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Let us inspire you It was once said that behind every great creation of beauty lies an inspiration of equivalent splendor. As this is true in many aspects of life, it is evidently true in the creation of New Giza. Every creator behind New Giza shared one unified idea on what this community would stand for and soon become; a community built on luxury from the glory days infused with today’s modernity. It was from then that the artistic unity and conceptual similarities we shared started becoming a reality. It was up to us to make sure that New Giza was designed with each resident in mind. When we created memorable spaces full of greenery and entertainment, we wanted a place for you to breathe and be able to play with your children. By creating ten neighborhoods within New Giza’s community, we wanted to give you the choice of which view of Cairo you want to wake up to. By providing numerous options for the style of your home, we wanted you find the home that suits you best. And by having every possible need you could ever desire available within our gated community, we want you to feel relaxed. The result of these thoughts, sketches and inspirations will soon become what people speak of as Cairo’s most luxurious, well-rounded community. A place, which provides its residents with everything they ever dreamt of and everything they will ever admire. What began as a few lines on paper will soon become your new lifestyle.

The creators of luxury Degla for Engineering Consultancies, a company with an excellent reputation for its wellknown projects in different areas of Egypt, will ensure the same standards for New Giza, lead by Engineer Mahmoud El Gammal and architect Maged Hosny. Alongside New Giza Design Studio headed by chief Architect Amr Ghaly, it’s no wonder why they have become the leader in their field and are creating the leading residential community in Egypt. Assuming responsibility for managing all phases of the construction process, from the conceptual design phase to project completion, Degla for Project Management will be handling the execution and organization of New Giza. Using their strength of extensive hands-on construction and managerial experience, Degla PM, alongside the world’s renowned architects and designers, ensure the utmost in premium delivery of an upscale astonishing community.

New Giza Design


The creators of memorable spaces With a reputation as the premier landscaping architectural firms in North America, the Houston Couzzo Group (HCG) will be giving New Giza natural scenery to beautify the entire project. By creating 10 unique parks throughout New Giza, HCG has created memorable outside spaces that add value to the community, making it a place for residents to breathe purer air. Within each neighborhood there will be a distinct park, as well as a welcoming park at the main entrance of New Giza. Each park has its own unique identity, with the use of a variety of materials and contemporary themes. Themes of the parks range from sculpture, water-inspired, music-oriented and a Japanese park, to name a few, giving each neighborhood a distinctive character.

In order to create a feeling of connectivity and an infusion of residential spaces with natural surroundings, the notable designs of Earth, New Giza’s town planning firm, will create spaces residents can call home and comfortably enjoy. Following the architectural movement of new urbanism, Earth will create a community, which improves the quality of life for residents and enhances civic spaces for people to come together. Inspired by walkable communities like those in Europe, Earth aims to create memorable spaces, which bring everything closer, simplifying residents’ movement in a holistically planned community, giving that warm feeling to the place you live. By creating a welcoming environment where everything is connected and walking is something we can begin to enjoy again, New Giza will be the first community in Egypt that establishes a self-sustaining, lively community with the ease of mind each resident needs. Earth is affiliated with American-based company Dover, Kohl and Partners, a community planning company focused on revitalizing towns, growing neighborhoods and creating innovative designs. Together, they collaborated during the design studies of New Giza.

Discovering an unmatched location Built with Cairo’s future in mind, New Giza boasts a distinctive location for its residents. Located on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road at kilo 22 within Cairo’s borders, New Giza will be accessible through numerous routes. One can reach New Giza from the Desert road, the 6th of October main road, or through any of the 5 gates surrounding the community.

Master Plan After planning a community built over 1500 acres of land, we have made it our goal to provide you with a breathtaking view in any direction you look from your home. In order to do so, the entire community is built with varying elevations, the highest point being 150 meters above sea level. Each neighborhood is created to have a view, giving our homeowners the choice to view the Pyramids of Giza, Kerdasa, Mansoureya or El Sheikh Zayed City. Overall, we have given a new meaning to living at the top.

Master Plan Key Neighborhoods University Commercial Zone Golf Course Schools Sports Club Golf Hotel Mega Hotel Office Park

Welcome to the community

The community life you’ve been looking for is closer than you think...

Initiating unified movement Escaping from the narrow, congested Cairo streets, we have recreated the streets of Cairo’s glory days‌with our own modern touch. We returned to the days when streets were called boulevards and roads were avenues. Our boulevards and avenues span 45 meters and 30 meters in width, respectively, giving ample space for cars and pedestrians alike. Not only will this create smoother movement, but also it will assure that our children can safely walk on the sidewalk and ride their bikes down the bike lane without worrying about traffic or pollution. And with every elegant touch we add to our community, we must balance it out with a modern and original idea that serves a meaningful purpose. Down the center of the boulevard will be an environmentally friendly, silent electric train, which will simplify movement for residents. Built on a loop around the entire community, with stations in every neighborhood center and facility, the two-car, all glass electric train will become the safest and simplest form of transportation ever experienced by a resident of a community, linking the entire community together. The result of wide boulevards and modern electric trains will be a community built on harmony, with little to no car traffic and a unified form of transportation, making sure our air is clean and our noise is to a minimum. It’s innovations like this that make a community stand out.

Shaping brighter minds Because we understand the importance of education for your children, as well as ours, one of the primary pillars of our community is our institutes of learning. A highly qualified K-12 school with all necessary facilities will be available for our younger ones. What’s more is that an internationally acclaimed university will provide higher learning for our children who have grown and deserve nothing short of the best. After all, giving our children the gift of knowledge is the one way we can assure their future.

Generating comfort and assurance A community would not be complete without sufficient health care, which is why we have provided one of the most reputable international hospitals to care for your every need. Offering distinguished healthcare to all its patients, our international hospital will be making sure all your healthcare needs are met. With 24-hour running facilities, our hospital will aim to provide the highest quality healthcare and service to all its patients. Rest assured, your health and your family’s health will always be in safe hands and will always be right next to you.

Establishing lively communities Every community needs a town center to radiate life and joy, providing never-ending entertainment for its residents and visitors alike. Inspired by European town centers, our town center is created as a predominantly pedestrian area where you can live, work and play. The New Giza town center is designed in a manner where all buildings are aligned harmoniously with the same height, look and feel. What makes it more welcoming is the subtle infusion of shopping, business, culture and residence in one location. The town center will have it all, giving residents little to no reason to head downtown, as all their needs will be one step away. The pedestrian center, or piazza, will be made up of cobblestone streets with outdoor cafÊs scattered around and high-end retail stores on every corner. Fine dining will also be available, while down the street you can visit the library or an art gallery; or enjoy a live outdoor musical performance as you sip your afternoon coffee. The town center is designed to include commercial office space for small companies to be in the heart of New Giza. And because the university is minutes away, small apartments and studios will also be available for university students who don’t want to leave the lively side of New Giza. By creating unity in everyones needs and keeping them constantly satisfied, the town center will not only become the number one choice of entertainment for residents, but will unquestionably become the entertainment hub for the entire district.

Originating success What could be more convenient than working where you live? Within the New Giza business district, high-tech office buildings will be available to those wishing to launch their business within the same community they live in. Moreover, large companies wishing to establish their business within New Giza’s parameters will also be granted this opportunity. With business flourishing within a warm community, the feeling of an all-inclusive, lively city is complete.

Redefining elegant hospitality Because we aim to truly be a full-fledged community, we have included everything there is for a community to offer. Not only do we have residential facilities, but we have also included three luxurious hotels, each catering to specific individuals and their likings. The boutique hotel, located within the commercial zone, will target those wishing to indulge in what our entertainment hub has to offer. It is made with those in mind who enjoy urban life and take pleasure in being surrounded by a lively buzz. For those who wish to enjoy more than just one round of golf, our golf hotel gives them the opportunity to play numerous rounds while admiring the sunset over the greens. It is our mega hotel which will not only mark the beginning of luxurious hotels within a community, but will stand out as one of the most fully-serviced and distinct hotels within Cairo. The mega hotel is designed in such a way that every room has a clear view of the Pyramids, while no room can see the other. It’s impressive design, astonishing view and numerous modern conveniences will turn this from a hotel into a landmark.

Developing healthier lifestyles Feel like playing a game of tennis? How about a match of soccer? Whatever your sport, our full-fledged New Giza sports club will have it. With a professional soccer field, running track, indoor and outdoor swimming pool and courts for all sports, our club is available to all residents to make sure they get their dosage of fitness. Trainers will be at your service and sports for the entire family are available, including our children’s sports corner.

Creating more leisure time Occupying the center of the community is our professional 18-hole golf course designed by world-renowned golf course designers Thomson Perret & Lobb (TP & L). The 200-acre gold course, which will become a landmark in golf courses in Cairo due to its breathtaking view, will satisfy all levels of golf enthusiasts. New Giza is structured aesthetically around the golf course to ensure an abundance of greenery for you. Around the entire golf course will be a running track, giving you a larger place to run in with greenery always by your side. TP & L are recognized worldwide for their quality of work and high level of professional cooperation, and that will be evident in their creation of the core of our community.

Welcome home

Your vision of a unique home in a tranquil neighborhood is right here with us...

Building desired living All homes within New Giza are created with the essence of the past while combining the ingenuity of the future. With a wide range of villas, townhouses and apartment buildings, each home serves a different benefit, while all homes will offer you tranquility and luxury. Ample living space, aesthetic design, cutting edge technology and a relaxing layout are just a few of the things you will enjoy with your new home. Inspired by the rich communities of Europe, we made sure to build a community with innovative designs in order for you to indulge in your surroundings. As you walk down the street in New Giza, you will see different designs and outstanding facades for each home, giving a soul to our community and a character to each home. Not only will you have a selection of homes to choose from, but we have also created ten different residential neighborhoods within our community. Each neighborhood is built on a varying elevation, giving residents exclusivity and a breathtaking view of what Cairo has to offer. It is because of this that we are sure you will find the home that suits you best in the neighborhood of your dreams.

Neo-classic Living In order to bring back luxurious living, our elegant neo-classic homes take us back to the days of richly designed, lavishly decorated villas. Following the styles of old English homes, the neo-classic villa provides a gracious facade to the villas, with red brick finishing, black tile rooftops and simple columns holding up graceful arcs. The layout of these homes remains classic in every aspect while giving each room its desired space. With our neo-classic homes, our community is complete covering a wide spectrum of designs catering to every taste.

The Neoclassic Villa

Modern Living Simplicity is key when designing a modern home. Simple lines combined with expansive windows give these modern villas a futuristic, yet elegant look and feel. Pure white and dark grey shades from the outside mixed with wide glass panels make up these

modern homes and give a spacious feel from the inside and out. All modern homes have a double ceiling entrance and vast space inside giving you room to breathe. Consisting mainly of natural lighting, the modern homes are designed with an inner patio with a garden, which not only brightens your home but also adds nature inside and out. If you choose to live the modern life, you can choose from either our Modern Grand Villa or the Modern Deluxe Villa.

The Modern Grand Villa

Contemporary Living A home that is not only comforting to the eye, but mimics that comfort in its coziness and warmth, our contemporary homes are designed with Egyptian-inspirations in mind. Inspired by the homes of old Heliopolis in terms of color and design, our contemporary homes are designed using earth tones of beige and grey together to compliment one another. By infusing the use of wood, marble and complimentary earth tones, the home begins to develop a calm, warm and soothing character, which adds to the mood of the community. The contemporary home design will come in three sizes; the Contemporary Grand Villa, the Contemporary Deluxe Villa and the Contemporary Standard Villa.

The Contemporary Grand Villa

The Townhouse Those looking for a smaller home with the same advantages of a villa will feel comfortable in our distinctive townhouses within each neighborhood. All townhouses are comprised of connected homes, each with its own driveway, garden and private entrance. Contemporary design is key in the townhouses, with tones of beige and grey clashing with the use of wooden beams and marble cladding. We offer three different designs for our townhouses. One can choose from the Grand Townhouse, the Deluxe Townhouse and the Standard Townhouse. The three-floor Grand Townhouse is elegantly equipped with six bedrooms, each with its own dressing room and bathroom. What makes this townhouse unique is the inner garden patio within each home. This patio will not only illuminate your home, but will also provide a miniature garden within your home for you to enjoy breakfast or read a book.

The Grand Townhouse

The Residence Based on post-modern architecture infusing aesthetic space and a brand new concept in privacy, the apartment district within New Giza will redefine contemporary apartment living. Inspired by the luxurious English apartments of Mayfair and Park Lane, the apartment buildings, which come in three different building types, the linear residence, corner residence and the linear residence II. Each designed with a simplistic design using beautifying elements, red bricks compose the majority of the building, with marble and wooden beams inserted to compliment the brick. Designed in reference to the luxurious apartments of the past, the entrance to each apartment building is created with a wide lobby and reception, including a vast area separating each apartment from its neighbor. To tie nature into each apartment building, large-sized glass openings will bring in natural light from the visage of each building. This natural light will also flow into each apartment from the inner patios within the buildings furnished with greenery and palm trees. Our semi-finished apartments come in all styles and sizes to accommodate any individual’s needs. Each apartment will also be provided with underground parking and a storage area. Because the majority of the apartment neighborhood is a pedestrian area with open parks, we created three entrances to each building; one main entrance from the street, and two from the garden park side. This is to ensure your children’s safety giving them a safe return home after playing in the park. With luxury apartment living recreated, the result is a new home for you, suited with every touch, desire and innovation you could dream of; giving you the least amount of worry and the highest amount of comfort.

The Corner Residence

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