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Poems and Pictures Year 8 & Ms McCauley Summer 2009

Seven Poems From Seven Pictures. Will we ever know? 1. The walls are dark, But the room is light, So is it day, Or is it night? 2. Acting so cool, But looks like a fool, So is he tall, Or is he small? 3. Being a superhero, In his red car, Is he waving hi, Or is he waving bye? 4. Her face so happy, She stands so small, So is she glad, Or is she sad? 5. Staring into space, Her heart starts to race, Is she in love? 6. It is big And still so heavy. But did it wobble, Before it was gobbled? 7.It looks so freaky, But at the same time fun, But did it stay still, Or was it spun? By Amiee Roberts.

Leaning over with my head tilted I show off my beautiful body. Why am I doing this? For money? For attention? out of boredom? I don’t know. I try to catch your attention with my lush breasts I hope men lust for me Binh

Nude A young woman posing, Blooming and exposing, Beautiful and sweet, Yet not petite, Finding her amazing, The artist can’t stop gazing, Exposed and in need, She does not bleed, Neither in mind or in heart, Proves she will never fall apart, Her motives unknown, As she sits there alone. By Aaron Scott


Pollution Bold and bright with colours everywhere, Strange things going on, There is pollution everywhere, Sad, upset, neglected, A black sea of death and horror, A simple church stands in the background, Scary faces appear from the black sea, Dead bodies laying everywhere, Blake Wright.


As he turns the taps on he feels nothing. As he steps into the bath he feels nothing. As he sits in the boiling water he feels nothing. As he holds the knife he feels nothing. As he stabs himself in the heart he feels love. As a tear runs down his face he feels love. With water in his eyes. He slowly dies. No more love. Bradley Sweet

A Day to remember Its 1937 and Coronation Day Bunting is hanging from wall to wall The streets are filled with colour People are walking with smiles on their faces A day to remember. By David Williams


Haiku Coronation Day Happy and cosy, British flags are hanging out, Colours are gleaming By David Williams

THE BUILDERS I am building a house. Other men are getting supplies, Men are angry because supplies are too heavy. No house = no people = no money = no food = no job = no life = No education. Colours are boring, The men are dirty but strong. The heat has become soaring, Together we are building a better nation. Nuts and bolts are holding everything together. By Ben King


Emotions The weeping woman All tired and sad With the colours all Dark and mad

Sunshine Women are weeping whilst angels are leaping and flying, people dying Little girls dancing and glancing. The sun is shining, whilst it’s blinding.

Gilbert and George All big and bold Very proud But also inept

Jessie Butler

The young school mistress All sweet and innocent Teaching to her child All by herself The snowstorm Gives an illusion All swirled in one Curious and very different The kiss is So big and passionate It’s pull of love Like the two are inseparable With all these poems put into one It shows you what art is Really about Full of different emotions By Sarah Adebayo


Blue Sky Blue sky, Blue lie, Blue fly, Blue eye, Blue car, Blue hat, Blue paint, Blue feeling, Blue house, Blue ink, Blue water, Blue top, Blue sweet, Blue ball, Blue seat, Blue bag, Blue shoes, Blue book, Blue building, Blue paint, Blue wall, Blue poem, Blue life. Bradley Sweet

Woman in the mirror She looks in the mirror at her solemn face, with flowers just touching her dress lace She looks in the mirror at her aging skin, her eyes burning her way through the glass and past the woman deep within She looks and looks at the ring on her finger wondering why it seemed to linger She looks in the mirror at her sad, sad eyes wondering how she got into this mess of lies. By Stella King


Little Dancer Her fists are clenched her head held high Back straight no trace of emotion, And yet the way her posture is held Shows some worry and fear. She will be brave she will not fail With her body in place she gets ready to start, But she stays there still, unmoving, Forever a little dancer. By Chante Roach


Drunken night Her body is worn she is battered and bruised, Eyes locked on one spot shocked and paralysed Her tousled hair a mess a reminder. Arms bruised like a violent splatters on a frail canvas, Snow white is her skin with blotches of ink Blossoming all over her marked face, A constant reminder of his love gone wrong. She hugs herself feeling a stab of pain Realisation hits her she knows she will die, She is forever trapped in her dark life But she cant leave she is stuck possessed by love The sick twisted sordid fantasy that is her life. By Chante Roach

The Family They stand alone No eyes to see no hands to touch, No heart to beat, Their bodies made from stone, Nobody talks nobody sees, Nobody is cold, nobody hot, No tears come from the baby No one ever says… “I love you.” By Cadene Douglas


These sly card players Who have these suspicious eyes. Dishonest who knows?

The angel arrives To tell her important news A baby boy will come. By Sarah Adebayo

Round and round the merry-go-round flows Happy smiling people enjoying the ride Lots and lots of colours glow Horses chasing tails around trying to hide Making friends with each other Should it rain we are undercover By Ben King



Enclosed pain Nothing moves, all is still, Trapped in a casket of metal she weeps. Why did this happen to me she asks, Using a mirror upside down she paints. Only able to move her arms and head, She slowly paints but always in pain. Harry Johannesen


The Pregnancy There was a knock at the door, Before me stood the doctor. His face told signs of earlier tragedies, I was scared of what he would say. The doctor came in. He told me to lay down. He put his bag down and opened it, He pulled out a stethoscope. Then listened to the baby’s heart. He paused …. I was nervous, I felt powerless. The doctor said, “Everything’s fine.” The pressure had lifted. I was fine again. The doctor packed his bag, Then told me to get up. He shook my hand. Then off he went. As he went, I felt relieved. By Craig Borland


Colours, colours, everywhere, Red, yellow and blue splashed around. I see anger and frustration across the page. Plenty of colours which are so powerful It makes you think you are in a rage. David Walliams

! Haiku Mixed emotions flying around Weeping started Tears, drip drip one by one Down the depressed face. By Kelsey Lee Morris-Spencer

7 Works of Art 1. I think the painter created this because he was thoughtful. The woman in the picture is wondering Looking for somebody lost, Upset, Bored, Dancing ballet

2. Showing nature Confusing, Showing the creation of the world Understanding the world, creation, Different

3. Sex, Love, Kissing on a wired sofa Nature, Grass Patterns replacing nature Two people in love Happiness

4. Horses White, Black, Brown Tree, Nature, Animals, Lake Wild life, Wild horses

5. Scary, Monsters and demons Ugly, Unnatural, Something in the sky Basic of earth trees, Green, horses The sky but in another world Dragons, a king battling a dragon away From his queen. The queen running away.

6. Cuttings from news papers and magazines Different What I can see Bright colours, People, Cars, Monsters, Words, Art, Animals, Wired

7. 7 jugs and books 2 jugs and 5 books On a wooden table with a grey background It makes me feel thirsty Colours Brown, Yellow, Black, White, Grey, Blue

By Lucy Rozario

Him Some people would call him elegant, Some people would call him scary, Some people would call him graceful, But I call him my friend. Through good times And through the bad He remains happy And gets me there. His ears droopy, His skin baggy, His tail curly. His stature elegant. The loving kind Dying out So sad They won’t survive. While there is hope, They will live on On and on On and on. By Stefan


The Dance Dancing in the moonlight Dancing together Old and young Dancing forever. The breeze of the wind And the flow of their dresses Their hearts combined Their love caresses. By Milly Udall !

The Dance Everyone is dancing beside the shore moonlight is shining upon us the music is fluttering around us as our hearts are filled with joy we dance! James Paul

Together Forever A father helping his Child swim across the Dark and lighted river. Their relationship grows As his daughter smiles With joy. Then a smile comes Across his face knowing His daughter is happy. By Jessica Jane Baker

Confusion There’s confusion and frowns On the faces of four men. Chaos, bother There and then.


His wounds are unreal And he just can’t explain The pain and discomfort To the other men. There’s nothing around It’s empty and drained, Nothing to say And nothing to change Searching around But there’s nothing to find Is it a lie? I wonder, I wonder. By Lily Holdsworth

Mona Lisa She is looking out Not knowing what’s behind What is she feeling?

! View Trees swaying in the wind And the sound of traffic It does look rather peaceful But it truly is quite manic Foxes rummaging through the bins And the occasional angry neighbour Children running up and down And playing on the grass. By Lily Holdsworth

In the Box In the house There are lots of things: The man with the lollypop The lady with the lamp on her head The cleaner who is hovering A tin of ham on the table A lady on the phone who is TV. But when you look CLOSER You begin to see The room is just a box In the sky, The man and the woman Are made out of newspaper, The floor is not carpet, the man looks confused The lady looks condescending. In the box There is Imagination. By Sarah Adebayo

My First View Here is my first view of the picture: • • • • •

A man looking in the sky Hens looking with him Ducks looking as well Woman shading her eyes with her arm Woman holding in her right arm a bunch of flowers

The picture makes you feel curious; this is because you want to know what they are looking at. As well as, it makes you feel that the picture isn’t normal; this is because everything is looking at something in the sky which we cannot see.


Shane Williams

A Tiny Dark Square The white spreads Across the page The fear expands one by one. The white turns cloudy Something is wrong. It seems like this fear is going on for eternity. Kelsey Lee Morris-Spencer

The Race The horses gather, The spectators stand to attention, As the horses enter the blocks the crowd noise dies, Silence fills the ground A gun shot goes off as loud as a bomb The horses gallop as fast as they can Faster and faster Faster and faster Until the favourites are neck and neck Going to the finish line at the speed of light He wins the grey horse wins. Spectators cheer Spectators boo The crowd surrounds the winning horse The men in tops hats chuckle The women with the parasols blush But only the winner The rest of the horses go to their paddock Lonely and sorrowed Nobody cares about them The day goes on The winners praised The losers lonely It’s the winning that matters Not the taking part Stefan


Sailing, sailing Steaming along the river, Got to get there quick, Not doing my job very well Because I’m feeling kinda sea sick. Loading off the crates, Pulling them off the boat, Oh no! I dropped it in the river, I wonder if it will float. Finally got it out of the river, Now loading it on to the lorry, The man had a go at me, Because it was wet, I did say I was sorry. Lucy Rozario


Broken The dark melody of the broken planes The dark melody of the bleeding bodies Lying on the cold ground Dead The dark melody of the broken moon I miss my rose And my children of love I fly up here in my tin body Its heart of steel is cold and dark The dark melody of the broken planes The dark melody of the bleeding bodies Lying on the cold ground Dead The dark melody of the broken moon !


I look through my kaleidoscope of Green, black and red All the young and old bodies cold and dead The people I killed I the murderer The dark melody of the broken planes The dark melody of the bleeding bodies ! Lying on the cold ground Dead The dark melody of the broken moon My cold and bitter soul Wanders between the rubble Sad and dead I wonder !

Broken can be everything And nothing at the same time This place is nothing but broken The dark melody of the broken planes The dark melody of the bleeding bodies Lying on the cold ground Dead The dark melody of the broken moon By Jenny Dowsett



Poems and Pictures by Year 8  
Poems and Pictures by Year 8  

Poems inspired by a variety of pictures created by Ms McCauley's Year 8 English classes.