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Volume II


Alex Isaacs - ‘Macro Adventure’ Angie Hill - ‘Meetings with Shadows and Ancient Things’ Tineke Morgan - ‘Blurred, Colours and Shapes’ Ruth Bourne - ‘Alternate Realities’ Karen Dewson - ‘Daily Observations’ Maddy Pennock - ‘Quiet in the Landscape’ James Boardman-Woodend - ‘Abstract Photography’ Judy Knights - ‘Auschwitz’ Barrie Glover - ‘Locked-down, Locked-out, Locked-in and Looking-back’

Alex Isaacs Macro Adventure

These images are contemporary because they have been taken as a result of lockdown. Macro Photography is not something I have attempted seriously before. The subjects of the images were found either in my garden or in my fridge. Aphids, tomatoes and cucumbers all presented their own challenges which I very much enjoyed trying to overcome.

Alex Isaacs 01 cucumber one

Alex Isaacs 02 Cucumber two

Alex Isaacs 03 Cucumber three

Alex Isaacs 04 tomato one

Alex Isaacs 05 tomato two

Alex Isaacs 06 tomato three

Alex Isaacs 07 Aphid one

Alex Isaacs 08 Aphid two

Alex Isaacs 09 Aphid three

Alex Isaacs 10 Aphid four

Alex Isaacs 11 Aphid five

Angie Hill

Meetings with Shadows and Ancient Things

These images were taken locally in and around my village of Martley during my permitted daily walks. I am fascinated by shapes and patterns and things that aren't always what they seem to be, especially the way light can create something out of nothing. The ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary. A hidden and magical world where Triassic mermaids swim in a vertical quarry face, where shadows slide across green water like gauze veils and where ancient trees tell stories of harsh times and survival. In the woods the light creates abstract sculpture and calligraphic shapes.

Angie Hill 01 Embrace

Angie Hill 02 Shadow calligraphy

Angie Hill 03 Ancient wounds

Angie Hill 04 Dark Veil

Angie Hill 05 Shadow dance

Angie Hill 06 Sculptural

Angie Hill 07 Breaking the Surface

Angie Hill 08 Walking on water

Angie Hill 09 Triassic faultlines

Angie Hill 10 Another world

Angie Hill 11 Triassic mermaid

Tineke Morgan Blurred, Colours and Shapes

These handmade blurred patterns are made using special techniques, styles and colours. Typically they consist of folding, twisting, pleating, styling and colouring and treatments on pieces of cotton, silks, fabrics or garments called 'Shibori Tie-Dye'. I see 'Shibori Tie-Dye' as an art form. I took the other two 'Blurred Images at Night' when I was in Bali. I was surprised to see the result of these images. For me, the combination of wood, brass, colours and details on my 'Wooden Brass Textures' image looks unique in panel style.

Tineke Morgan 01 Handmade Blurred Patterns

Tineke Morgan 02 Handmade Blurred Patterns

Tineke Morgan 03 Handmade Blurred Patterns

Tineke Morgan 04 Curly Shapes

Teneke Morgan 05 Wooden Brass Textures

Teneke Morgan 06 Blurrred Garden at Night

Teneke Morgan 07 Blurrred Trees at Night

Ruth Bourne Alternate Realities

A quick dip into my back catalogue. These are presented primarily as individual images, the common link being the use of various camera techniques that capture a somewhat different view, including longer and double exposures and intentional camera movement.

Ruth Bourne 01 She passes by

Ruth Bourne 02 -Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!-_

Ruth Bourne 03 Clusters

Ruth Bourne 04 Entanglements

Ruth Bourne 05 Living doll

Ruth Bourne 06 Immured spirit

Ruth Bourne 07 Eades Meadow spring_

Ruth Bourne 08 The Arrival

Ruth Bourne 09 Seek the fount

Ruth Bourne 010 Passing through

Ruth Bourne 011 Sanctuary

Karen Dewson Daily Observations

As the morning light casts its soft glow highlights track across the landscape of gentle undulations.

Taken with Blackie App on iPhone SE.

Karen Dewson 01

Karen Dewson 02

Karen Dewson 03

Karen Dewson 04

Karen Dewson 05

Karen Dewson 06

Karen Dewson 07

Maddy Pennock Quiet in the Landscape

Everyone is talking about lockdown in towns and cities during this pandemic. Others are leaning out of the window to join in the clapping for NHS front line staff, but what about if you live in the rural countryside? It is silent, bar the sound of birdsong. I am fortunate to be able to walk along the River Severn to get my regular exercise in the quiet of the countryside with little to disturb me save the birds and my family group. Everything is hushed like a winter landscape. I have recreated that peaceful effect by photographing in infrared. There is a hushed beauty as nature continues on its way. I chose to process some of the images using false colour and with some there is a sense of anxiety and impending doom reflecting my response to this virus.

1_Maddy Pennock_Stillness

2_Maddy Pennock_Quiet

3_Maddy Pennock_Behind Closed Doors

4_Maddy Pennock_Together Alone

5_Maddy Pennock_Undisturbed

6_Maddy Pennock_Calm

7_Maddy Pennock_Muffled Landscape

8_Maddy Pennock_A changed Landscape

9_Maddy Pennock_Fantasy Landscape

10_Maddy Pennock_Peaceful Outlook

11_Maddy Pennock_Seclusion

James Boardman-Woodend Abstract Photography

The ‘Snow in the Woodlands’ is an ICM image & the ‘Kilve Rocks’ is a pure straight shot. All the rest are multi-exposure pictures with approx. half of the multi-exposures done on my iPhone using the App ‘PhotoSplit’ & the rest in PhotoShop.

James B-Woodend 01.-Metal & Wood

James B-Woodend 03- Flowers

James B-Woodend 04- Bowl of fruit

James B-Woodend 04- Bowl of fruit

James B-Woodend 05- Covid 19

James -B-Woodend 06- Blue Skies Ahead

James B-Woodend 07- Ejected

James B-Woodend 08- Clear Water

James B-Woodend 09- Snow in the Woods

James B-Woodend 10- Roof Tile

James B-woodend 11- Kilve Rocks

Judy Knights Auschwitz

75 years ago in 1945 saw the Liberation of the Concentration Camps in both Germany and Poland. In 2017 I visited Auschwitz – Birchenau which was the largest of all the camps. It remains to this day a very emotional place and a highly potent reminder of Mans’ inhumanity to Man. I suppose it is some comfort that these places, where such terrible things happened, are being visited by younger generations - I just hope they do actually realise what did happen there.

01_Judy Knights_Main Gate

02_Judy Knights_barrack block

03_Judy Knights_Polish people killed

04_Judy Knights_Shoes taken

05_Judy Knights_Electric fencing

06_Judy Knights_Killing yard memorial


08_Judy Knights_Railway track in

09_Judy Knights_Memorial

Barrie Glover

Locked-down, Locked-out, Locked-in and Looking-back

I haven’t taken a single image with my camera since Buenos Aires in late February, we’ve been in lockdown since after passing through Rome airport. While sorting out my back-catalogue images for Facebook friends I rediscovered an old plugin which I had used as an experiment to discuss with Martin and Clive earlier in the year. I conducted a simple exercise; I used one image and activated each of the thirty options provided in turn, I did not use any of the plethora of available adjusting sliders. I selected an old soft image; it is a photograph of Musk Mallow, a plant that grows in abundance in one small area locally. The first image is my starting point image; I include a selection here which are individually named by the plug-in.

Barrie Glover 01 Musk Mallow

Barrie Glover 02 Ballero

Barrie Glover 03 Brickwork

Barrie Glover 04 Clapper Board

Barrie Glover 05 Crosswalk

Barrie Glover 06 Flakes Power

Barrie Glover 07 Foliation

Barrie Glover 08 Layer Cake

Barrie Glover 09 Shreader

Barrie Glover 10 Surreal

Barrie Glover 11 Woodstock

Worcestershire Camera Club Contemporary Photography Group ‘Viewpoint’ Vol. II © May 2020

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WCC Contemporary Photography Group 'Viewpoint' May 2020 Vol. II  

Worcestershire Camera Club Contemporary Photography Group Portfolio

WCC Contemporary Photography Group 'Viewpoint' May 2020 Vol. II  

Worcestershire Camera Club Contemporary Photography Group Portfolio

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