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Leaflet design. Paper types When creating a Leaflet there are multiple types of media, the most common are: 1) Coated paper. It is used mainly for printing Leaflet, catalogs and Leaflet quality. It can be glossy and matt, and has a larger amount of ink, so drying time is lengthened. It is a role that offers a much more sophisticated and elegant look, which gives the publication an appearance of higher quality. 2) Offset paper. This is the plain paper used by copiers or laser printers. Although there is a large amount of colors, the most used color is white. Often it is used for letters, books, pamphlets simple ... because it is a low gloss paper and highlights from the previous. As for the weights, is dec go, the weight of one square meter of paper, the most common are: - In the offset weights ranging between 60 and 350 grams. - The print medium weight stands at 80 grams for single publications. A heavier weight, higher quality. Thus, items such as business cards, signage ... usually printed on paper of 300 grams. Leaflet design At some point in this career, most companies often use leaflets to connect with their audience. However, the catalogs are not always used in the right way or do not exploit enough. To properly use a leaflet, it is necessary to differentiate the many uses it can have and choose the one that suits us every time. 1) First catalogs are direct, ie, those who are sent by mail to potential customers to let them know your business and thus targeting them. 2) Then there are the sales leaflets, i.e., those that are often included with other materials such as business cards and corporate folders. They have a much more professional look. 3) At the time that you go to an exhibition or event a sector can use leaflets to show attendees the products and services of the company. 4) FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions, is another type of brochure that answers the most common questions. Users may have about a business.

Leaflet design How many parts does a leaflet? A prospectus is a document whose primary function is the promotion of products or services offered by a company and often delivered by hand or mail. So far so good, but at the time of creating one of these publications ... how many types are there? What parts are? In response to the first question, the leaflets are divided into two parts, triptychs (three parts) and quadric (four parts). In turn, the leaflet can be bound, in a zig zag or window while the quadric has two options, as a window or double parallel. In this article all types of leaflets are represented: Diptych, triptych, quadriptych Once we opted for one of these three types of leaflets (all depends on the amount of information we need to transmit), the next step consists in their making. To do this, we must know that all brochures has the following parts: Of these elements, the internal holders are one of the most important because, along with images parties help group information in different blocks, which makes the design more attractive, especially when the amount of information is plentiful. Finally, when we know what type of leaflets we will use and what information to include in it, we must consider a number of recommendations for the publication to be effective: Starting players and the subtitles should capture the attention of our target audience, being attractive and outstanding and above all, offering information of interest. It is imperative to fully explain the product or service, highlighting its benefits, in order to avoid any doubt. We try to explain that texts all possible but without being too dense detail. All must help booklet of photographs to demonstrate the performance of the products or services and make more attractive leaflet visually.

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Starting players and the subtitles should capture the attention of our target audience, being attractive and outstanding and above all, offe...

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