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Fun Fashions for Fundraising and Cause Marketing Attractive, unique and profitable, Wikkitz are the perfect choice for fundraising. Made by hand, these distinctive and fashionable bracelets are the ideal way to raise money for your organization. Sturdy, stylish and eco-friendly, Wikkitz are more than just a successful way to meet your fundraising needs. Wikkitz are a fundraising fashion that everyone will want to wear, regardless of age or gender.

viding your supporters with a fashion accessory that they can wear daily, you have the potential for greater sales. Wikkitz are available in a host of vibrant colors, allowing you to personalize the bracelets with the colors of your school or organization. Customizing the bracelets not only ties the product closer to your organization, it gives people a special opportunity to show their spirit and support. Your supporters also have the option of creating a bracelet of their own design, using up to three colors per bracelet. This can increase your sales even further.

How are Wikkitz Made?

Fundraising has never looked this good!

With Wikkitz, fundraising and fashion go hand in hand. We understand that the most successful fundraising products not only raise the most money for your organization, they also provide your supporters with a product that they are proud to own and that strengthens their connection with your organization. That’s Wikkitz ~ products that people can feel good about and products that make people feel good.

Why Wikkitz are Unique Wikkitz are an accessory that your supporters will be excited to wear. Our bracelets, made from a fun and unique material, are modern, fashionable and won’t end up lost in the back of a drawer. By pro-

Hand-woven from strong natural fibers and sealed in wax to make them water resistant, Wikkitz are the perfect combination of fashion and durability. Striking accents of silver-colored beads and distinctive buttons carved out of coconut give these accessories an original and exciting look that appeals to women, men and children of all ages.

Trendy and Profitable Wikkitz have already demonstrated their appeal with strong sales in boutique stores in San Francisco, California. With their low wholesale price and unique, stylish look, the bracelets can easily sell for up to a 100% mark-up, offering maximum return for your organization.



• A fashionable & unique accessory for both guys & girls • Handmade & woven with natural fibers for an organic feel. • 19 color choices available. Choose up to 3 colors per bracelet. • Volume discounts available. • Lightweight bracelets lower shipping costs. • Easy. Simple. Speedy.

• The broad appeal & cool design equals great sales • Eco-friendly, long lasting, water-resistant, and lightweight for maximum comfort • Show spirit through organization colors or let buyers express themselves with the color(s) of their choice • Motivation to sell more Wikkitz. The more you sell, the less you pay • Reduced cost means increased profit for your organization • Easy sales. Simple ordering process. Speedy delivery.

Each year, non-profit groups net approximately $2 billion by selling products.

Campaign: itz what you want to wear

Demographics School Fundraiser Product The Numbers: 14,500 Public School Districts 98,500 Public Schools 49-million K-12 Students Features: School Colors Customized Orders

Campaign: wear your care

Demographics Breast Cancer Awareness Cause Marketing The Numbers: Approximately 150-million women between 15 and 59 years old in the U.S. Markets: National Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns School Fundraiser Campaigns Target Sponsorship: American Cancer Society Pink Campaigns Direct Sales

Campaign: say it like you mean it

Demographics LGBT Support Product The Numbers: Approximately 125-million people in the U.S. identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender Markets: LGBT Fundraisers and Events School Fundraiser Campaigns Target Sponsorship: Gay-Straight Alliance Network Pride Campaigns Direct Sales

Campaign: My Style Your Style

Demographics Fashion Accessory The Numbers: Approximately 300-million people in the U.S. between the ages of 10 and 35 Markets: Girls, boys, women and men Target Sponsorship: Direct Sales Distribution

Credits: Models: Brian Grothouse, Jaycob Anthony Simmons, Tishauna Whitmore, Alison DeMill, Bryan Millado, Brittany Dandridge, Tessa Poppe, Judith Poppe

Photography: Christopher Ford, fotoMOJO, LLC

Photographer’s Assistants: Richard Owyang and Anderson

Creative Director: Tessa Poppe

Stylist: Judith Poppe

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Wikkitz Deck Book  

Designed by Tessa Poppe, Wikkitz redefines fundraising and cause marketing by introducing a line of fashionable, fun and trendy, yet eco-fri...

Wikkitz Deck Book  

Designed by Tessa Poppe, Wikkitz redefines fundraising and cause marketing by introducing a line of fashionable, fun and trendy, yet eco-fri...