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Intermediate level


The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

Intermediate level / The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

It was just a regular day for the inhabitants of the Earth. But for the Earth itself it was not. She was sad and annoyed since a long time ago. Rather than annoyed, she was upset and angry with the Sun. Why? You are probably wondering. Children in the planet had gotten used not to leave home so often. They plaid, ran and jumped in the corridors, beds and sofas (that when their moms couldn’t see them, of course). They never went to the field, mountains or to the sea as they used to. The Earth blamed the Sun for all that. She especially blamed his powerful rays, which were capable of penetrating the children’s skin and aging it. The Earth had always loved the Sun and she appreciated his importance and need, since he sends us energy in the form of light and warmth, he helps plants grow and produce oxygen, strengthens the children’s bones and teeth and, above all, he makes us feel a lot better.

How come children didn’t want to go out and play outside anymore?



Intermediate level / The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

In the IsdinSunLab the day was unfolding as usual. Suddenly: Riiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg! The red alarm telephone sounded, which the President of the World only used in very important occasions. The emails entry tray of the IsdinSunProtectors started getting filled with many many messages and mobile phones didn’t stop ringing.

! g g ng

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- Super Fusion Boy speaking, Mr. President –he answered immediately. - I need you all – said Mr. President- We are in alarm status! The Earth has stopped spinning around. And the Sun is getting closer and closer! The images of the satellites have confirmed it. - Don’t worry, Mr. President. This is a mission for the IsdinSunProtectors. In less than 24 hours everything will go back to normality, you can trust us. –answered Super Fusion Boy immediately.

You have a new mail You have a new mail You have a new mail You have a new mail You have a new mail You have a new mail



Intermediate level / The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

Super Fusion Boy put down the telephone very concerned and they started looking one another. They were all well aware of the seriousness of the situation. -What a disaster! –exclaimed Gel Cream, who was always worried about health –The skin of all humans is in danger!

- Listen! – said Transparent Spray –I have discovered how everything has started. And he explained the others what he had discovered while trying to connect his cutting-edge mobile with the solar supersatellite in order to show them an amazing video. Through Internet he had found some incredible images.

-The world needs the balance of the Solar System. If the Earth does not spin around and the Sun doesn’t come close to the Earth… - Mister Lotion preferred not to end up the sentence.



Intermediate level / The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

The IsdinSunProtectors take action. - What the Earth likes the most – started explaining Transparent Spray –is feeling the children play on it, at

the beaches, how they run while doing sport outdoors, climb mountains… -But all that is changing –reflected Aftersun –Children stay less time outdoors because they realize the Sun damages their skin. Lastly, Transparent Spray connected the video…



Intermediate level / The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

-Sun! –yelled the Earth. –Why are you causing damage to the children’s skin? -Don’t blame just me, Earth –answered the Sun, offended –If humans had only taken better care of you… -Sometimes adults are not conscious of the fact that they are damaging me. But what do children have to do with it? –answered the Earth. -Children, children… -said the Sun making fun of the Earth. Then, the Earth got upset and suddenly it stopped moving. That provoked the Sun even more and he went crazy and didn’t stop coming closer and going further away from the Earth while laughing. The Solar System had become a chaos since this argument. The other planets also didn’t know how to spin around. In some places in the world it was very hot and in others too cold; the water’s cycle had stopped; plants started drying out; many animal were sleeping because they thought they had to overwinter while those overwintering woke up suddenly. Humans were afraid and hid home.


Intermediate level / The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

-If in 24 hours the Earth hasn’t started spinning around again, it shall be the beginning of the end –said Super Fusion Girl –don’t forget that skin cells have memory and what occurs in these hours is vital for the hormones’ health.

- We must keep a cold mind. First step: Information, we already know many things. The Sun and the Earth are very upset. Second step: Deduction, it seems that they are both right, doesn’t it? –said Mister Lotion.


- Indeed –confirmed Gel Cream –It is important to protect humans against UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays that are the ones that can be harmful, since they can even burn skin and speed up the aging process. But it is also true that the Earth had a protective layer, that is becoming thinner and thinner and with more holes due to the many imprudences of humans. - Third step: Solution, we must find the way to persuade the Earth for it to start spinning around again. –said Mr. Lotion.


Intermediate level / The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

Brainstorming All the IsdinSunProtectors got together in a circle and yelled in unison: Photoprotection action! -Ideas! We need ideas in order to persuade the Earth. –said Super Fusion Boy. -I know –replied Aftersun, the voice of experience – We’ll tell her that we are going to do, what we can do best: teach children how to protect themselves against the Sun. -Aftersun, do you think that it is enough if we just tell her that? –asked Super Fusion Girl.


-Of course! –assured Aftersun. If the Earth sees that the children learn how to take care of their skin and enjoy of the Sun well protected, she shall be happy again. -All that is what we are going to teach them –added Aftersun, while he showed them a long list –we shall explain them the benefits and risks of the Sun, how they must apply the photoprotector properly…. -Stop, stop, stop!!! – interrupted Transparent Spray –you sound like an encyclopedia! I think it is a very good idea, but we must find the way to make the information reach the children in a more effective and fun way.


Intermediate level / The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

-I suggest flying over the world with light aircrafts and show the most important messages –said Gel Cream very moved –“Apply the photoprotector half an hour before leaving home on dry skin”, “Apply it again several times a day” “Avoid exposing yourself to the Sun between 12pm and 4pm”… -But first of all we should explain them why is it necessary to protect the skin –said Mr Lotion –Maybe they think that since their skin acts as a protecting shield they don’t need anything else. But that is not enough. Skin needs additional protection, since ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate through the skin layers.

Lady Foam was listening eager and she was waiting to be given the opportunity to talk. -We don’t have to only explain the dangers of the Sun! We should remind children that the Sun is necessary to live, but that we have to protect ourselves well in order to enjoy it. I would design a picture card collection with the benefits and the dangers of the Sun. When she heard the word design, the eyes of Super Fusion Girl lighted up.

-We could also design a very bright and colorful collection of T-shirts, caps, sunglasses and sunshades so that children always want to wear them.



Intermediate level / The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

-We could warn them that at the beach, in the mountains or in the snow, solar rays rebound and grow stronger. That is why children must protect themselves even more – Transpartent Spray had still not ended his speech, when Gel Cream interrupted him. -And are these the messages we’ll write in my light aircraft? –asked Gel Cream, who already saw himself piloting… -You’ve also forgotten one important thing. Each child is different –said Aftersun - He / she can have fair or dark skin, different eye and hair color… there is a chromatic scale that goes from a person with very fair skin up to a black person. And even though everyone must protect himself / herself against the Sun, people with the fairest skin must be especially careful.


- IsdinSunProtectors!!!, said Super Fusion Boy very proud –all your ideas are brilliant…but we can’t forget that we have IsdinSunLab, the best tool to reach every child quickly and be able to pass on this knowledge. We must start taking action. Time goes bye and the Earth must start spinning around again. So…

Photoprotection Action!!!


Intermediate level / The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

Message to the Earth Super Fusion Boy knew it was time to take action. From IsdinSunLab and through the great satellite of the observatory in Tenerife, he talked to the Earth.

-Earth, please, we are the IsdinSunProtectors! Can you hear us? –asked Super Fusion Boy again.

-Earth! You have something no other planet in the Solar System has. Neither Mercury, nor Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. Not even the Sun! you have life: plants, trees, rivers, birds, animals and human beings. You are the luckiest planet. But if you stop spinning around life will find an end.

-Yes, perfectly. –answered the Earth with a little bit of arrogance.

Lady Foam, sure that her convincing words had had the desired effect, gave Super Fusion Boy the floor again.

-Earth, we are the IsdinSunProtectors!, can you hear us? At the beginning there was no answer. Not even a murmur.


Lady Foam, managed to slip gracefully before the microphone moving Super Fusion Boy aside, looked at the camera and addressed the Earth with her fascinating voice.


Intermediate level / The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

- Children are both the key and the solution of the problem. If they learn at an early stage in their lives to respect you and to take care of their skin, they will be able to enjoy the Sun – assured Super Fusion Boy – And therefore we commit ourselves to teach them how to do it. Super Fusion Boy explained the Earth how they meant to spread the photoprotection need to all children. This way they would start playing, running and enjoying themselves again outdoors. The Earth started smiling, she seemed to be seeing sense. -What is the secret to protect their skin? –said the Earth. -Photoprotection –answered all the IsdinSunProtectors in unison.



Intermediate level / The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

And the Earth, without saying a word, started spinning around again. All together they have persuaded her. Then, they explained the Sun the result of the conversation with the Earth, and he went back to his place. But there was still something else to be done‌


From that day on the IsdinSunProtectors with the help of fathers, mothers, teachers, doctors and pharmacists continue explaining children how they must protect themselves against the Sun.



Intermediate level / The day that the Earth stopped spinning around

Remember: The Sun is very important for our lives, but its UVA and UVB rays can harm our skin. Therefore you must protect yourself. • Apply photoprotector 30 minutes before leaving home on dry skin. Apply it several times a day.

And don’t forget the five weapons you can protect yourself with:

Photoprotector, cap, sunglasses, T-shirt and sunshade.

• Avoid exposing yourself to the Sun from 12pm until 4pm. • Be especially careful in the mountains, in the snow and at the beach. • If it is hot; drink often water. • Remoisturize your skin with aftersun.

See you in the next mission of the IsdinSunProtectors!

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