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FEATURED ARTISTS | 2020 Timothy Aenensen Carlos Culbertson Saumitra Chandratreya Coralette Damme Cynthia Dill Brandie Dziegiel Jim Gigurtsis

Oleksandra Lisin Teresa Mandala Jabari Reed-Diop (iBOMS) Shelley Kappeler Melanie Posner Jennifer Kosharek


Health equity means that everyone has a fair opportunity to live a healthy life. When we asked Pinellas County artists to share a vision of what health equity looks like to them, their responses were thoughtful, varied and beautiful. From a range of outstanding proposals, thirteen artists were invited to create the work you see here. The range of media, color, styles and subject matter that the artists responded with reminds us that there are many creative ways to approach any question. Art makes life better, plain and simple. Making it and enjoying it are core to our humanity and our health. That’s enough reason to celebrate it. But there are also parallels to be drawn between what goes into creating art and creating social change. Qualities like creativity. Empathy. Appreciation. Hard work. Mastery of medium and technique. The capacity to consider things afresh and break conventions. Perseverance. Social change also requires groups of people working together. The varied responses of these 13 artists--all of whom were asked the same question—is a great reminder of the multiple perspectives, talents and rich diversity of experiences that people bring to the table when working together to build movements and create change. And that’s inspiring.

Thanks go to all the participating artists, to our advisor on this project, Beth Reynolds, and to our volunteer judges Carla Bristol, Amanda Cooper, Latonya Hicks, Bob Devin Jones, Chad Mize and Diane Bailey Morton

Universal Health Equity Zulu Painter

Health equity means there is no place where members of the community are forever in limbo. My painting shows how health equity starts with the individual, goes throughout the community and comes back to support the citizen in their journey for a healthy happy life.

Acrylic on canvas, 2019

Mind Spring Brandie Dziegiel

When I think of health equity tied to mental health, I think of a Florida spring. I think about all the various elements that impact a spring’s health and clarity. If any one of these elements is out of balance, the whole health of springs begins to deteriorate. This is a good metaphor for human health and wellbeing.

Woodblock relief print, 2019

Health is in Your Hands Alex Lisin

I painted my piece to express the fact that health crosses racial and cultural boundaries and makes everyone equal. We deserve to be healthy and deserve to stand side-by-side admiring the beauty of our world without needing to worry if we can afford the healthcare that we need.

Mixed Media, 2019

Equity Hemisphere Teresa Mandala

This piece represents the ideology of health equity, that everyone deserves the right to healthy food and quality healthcare. The silhouette figures remind us that our differences do not matter that we are all human and a part of our environment. When we are aligned to this ideal everyone is supported and the disadvantaged are elevated to the same level of care. The hemisphere shape represents the cycles that are life itself, giving the viewer a unique overhead perspective. Representing the vulnerability in our healthcare system, but with health equity the sun shines on all of us with love.

Porcelain, 2019

Community of Health Shelley Kappeler

My style is folk art that is often seen as accessible and relatable. I paint small vignettes on quarry stone. Some may see the art; some may see the message. My vision for this project is to illustrate a broad array of health equity issues and what it means for us here in Pinellas by painting something unique for each stone. Each one tells its own story. Each one creates a conversation.

Mixed Media, 2019

Natural Health Coralette Damme

In this work, a bold tree is surrounded by numerous delicate little things which compete for your attention while enhancing your enjoyment of the scene before you. Calming, serene colors encourage you to breathe deeply and take it all in as you let go of everything else. Take a minute to explore this piece and imagine yourself exploring the outdoors. Let yourself feel calm, curious, and confident. I hope that my work inspires others to not only experience and enjoy nature, but to also care and act on behalf of the diverse ecosystems that provide us with so many benefits. Mixed Media (Block Print, Screen Print, Acrylic, and Spray Paint), 2019

Stand Together Melanie Posner

My artwork has become a self-reflecting form of meditation for me. It is a journey through my mind and spirit to help me form a healthy and loving acceptance of myself. I use symmetry to give more depth and deeper meanings. This imagery evokes powerful feelings that are installed within us all. I am continuously trying to make my audience feel by letting my paintbrush guide the way. At an early age we are preconditioned to measure ourselves upon a given standard, instead of focusing on the beauty within as an individual. With that, I want people to feel those qualities when looking at my artwork.

Acrylic on board, 2019

Declaration of Health Equity Saumitra Chandratreya

I envision a declaration, being promoted by the City of St. Petersburg where each resident has achieved the optimum health and wellness for themselves with the help from community and city officials. This City of St. Petersburg flag printed with the declaration represents the culmination of efforts that we have all put in to fight for and achieve a more equal environment for us all.

Screen Print and Free Hand Drawing on Muslin, 2019

To Love Our Children Jennifer Kosharek

This whimsical art stresses a message of hope. This piece is about the wish for love and protection for every child. It is also inspired by one of the artist’s favorite children’s books, “The Little Train that Could.”

Acrylic on canvas, 2019


Jabari Reed-Diop (iBOMS) In this piece I try to give the viewer something pleasant and inviting to look at but unbeknown to them there is a deeper truth. I created Pinocchio, a wooden puppet with arguably one the most iconic features being his nose that grows when he speaks a lie. When we lie, the lie itself gets bigger and it stunts our growth as a person. When we tell the truth that is when we start to flourish and truly grow. I depict this in my piece by having tree branches with blooming puffs protruding from my character’s body to show an individual’s growth through truth.

Acrylic on canvas, 2019

Game On!

Jim Gigurtsis

Jim creates art that expresses his thoughts, emotions and dreams to evoke an emotional bond with the viewer. For this painting, he explored the real life human story that a found photo depicted; he captured his emotional response to the children at play. The totality of the image seen from afar dissipates as you get closer to the painting. The view is obscured with accidental marks, unpainted areas and imperfections that represent a moment in the person’s life journey, their decay or re-generation.

Acrylic on canvas, 2019

Health Equity in St. Petersburg, jobs, clean air, green spaces, clean water, safe housing Cynthia R. Dill

We all want good health! An important basis for health equity is access‌ Access to clean air and water, jobs, safe housing and green spaces - all contribute to well being in many ways. Without these the stability and health of both individual and community suffer. Financial means gives people access to all these but sometimes also, amnesia for others less fortunate‌Yet like a rising tide, when all people have access to the basics, the entire community is lifted and health is enhanced‌I want to live in a St. Petersburg which is secure and healthy so that all members can best contribute creative ideas and activism for a more sustainable future!

Oil/wood panel, 2019

Positive Thoughts Change Communities Tim Aanensen

I often find painting birds in their spirited, innocent state, to assist in the depiction of the ageless human condition. The character of these individuals, is expressed in their diverse coloration, activity, and the positive message they are sharing with their community. The health of each member who also awoke, hoping to be part of a loving, thriving, equal, and close community, is encouraged with a smile, and glance.

Acrylic, 2019


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