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Peter Young - ‘City Arcade’ Nigel Reader - ‘Berrington Hall’ Tessa Mills - ‘Road Shadows’ John Hoath - ‘Capturing the Spirit’ Lucy Allum - ‘Perspectives on Everyday Things’ Eric Williams - ‘Saltaire’ Karen Dewson - ‘Paper Folding’ Richard Sarginson - ‘Do You See What I see?’ Judy Knights - ‘A Surprise in Stourbridge’ Dr. Charles Ashton - ‘Black Lives Matter’ Paul Mann - ‘Ice Cream I Scream’ Clive Haynes - ‘From the Organist’s Point of View’ James Boardman-Woodend - ‘A Cold Winter in Venice’ Alex Isaacs - ‘Steps’ Bob Oakley - ‘Monument to Callerton Parkway’

Peter Young City Arcade

You may not have passed this way so early in the morning on a bright summer day, when the light and shade make angled patterns that break up the strict verticals and horizontals of the shops on either side, almost camouflaging the passageway with ‘dazzle’. And if you’re a pigeon, you’ve certainly found nowhere comfortable to land along here. So come before the shops are open, and take a moment to enjoy the unexpected appearance of this empty thoroughfare, no longer blanking it out in striving to get somewhere else.

Peter Young 01 City Arcade

Peter Young 02 City Arcade

Peter Young 03 City Arcade

Peter Young 04 City Arcade

Peter Young 05 City Arcade

Peter Young 06 City Arcade

Peter Young 07 City Arcade

Peter Young 08 City Arcade

Peter Young 09 City Arcade

Peter Young 10 City Arcade

Peter Young 11 City Arcade

Nigel Reader

Berrington Hall

The public are now again allowed to visit this Georgian building and parkland but are confined to the garden and park. The house is closed, so that the only perspective on it is from the outside looking on or in. With blinds drawn and some doors and windows blanked off it felt as if the house was engaging all too readily with current restrictions.

Nigel Reader_Berrington_01

Nigel Reader_Berrington_02

Nigel Reader_Berrington_03

Nigel Reader_Berrington_04

Nigel Reader_Berrington_05

Nigel Reader_Berrington_06

Nigel Reader_Berrington_07

Nigel Reader_Berrington_08

Nigel Reader_Berrington_09

Nigel Reader_Berrington_10

Nigel Reader_Berrington_11

Tessa Mills

Road Shadows

Early on in lockdown, on my constitutional walk, I appreciated the fresh air and empty roads. The sun was casting tree shadows as if nature was reclaiming our un-used spaces. The road was an open canvass with a pedestrian's right to walk down the middle safely, whilst appreciating the subtleties of nature winning over tarmac.

1. Road shadow Tessa 80

2. Road shadow Tessa 236

3. Road shadow Tessa 247

4. Road shadow. Tessa 248

5. Road shadow Tessa 249

6. Road shadow. Tessa 259

7.Road Shadow Tessa 264

8. Road Shadow. Tessa 272

9. Road Shadow. Tessa 276

10. Road Shadow. Tessa 280

11. Road Shadow 284

John Hoath Capturing the Spirit

‘Lockdown’ has prevented me from getting around very much, reminding me of Duke Ellington’s song ‘Don’t get around much anymore’. These images originate from a book I made in 2018 which was about capturing the essence or spirit of animal life. Not a photo of the animal but more about the life-force or character of the creature. I began by making paper sculptures of animals and bugs, some of these became imaginary or mystical creatures but I like to think they might also have a spiritual presence. In the book I did not indicate what the sculptures represented. I left that to the imagination of the readers. It was surprising to hear the variety of interpretations

John Hoath 01

John Hoath 02

John Hoath 03

John Hoath 04

John Hoath 05

John Hoath 06

John Hoath 07

John Hoath 08

John Hoath 09

John Hoath 10

John Hoath 11

Lucy Allum

Perspectives on Everday Things

During lockdown, when I haven't been looking after my mum, I have spent a lot of time in my garden and a lot of that time in the greenhouse. I realise I am incredibly lucky to have both, and do feel that it is the ability to spend so much time outside that has kept me relatively sane. All the following images are from my greenhouse, trying to get slightly different perspectives on everyday things. The first image is to set the scene.

Lucy Allum 01 The Greenhouse

Lucy Allum 02 Tamping Board

Lucy Allum 03 Lollo Rosso

Lucy Allum 04 Mechanisms

Lucy Allum 05 Labels

Lucy Allum 06 Netting

Lucy Allum 07 Pots

Lucy Allum 08 Chili Pepper Flower

Lucy Allum 09 Chili Pepper Fruit

Lucy Allum 10 Lettuce

Lucy Allum 11 Chaos

Eric Williams


Saltaire is a Victorian model village built in the 1850s on the vision of Sir Titus Salt, an industrialist, philanthropist and politician. His new woollen mill stood on the River Aire and was connected to the docks at Liverpool by the Leeds & Liverpool canal that was used to ferry alpaca wool from South America to be woven into fine cloth. Salt built neat stone houses for his workers (much better than the slums of Bradford), wash-houses with tap water, bath-houses, a hospital and an institute for recreation and education, with a library, a reading room, a concert hall, billiard room, science laboratory and a gymnasium. The village had a school for the children of the workers, almshouses, allotments, a park and a boathouse. Recreational initiatives were also encouraged such as the establishment of a drum and fife band for school-age boys and a brass band. These days, the mill is no longer producing fine cloth and has been turned into a living museum and art gallery. It houses the largest collection of works by David Hockney. Saltaire is a fitting tribute to the ideal of the Victorian philanthropist and was awarded World Heritage Site status in 2001.

01 Eric Williams Saltaire

02 Eric Williams Victorian Industrial

03 Eric Williams 150 Years of Decay

04 Eric Williams Mill Artefacts

05 Eric Williams Red Pipes - Photographers’ Delight

06 Eric Williams Homage to Warhol

07 Eric Williams Art Gallery

08 Eric Williams Hockney Collection

09 Eric Williams Mill Workers’ Housing

10 Eric Williams Public Buildings

11 Eric Williams A Working Town

Karen Dewson

Paper Folding

Over a couple of weeks during lockdown I worked through a book that’s been gathering dust on my shelf: Folding Techniques for Designers - From Sheet to Form. Many sheets of plain white paper and a few hours later and I have a shoe box full of folded forms.

Karen Dewson 01 One Crease, One Break

Karen Dewson 02 More than One Crease

Karen Dewson 03 Glide Reflection

Karen Dewson 04 Parabola

Karen Dewson 05 Parabola

Richard Sarginson

Do You See What I See?

Flame Fractals tend to be abstract, but exploring those produced by Jwildfire, and through half-closed eyes, some level of reality might sometimes surface. The titles reveal my imaginings, but what else is there? What can someone else see that I miss? Or do observers get caught by the titles, which thus allow me to dictate, and limit your vision?

Richard Sarginson 01 Living In Our Bubble

Richard Sarginson 02 An Intergalatic Superhighway

Richard Sarginson 03 and a Footstep Appeared

Richard Sarginson 04 Purple Doughnut

Richard Sarginson 05 Spiral Spider’s Web

Richard Sarginson 06 Scissorhands

Richard Sarginson 07 Dolphin Hunting

Richard Sarginson 08 A Rather Strange Bird

Richard Sarginson 09 The Ascot Hat

Judy Knights

A Surprise in Stourbridge

On one of our recent sunny and windy days a friend took me to a really interesting churchyard in Stourbridge. It was not one of those manicured graveyards – the grass in places was waist high and the amazing monuments were all over the place and in various states of decay! The majority originated in the Victorian era when Stourbridge was in its industrial heyday and this was reflected in the original grandeur of some of the tombs. Many had been built with the local sandstone which sadly had not withstood the weather over time and the trees that had just grown up randomly between them. I hope these images give a sense of past glories and the passing of time. They were all taken on an iPhone, but I do hope to return with my infrared camera.

01_Judy Knights_Church view

02_Judy Knights_Greek Column

03_Judy Knights_Seen better days

04_Judy Knights_Local Stone

05_Judy Knights_Windswept vista

06_Judy Knights_Tree problem

07_Judy Knights_RootProblem

08_Judy Knights_Stone breaking up

09_Judy Knights_Sandstone memorials

Dr. Charles Ashton Black Lives Matter

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, USA, unleashed a wave of protest in spite of the ‘lockdown’. People of all creeds and colours took to the streets to protest against systemic racism. These are a series of images from the edge of the demonstrations in London at Parliament Square on two sequential Saturdays. They are documentary style with the photographic truth of the image preserved. The protesters were happy to be photographed and often arranged themselves spontaneously.

Black Lives Bikers

Black Lives Matter

Guarding Churchill

Riot Control

Paul Mann Ice Cream

I Scream

Have you ever found objects that are so hideous they become attractive? Fridge magnets, Kiss me quick hats, child's helium balloons to name a few. Well, I hate large ice cream adverts, big ones, standing on the pavement outside a shop waiting for people to bump into or for dogs to piss on. In my mind they were hideous until I looked more closely, then I started to photograph them. Suddenly I found them attractive, in a weird way. They are over- scaled, badly coloured, roughly made, often grubby but this all adds to their seductive charm. I often feel self concessions photographing them, people glance at me strangely. I expect to hear someone shout “It’s not real you know, you can buy one in the shop!”. Would I lick one? Definitely not!

Paul Mann 01 Ice Cream

Paul Mann 02 Ice Cream

Paul Mann 03 Ice Cream

Paul Mann 04 Ice Cream

Paul Mann 05 Ice Cream

Paul Mann 06 Ice Cream

Paul Mann 07 Ice Cream

Paul Mann 08 IceCream

Paul Mann 09 Ice Cream

Paul Mann 10 Ice Cream

Paul Mann 11 Ice Cream

Clive Haynes

From the Organist’s Point of View

Whether in an ‘organ loft’, positioned behind a ‘squint’ or situated in a corner of a church, the organist needs a view of the lectern or pulpit to know what’s going on. Rather than risking a cricked neck, organists have resorted to numerous ploys and quirky solutions using mirrors from such things as the bathroom, the car, camping, etc. We’re left with the conclusion that although the organist’s participation is essential, a great deal of expense has been spared.

Clive Haynes 01 From the Organist’s Point of View

Clive Haynes 02 From the Organist’s Point of View

Clive Haynes 03 From the Organist’s Point of View

Clive Haynes 04 From the Organist’s Point of View

Clive Haynes 05 From the Organist’s Point of View

Clive Haynes 06 From the Organist’s Point of View

Clive Haynes 07 From the Organist’s Point of View

Clive Haynes 08 From the Organist’s Point of View

Clive Haynes 09 From the Organist’s Point of View

Clive Haynes 10 From the Organist’s Point of View

Clive Haynes 11 From the Organist’s Point of View

James Boardman-Woodend A Cold Winter in Venice

Some images of Venice shot during a cold winter January trip. I love Venice at this time of year - central hotels that don’t bust the budget, hardly any tourists and with luck you might even get rain, fog or snow. Venice very late at night (when most sensible people are tucked up in bed) is particularly beautiful.

James B-Woodend 01

James B-Woodend 02.jog

James B-Woodend 03

James B-Woodend 04

James B-Woodend 05

James B-Woodend 06

James B-Woodend 07

James B-Woodend 08

James B-Woodend 09

James B-Woodend 10

James B-Woodend 11

Alex Isaacs Steps

Life consists of a series of steps. Sometimes big steps are taken and sometimes small ones. Maybe our steps are directed and other times they may be of our choosing. One step goes before the next making a path on our journey. We take positive steps, tentative steps, faltering or negative steps. We leave our footprint as we go.

Alex Isaacs 01 steps

Alex Isaacs 02 steps

Alex Isaacs 03 steps

Alex Isaacs 04 steps

Alex Isaacs 05 steps

Alex Isaacs 06 steps

Alex Isaacs 07 steps

Alex Isaacs 08 steps

Alex Isaacs 09 steps

Alex Isaacs 10 steps

Alex Isaacs 11 steps

Bob Oakley

Monument to Callerton Parkway

Some people have a fear of travelling by public transport and are even more fearful of trains that run underground. Several unknowns come into play and contribute to those fears. Which line do I want and in which direction ? Am I going down the right escalator and will I trip over ? Will I get onto the right platform ? Will I get on the right train ? Will it crash ? This series of pictures taken on several journeys along this part of the Tyne & Wear Metro system aims to portray some of those fears. We start at Monument in the centre of Newcastle-on-Tyne and end at Callerton Parkway which is close to the Airport. Get your tickets and come along !

Bob Oakley 01 Monument.

Bob Oakley 02 Which Line to Take.

Bob Oakley 03 Taking the Plunge

Bob Oakley 04 On the Platform

Bob Oakley 05 Fear

Bob Oakley 06 Haymarket

Bob Oakley 07 Delusional

Bob Oakley 08 Jesmond

Bob Oakley 09 South Gosforth

Bob Oakley 10 Callerton Parkway

Bob Oakley 11 Journey’s End

Worcestershire Camera Club Contemporary Photography Group ‘Viewpoint’ © July 2020

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WCC Contemporary Photography Group July 2020  

A monthly publication by members of the Worcestershire Camera Club, UK, Contemporary Photography Group. For more details visit http://www.w...

WCC Contemporary Photography Group July 2020  

A monthly publication by members of the Worcestershire Camera Club, UK, Contemporary Photography Group. For more details visit http://www.w...

Profile for fotopix