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From E.M.C. we offer a wide range of technical and economic solutions to your needs about production, consumption and marketing of energy in the following fields: 

Photovoltaic Roofs.

Recycling & Recovering Urban and Forest Wastes .

Implementation of Thermosolar and Concentrated Photovoltaic Plants.

Implementation of On-Shore and OffShore wind farms.

Implementation of Mini-Hydraulic Tecnologies.

Improvement and Implementation of industrial Cogeneration processes.

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Energy Resources Management

THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOUR ENERGY HERITAGE Investments Potfolio Our professionals have developed different types of investments to be able to accommodate all your needs: Photovoltaic Roofs :

Since our company we would like to convey our desire of giving you the máximum develope about all your energy investments, in order to achieve greater economic rates in your business portfolio, while improving your environmental image.

We are specialized in capital management for renewable energy production and waste recovery investments

Our investment range of national and international level, gets above 10% returns rate for periods ranging from 15 to 25 years .

If within their real estate has large areas covered, we can manage your investment in photovoltaic or find an investor to rent the same. We are obtaining profits over 10%.

One of our most requested products by investment funds. It requires huge financial investments, which are supported in the latest technological developments, generating returns above 17% for 25 years.

Recycling & Recovering Urban and Forest Wastes : Destined to municipalities or Owners Associations who want to solve their waste problems. Supporting us in recent technological processes, we give solution to the disposal of the same while you are obtaining some large economic returns. (above 20%)

 Improvement and Implementation of industrial Cogeneration processes.

Implementation of Thermosolar & Concentrated Photovoltaic Plants :

Implementation of On-Shore an Off-Shore wind farms : This is one of the most promoted and profitable future investment for the state governments.

Implementation of Mini-Hydraulic Tecnologies: Available from small investments, conditioned by the location of small hydraulic jumps. Profits are about 9%

Energy Management & Consulting  

Folder of Renewable Services

Energy Management & Consulting  

Folder of Renewable Services