A., University of California, Los Angeles Artistic Director, STANA Selected Works and Performances 2019 Kinetic Augmentations, co-presented by Art by Translation, France Los Angeles Exchange, and California Institute of the Arts; premiered at MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House, West Hollywood, CA

2009 An Evening with Djordjevich & Peck, premiered at the Chocolate Factory Theater, Long Island City, NY; also performed as part of Martin Kersel’s 5 Songs at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY 2008 study for untitled, premiered at Movement Research at Judson Church, New York, NY

I create choreography that operates inside and outside dance traditions in order to blur the distinction between ‘dance’ and ‘non-dance.’ In particular, I am interested in subverting western dance’s history, tradition, codification, and embedded patriarchy, without creating transgressions. Additionally, my recent works explore the perception of the female dancing body in the so-called neutral spaces of the theaters, galleries, museums, and public contexts. I participate in a long and layered process of inquiry, which continually questions the mode of production from which I work in order to examine how it is embedded in a cultural hierarchy. My process involves developing singular movement languages—in collaboration with my dancers—offering actions, which blur the distinction between dance, behavior, and spectacle. My choreography composites and layers existing, outmoded, and invented dance styles, creating a dance as an act of consumption as well as a mode of production. I use formal restraint in order to give space for performative abandon, by creating choreographic rules and systems which push up against various performative thresholds. Can the embodiment and idolization of virtuosity be pushed so far that it is transformative? I am interested in illuminating deep human expression through highly formalistic and at times abstract choreography, challenging the notion that form and abstraction is devoid of feeling. The dancers’ effort in performing multiple contradicting tasks will give way to new terrain.

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards 2019-20 New York Live Arts, Live Feed Creative Residency

2017 ANTHEM, premiered at LAXART, Los Angeles, CA; also performed at the Chocolate Factory Theater, Long Island City, NY; Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, OR; Ghebaly Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Santa Ana Sites, Santa Ana, CA; and Philadelphia Thing, Philadelphia, PA

2017-18 Princeton University, Hodder Fellowship

2015 MASS, premiered at The Kitchen, New York, NY; also performed at Showbox LA at the Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles, CA and American Realness at Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY

2013 New York Live Arts, Suitcase Fund Fellowship

2015 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant 2014 Center for Cultural Innovation, Artists’ Resource for Completion Grant

2010 Dance Theater Workshop, Suitcase Fund Fellowship

2013 Kinetic Makeover, premiered at the Chocolate Factory Theater, Long Island City, NY; also performed at the Locomotion Dance Festival, Skopje, Macedonia, and the Kodenz Festival, Belgrade, Serbia 2014 MASS (at home), premiered at Machine Project at the Gamble House, Pasadena, CA 2010 Study No. 1 (light), (kris kross) & (action!), premiered at the Artdanthé Festival, Vanves, France; also performed at WUK Kiosk59, Vienna, Austria


top left: Performance still from CORPS, at Maggie Allessee National Center for Choreography, Tallahassee, FL, 2019. Performers: Laurel Atwell, Dorothy Dubrule, Allie Hankins, Tiara Jackson, DaEun Jung, and devika wickremesinghe. top right: Performance still from MASS, at American Realness, at Abrons Arts Center, New York, 2015. Performers: Jessica Cook, Milka Djordjevich, and Kyli Kleven. bottom left: Performance still from ANTHEM, at Los Angeles Exchange Festival, Los Angeles, 2017. Performers: Laurel Atwell, Jessica Cook, Dorothy Dubrule, and devika wickremesinghe. bottom right: Performance still from MASS, at American Realness, at Abrons Arts Center, New York, 2015. Performers: Jessica Cook, Milka Djordjevich, and Kyli Kleven.


I seek to convey through my work the emotional, experiential, and relational dimensions of Sound. As I investigate sound from my primary source and instrument, the voice, I relate in my practice its multilayered, complex, physical realm and its metaphysical essence in order to create works that explore the body; identities; syncretism; magic realism; myths; and connection between people, spaces, and symbols. I intersect and translate this sonic phenomenon via different mediums such as performance, installation, music, electronic media, site-specific projects, and improvisation. My work is oriented to interject, move, and integrate the audience as an active participant in the pieces to bring about transformation in the shared time and space.


Carmina Escobar Born 1981, Mexico City, Mexico Lives in Los Angeles, CA Extreme Vocalist, Intermedia Artist, Improviser

2010 M.F.A., California Institute of the Arts

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards

2007 B.A., Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes y Literatura

2019 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

Faculty Member, VoiceArts, The Herb Alpert School of Music, California Institute of the Arts

2019 MacDowell Colony Fellowship

Selected Works and Performances

2018 Echo Park Film Center, LA AIR Residency

2019 Feast of Beams, Keepers of Light, premiered at Indexical, Santa Cruz, CA

2016-17 National Fund for Culture and Arts in Mexico, Young Creators Grant for replika

2019 To Build a House, premiered at The Contemporary Austin, Austin, TX

2016-17 National Center for the Arts, Production and Research in Art, Media, and Disability Grant for VOCERERA

2019 Las huellas del tiempo (1), Rastros de nubes y Arena, performed at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico

top: Performance still from MASSAGEM SONORA, at Binaural Nodar’s Festival Vozes de Magaio, São Pedro Do Sul, Portugal, 2011. bottom: Performance still from PASSER, at The Broad Museum, Los Angeles, 2018.

2013 Montalvo Arts Center, Sally and Don Lucas Artist Residency

2019 The Fundamental Impermanence of All Things, premiered at the Wende Museum, Culver City, CA 2019 Brain Child V, with Kathleen M. Johnson, premiered at South Willard Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2019 [[x]] in the flesh, premiered at the Borealis Festival, Bergen, Norway 2018 Pura Entraña, premiered at REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA 2018 Endless Life, premiered at Clockshop’s Bowtie Project, Los Angeles, CA




Marjani Forté-Saunders Born 1984, Pasadena, CA Lives in Brooklyn, NY and Pasadena, CA Choreographer, Dancer, Educator

2004 B.A., Loyola Marymount University

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards

2020-21 Lecturer, California State University, Long Beach

2018 DanceUSA Artist Fellowship

2018 Artist-in-Residence, University of Southern California Glorya Kaufman School of Dance 2008-present Lead Facilitator, Urban Bush Women’s Summer Leadership Institute Selected Works, Performances, and Exhibitions 2019 Memoirs of a… Unicorn, premiered at New York Live Arts at the Collapsable Hole, New York, NY; also performed at Beursschouwburg, Brussels, Belgium 2016 SHE WHO: Frida, Mami & Me, premiered at The John Anson Ford Theatres, Los Angeles, CA 2016 being Here... In Memory, exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, Brooklyn, NY

I am a student. I study the occurrence of magic and the ineffable cycles and co-occurrence of past, present, and future in all things, beings, and ideas. I believe the infinite formulas for our elevation (of the human consciousness) are within our capacities to be both independent and deeply interconnected. My tools have been choreography, performance, teaching, and cultural creative community organizing. It wasn’t until I joined Urban Bush Women that I discovered how interwoven my roles/life would have to be. It would never suffice for me to be an artist only. Or perhaps being an artist had a much broader definition for someone like me, coming from a cultural and creative lineage of artists who drew no lines between their creativity and their calling in the movement for liberation and justice. My work is also committed to shifting dehumanizing narratives and visioning liberation through art, through the power of imagination. Posing questions like: What might freedom, a reality that elevates culture, life, wisdom, the intangible and the infinite, look like? Can we achieve it? The grit in my aesthetic is my agency—my child’s whisper and command for a more humane, liberated, and compassionate reality.

2018 Jerome Foundation, Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship 2017 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award for Outstanding Production for Memoirs of a… Unicorn 2017 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award for Outstanding Visual Design for Memoirs of a… Unicorn 2017 Urban Bush Women, Choreographic Center Initiative Choreographic Fellowship 2017 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant 2012 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

2015 being Here/this time, premiered at Gibney, New York, NY

left: Performance still from Memoirs of a… Unicorn, at Collapsable Hole, New York, 2017. top right: Performance still from being Here/this time, at MoCADA, Brooklyn, 2016. Performers: Jonathan González, Jasmine Hearn, and Efeya Sampson. bottom right: Performance still from Memory Withholdings, by LOVE|FORTÉ (Nia Love and Marjani Forté-Saunders), at MoCADA, Brooklyn, 2016.



I compose performance, text, sound, film, and sculpture. These works are abstractions, or illegible revisions, and/or revisitations on themes of the built environment, economies of historical data, and the political utility of the stage. My work is often collaborative with the intent to expand the field of artistic practices in any creative process, and highlight the ethical questions of authorship, finances, and labor. Even in the form of objects, many of these works are performative and corporeal, at times manifesting as constructed items typically used for manual labor, and/or choreographing biological material. I am particularly intrigued by what becomes disrupted through the social act of witnessing and participation.


Jonathan González Born 1991, Queens, NY Lives in Brooklyn, NY Transdisciplinary Artist, Educator

2015 M.F.A., Sarah Lawrence College

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards

2013 B.A., Trinity College

2020 Art Matters Foundation Award

2012 O.Y.P., Trinity Laban Conservatoire

2020 BRIC Media Arts Fellow

Selected Works, Performances, and Exhibitions

2019 Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography, Choreographic Fellow

2019 Not Total, Paragon Arts Gallery x Yale Union, Portland, OR

2019 Mertz Gilmore Foundation Grant

2019 Working on Water, performed with Mario Gooden and Thuto Durkac Somo at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, New York, NY 2019 h/S, with Sb Fuller, CICCIO Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 2019 Lucifer Landing II, performed at Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY

2019 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award Nomination for Breakout Choreographer 2018-19 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Workspace Residency 2018 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award Nomination for Outstanding Production for ZERO

2019 Lucifer Landing I, performed at MoMA PS1, Long Island City, NY 2018 black MoMA, performed in PopRally Presents Studio Visit: Practice as Ritual at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY 2018 ZERO, performed at Danspace Project, New York, NY 2017 Lyric baby, performed in Platform: Lost & Found: Dance, New York, HIV/AIDS, Then and Now at Danspace Project, New York, NY top left and right: Performance still from Lucifer Landing I, at MoMA PS1, Long Island City, 2019. Performers: Taja Cheek and Alex Sloane. bottom: Performance still from ZERO, at Danspace Project, New York, 2018. Performers: Ki Nen, Qu, and Elijah Soto.




Brad Kahlhamer Born 1956, Tucson, AZ Lives in New York, NY and Mesa, AZ Artist

1982 B.F.A., University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Selected Group Exhibitions

Faculty of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts

2019 Makeshift, John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI

Visiting Artist and Critic, University of Minnesota Richard Diebenkorn Teaching Fellow, San Francisco Art Institute Selected Solo Exhibitions 2019 Brad Kahlhamer: A Nation of One, Minnesota Museum of American Art, St. Paul, MN; also exhibited at Plains Art Museum, Fargo, ND 2016 Nomadic Studio, Douglas F. Cooley Memorial Gallery, Reed College, Portland, OR 2015 Brad Kahlhamer, The Karen and Doug Riley Contemporary Artists Project Gallery, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, NE 2014 Fort Gotham Girls + Boys Club, Jack Shainman Gallery, New York, NY

My body of work explores a meeting point of two opposing personal histories that I term ‘the third place.’ As a Native American adopted by German American parents, I am profiling myself, but interested in the history of those expressions. In my work, I am making landscapes that I can live in through an ongoing definition of contemporary life and art, not about America but from America. I investigate painting as a tool that develops an awareness of visual images and hybrid visualizations through a combination of studio work and nomadic studio practice. Working in multiples, several series of paintings have, over time, developed to be defining works, e.g. Billy Jack Jr. Each work is a discussion on appropriation, borrowed imagery, forms, and styles from art history and pop culture. Nomadic Studio, my ongoing sketchbook practice, considers the constant yonderin’ exploration of subject matters, personal travels, and technique. My work reveals chronicle, myth, and fantasy revealing the historically complex role of the painter as a hybrid cultural sampler.

2016 The Campaign for Art: Contemporary, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA 2015 The Plains Indians, Artists of The Earth and Sky, Musée du-quai Branly, Paris, France; also exhibited at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, MO and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards 2017 Peter S. Reed Foundation Grant 2015 Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Rauschenberg Residency 2015 Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in partnership with the Joslyn Art Museum, Visiting Artist-in-Residence 2009 The Claude Monet Foundation, Invited Artist

Billy Jack Junior, 2006, watercolor and ink on paper, 62" × 82."



I engage in art as a daily practice because I believe in the power of singular and collective transformation through creative exercises that can foster criticality. This insistence is informed by traditions of Black, Non-Binary, Queer communities who have and continue to utilize art as a mode of remembering and survival.


NIC Kay Born 1989, Bronx, NY Lives in Bronx, NY Artist

Selected Works and Performances

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards

2019 GET WELL SOON you black + bluised, premiered at Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY

2019 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

2019 sloth-ish: where does it hurt?, premiered at Sunday Sessions, MoMA PS1, Long Island City, NY

2018-19 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Workspace Residency

2019 Encuentro, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Mexico City, Mexico

2017-18 Denniston Hill Residency

2017 pushit!!, premiered at Movement Research at Judson Church, New York, NY; also performed in Encuentro, Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, Mexico City, Mexico and in Performances of No-Thingness at the Akademie der KĂźnste, Berlin, Germany

2017-18 Movement Research, Van Lier Emerging Artist of Color Fellowship 2017 Signal Fire Arts, Black Futures Fellowship

top: Performance still from pushit!!, at Performances of No-thingness, at Akademie der KĂźnste, Berlin, 2018. bottom: Performance still from pushit!!, at ACRE Projects, Chicago, 2017.

2015 lil BLK, premiered at Links Hall, Chicago, IL; also performed in American Realness at Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY and in the Rhubarb Festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto, Canada




Sean Meehan Born 1969, Bronx, NY Lives in New York, NY Drummer

2016 J.D., City University of New York School of Law

2005 Summer Concerts 2002 & 2003, with Tamio Shiraishi (GD Stereo/Old Gold, LP)

2010 M.U.P., City University of New York, Hunter College

2005 Sectors (for Constant) (SoSEDITIONS, CD/digital)

2008 M.A., City University of New York, Hunter College

2003 Field Recordings Vol. 3, a collection of letterpress printed matter ranging from graphics that imply sound and composition to fictitious quasi-ethnomusicological reports and typographical explorations into sound; when used in concert with the viewer’s ideas the piece can suggest and shape a silent listening experience

Selected Works and Performances 2020 Untitled (for cowbell) (forthcoming) 2020 Community Room Drum Solos (selfpublished, digital) 2019 Performance with John McCowen and Barry Weisblat, Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, NY 2019 Performance with Toshimaru Nakamura at the No Idea Festival, Casa del Lago, Mexico City, Mexico 2017 Meehan Reads Helmholtz (self-published, cassette) 2015 Performance with Taku Unami at AMPLIFY 2015: exploratory, Fridman Gallery, New York, NY

2001 Audio, a boxed set of four cassette-like objects intended to be used in the way recordings are, but within the listener’s imagination, rather than ear 2001 Sachiko M & Sean Meehan (self-published, CD/digital) 1997 She/Equinical Kiss, with Miguel Algarin and Edwin Torres (Trust, 7" vinyl) 1994 Fujieda Sato Meehan Improvisations 07 October 1994, with Mamoru Fujieda and Michihiro Sato (Trust, CD/digital)

2012 Performance at the Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY 2012 Fence, super 8mm film 2007 Untitled, Ellen Fullman & Sean Meehan (Cut, CD)


Sean Meehan in performance with Taku Unami, at AMPLIFY Festival, New York, 2015.



jumatatu m. poe Born 1982, San Jose, CA Lives in Philadelphia, PA Performer, Choreographer, Educator

2007 M.F.A., Temple University

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards

2004 B.A., Swarthmore College

2019 Queer|Art Prize for Let ‘im Move You: This Is a Formation

2009-18 Assistant Professor of Dance, Swarthmore College Selected Works and Performances 2019 Let ‘im Move You: This Is a Formation, performed at Abrons Arts Center and on sidewalks on the Lower East Side, New York, NY 2019 Let ‘im Move You: This Is a Success and Let ‘im Move You: A Study, performed at Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance and on sidewalks in Westchester Square, Bronx, NY

i am learning to speak better portuguese and remembering that words are deceptively indiscrete and imperfect. remembering that, even when speaking the same language, we all have our own languages. i love to get right up on people in my work . . . look right at you, be close enough for you to smell me, test the silent contracts we are each assuming are in place and see how much we will allow ourselves to know one another in a moment of performance. i’ll wonder, just hard enough, what your body feels as you see me emphasize the s-curve of my lower back or heave my chest up-and-down in time with the heavy presses of my feet into the ground. i will keep in mind, in body, that tightrope between “exploring” and “invading,” and try to keep a balance, even as i’m resisting the implicit notions of ownership of space that are hiding in the syllables of tres ∙ pass ∙ ing . . . . . . . i may have to just stop everything for a moment and sit down next to you and be quiet. and listen to that together . . . . . . . or, if we are both feeling it, maybe we’ll touch one another. before i levitate. or combust. or evaporate.

2019 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant 2017 Sacatar Foundation Brazil, Sacatar Residency Fellowship 2016 Independence Foundation Fellowship 2012 Pew Center for Arts & Heritage Fellowship

2019 Let ‘im Move You: Intervention, performed during Bates Dance Festival in collaboration with Indigo Arts Alliance and SPACE Gallery in the Tree Street neighborhood, Lewiston, ME and Kennedy Park, Portland, ME 2019 Let ‘im Move You: Intervention, performed during Trade School Festival in the neighborhood of zip code 19143, Philadelphia, PA 2019 terrestrial, performed for Black.Art. Empowerment at Montréal, arts interculturels, Montréal, Canada 2019 Let ‘im Move You: This Is a Formation, premiered at Painted Bride Art Center and in the neighborhood of zip code 19143, Philadelphia, PA

Performance still from Let ‘im Move You: Intervention, co-created with Jermone Donte Beacham, on the Lower East Side, New York, 2019. Performers: Jermone Donte Beacham, LaKendrick Davis, jumatatu m. poe, and Nikolai McKenzie.




Andrew Schneider Born 1981, Milwaukee, WI Lives in Brooklyn, NY Performance Maker, Writer, Designer

2007 M.P.S., Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University 2003 B.F.A., Illinois Wesleyan University 2019 Professor of the Practice and Visiting Fellow in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, Brown Arts Initiative, Brown University

Douai-Arras, France; Théâtre Garonne, Toulouse, France; Théâtre de Gennevilliers, Paris, France; LIFT Festival, Shoreditch Town Hall, London, UK; 4+4 Days in Motion Festival, Divadlo Archa, Prague, Czech Republic; Out There Festival, The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN; Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Troy, NY; Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH; On the Boards, Seattle, WA; GREC Festival, Sala Hiroshima, Barcelona, Spain

2009/19 Adjunct Professor, Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

2014 DANCE/FIELD, premiered at Roulette Intermedium, Brooklyn, NY

2007-14 Company Member, The Wooster Group

2010 WOW + FLUTTER, premiered at the Chocolate Factory Theater, Long Island City, NY

Selected Works and Performances

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards

2018 NERVOUS/SYSTEM, premiered in the Next Wave Festival at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, NY

2018 New England Foundation for the Arts, Creation and Touring Grant for NERVOUS/ SYSTEM

2017 AFTER, premiered at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY; also performed at the Under the Radar Festival, the Public Theater, New York, NY; Time-Based Art Festival, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, OR; On the Boards, Seattle, WA; The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

2017 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Process Space Residency

2015 YOUARENOWHERE, premiered at the Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn, NY; also performed at Mladi Levi Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Melbourne Arts Festival, Melbourne, Australia; Maillon, Théâtre de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France; Tandem, Théâtre d’Arras,


We live in an increasingly synthetic world of our own making. In the name of more and faster connection, we are animals that have separated ourselves from the actual world around us. The work I make is highly technical, but it is not about the technology. I am more interested in the application of the technology and how it can bring us closer together, shake us from the synthetic, and offer a genuine experience to every audience member’s consciousness, rather than just watching something “over there.” I am interested in how curating meaningful time-based experiences can lead to more meaningful human-to-human interaction. If theater at its core is humans telling stories about ourselves to each other, then I hope it is in the service of getting better at being human. This is why I make the work that I make. This is also how I try to make the work that I make—with an incredible team of value-aligned recurring collaborators who are interested not just in the work of making experience, but in the vigorous interrogation of what power structures exist in the rooms in which we make and how to systemically try to make change in inequitable systems.

2015 OBIE Award, Special Citation for YOUARENOWHERE 2014 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

top: Performance still from AFTER, at The Public Theater, New York, 2018. Performers: Andrew Schneider and Alicia ayo Ohs. bottom: Performance still from NERVOUS/SYSTEM, at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, 2018. Performers: Peter Musante and T.L. Thompson.


I create sonic experiences, integrated within sculptural objects and architecture, that deepen sensory awareness. I look for opportunities to activate sites and engage audiences. Many projects investigate the transfer of affect through vocal tone and language. Some projects utilize sound for its materiality as palpable, physical energy. Currently, I am exploring how light and sound vibrations effect emotional, neurological, and somatic processing. My goal with every work is to discover new approaches to heighten the perceptual and emotional sensitivities of my viewer.


Julianne Swartz Born 1967, Phoenix, AZ Lives in Stone Ridge, NY Artist

2002 M.F.A., Bard College

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards

1989 B.A., University of Arizona

2015 Anonymous was a Woman Award

Professor, Bard College

2014 New York City Public Design Commission, Annual Award for Excellence in Design

Board of Governors, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Selected Works and Exhibitions 2018-19 Joy, still, Grace Farms Foundation, New Canaan, CT 2017 Sine Body, Museum of Arts and Design, New York, NY; also exhibited at the Institute for Contemporary Art, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

2010 American Academy of Arts and Letters, Arts and Letters Award in Art 2008 Joan Mitchell Foundation, Painters and Sculptors Grant

top: Installation view of How Deep is Your, at de Cordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA, 2012. bottom: Performance still from Sine Body, at the Institute of Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, 2018.

2017 We Complete, Cambridge Common Park, Cambridge, MA 2016 In Harmonicity, the Tonal Walkway, MASS MoCA, North Adams, MA 2012 How Deep is Your, deCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA; also exhibited at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale, AZ and the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN 2011-12 Digital Empathy, the High Line, New York, NY 2008 Terrain, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN; also exhibited at Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Wilmington, DE; Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, Cleveland, OH; De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands



Music Research Strategies instigates the collection, indexing, and critical redeployment of grassroots, tactical media strategies in order to enhance critical analysis and discourses across cultures and disciplines and to build cultural competencies in transdisciplinary fields of performance, contemporary art, and political education practices that enable broader, deeper, and more nuanced intercultural collaboration, communication, and public discourse.


Marshall Trammell Born 1972, Oceanside, CA Lives in Oakland, CA Music Research Strategist

Selected Works and Performances

Selected Grants, Honors, and Awards

2019 In Defense of Memory, performed at The Stone, New York, NY; also performed at The Red Room, Baltimore, MD

2019 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant 2019 Off Lomas Residency

2019 Black Assembly, performed as Music Research Strategies with Lisa Harris and Jawwaad Taylor at the Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, TX 2018 Akira Sakata and Marshall Trammell, performed at the No Idea Festival, Austin, TX 2018 Black Fighting Formations, performed as Music Research Strategies with Mogauwane Mahloele, Shavon Moore, and Jemma DiCristo in Live Arts in Resistance at East Side Arts Alliance, Oakland, CA

2019 Southern Exposure Residency 2018-19 Intercultural Leadership Institute Fellowship 2014 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

2018 Black Access/Black Axxes (SIGE Records, LP/Digital) 2015 Group Three: Live at the Berkeley Art Museum, Black Spirituals featuring Kaori Suzuki (Touch Radio #98, Digital) 2014 Of Deconstruction, Black Spirituals (SIGE Records, LP/CS/Digital)

Performance still from Music Research Strategies: What Does A Harm Free Zone Feel Like?, at Southern Exposure, San Francisco, 2019.




Frederick Weston Born 1946, Memphis, TN Lives in New York, NY Artist

1985 A.A.S., Fashion Institute of Technology 1971 B.S., Ferris State University Solo Exhibitions 2020 Frederick Weston: Blue Bedroom Blues, Ace Hotel New York, New York, NY

2016 Persons of Interest, with Visual AIDS, Bureau of General Services—Queer Division, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center, New York, NY

I seek to make something beautiful of my wretched refuse. The challenge is to make diamonds out of dross. My intent is to shed light on my own humanity by exploring the possibilities and creative output of my discards. My collages and works on paper are composed of elements found in stationery and office supply stores, or “materials at hand,” rather than conventional art materials. My favorite tools are the Polaroid camera, photocopy machines, and a good pair of shears; I’ve always been excited by new mediums of expression. Themes of style, fashion, and the commercial male image permeate my work. The challenges of living with HIV don’t overwhelm the work—or my life. It’s just another coin in the pouch. Sometimes it comes out heads; it’s a blessing. Sometimes it comes out tails; it’s a curse. There are a lot of coins in my pouch. Ideas of blackness resonate most profoundly throughout my work. The one thing I have never been able to get around is being black and male in this world. It colors my every dream. My work portrays a range of social, racial, and historical themes and issues involving sexuality, gender, politics, religion, our relationship to “stuff.”

Grants, Honors, and Awards 1999-2019 Visual AIDS Artist Material Grants

2019 Frederick Weston: Happening, Gordon Robichaux, New York, NY Selected Group Exhibitions 2020 Souls Grown Diaspora, apexart, New York, NY 2020 Heaven and Hell, TOM House, Tom of Finland Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

left: Freddy the Frogman, 2007, mixed media on foamcore board, 40" × 32." right: Installation view of Frederick Weston: Happening, at Gordon Robichaux, New York, 2019.

2018 Tag: Proposals on Queer Play and the Ways Forward, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 2018 This Must Be the Place, 55 Walker, New York, NY 2018 Inside, Out Here, La MaMa Galleria, New York, NY 2017 Found, Leslie-Lohman Museum, New York, NY 2017 CUT HERE, Gordon Robichaux, New York, NY




California College of the Arts Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts Lydia Ourahmane: ‫ ةيسمش ةخرص‬Solar Cry San Francisco, CA

The Ellsworth Kelly Award is an initiative to support museum exhibitions for contemporary artists. Ellsworth Kelly recognized that a museum exhibition can be transformative for an artist’s career. This eponymous award is intended to provide that opportunity: a $40,000 grant will be administered and made annually by FCA to support a solo exhibition of an emerging, mid-career, or under-recognized artist at a regional U.S. art museum or university or college art gallery. The Ellsworth Kelly Award is endowed by the Ellsworth Kelly Foundation. In spring 2020, the California College of the Arts Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts (CCA Wattis Institute) will present an exhibition of new work by Algiers-based multidisciplinary artist Lydia Ourahmane, curated by Anthony Huberman, Director and Chief Curator. The 2019 Ellsworth Kelly Award will support the first solo museum exhibition of Ourahmane’s work in the United States, and will feature new work created by the artist since returning to her birthplace of Algeria in 2018. Having explored the politics and trauma of migration in her work in recent years, and particularly the restrictions preventing freedom of movement that are placed on so many from North Africa, Ourahmane considered it imperative to make work “from,” rather than “about,” Algeria. Working in sound, installation, sculpture, text, and performance, Ourahmane’s researchbased practice often incorporates personal history, and reflects on the effects of migration policies on the body, and how the body inhabits space. The CCA Wattis Institute was founded in 1998 at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and is located a few blocks from campus. A nonprofit exhibition venue and research institute, the CCA Wattis Institute commissions and shows new work by emerging and established artists who take risks and experiment with new ideas that challenge our understanding of contemporary culture. 50

top: Installation view of All the way up to the Heavens and down to the depths of Hell, 2017, concrete, steel, water, and 48-second trumpet solo, 100" × 157" × 8," at the 15th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul. bottom: Installation view, Lydia Ourahmane, ‫ ةيسمش ةخرص‬Solar Cry, 2020, at CCA Wattis Institute.




Emergency Grants provide urgent funding for contemporary, experimental artists who have sudden, unanticipated opportunities to present their work to the public, or who incur unexpected or unbudgeted expenses for projects close to completion. Grants range from $500 to $2,500 and are decided monthly by a volunteer panel of established artists.

Laurel Atwell, Brooklyn, NY We Wield, Gibney, New York, NY

The 179 Emergency Grants made in 2019 are grouped by discipline and listed alphabetically. Each listing includes the artist’s name, home city and state, project title, and the venue at which their project was performed or exhibited.

Kimberly Bartosik, Brooklyn, NY I hunger for you, SuperSense Festival of the Ecstatic at Arts Centre Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

Ivy Baldwin, Brooklyn, NY Quarry, MANITOGA/The Russel Wright Design Center, Garrison, NY

Maria Bauman-Morales, Brooklyn, NY (re)Source, Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, Bronx, NY Laurie Berg and Bessie McDonough-Thayer, Brooklyn, NY EZ Pass, Roulette Intermedium, Brooklyn, NY Michelle Boulé, Brooklyn, NY The Monomyth, LAIKS DEJOT Festival, Riga, Latvia Body Weather Laboratory, Venice, CA Façade of Time, the streets and canals of Venice, CA stormy budwig, Brooklyn, NY resistance fantasies: strategies for moving toward— and against—, Exponential Festival at Target Margin Theater, Brooklyn, NY chameckilerner, New York, NY #RESISTA, 21st Bienal de Arte Contemporânea Sesc_Videobrasil, São Paulo, Brazil Wendell Cooper/Mx. Oops, New York, NY Plasma, Dixon Place, New York, NY Leslie Cuyjet, Brooklyn, NY Roam, MoMA PS1, Long Island City, NY Sean Dorsey, San Francisco, CA BOYS IN TROUBLE, New York Live Arts, New York, NY


Brendan Drake, Brooklyn, NY Community Exercises for Sanctuary Spaces, Exponential Festival at Chez Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith, Brooklyn, NY Body Comes Apart, New York Live Arts, New York, NY

Douglas Dunn + Dancers, New York, NY Crag, 92nd Street Y, New York, NY

Jennie MaryTai Liu, Monrovia, CA Living Female Respondent, or 53. Yakshi, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA

Lisa Fagan, Brooklyn, NY Red Carrots, Exponential Festival at The Brick Theater, Brooklyn, NY Katherine Fisher, Los Angeles, CA Muses, New Original Works Festival at REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA Sarah Friedland, Brooklyn, NY CROWDS, Performa 19 Biennial’s Consortium Program at La MaMa Galleria, New York, NY Allie Hankins and Rachael Dichter, Portland, OR When We, Quarter Block Party Arts Festival, Cork, Ireland Tahni Holt, Portland, OR Rubble Bodies, Treefort Music Festival at LED Boise, Boise, ID Emily Johnson, New York, NY Umyuangvigkaq, Future Assembly at Arts House, Melbourne, Australia Herbert Johnson III, Minneapolis, MN StagNATION, ATOM Choreographic Series, Sofia, Bulgaria Chia-Ying Kao, Brooklyn, NY Out of A Landscape, KunstBUS Festival, Schirgiswalde-Kirschau, Germany NIC Kay, Bronx, NY GET WELL SOON you black + bluised, Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY Sam Kim, Brooklyn, NY Other Animal, Danspace Project, New York, NY

Qinmin Liu, New York, NY The Rite of Spring, Ural Industrial Biennial, Ekaterinburg, Russia nia love, New York, NY g1(host): lostatsea, Gibney, New York, NY Ainesh Madan, Brooklyn, NY Phantasies, The Performance Project at University Settlement, New York, NY Sara Shelton Mann, San Francisco, CA 29/vortex, No Borders Festival at DOCK 11, Berlin, Germany Juliana F. May, Queens, NY Folk Incest, ImPulsTanz, Vienna, Austria Jennifer Monson, New York, NY Ditch, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s River to River Festival at Melville Gallery, New York, NY Jennifer Newman, Brooklyn, NY Topologies, Gibney, New York, NY Christopher Núñez, Brooklyn, NY Childhood is not another country, Dance and Process at The Kitchen, New York, NY Cori Olinghouse, Brooklyn, NY My Friend, BRIC Arts Media, Brooklyn, NY Phoebe Osborne, New York, NY Flake, Pfizer Building, Brooklyn, NY Nicky Paraiso, New York, NY now my hand is ready for my heart: intimate histories, La MaMa E.T.C., New York, NY


jumatatu m. poe, Philadelphia, PA terrestrial, American Realness at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, Bronx, NY Katy Pyle, Brooklyn, NY Studies for Giselle of Loneliness, Mount Tremper Arts, Mount Tremper, NY Tatyana Tenenbaum, Brooklyn, NY Tidal, Pliegues y Despliegues Festival, Bogotá, Colombia Ogemdi Ude, New York, NY SOMA, Spring Movement Festival at Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY Kate Watson-Wallace, Los Angeles, CA kim., New Original Works Festival at REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA Meg Wolfe, Deer Isle, ME take the long way home, Maine Moves Festival at Portland Ballet Studio Theater, Portland, ME Kota Yamazaki, Brooklyn, NY Darkness Odyssey Part 3: Non-Opera, Becoming, New York Live Arts, New York, NY


andPlay, New York, NY (a place is a place), Civic Center Studios, Los Angeles, CA; the Crypt at the Church of Intercession, New York, NY Lea Bertucci, Ridgewood, NY Axis, Rio, Festival Novas Frequencias, Rio de Janiero, Brazil Alex Branch, Brooklyn, NY Music Box Boat for the Mississippi River, Flood Plain, St. Louis, MO Chromatic Vortex, Brooklyn, NY Seven city tour to Villach, Austria; Padova, Italy; Wels, Austria; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Mantova, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; and Seville, Spain Constellation Chor, New York, NY Performance at the Vovousa Festival, Vovousa, Greece Carmina Escobar, Los Angeles, CA Mami, The Blockhouse, Havana, Cuba Daniel Fishkin, Bala Cynwyd, PA Solar Sounds / Fresh Kills, Freshkills Park, Staten Island, NY Michael Foster and Ben Bennett, Brooklyn, NY Seven city tour through Switzerland, Sweden, and Denmark Molly Joyce and Jerron Herman, Pittsburg, PA and New York, NY Breaking and Entering, Danspace Project, New York, NY George Katehis, New York, NY [Flesh and Void], Areté Venue and Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Walter Kemp, Buffalo, NY Reyvolation, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo, NY


Tracy Lisk, Philadelphia, PA Rhizomas, Mózg, Warsaw, Poland; Moving Space, Plzen, Czech Republic; the Exploratorium, Berlin, Germany Brandon Lopez, Flushing, NY Passages, with the Brandon Lopez Trio, Fridman Gallery, New York, NY Matthew Manowski, Pittsburgh, PA Hydra + NGC 3242, Kvaka 22, Belgrade, Serbia Nour Mobarak, Los Angeles, CA ToothTone, CURRENT:LA Triennial, Los Angeles, CA Ordinary Affects, Malden, MA Four city tour to Korean Church of Boston, Boston, MA; University Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, PA; Columbia University, New York, NY; the Red Room, Baltimore, MD Steven Parker, Austin, TX Futurist Listening, CUE Art Foundation, New York, NY David Rempis, Chicago, IL Performance at DOM, Moscow, Russia Steven Rice, Riverside, IL Divine Epigrams, Claudia Cassidy Theater, Chicago, IL

Carl Testa, New Haven, CT Sway, Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL Micaela Tobin and Sharon Chohi Kim, Pasadena, CA Belarion: A Space Opera, Open Gate Theater at the American Legion Pasadena Post 13, Pasadena, CA Marshall Trammell, Merced, CA Music Research Strategies: Towards A Solidarity Economics Conduction System for Improvisers, Hopscotch Reading Room at Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin, Germany; Berliner Gazette Redaktion, Berlin, Germany; Dekalb Gallery at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY Troika, New York, NY Performance at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA Zachary Watkins, Oakland, CA Performance at The Stone, New York, NY Wild Shore New Music, Brooklyn, NY Lullabies for my unborn children, Denali Arts Council, Talkeetna, AK; Bunnell Street Arts Center, Homer, AK; Kenai Fine Arts Center, Kenai, AK; the University of Alaska, Anchorage, AK

Zachary Rowden and Henry Birdsey, New Haven, CT Depressor, Bucharest, Romania; Todmorden, United Kingdom; Hamburg, Germany; Athens, Greece Sara Serpa, New York, NY Performances at the Braganca Jazz Festival; Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa; Centro Cultural de Belém; all Lisbon, Portugal Hans Tammen, Brooklyn, NY Sonic Flotsam, Altered Surroundings Festival at the National Center for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, Russia



600 Highwaymen, Brooklyn, NY Manmade Earth, Crossing the Line Festival at the Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn, NY Esther Baker-Tarpaga, Philadelphia, PA No New Idols, Sculpture Quadrennial, Riga, Latvia Lauren Bakst, Brooklyn, NY More Problems with Form, the Chocolate Factory Theater, Long Island City, NY Nicholas Brooke, Bennington, VT Decameron, Studio 153, Brooklyn, NY Lex Brown, Bronx, NY Focacciatown, The Kitchen, New York, NY Antonius-Tin Bui, Sugar Land, TX Queer(ing) the Wheel, Experimental Action at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Houston, TX Xxavier Carter, Dallas, TX Gemini, MoT+++, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Shayok Misha Chowdhury, Brooklyn, NY MukhAgni, Under the Radar at The Public Theater, New York, NY Dead Practice, Los Angeles, CA READY! SET! and KNOT FUN, The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, Prague, Czech Republic The Drunkard’s Wife, Brooklyn, NY Madame Lynch, New Ohio Theatre, New York, NY

Nile Harris, New York, NY The Rise and Fall of the Huxtable Family: Episode 2, Palais De Tokyo, Paris, France Asher Hartman, Alhambra, CA The Dope Elf, Yale Union, Portland, OR Arshia Haq, Los Angeles, CA Ajnabi Milan (Strangers’ Union), Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA James & Jerome, Brooklyn, NY The Conversationalists, The Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn, NY New York City Players, New York, NY Queens Row, The Kitchen, New York, NY

Smoke and Mirrors Collaborative, Brooklyn, NY The Black History Museum... According to the United States of America, HERE Arts Center, New York, NY Source Material, Los Angeles, CA I Should Have a Party For All The Thoughts I Didn’t Say, San Francisco International Arts Festival, San Francisco, CA


Ariana Reines, New York, NY Four poetry readings at Double Change, Paris, France; Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France; Litteraturhuset, Oslo, Norway; The Second Shelf, London, England, United Kingdom Kenneth Reiz, New Haven, CT SWEAT EQUITY BOUNDARY FIRE, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bronx, NY; Hudson Area Library, Hudson, NY; Other Books, Los Angeles, CA Gerd Stern, Cresskill, NJ WHENTHEN, Fri Art Kunsthalle, Fribourg, Switzerland

Diana Oh, New York, NY The Infinite Love Party, The Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn, NY Paul Outlaw, Los Angeles, CA Big Black Cockroach (BBC), New Original Works Festival at REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA Marina Peng, St. Louis, MO Fundamentals of Shared Weight, The Luminary, St. Louis, MO Anna Luisa Petrisko, Los Angeles, CA THE VIBRATION GROUP, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA Piehole, Brooklyn, NY Disclaimer, Under the Radar at The Public Theater, New York, NY

Liz Ferrer, Miami, FL Quinceañerera, Mana Contemporary Miami, Miami, FL

Pioneers Go East, New York, NY VIRGO STAR, Ars Nova, New York, NY; Judson Memorial Church, New York, NY; Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, Bronx, NY

Elisa Harkins, Tulsa, OK Wampum, in Knowledge of Wounds, Performance Space New York, New York, NY

Ita Segev, Brooklyn, NY Knot In My Name, Gibney, New York, NY


Sister Sylvester, New York, NY The Fall, Yale University, New Haven, CT



Joeun Kim Aatchim, Brooklyn, NY Café Anxiety Drawing Club International, The Drawing Center, New York, NY Laida Aguirre, Los Angeles, CA [ a kit of these some parts ] x budget gym ], Materials and Applications, Los Angeles, CA Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya, Pluerville, TX Asiko – Moments, Crosstown Arts, Memphis, TN Sol Aramendi, Long Island City, NY El Workers’ Studio, Queens Museum, Queens, NY Mimi Bai, Brooklyn, NY Ghost, in Gaslight, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Keren Benbenisty, New York, NY Jaydia, Soloway Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Caitlin Berrigan, Brooklyn, NY Imaginary Explosions, Art in General, Brooklyn, NY Chiraag Bhakta, San Francisco, CA Why You So Negative?, Human Resources LA, Los Angeles, CA Dulcee Boehm and Ruth K Burke, Grand Rapids, MI Dulcee Boehm & Ruth K Burke, Project Three Gallery, Akron, OH Sera Boeno, Baltimore, MD Kelimeler Kiyafetsiz (:Words Naked/Are Not Enough), Hamiltonian Gallery, Washington, DC Ben Thorp Brown, Brooklyn, NY Gropius Memory Palace, Display Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Philip Cartelli and Mariangela Ciccarello, Brooklyn, NY SUBLUNARY, the Torino Film Festival, Torino, Italy; Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Daniel Chew and Micaela Durand, Brooklyn, NY first, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands Wendy Clarke, San Cristobal, NM One on One: Wendy Clarke, LUX Moving Image, London, England, United Kingdom Fiona Connor, Los Angeles, CA Bodied Knowledge, Support Systems, University Art Gallery at the University of California, Irvine, Irvine, CA Beatriz Cortez, Los Angeles, CA Nomad 13, Craft & Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA Michael Crane, Brooklyn, NY UHF42, 2019 Videonale at the Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn, Germany Priyanka Dasgupta and Chad Marshall, New York, NY Pigeonhole: The Life and Work of Bobby Alam, Knockdown Center, Queens, NY Ryan Dewey, Cleveland, OH Lines of Descent, The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, OH Sarita Dougherty and champoy, Los Angeles, CA Tagolilong: Hidden in Plain Sight, Pinta*Dos Gallery, San Pedro, CA Luba Drozd, Brooklyn, NY Tarsainn, in Solar Flashback, a former Abercrombie & Fitch store, New York, NY Sandra Erbacher, Lawrenceville, NJ The Return of History, in Paperwork, International Studio & Curatorial Program, Brooklyn, NY


Chris Filippone, Oakland, CA How to Breathe in Kern County, Berlinale at the Berlin International Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

Melissa Hopson, Indianapolis, IN Untitled (foot cast), in Sie machen was sie wollen (They do what they want), Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria

Ivan Forde, New York, NY Local Edge Margin, Visitor Welcome Center, Los Angeles, CA

John Hulsey, Los Angeles, CA This Side of History, Cinéma du Réel, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

Carla Gannis, Brooklyn, NY CARLA <= >= C.A.R.L.A., Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich, Brooklyn, NY Spit on the Broom, in The Hugo Boss Prize 2018: Simone Leigh, Loophole of Retreat, Guggenheim Museum of Art, New York, NY

Rosa Naday Garmendia, North Miami, FL Rituals of Commemoration, in Inter | Sectionality, Diaspora Art from the Creole City, Atrium Galleries at the Flagg Building at Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University, Washington, DC Jorge González, San Juan, Puerto Rico Una Extranjera Peligrosa: Escuela de Oficios (A Dangerous Foreigner: School of Crafts), in Unraveling Collective Forms, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA Natalia González Requena, Pittsburgh, PA Desplazamientos, Site:Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY Maury Gortemiller, Decatur, GA Do the Priest in Different Voices, Aff Galerie, Berlin, Germany Helen Hawley, Madison, WI Time, Its Flow, 2019 Wisconsin Triennial at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Madison, WI

Rehab El Sadek Ibrahim, Austin, TX The Memory Palace, Big Medium Gallery, Austin, TX Pauline Jennings and Heather Clark, Jericho, VT neighboring|towns, Hamiltonian Gallery, Washington, DC Antonio Johnson, Atlanta, GA You Next, in Reflections of the Spirit of Kamoinge, Hamilton Landmark Gallery, New York, NY William E. Jones, Los Angeles, CA Perverted by Language, Private Places, Portland, OR; A Part of America Contained Therein, Yale Union, Portland, OR Caroline Key, Brooklyn, NY Khôra, in Soft & Wet, Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Project Space, New York, NY

Anna Hepler, Greenfield, MA Mooring, Boavista Biennale, Newfoundland, Canada

Baseera Khan, Brooklyn, NY Privacy Control, in Beyond Geographies: Contemporary Art and Muslim Experience, BRIC Arts Media House, Brooklyn, NY

Riley Holloway, Plano, TX Made In America, African American Museum of Dallas, Dallas, TX

YoungEun Kim, Pasadena, CA Bones of Sound, Visitor Welcome Center, Los Angeles, CA Leander Knust, New York, NY Re-Material Wall, West 111th Street People’s Garden, New York, NY


Dionne Lee, Oakland, CA Dionne Lee, Interface Gallery, Oakland, CA Timothy Lee, Hicksville, NY Pillow Talk (Mask for Masc), National YoungArts Foundation Gallery, Miami, FL Alexandra Lerman, Brooklyn, NY Soldiers of the Sun, in Beauty: Plus-Minus, Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Saint Petersburg, Russia

The Ozhope Collective, Richmond, VA Row, Chancellor College at the University of Malawi, Zomba, Malawi

Amie Siegel, Brooklyn, NY The Sleepers, in The Watchers, The 8th Floor, New York, NY

Laura Pérez and Christopher Ryan Williams, Los Angeles, CA I Ain’t Got No Spare, CultureHub, Los Angeles, CA

Corinne Spencer, Brooklyn, NY Root Shock, Kniznick Gallery at Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

Sreshta Rit Premnath, Brooklyn, NY Those Who Wait, Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster, Germany

Kelly Lloyd, Clarksburg, MD Exceptional Promise, Art Licks Weekend 2019 at Dirty House Gallery, London, England, United Kingdom

Stephanie Ramirez, League City, TX the meaning wavers, Women and Their Work, Austin, TX

Tyler Macri, San Francisco, CA Pond, 55th Chicago International Film Festival, Chicago, IL

Daniel Ramos, Elmendorf, TX The Land of Illustrious Men, Filter Space, Chicago, IL

Victoria Manganiello, Brooklyn, NY Computer 1.0, Currents Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

LJ Roberts, Brooklyn, NY Stormé at Stonewall, in Nobody Promised You Tomorrow: Art 50 Years After Stonewall, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

Shanna Maurizi, Brooklyn, NY Sunken Treasure, Art Kino Croatia, Rijeka, Croatia Susan Metrican, Fairfield, IA Neighbor Bridge Neighbor, Unity Gallery at Maharishi University, Fairfield, IA Asif Mian, Brooklyn, NY Diffuse Ghostly, Sieve and Weave in Always, Already, Haunting, “disss-co,” Haunt, The Kitchen, New York, NY Johana Moscoso, Memphis, TN Machera Floors, Clough-Hanson Gallery at Rhodes College, Memphis, TN Yue Nakayama, Houston, TX You’re every song I ever sing, Alabama Song, Houston, TX Yanique Norman, Stonecrest, GA Do Not Hand Me Over to the Impure Whiteness of Noon: A Hemings Elegy, Albany Museum of Art, Albany, GA


Guadalupe Rosales, Los Angeles, CA All That Can Happen, in Always, Already, Haunting, “disss-co,” Haunt, The Kitchen, New York, NY Alan Ruiz, Brooklyn, NY Infrapolitics, 1708 Gallery, Richmond, VA Rose Salane, Brooklyn, NY The System Doesn’t Respond, List Visual Arts Center at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA Jessica Segall, Brooklyn, NY 100 Years, All New People, SPACES, Cleveland, OH

Theresa Sterner and Zach Trow, Los Angeles, CA The Plaza Mirage II, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA Kenneth Tam, Brooklyn, NY Kenneth Tam: Details, Visual Art Center at the University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX Jeff Thompson, Jersey City, NJ Turker Computers, in Who Does What?, Drugo More Gallery, Rijeka, Croatia Gabriela Vainsencher, Brooklyn, NY Rendered Void, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Sofia Valiente, Belle Glade, FL Foreverglades, Howard Park Community Center, West Palm Beach, FL Nafis White, Providence, RI The Atlas of Dreams, Sutton Street Gallery Space, Providence, RI Derick Whitson, Galveston, TX Sugar (Chapter II), Galveston Artist Residency Gallery, Galveston, TX Zhiyuan Yang, Brooklyn, NY The Way It Is, A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY Millicent Young, Kingston, NY When There Were Birds, 11 Jane Street Art Center, Saugerties, NY

Sahar Sepahdari, Brooklyn, NY Magic Meadow Baba (Performing White Clown) and Globalization.bread, in Hybrid Narratives, Hybrid Histories, U10 Art Space, Belgrade, Serbia









taisha paggett

Tania Bruguera

Douglas Kearney




Linda Austin

Los Angeles Poverty Department

Anne Boyer



Yvonne Rainer

Jimmie Durham


Toshi Ichiyanagi 2016

Joan La Barbara 2014

Phill Niblock 2012


Pauline Oliveros (1932—2016)


Jennie C. Jones 2010


William Anastasi 2018 2008

Paul Kaiser 2006

Mary S. Byrd Gallery of Art at Augusta University Bojana Ginn: Phygital Muse September 19–December 13, 2019 2016

David Behrman 2002

Institute of Contemporary Art at The University of Pennsylvania Cauleen Smith: Give it or Leave It September 14–December 23, 2018

Robert Ashley (1930–2014) 2000

Gordon Mumma




Earle Brown (1926–2002)

Andy Robert



Christian Wolff

Amy Gerstler

Eve Beglarian 2018 2014

Lisa Robertson

Elodie Lauten (1950–2014) 2013

Charles Atlas 2004



Fred Moten

Trisha Brown (1936–2017)


Trisha Donnelly 2018

Yvonne Meier 2017

Liz Waldner


Takehisa Kosugi (1938–2018) 1992

David Tudor (1926–1996)








Darrell Jones Mina Nishimura

Kim Brandt Moriah Evans



Camae Ayewa Sarah Hennies Roberto Carlos Lange Tomeka Reid C. Spencer Yeh

Gelsey Bell Chris Corsano Shelley Hirsch Thessia Machado PERFORMANCE ART/




Annie Dorsen Yuval Sharon Adrienne Truscott

Julie Tolentino POETRY

Stacy Szymaszek




Renee Gladman



Barbara Bloom


Joseph Grigely Mika Tajima Clarissa Tossin

BodyCartography Project Melanie Maar Will Rawls

Ellen Fullman Zach Layton Missy Mazzoli

Ligia Lewis Mariana Valencia Netta Yerushalmy MUSIC/SOUND

Joshua Abrams Sylvie Courvoisier Bonnie Jones Catherine Lamb Laurie Spiegel VISUAL ARTS

EJ Hill Simone Leigh Sam Lewitt Dave McKenzie Carissa Rodriguez




Ted Greenwald Eileen Myles

Jace Clayton Rhodri Davies



Wardell Milan Cauleen Smith




Andrea Fraser Aki Sasamoto A.L. Steiner George Trakas

Mallory Catlett Jim Findlay Cynthia Hopkins

Nora Chipaumire Yve Laris Cohen Walter Dundervill Sara Shelton Mann Melinda Ring Larissa Velez-Jackson

Ei Arakawa Justin Vivian Bond Thomas Bradshaw Grace Schwindt POETRY

Faye Driscoll Ishmael Houston-Jones Rashaun Mitchell Kota Yamazaki MUSIC/SOUND

Jack Collom Tan Lin VISUAL ARTS

Daniel Bozhkov William E. Jones Kate Millett

Julie Patton Tony Towle

David Dunn Matana Roberts Toby Twining



David Diao David Hartt Xaviera Simmons



Paula Court MPA My Barbarian

Deborah Hay Jodi Melnick David Neumann



Beverly Dahlen Robert Grenier VISUAL ARTS

Kevin Drumm Steve Roden Marina Rosenfeld Michael Webster

Matt Hoyt Wu Tsang


2016 DANCE

Beth Gill Ralph Lemon Jen Rosenblit

2013 DANCE







Black-Eyed Susan Matthew Goulish and Lin Hixson Annie-B Parson


Anselm Berrigan VISUAL ARTS






Ashley Fure William Winant Nate Wooley

Lance Gries Trajal Harrell Heather Kravas Okwui Okpokwasili



Jack Ferver David Levine Tina Satter

James Fei Jeph Jerman John King


Ryan McNamara Alix Pearlstein POETRY

Katie Peterson








Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys Curtis Mitchell Dona Nelson Raha Raissnia

John Godfrey David Meltzer


Marc Mellits Yasunao Tone


Pope.L Fiona Templeton

György Kurtág Laetitia Sonami Julia Wolfe

Clarinda Mac Low Pan Pan Theatre


Klara Liden Paul Etienne Lincoln Gedi Sibony Guido van der Werve






Rae Armantrout Nathaniel Mackey

Peggy Shaw

Douglas Messerli John Yau




Carla Harryman Harryette Mullen


luciana achugar Miguel Gutierrez Pam Tanowitz MUSIC/SOUND

Luke Fowler Okkyung Lee

2008 DANCE

Kimberly Bartosik Sarah Michelson Yasuko Yokoshi

2005 AND 2006

Wade Guyton Stuart Hawkins Arturo Herrera



Annie Gosfield Ron Kuivila



Rabih Mroué Nature Theater of Oklahoma


David Grubbs Ikue Mori Michael Pisaro Yuji Takahashi

John Jasperse Susan Rethorst


Michael Gizzi

Tamy Ben-Tor Wang Jianwei

Adam Chodzko Paul Sietsema


Lorenzo Thomas VISUAL ARTS







Jonah Bokaer Vicky Shick Christopher Williams


Richard Maxwell Bill Shannon

Jon Kessler Julie Mehretu Rubén Ortiz Torres




Dean Moss Tere O’Connor Sally Silvers




David First Jin Hi Kim Jim O’Rourke Mikel Rouse Michael Schumacher

Terry Creach Everett Dance Theatre Jennifer Lacey Stephen Petronio





Fia Backström Leslie Hewitt

Charles North Elizabeth Robinson

Young Jean Lee




Kate Valk Mac Wellman

Caden Manson

Jonathan Bepler John Bischoff Carl Stone

Norma Cole Joanne Kyger




Rosmarie Waldrop

Erica Hunt Anne Waldman




Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Young-hae Chang and Marc Voge

Gary Lutz Jaime Manrique Paul Violi C.D. Wright


Cameron Jamie Ohad Meromi Allison Smith


Paul Chan Nathaniel Dorsky Ishmael Randall Weeks


Foofwa d’Imobilité Maria Hassabi

Bill Morrison


DD Dorvillier RoseAnne Spradlin



Elevator Repair Service Ruth Maleczech

Douglas Henderson Yuko Nexus6 Jennifer Walshe




Martín Acosta



Mick Barr Glenn Branca




Jonathan Burrows


Germaine Acogny Karole Armitage



William Duckworth Michael Gordon David Lang

Molissa Fenley Wendy Rogers

Rochelle Feinstein Martin Kersels Siobhan Liddell






Bernadette Mayer Edwin Torres

1963 – PRESENT


Alice Notley Edward Sanders

chameckilerner, Rosane Chamecki and Andrea Lerner Jennifer Monson


Zoe Beloff 1994



Maryanne Amacher Arnold Dreyblatt Krzysztof Knittel Sinan Savaskan


Steve Paxton



Elizabeth Streb




Paul DeMarinis Petr Kotik Roscoe Mitchell

David Behrman Phill Niblock Pauline Oliveros Trimpin

Ann Carlson



Peter Gizzi David Henderson Maureen Owen




Ondrej Hrab

David Dupuis Roger Newton Riverbed Media, Paul Kaiser and Shelley Eshkar

Patricia Spears Jones Ron Padgett David Shapiro




Burt Barr Howard S. Thies

Steffan “Wiggles” Clemente


Gary Stevens


Sam Reveles




John Luther Adams Lois V Vierk

Douglas Dunn Neil Greenberg Mary Oslund MUSIC/SOUND

Muhal Richard Abrams Charles Amirkhanian Zeena Parkins

Since 1963, the following artists have donated their work to benefit the Foundation for Contemporary Arts:



Doug Elkins Iréne Hultman

John Jesurun POETRY


Paul Beatty

Mary Jane Leach John Moran


Trevor Winkfield



Julian Maynard Smith


Alex Bag Joan Jonas Bob McGrath

Sigmund Abeles Marina Abramović Rita Ackermann Derrick Adams Jeremy Adams Robert Adams Justin Adian Yuji Agematsu Peter Agostini Ai Weiwei Ricci Albenda Josef Albers Richard Aldrich Simon Aldridge John Alexander David Altmejd John Altoon Joseph Amar William Anastasi Carl Andre Stephen Andrews Matthew Antezzo William Anthony Shigeo Anzai Tateyuki Aoyama Billy Apple Arakawa Kamrooz Aram Uri Aran Diane Arbus Matias Argañaraz Arman David Armstrong Charles Arnoldi Richard Artschwager Korakrit Arunanondchai Eve Aschheim Dennis Ashbaugh Hope Atherton Edward Avedisian Ay-O d


Lutz Bacher Fia Backström Darren Bader Donald Baechler Jo Baer John Baldessari Roger Ballen Tom Bamberger Tim Barber Miquel Barceló Jared Bark Matthew Barney Burt Barr Robert Barry James Barth Uta Barth Jennifer Bartlett Adam Bartos Georg Baselitz Samantha Bass Lillian Bassman Mary Bauermeister Paul Baumann Robert Beauchamp Lawrence Beck Gene Beery Lynda Benglis Julia Benjamin Richard Benson Robert Benson Eva Weis Bentzon Tanyth Berkeley Ellen Berkenblit Cindy Bernard Jake Berthot Walead Beshty Michael Bevilacqua Mary Beyt Sasha Bezzubov and Jessica Sucher Huma Bhabha Anna Bialobroda James Biederman Elmer Bischoff Robert Bittenbender Carolyn Marks Blackwood Nayland Blake Ross Bleckner Dianne Blell Norman Bluhm

Erika Blumenfeld Mel Bochner Bruce Boice David Bolger Ilya Bolotowsky Lee Bontecou Monica Bonvicini Jennifer Bornstein Jonathan Borofsky Richard Bosman Lizzi Bougatsos Louise Bourgeois Carol Bove Gary Bower Andrea Bowers Paul Brach Joe Bradley Dove Bradshaw Joe Brainard Kerstin Brätsch George Brecht Robert Breer Frank Breuer Jeff Bridges Christopher Brooks David Brooks Cecily Brown James Brown Joan Brown Trisha Brown Bruce High Quality Foundation Matthew Buckingham Stephen Buckley David Budd Lee Bul Chris Burden A.K. Burns Tom Burr Richmond Burton Andrew Bush Corinne May Botz Miriam Cabessa Pedro Cabrita Reis John Cage Peter Caine Ernesto Caivano Elinor Carucci Enrico Castro-Cid


Giorgio Cavallon Vija Celmins John Chamberlain Paul Chan Jake & Dinos Chapman Lucinda Childs Adam Chodzko Christo Chryssa Francesco Clemente Chuck Close Charles Clough Peter Coffin Cora Cohen Dan Colen Anne Collier Claudia Comte George Condo Julia Condon Bruce Conner Lois Conner Billy Copley Joseph Cornell Anne-Lise Coste Will Cotton Petah Coyne Jessica Craig-Martin Michael Craig-Martin Ann Craven Jane Creech Gregory Crewdson Sarah Crowner William Crozier William Crutchfield Gary Cruz Enzo Cucchi Merce Cunningham John Currin Joy Curtis Cynthia Daignault Meredith Danluck Nassos Daphnis Michael David Lynn Davis Ron Davis Sonia Louise Davis Verne Dawson E.V. Day Joe Deal


Tacita Dean Sue de Beer Jay DeFeo James DeFrance Nancy de Holl Elaine de Kooning Willem de Kooning Tony DeLap John Delk Jeremy Deller Katrina del Mar Walter De Maria David Dempewolf Agnes Denes Richard dePeaux Jimmy De Sana Liz Deschenes David Deutsch Steve DiBenedetto Jane Dickson Richard Diebenkorn Sari Dienes Laddie John Dill Jim Dine Mark Dion Madeline Djerejian Willie Doherty Hisao Domoto Rita Donaugh Tara Donovan Christian D’Orgeix Roy Dowell Rosalind Drexler Sherman Drexler Tyler Drosdeck Sally Drummond Hazelet Marcel Duchamp Trenton Duerksen John Duff Carroll Dunham David Dupuis Sam Durant Michael Dweck Friedel Dzubas Shannon Ebner Martha Edelheit Keith Edmier Echo Eggebrecht Gardar Eide Einarsson

Arthur Elgort Stephen Ellis Tracey Emin Barbara Ess Inka Essenhigh Suzan Etkin Donald Evans Öyvind Fahlström Heide Fasnacht Richard Feaster Paul Feeley Tony Feher Rachel Feinstein Rochelle Feinstein Robert Feintuch Feng Mengbo Rae Ferren Jud Fine Aaron Fink Larry Fink Eric Fischl Louise Fishman Daphne Fitzpatrick David Flaugher Dan Flavin Ryan Foerster Caio Fonseca Hermine Ford Walton Ford Seth Michael Forman Robert Alan Fosdick Llyn Foulkes Rachel Foullon Jason Fox Sam Francis Richard Francisco Luis Frangella Helen Frankenthaler Suzan Frecon Jonah Freeman Jane Freilicher Lucian Freud Anthony Friedkin Katharina Fritsch Emi Fukuzawa Adam Fuss Simone Gad Charles Gaines

Ron Galella Sally Gall Anya Gallaccio Jedd Garet Anna Gaskell Rico Gatson Cy Gavin Gelitin Thomas George Tio Giambruni Mark Thomas Gibson Ralph Gibson Liam Gillick Tina Girouard Robert Gober Glenn Goldberg Michael Goldberg Nan Goldin Bill Goldston Andy Goldsworthy Dulce Gomez Wayne Gonzales Joe Goode Robert Goodnough Ron Gorchov Daniel Gordon Sam Gordon Adolph Gottlieb Dan Graham Paul Graham Amy Granat Katy Grannan Deborah Grant Morris Graves Nancy Graves Cleve Gray Luke Gray Robert Greene Stephen Greene Isca Greenfield-Sanders Timothy Greenfield-Sanders Joel Grey Michael Joaquin Grey Joseph Grigely Red Grooms Robert Grosvenor Jerzy Grzegorski Heather Guertin Donald Gummer

Guo Hongwei Andreas Gursky Philip Guston Janice Guy Wade Guyton Guyton\Walker Marcia Hafif Peter Halley Tamar Halpern Josephine Halvorson Anthea Hamilton Richard Hamilton Jonathan Hammer Jane Hammond Lloyd Hamrol Marc Handelman W.A. Hansbauer Keith Haring Lyle Ashton Harris Rachel Harrison Grace Hartigan Jan Hashey Joseph Haske Julian Hatofsky Mona Hatoum Stuart Hawkins Todd Haynes Phillip Hefferton Jay Heikes Mary Heilmann Al Held John Heliker Adam Helms Edward Henderson George Herms Daniel Hesidence Todd Hido Matthew Higgs Stephen Hilger Charles Hinman Taishi Hirokawa Damien Hirst David Hockney Jim Hodges Howard Hodgkin Dana Hoey Christian Holstad Carl Holty Jenny Holzer

Hong Hao Naoki Honjo Kosai Hori Roni Horn Jonathan Horowitz Jaya Howey Matt Hoyt Alex Hubbard Judy Hudson Peter Hujar Greg Hull John Hultberg Gary Hume Ralph Humphrey Jacqueline Humphries Bryan Hunt Robert Huot Michael Hurson Juliana Huxtable Tim Hyde Jerald Ieans Gerald Incandela Robert Indiana Genichiro Inokuma Will Insley Patrick Ireland Jamie Isenstein Arata Isozaki Robert Jack Matthew Day Jackson Bill Jacobson Yvonne Jacquette Valerie Jaudon Steffani Jemison Paul Jenkins Neil Jenney Susan Jennings Bill Jensen Jasper Johns Cletus Johnson Larry Johnson Lester Johnson Matt Johnson Ray Johnson Ryan Johnson Joan Jonas Allen Jones Jennie C. Jones


Kim Jones Pirkle Jones Ronald Jones Michael Joo Donald Judd Tony Just Wolf Kahn Wyatt Kahn Mitsuo Kano Jane Kaplowitz Dennis Kardon Nikki Katsikas Alex Katz Allison Katz Bill Katz Craig Kauffman Kcho Valerie Keane Matt Keegan Ellsworth Kelly William Kelly David Kennedy-Cutler Lisa Kereszi Martin Kersels Jon Kessler Rosy Keyser Anselm Kiefer Frederick Kiesler Kiki Mokuma Kikuhata Karen Kilimnik Chris Killip Byron Kim Kimsooja William King R.B. Kitaj Laura Kleger Martin Kline Christopher Knowles Win Knowlton Nicholas Kokkinis Marc Kokopeli Dorota Kolodziejczyk Komar & Melamid Gary Komarin Akira Komoto Jeff Koons Leon Kossoff Joseph Kosuth


Joyce Kozloff Aaron Krach Daniel Kramer Lee Krasner Adam Krueger David Krueger Ella Kruglyanskaya Nicholas Krushenick Gary Kuehn Guillermo Kuitca Robert Kulicke Barney Kulok Justine Kurland Shio Kusaka Robert Kushner Bruce LaBruce Karl Lagerfeld Gerald Laing Mark Lancaster Lois Lane Fay Lansner H. Peik Larsen Annika Larsson Sadie Laska Jonathan Lasker Bram Lassaw Evelyn H. Lauder Julian LaVerdiere Louise Lawler Deana Lawson Gail LeBoff Rico Lebrun Leigh Ledare Catherine Lee Margaret Lee Wesley Duke Lee Daniel Lefcourt Annie Leibovitz Annette Lemieux Zoe Leonard Alfred Leslie Julian Lethbridge Barry Le Va Matvey Levenstein Les Levine Tom Levine Mon Levinson Margrit Lewczuk Sol LeWitt

Alexander Liberman Roy Lichtenstein Siobhan Liddell Hanna Liden Klara Liden Glenn Ligon Linda Lindberg Richard Lindner Judy Linn Richard Lippold Donald Lipski Frank Lobdell Jane Logemann Lois Long Richard Long Robert Longo Andrew Lord Nate Lowman Lu Shengzhong Sarah Lucas Charles Luce Sven Lukin Eva Lundsager Jim Lutes Eric N. Mack Cassandra MacLeod Paula Madawick Matt Magee René Magritte Gerard Malanga Janet Malcolm Robert Mallary Paul Manes Robert Mangold Robert Mapplethorpe Conrad Marca-Relli Ari Marcopoulos Marcia Marcus Brice Marden Helen Marden Tom Marioni Marisol Mary Ellen Mark Megan Marrin Nicholas Marsicano Agnes Martin Knox Martin Justin Matherly Jacqueline Matisse Monnier

Taiji Matsue Nick Mauss Michael Mazur Dan McCarthy Marlene McCarty Matthew McCaslin Suzanne McClelland McDermott & McGough Adam McEwen Megan McLarney Patrick McMullan Maureen McQuillan Emily McVarish George Mead Moore Josephine Meckseper Julie Mehretu Steven Meisel Susan Meiselas Jonas Mekas Bjarne Melgaard Sean Mellyn Ohad Meromi Sam Messer James Meyer Joel Meyerowitz Tomio Miki Wardell Milan John Miller Kate Millett Keith Milow Lisa Milroy Marilyn Minter Fred Mitchell Joan Mitchell Nancy M. Mitchnick Tatsuo Miyajimi Aiko Miyawaki Tracey Moffatt Donald Moffett Santi Moix Sharon Molloy Andy Monk Meredith Monk Matthew Monteith Frank Moore Gordon Moore Peter Moore Malcolm Morley Robert Morris Sarah Morris

Jill Moser Ed Moses Robert Moskowitz Robert Motherwell Carrie Moyer Sam Moyer Reinhard Mucha Stephen Mueller Carter Mull Matt Mullican Muntadas Tomoharu Murakami Walter Murch Clive Murphy Elizabeth Murray Peter Nadin Sophy Naess Laurel Nakadate Billy Name James Nares Robert Natkin Bruce Nauman Elizabeth Neel George Negroponte Nelson Jen Nelson Joan Nelson Manuel Neri Lowell Nesbitt Shirin Neshat Barnett Newman John Newman Roger Newton Katsuhito Nishikawa Cady Noland Kenneth Noland Thomas Nozkowski Chris Ofili Kayode Ojo Kenzo Okada Ken Okiishi Claes Oldenburg Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen Mike Oledort Jules Olitski Nathan Oliveira Karyn Olivier

Toshinobu Onosato Catherine Opie Julian Opie George Ortman Alfonso Ossorio Barbro Ostlin Saburo Ota Tom Otterness Tony Oursler Laura Owens Paul Pagk Nam June Paik Roxy Paine Harold Paris Jiyeon Park Erik Parker Elizabeth Payne Oliver Payne and Nick Relph Debra Pearlman Mia Pearlman Philip Pearlstein George Peck Adam Pendleton Irving Penn Joyce Pensato Mai-Thu Perret David Perry Robert Peterson Elizabeth Peyton Judy Pfaff Paul Pfeiffer Bernard Pfriem Ellen Phelan Peter Phillips Chloe Piene Otto Piene Jack Pierson John Pilson Howardena Pindell Valerie Piraino Lari Pittman Sylvia Plimack Mangold Rona Pondick Larry Poons Pope.L Bruce Porter Fairfield Porter Liliana Porter


Darryl Pottorf Joanna Pousette-Dart Richard Pousette-Dart Zak Prekop Ken Price Seth Price Stephen Prina Richard Prince J. John Priola Rob Pruitt Elliott Puckette Martin Puryear Adam Putnam Harvey Quaytman R.H. Quaytman Eileen Quinlan Raquel Rabinovich Markus Raetz Joseph Raffael Sara Greenberger Rafferty Mel Ramos Ishmael Randall Weeks Robert Rauschenberg Man Ray David Reed Steve Reich Elaine Reichek Ad Reinhardt Edda Renouf Andreas Rentsch Carl Fredrik Reutersward Sam Reveles Jeanne Reynal Guy Richards Smit Gerhard Richter William Ridenhour Bridget Riley Pipilotti Rist Matthew Ritchie Herb Ritts Larry Rivers Alex Robbins Dorothea Rockburne Halsey Rodman Tim Rollins and K.O.S. Ugo Rondinone Aura Rosenberg James Rosenquist


Alexander Ross Clifford Ross Amanda Ross-Ho Dieter Roth Frank Roth Yumi Janairo Roth Susan Rothenberg Mark Rothko Mika Rottenberg Helen Rousakis Paolo Roversi David Row Heather Rowe Nancy Rubins Nicholas Rule Ed Ruscha Lisa Ruyter Cordy Ryman Peter Sacks Niki de Saint-Phalle Q. Sakamaki David Salle Lucas Samaras Victoria Sambunaris Ludwig Sander Joseph Santore Julião Sarmento Matt Saunders Salvatore Scarpitta John Schabel Miriam Schapiro Melanie Schiff Katy Schimert Mark Schlesinger Ed Schlossberg Julian Schnabel Carolee Schneemann Lara Schnitger Christian Schumann Dana Schutz Anja Schwoerer Bailey Scieszka Carole Seborovski Nikko Sedgwick George Segal Michelle Segre Calvin Seibert Jason Seley Paul Mpagi Sepuya

Richard Serra Andres Serrano Joel Shapiro Jack Shear Cindy Sherman David Benjamin Sherry Toshio Shibata Heji Shin Erin Shirreff Lior Shvil Gedi Sibony James Siena Shahzia Sikander Amy Sillman Thomas Sills Regina Silveira Peter Simensky Gary Simmons Laurie Simmons Xaviera Simmons Lorna Simpson Jonathan Smith Josh Smith Kiki Smith Lindy Smith Richard Smith Sharon Smith Tony Smith David Smyth Agathe Snow Michael Snow Keith Sonnier Pierre Soulages Theodoros Stamos Doug and Mike Starn Sarah Staton Anita Steckel Saul Steinberg A.L. Steiner Pat Steir Frank Stella Gary Stephan Sterck & Rozo Bert Stern Harold Stevenson Ruby Sky Stiler Rudolf Stingel Paul Stopforth David Storey Kianja Strobert

Patrick Strzelec Sturtevant George Sugarman Kunié Sugiura Billy Sullivan Peter Sullivan Ryan Sullivan Donald Sultan Larry Sultan Emily Sundblad Mark di Suvero Ena Swansea Sarah Sze Philip Taaffe Jorge Tacla William J. Taggart Cynthia Talmadge Dorothea Tanning Antonio Tapies Toeko Tatsuno Al Taylor Whiting Tennis Paul Thek Robert Therrien Wayne Thiebaud Jonathan Thomas Mickalene Thomas Yvonne Thomas Sidney Tillim Wolfgang Tillmans Pádraig Timoney Jean Tinguely Rirkrit Tiravanija Mark Tobey Judy Tomkins Thomas Trosch Tseng Kwong Chi Hiromi Tsuchida Deborah Turbeville Alan Turner Richard Tuttle Lane Twitchell Cy Twombly Jack Tworkov Yoshihiko Ueda Alan Uglow P.O. Ultvedt Keiji Usami

Meyer Vaisman George Valmier Coosje van Bruggen Inez Van Lamsweerde Johannes VanDerBeek Sara VanDerBeek Bernadette Van-Huy Virginia Inés Vergara Francesco Vezzoli Allyson Vieira Jacques Villon Banks Violette Marianne Vitale Massimo Vitali Stephen Vitiello Charline von Heyl Paul Waldman John Walker Kara Walker Kelley Walker Star Wallowing Bull Dan Walsh Wang Jianwei Andy Warhol Oliver Wasow Albert Watson Robert Watts Jeff Way Bruce Weber Meg Webster William Wegman Susan Weil Lawrence Weiner Matthew Weinstein Majorie Welish James Welling Will Wendt John Wesley Tom Wesselmann Mia Westerlund Roosen H.C. Westermann Stephen Westfall Pae White Roger White Robert Whitman T.J. Wilcox Hannah Wilke John Willenbecker Jesse Willenbring

Christopher Williams Neil Williams Jane and Louise Wilson Robert M. Wilson James Wines Trevor Winkfield George Winter Robin Winters Terry Winters Steve Wolfe William Wood Christopher Wool Bing Wright Suzanne Wright Wu Jian’an Rob Wynne Mark Wyse Xing Danwen Xu Bing Takeo Yamaguchi Yosuke Yamahata Amy Yao Robert Yarber Karen Yasinsky Mie Yim Tadanori Yokoo Aaron Young Daisy Youngblood Jack Youngerman Mario Yrisarry Adja Yunkers Lisa Yuskavage Michele Zalopany Kes Zapkus Marian Zazeela Andrzej Zielinski Elyn Zimmerman Larry Zox Michael Zwack


SUPPORTERS 2019 We gratefully acknowledge the following artists, individuals, foundations, and government agencies for their support. We also thank those donors who generously supported our $1 million matching campaign (2018-2019); their first-time or increased gifts were matched by an anonymous former Board member.

$100,000 OR MORE

Agnes Gund Marlene Hess and James Zirin Low Road Foundation Thomas A. Russo and Georgina T. Russo $25,000 OR MORE

Lawrence B. Benenson Katherine Farley and Jerry Speyer Helen Frankenthaler Foundation Glenstone Museum Leonard and Judy Lauder, in honor of Agnes Gund The Ronald and Jo Carole Lauder Foundation Robert E. Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Cy Twombly Foundation $15,000 OR MORE

Cecily Brown The Brown Foundation, Inc., of Houston Mertz Gilmore Foundation The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation LLWW Foundation Montblanc Cultural Foundation Louisa Stude Sarofim Trust for Mutual Understanding


$10,000 OR MORE

Brooke Alexander Debra and Leon Black Family Fund Kenneth and Kathryn Chenault Anthony B. Creamer III Sherri Crichton The David Geffen Foundation Robert and Arlene Kogod Family Foundation Marie-JosĂŠe and Henry R. Kravis Margo Leavin Liz and Eric Lefkofsky Julian Lethbridge LĂŠvy Gorvy Matthew Marks and Jack Bankowsky Judith Pisar Cindy and Howard Rachofsky, in honor of Cecily Brown Gregg and Monique Seibert Lisa Silver and JeanChristophe Castelli $5,000 OR MORE

John Baldessari Family Foundation, Inc. Hyatt Bass Barbara Bertozzi Castelli The Cowles Charitable Trust Karen Davidov and Henry Myerberg Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Robert Fagenson Barbara Gladstone Marguerite Steed Hoffman Rena and Scott Hoffman Carol LeWitt Steve Martin Charitable Foundation Laura Paulson and Andrew Fabricant The Richard Pousette-Dart Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin M. Rosen

Katherine Sachs Alexandra and Drew Schiff Francis H. Williams $2,000 OR MORE

The Amphion Foundation Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation Elizabeth Baker The Bay and Paul Foundations, Inc. Laura Bostwick The Brant Foundation, Inc. The Aaron Copland Fund for Music Elaine Dannheisser Foundation Beth Rudin DeWoody Erin and Peter Friedland Kate Ganz and Daniel Belin Alex Katz Foundation Janie C. Lee Susan Lorence Joshua Mack and Ron Warren New York City Council District 33/Council Member Steven Levin Elizabeth Fearon Pepperman Brenda R. Potter Allan Schwartzman Craig F. Starr Claudia Stone David and Sylvia Teitelbaum Fund, Inc. Gordon VeneKlasen Nina W. Werblow Charitable Trust $1,000 OR MORE

John L. Auerbach Anne H. Bass Flora M. Biddle Bettina and Donald L. Bryant, Jr. Catherine and Cor Carruthers Jeanne Collins and John Elderfield

Andrea Crane, in honor of Cecily Brown Molly Davies Alan H. and Judith R. Fishman Richard Gray Gallery Grossman LLP Edward and Peggy Harding, in honor of Agnes Gund Joy, Joshua, and Carla Javits, in honor of their mother Marian B. Javits Lana Pih Jokel Raymond Learsy Miyoung E. Lee Stephen Mazoh and Martin Kline Richard and Ronay Menschel Mnuchin Foundation Joseph Neubauer and Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer Janelle Reiring Jennifer Russell Annabelle Selldorf John Silberman Deborah Solomon and Kent Sepkowitz Stacy Tenenbaum Stark Edward Tang Fern and Lenard Tessler The A. Woodner Fund $500 OR MORE

Kay Bearman Mary M. Byrd, in honor of Dorothea Tanning Constance R. Caplan Gabriel Catone Christo Association Marcel Duchamp Shelley and Vincent Fremont Linda Genereux and Timur Galen Hope Greenberg and Douglas Maxwell Gerard de Gunzburg Christophe Mao David and Susan Marco

Alexandra Nemerov Tracy and Jono Rosen Angelica and Neil Rudenstine Andrew Ruth Gus Solomons, Jr. $250 OR MORE

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery Robert Bordo Cathy Bowman and David Grubbs Bob Colacello, in honor of Agnes Gund Frances D. Fergusson Kathleen Flynn Katherine Goodman Werner H. Kramarsky Modica Carr Art Advisory Lynn Nesbit Janice C. Oresman, in honor of Kathleen Flynn Kristy Santimyer-Melita and Danny Melita Allan Sperling and Ferne Goldberg Heather Thomas and Chet Kerr

Dean Moss Jenna Moss and Jason Simeral Elise Passikoff and Matthew Fleury Elizabeth Payne Joel and Jonathan Pinsky Michael Rabatin Marc A. Schwartz Diane and Craig Solomon Katie and Jonah Sonnenborn Ann Temkin and Wayne Hendrickson Joni Moisant Weyl and Sidney B. Felsen As of January 31, 2020

UP TO $250

Anonymous Roberta Bernstein and Viki Sand James Cohan Kate Damici Donna De Salvo Madeline Djerejian Fiona and Mark Donovan Ruth Fennessy and Chet Moss Ann Gilligan Jeanhie Park Hahn Susan Harris Michael Isenberg Jennie C. Jones Chelsea Keys Gail LeBoff Connie Lewallen John Malpede and Henriette Brouwers


FCA FRIENDS The FCA Friends is a group of forty arts patrons whose annual membership dues underwrite one Grants to Artists award each year.


Caroline Hoffman Paul Leong MEMBERS

Sarah Arison John L. Auerbach Peter Balis Amanda Benchley Anna Blum David Brody and James Castillo Billy Clark Olivier and Alyona Coureau Anthony Dorment Lucia Echavarria Elleree Erdos Charlie Ferrer Jan Geniesse Lily Gildor Stacey Goergen Allison Hadar Astrid Hill Jeremy Hoffman Bree Jeppson Irene Kim Hannah Mensch Louis Miller and Mark Maher Tyler Nelson Henri Neuendorf Payal S. Parekh Selena Parnon Amitha Raman Rebecca Riegelhaupt Storey Schifter Maya Seibert Edward Tang David Traitel Kelsey Weiss



Ian Alteveer Karole Armitage The Armory Show ArtBase Lynda Benglis Roberta Bernstein BOMB Magazine Joe Bradley The Brant Foundation, Inc. The Brooklyn Rail Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP/John Barrie, Tara Newell, Jay Warren Paul Chan Jimmy Chang Chuck Close Dan Colen Anne Collier Stuart Comer Crozier Fine Arts David Kennedy Cutler John Delk Beth Rudin DeWoody Trisha Donnelly Laura Dvorkin The Easton Foundation Derek Eller Gallery Moriah Evans Aaron Fink Gallery Met, The Met Opera/Dodie Kazanjian Alexander Ghiso The Glass House Robert Gober Griffin Editions Wade Guyton The High Line Sharon Coplan Hurowitz ISSUE Project Room Jay Jolly Judd Foundation Wyatt Kahn Lynn Kearcher The Kitchen Roy Lichtenstein Foundation Long Beach Printing Company/Miranda Steiger Matthew Marks Gallery

Lisa Martin Allan McCollum Hannah Mensch MoMA PS1 Maynard Monrow The Museum of Modern Art Robert Panzer Laura Paulson Performa Performance Space New York Jack Pierson Galerie Eva Presenhuber Stephen Prina Maureen Pskowski Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Bernard Rougerie Roulette Ed Ruscha Richard Serra The Shed James Siena Soapbox Strategists/ Hope Greenberg, Catherine Cantave Craig F. Starr Mika Tajima Wayne Thiebaud ULAE/Bill Goldston, Larissa Goldston Lawrence Weiner Works & Process David Zwirner


Emily Berger Lillian Cheever Maggie Chen Veronica Culhane Cara Hudson-Erdman Tam Nguyen

Thank you to the artists and individuals who serve as nominators and panelists for FCA’s grant programs.


Jasper Johns John Cage Lewis Lloyd Alfred Geller Elaine de Kooning David Hayes PAST DIRECTORS HISTORY in chronological order

John Cage Lewis Lloyd Alfred Geller Elaine de Kooning David Hayes Jill Jakes Billy Klüver Carolyn Brown Alexina Duchamp Viola Farber Mark Lancaster Alanna Heiss Brooke Alexander Elizabeth Murray Phill Niblock John Silberman Frances Fergusson Agnes Gund Kara Walker Robert Gober T.J. Wilcox Glenn Ligon SECRETARIES HISTORY

Jill Jakes David Whitney Mark Lancaster Sarah Cooke Picton John Delk Sarah Rulfs


Foundation for Contemporary Arts

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization. BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Cecily Brown Anne Collier Anthony B. Creamer III Anne Dias Jasper Johns Jennie C. Jones Julian Lethbridge Dean Moss Emily Wei Rales James Welling Agnes Gund Director Emerita EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

Stacy Tenenbaum Stark


Deputy Director Kathleen Flynn Program Manager Alexander Thompson

Tax-deductible contributions can be made online or mailed to: 820 Greenwich Street New York, NY 10014

Collections and Operations Manager Anastacia Bloch

Telephone 212-807-7077 Facsimile 212-807-7177 info@contemporary-arts.org

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www.foundationfor contemporaryarts.org

Program Assistant Adrienne Bennett

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PHOTO CREDITS: Photo by Brad Farwell, p. 2 • Photo by Brad Farwell, p. 6 • Portrait of Meredith Monk by Christine Alicino, p. 12 • Photos courtesy The House Foundation for the Arts, p. 13 • Portrait of Kerstin Brätsch by OKNOstudio, p. 14 • Photos by Uli Holz Photography, p. 15 • Portrait of Indran Amirthanayagam by Dominic Sansoni, p. 16 • Portrait of Suzanne Bocanegra by Peter Serling, p. 18 • Photos by Alan Tansey (top) and Rebecca Greenfield (bottom), p. 19 • Portrait of Julian Talamantez Brolaski by Charles Ludvig, p. 20 • Portrait of Hoang Ngoc Đai courtesy of the artist, p. 22 • Photo courtesy of the artist, p. 23 • Portrait of LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs by ˙ ˙ Akinfe Fatou, p. 24 • Portrait of Milka Djordjevich by Lisa Wahlander, p. 26 • Photos by Chris Cameron (top left), Ian Douglas (top right and bottom right), and Gema Galiana (bottom left), p. 27 • Portrait of Carmina Escobar by JB, p. 28 • Photos courtesy of Binaural Nodar (top) and The Broad Museum (bottom), p. 29 • Portrait of Marjani Forté-Saunders courtesy of the artist, p. 30 • Photos by Maria Baranova, p. 31 • Portrait of Jonathan González by Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera, p. 32 • Photos by Maria Baranova (top left and right) and Liz Charky (bottom), p. 33 • Portrait of Brad Kahlhamer by Xavier Tavera, p. 34 • Photo courtesy of the artist, p. 35 • Portrait of NIC Kay by Angelys Ocana, p. 36 • Photos by Dorothee Bran (top) and Sarah-ji Rhee (bottom), p. 37 • Portrait of Sean Meehan by Marcella Meehan, p. 38 • Photo by Yuko Zama, p. 39 • Portrait of jumatatu m. poe by Tayarisha Poe, p. 40 • Photo by Maria Baranova, p. 41 • Portrait of Andrew Schneider by Maria Baranova, p. 42 • Photos by Maria Baranova, p. 43 • Portrait of Julianne Swartz by Chris Kendall, p. 44 • Photos by Stewart Clements (top) and Meghan Marchetti (bottom), p. 45 • Portrait of Marshall Trammell by Otto Oppi Christiansen, p. 46 • Photo courtesy of Southern Exposure, p. 47 • Portrait of Frederick Weston by Gordon Robichaux, p. 48 • Photos by Gregory Carideo, p. 49 • Photo by Christopher Squire (bottom); all photos courtesy of the artist, p. 51

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