Creative Communities Annual Report 2008-9

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INTRODUCTION Community cohesion is really important to us at Thomas Tallis School and each year we co-ordinate a wide range of programmes with primary and secondary schools, colleges, youth centres, local residents, arts organizations, businesses, arts practitioners and outdoor education centres. We aim to be flexible and responsive to the changing needs of local people, and by working together with them we aim to help develop a strong, safe and supportive community. ROB THOMAS Headteacher

Thomas Tallis School sits at the heart of a vibrant and diverse community. The school has stood on the same site for 35 years and is about to be rebuilt. The Kidbrooke Vision regeneration project will bring new homes, recreation areas and schools, improving life chances and aspirations for local people. We take our role as a community resource very seriously and this document describes the wealth of creative collaborations that are supported through a range of initiatives. As a specialist arts college, leading edge school and school of creativity, we see the school very much as a creative hub to support the ambitions and talents of local people. We work hard to share the benefits of our resources with our community. We are proud of the contribution we make to community cohesion.

TRISH DOOLEY Deputy Head responsible for Community Cohesion

We are living in a really exciting time in the history of Thomas Tallis School, as we are about to move into a beautiful state of the art building, which truly can be a community resource. We look forward to forging more partnerships and working collaboratively with local groups and individuals.

LISA SPROAT Creative Communities Development Officer

My role as Creative Communities Development Officer is to nurture and develop our relationship with the local community through creative learning activities. I am passionate about this work, which enables me to co-ordinate life-long learning opportunities for local people.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream A very special performance, full of magic!

“Through the forest have I gone but Athenian found I none, on whose eyes I might approve. This flowers force in stirring love”

Twenty-five students from across the school performed an enchant ing promenade performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the beautiful picturesque Woodlands Trust Farm, Shooters Hill in July 2009. This promenade performance was attended by over 200 members of the local community and was a fantastic showcase for talented performers at the school. In October 2009 the play was transferred to The Broadway Theatre, Lewisham as part of the Shakespeare Schools’ Festival.

The performance was mutually beneficial as lots of community members were made aware of a great local resource and this was the first time the drama department had performed offsite in a local outdoor setting.

“ I felt privileged to attend this one off special performance”

Bespoke Book Making personalised books for all... In June and July 2009, Year 9 English students took part in a book-making project with three of our local Primary Schools, Brooklands, Wingfield and Horn Park. Each Year 9 student was ‘buddied’ up with a primary school student from years 1, 2 or 4, and had an initial meeting to find out about each of them and discuss ideas. Back at school, we spent lesson time finding out about how children’s books are structured, written and illustrated and thought about how we could use what we had learned about our partners to personalise a

children’s story just for them. Once the books were complete, we visited the primary schools again to present the students with their bespoke books. The quality of the books was simply outstanding, and the primary school children were thrilled with what they received. All our year 9 students have been fantastic ambassadors for Tallis; they’ve really shown themselves at their best. A positive aspect of the whole project was that those students who are sometimes reluctant to learn became engaged by the care and responsibility they felt

towards the younger students. The same is also true of the primary students, who responded very well to the interaction with older students. This project has been running with Brooklands School for 5 years now, and it has always been a huge success. This is the first year we have rolled it out to additional local schools, and we’re positive that we will continue to expand this project in future.

Ludus Dance comes to Tallis Students get their dance feet moving! Greenwich Dance Agency has worked on two projects with the BTEC Dance students since the course was established in September 2008. Firstly, year 10 students collaborated with 45 other young people from across Greenwich and Lewisham to create an original dance piece in one week. The work was choreographed by Aleta Collins and culminated with a performance for friends and family at the GDA. The second project involved dancers from ‘Impact Dance’ supporting year 10 students each week preparing them to perform

an original street dance piece at Kidbrooke Secondary School. Ludus Dance Company came to Tallis for a week’s residency in March 2009 and led workshops with our partner primary schools; Ealdham, Horn Park, Haimo, Wingfield, Holy Family, Middle Park, Mulgrave, Cardwell and St Thomas More. An original dance piece was created for our year 10 BTEC group. The week culminated with a wonderful, thought provoking live performance from Ludus of ‘ID:ME’ for year 8 Tallis students and year 5 and 6 primary students. Then our BTEC students took to the stage presenting their

new piece for all to enjoy.

“It’s great to see so many local schools working together”

Our Music Tallis and Willowdene make innovative music together The Tallis Ace club Year 11 students took part in a creative music project at Willow Dene School during the first and second term this year, which formed part of their ASDAN Cope award. The project was in two parts. Firstly, the students divided in to two groups. One chose the theme ‘A girl’s night out’ and the other group decided on a sports theme. Both groups recorded unique sounds specific to their theme such as a hairdryer and lipstick for the girl’s night out and the squeaky sound of trainers on the gym floor and a basketball bouncing. By giving the students the chance to co-design and build their learning experiences in this way, we are driving forward the personalisation of learning. The sounds were put onto a track and the film was then made to fit the sounds. The students then went to Willow Dene Primary School for the second part, where they worked with the students from Pink class who all have multiple and complex learning difficulties.

The Tallis students took part in a disability awareness training session and were then introduced to Pink class. Together they used soundboards and other equipment to make sounds then recorded each other speaking and singing. Students took photos of each other’s experiences. The Tallis students were able to meet the challenge of working with students with multiple and complex learning difficulties. They now have a clearer understanding of the different levels of disabilities, and the levels of learning these students can achieve. This also helps them to have a better understanding of themselves as learners, and to show more empathy for members of our wider community. One of the Tallis students has now expressed a wish to work as a classroom assistant with students who have disabilities. This was an extremely powerful project for all the students involved, but also shows how we can work productively and effectively in partnership with our wider community to promote greater

social understanding and cohesion. This project also formed part of a unit the students were completing towards an ASDAN COPE qualification (worth a grade B at GCSE). They recorded their learning and reflected on the skills and competencies they had developed, which all went towards the portfolio of work they need to gain the award. This kind of ‘alternative accreditation’ pathway is an important part of the personalisation agenda at Thomas Tallis as we develop our curriculum so that it better meets the needs and interests of our learners.

“I learnt that I really do have some good ideas and sharing them isn’t so bad”

“together they used sound boards, to experience the different vibrations of sound�

The Old Royal Naval College A collaborative project with Henwick Primary School In October 2008 The Old Royal Naval College wanted to create an artwork for their new education space, the Clore. Together we decided that a set of cushions, to be used as seating during storytelling and drama sessions, would fit the bill perfectly. Year 12 students from Thomas Tallis and Year 5 students from Henwick Primary School worked together to create a unique and wonderful cushion wall. Henwick Year 5 students were split into seven groups, each led by a Thomas Tallis student. Each group had an area of special focus, corresponding to each different section of

the Discover Greenwich exhibition. The students went around the site, gathering more information, taking photos and making sketches of their theme. Henwick children then visited Thomas Tallis, where they started to develop their sketches. Working with the Year 12 students, the children experimented with acrylic paints, learning about the colour wheel and warm and cool tones. Tallis Year 12 students transformed the flat compositions into digital files and printed the designs onto fabric using the sublimation printer. They then set up a sewing production line and

made the 30 cushions needed for the education room. The children were delighted to see how their designs had been transformed, and some did not want to be parted from their creations! The cushions then went into storage, ready to be displayed in early 2010 when the new visitor centre will be re-opened to the public.

The Creation of Tallis TV We take to the studio floor! The Tallis TV Team is a student group from Year 7 to Year 13, that meet weekly to produce and manage the school’s monthly TV show broadcast online at and available on free subscription via iTunes. Every episode is educational, entertaining and informative, as well as reflecting the diversity of the wider school community. It’s aim was to promote the value of independent vocational creative learning, provide an outlet for student voice and play an effective role in keeping the student body, the governors, parents, carers and the local community informed of what is going on at Thomas Tallis. This venture was launched in conjunction with Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication as an Aim Higher and Arts College initiative. Student Ambassadors from the Ravensbourne College’s Broadcast Operations Dept gave our Tallis students a week long training program in all aspects of news/magazine programme broadcasting; sound engineering, camera operation, editing, interview techniques, lighting design, scripting, presenting and basic studio procedures. Tallis TV has gone from

strength to strength ending the year with 8 broadcasts and developing student skills, commitment and professionalism throughout the process, as well as providing a wealth of opportunities for student voice and peer mentoring/skill sharing. The team ended the year by working full time for a week as the TV production crew recording all of the Shine activities that took place. The students managed the week’s filming and editing schedule and filmed all the necessary studio links within the week ready for two Tallis TV Shine Specials to be broadcast by the end of the school year, an amazing feat that required self-organization, independence, problem solving and commitment. Overall they have done a fantastic job. Year 11 Media Students Film The Learning Outside the Classroom Conference for The Hamlyn Foundation. Rhiannon Hadley Stone, Hayley Remy, Jamie Adamson and Luke Wilson were selected to work with a professional documentary film crew to create a film of The Hamlyn Foundation’s Annual Conference. Their brief was no mean feat, given that they had to film, edit, soundtrack and title, a documen-

tary film of the day’s events, including interviewing an MP and a representative from the DCFS. Not only did they gain the warmest reception and the most laughs, but they also received a standing ovation for the professional quality of their work. They represented themselves and the school community impeccably, and made us very proud.

Free Running Finding your path, your way... Free Running (also known as Parkour) is a physical art in which participants move along their own personal journey interacting with their environment passing over, under and around obstacles in their path. It is about finding your own route, your own way and as such is an excellent metaphor for personalising learning. A group of Year 10 students at Thomas Tallis embarked on a vigorous training scheme learning aspects of safety and acrobatic technique before venturing out to the nearby Ferrier Estate, an amazing urban playground within the locality of the school, where

the students explored their individual paths and put their training to the test. These students then became free running ambassadors as they journeyed to Kidbrooke Park Primary School to support year 5 students. The students visited Greenwich Park to free run together, over park benches, along railings, up the famous James Wolfe statue, all the while having the amazing view of the capital in the background. All the students involved excelled on their own personal journeys and we are so proud of their achievements. The project

formed part of a unit the students were completing towards an ASDAN COPE qualification (worth a grade B at GCSE). They recorded their learning and reflected on the skills and competencies they had developed, which all went towards the portfolio of work they need to gain the award.

“Can we do it again please�

Tom Tom Magazine What is journalism? It’s the craft of conveying news via a wide spectrum of media. And that’s exactly what a group of students ranging from Year 7 to Year 11 do in such a dedicated fashion when they seek out stories for our termly magazine ‘Tom Tom’. The magazine has just celebrated its first anniversary and we have had some major scoops with Gordon Brown and Ed Balls, who came to the school back in July 2008, featuring in the first issue. We were also invited to attend a pre-launch press conference for the British Music Experience held at the O2 arena where students

were given the opportunity to meet bands such as ‘The View’ and ‘The Saturdays’ . A number of very challenging questions came out of this meeting and members of the music press were extremely impressed with the maturity of the students and their questions. We’ve looked back at how the Ferrier Estate used to be now that it is in the process of being demolished, sat in on a Mock Trial where Bridget Prentice MP acted as a judge and celebrated alongside numerous others when London became the world’s largest Fairtrade city. Two of the team were involved

in the Shakespeare Schools ‘ Festival and took responsibility for the PR and marketing associated with the various events. We’re hoping to widen our horizons and be much more involved in what’s happening in the local community. So watch this space, we could be on a magazine rack in a newsagent near you soon!

Girls in Focus If the children are not initiated into the village, they will burn it down, just to feel its warmth Traditional African saying At the beginning of the summer holidays Tallis commissioned film company Eelyn Lee Productions to run a 4-day media project for girls aged 14-19. Held at the Greenwich Youth for Christ dropin centre on Telemann Square, the girls worked alongside a team of creative practitioners developing skills in photography and filmmaking. For four consecutive days the group worked as a creative team – generating ideas; discussing the work of contemporary artists; sharing skills and producing work. They shared lunch every day, cooked by Ferrier resident

Rosa Goncalves from the Guarida Community Café. The girls were quick to form considered opinions about some of the photographic images we looked at. This meant that when we began to illustrate some fables, sayings and parables the group came up with some sophisticated and unique ideas. Over the course of the four days everyone discovered a particular strength. Whether it was directing, interviewing, composing shots or boosting group morale, everyone found a niche role in which to blossom. We brought one of the photographs to life by editing

some of the video footage shot during the project into a short film. We asked some local residents about their thoughts about the photographic images, which triggered some interesting discussions around young people and community. We are very proud of the girls’ work which demonstrates a sophisticated and intelligent view of community relations.

“I learnt about taking pictures and camera angles”

Street Bees make sweet honey The arrival of bees at Tallis At Tallis we have been trained as beekeepers so that the hive made by the Technology department can be populated with bees in June 2009. From Spring 2010 the aim is to get a group of interested students and staff signed up as our very own Tallis beekeepers. The hive will become a valuable learning resource in school for many subjects including science and humanities and of course the honey and wax will be put to a range of uses. Beekeeper training included the sex life of bees, colony life, safe use of the smoker, frame making and many practical sessions where we all got our hands on the bees. As a special treat we got to re-home a swarm, which became the first Tallis bees to move in later in the summer.

The colony settled in quickly and worked hard bringing back pollen from the local allotments, nearby gardens and Sutcliffe Park on their regular gathering flights. Soon the young queen had filled the brood box with strong bees and it was time to add a super (the honey store) which would normally take about 2 months to fill with honey, yet our girls filled it in just 5 weeks. Just this week we removed the honey filled frames, spun them out and have jarred up our first samples of the rich dark pollen honey of SE3. Beginning after Christmas we aim to work with a group of students who can take these samples into the local community to market the produce of next year. The students will then be trained to take care of the hive for

next summer in order to meet the demand for local honey we hope they generate. In addition we have been approached by some colleagues from Children’s Services and a few parents who would like to contribute towards the cost of a second hive and colony. They will also learn beekeeping skills alongside the students and share the care of the second hive for a share of the produce at the end of next summer. Check out the website for regular updates on the Street bees at

or keep up with the hive inspections

February is LGBT Month promoting greater awareness... The anti-homophobia action research group work closely with a number of local community partners throughout the year to support the work in curriculum areas and develop greater awareness of strategies to tackle this type of bullying. This year we worked with Drill Hall’s education programme and we were very lucky to have FIT, a production written and directed by Rikki Beadle-Blaire brought to us at Tallis. It was an amazing performance that all of Year 7 enjoyed. The play prompted excellent discussions both in and around school as well as through the website forum. Hearing young people express their thoughts on

how homophobic bullying should be challenged on every occasion was very motivating. I am sure the production and its excellent cast will remain in the minds of these students and help support their desire to stamp out homophobic language and discrimination. During LGBT History month (Feb) Lewisham College theatre group came to Tallis to perform their production of the Laramie Project to our GCSE Drama students. After their performance our students got a chance to hot seat members of the cast and take part in a theatre workshop based on LGBT topics from the performance. Also during LGBT History month we linked up with Greenwich

Picturehouse who put on a reduced rate screening of the box office hit movie ‘Milk’ starring Sean Penn. The story shows the struggles of Harvey Milk as an American gay activist who fought for gay rights and became California’s first openly gay elected official. A number of sixth form students went along with staff to review the film and as expected the result was amazing. A range of comments and discussions held following the film showed the positive effects of this increased awareness of the lives Gay and Lesbian people have lived and the impact they have had on world events.

Printing INSET at Horn Park Art for all! This year Thomas Tallis provided training on a range of printmaking techniques for members of staff in each year group at Horn Park Primary School. The techniques were delivered on a one to one basis. This enabled staff to then train the remaining teachers in their year team. The techniques developed included potato cuts, string and mono printing, polyblock and screen printing. We then did some team teaching alongside the staff to help them build their confidence and skills set in the specific techniques. Since then printmaking has become

embedded in the art curriculum at Horn Park. They are now using a printing press to achieve more ambitious outcomes.

Sharing Music Technology A Musical Collaboration with Crown Woods School In January of 2009 Thomas Tallis Music Department were approached by Hannah Powell the new head of Music at Crown Woods Secondary School. Having taken over responsibility for teaching Music Technology A Level, she was keen to enlist additional support to deliver the course at a high standard. It was agreed that Sam Murray our Multi Media Resource Coordinator would spend half a day a week at Crown Woods to advise Hannah and her team on the equipment they would need to purchase in order to allow Crown Woods to have a suite of dedicated music technology computers and a separate studio specifically for tracking audio. Our experience with the technology at Tallis gave us the advantage of

knowing which software packages were most suitable for delivering the specific units within the course. As well as advising on technology, we also shared some of the resources and experience we had amassed in the several years Thomas Tallis has been teaching Music Technology. Sam spent time with Hannah giving INSET on Music Technology as well as team teaching in class. This combination of approaches allowed Hannah to continue to teach the course while knowing that someone was there in case of technical problems. Time with the pupils was spent going over the listening exam and the styles and music production techniques that the pupils were required to recognise by ear. The impact that the arrival of new

technology had on the department was great to see, Having had very little equipment previously the pupils took to using the software very quickly, and really appreciated the new opportunities that this gave them.

“Sam has had a great opportunity working with such fantastic equipment at Tallis and, because of his general musicianship, skills and experience in sound producing, he has been able to share it with us.�

Advancing Literacy Skills The Reading Buddy Project Following an initiative by 3 Headteachers, namely Rob Thomas of Thomas Tallis School, Sean Small of Our Lady of Grace R.C. Primary School and Sheena Gilby of Pound Park Nursery School, an experimental literacy project was piloted during the Summer term of 2009. Since the start of the term, a group of six Year 7 Thomas Tallis students who were working with Mr. Lim in the SEN Phonics Literacy withdrawal groups volunteered to be a Reading Buddy. The idea being that Reading Buddies would visit the primary and nursery schools and read with and work on literacy with some of those schools’

children. The idea was that involvement in such a project would not only help raise the literacy level of the children involved but would be a positive reinforcement in the selfesteem of the SEN Buddies. The objective was that the primary and nursery school children would not only have a boost to their literacy but also hopefully encounter older students who may be seen as positive role models. The next step The pilot was a success and it was decided to continue with the project into 2009-2010. However, changes have been made to the format. As the new

Year 7 SEN students will need time and training before they will be ready to be a Buddy in the Summer term, a modification was proposed and taken up. Thomas Tallis School also have students who are doing the Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) Awards. As part of their DofE award requirements, they have to do an extended period of Community Service. An initiative like the Reading Buddy project fits as community service. Therefore, for the Christmas and Spring terms, the Reading Buddy project will be undertaken by volunteer DofE students. And volunteer Year 7 SEN students will then take part during the Summer term.

Footsteps From Boys to Men...Male Role Models This exciting new initiative was established by the Leading Edge Partnership Programme (LEPP) to help support boys moving from primary to secondary education. With the support of a male role model of their choice - this could be a Dad, an older brother, an uncle (any responsible male over the age of 18) – a group of boys from several of our feeder schools attended a day of workshops and activities at the Margaret McMillan House Field Centre in Wrotham. The day was packed with lots of exciting activities, team challenges, assort courses, mentoring games, free running, wall climbing and high ropes action.

The group also explored the art of survival in the great outdoors, during the bush craft session as they learnt to make a fire for warmth and light, how use tools correctly and valuable uses for things found in the forest. Throughout the day the group were encouraged to visit the diary room to record their feelings and personal discoveries on camera. The day ended with a fantastic BBQ prepared and cooked by all.

“Today was about learning about yourself and your family” “It’s a great opportunity for anyone going through the transition period” “It was nice for us to have a day together”

Team Building TT collaborates with Margaret McMillan House Field Centre Margaret McMillan House Field Centre is part of The Wide Horizons Outdoor Education Trust, which was established in 2004 to provide high quality outdoor education to all in Greenwich and Lewisham. We are very lucky to have access to this great community resource and will continue to develop this partnership. Each year all students in years 7 - 9 are given the opportunity to a day of outdoor education each year. The students are involved in a range of physical challenges, which are focused on developing their emotional and social intelligence. There are many positive outcomes from outdoor learning at Margaret McMillan House Field Centre, developing teamwork skills,

enhance self esteem, improving communication skills, encourage empathy amongst the students and to motivate each other. From year 7 - 9 the activities change and become progressively more challenging.

“We had to think about who goes first and what happens next�

Our International Community A valuable cross cultural exchange Each year, learning professionals from all over the world attend the BETT show at Olympia to explore the world of educational ICT. For the last two years, colleagues from Denmark have stopped by at Thomas Tallis School to find out what exciting things we are doing with new tools for learning. This year, there were presentations about our primary school Sound & Vision project with artist Nick Cattermole and information from our creative learning co-ordinator, Soren Hawes, about how multimedia is being used to engage students in the Deaf Support Centre. I had the privilege of being invited to the Danish equivalent of the

BETT show where I spoke about some of our experiments and, in January, we are receiving visits from both Danish and Swedish colleagues eager to find out more. We have also just embarked on an exciting blogging project with the Royal Dubai School in the United Arab Emirates. This will involve Year 7 students in both schools keeping a shared blog in which they will communicate about their experiences of education and their lives outside school. We hope that this will be both a stimulating communication project to enhance literacy and also a valuable cross-cultural exchange.

Tree Dressing A truly breathtaking visual feast! Each year, the communities of the Ferrier Estate in Kidbrooke join together in a secular festival of light. The annual tree dressing celebrations are an important feature of community cohesion, especially at a time of massive local regeneration. This year’s event was a great success and focused on an important aspect of life; healthy eating. The tree dressing parade was organised by a diverse community group made up of local residents, the Greenwich Food Co-operative, Emergency Exit Arts and Community Development Officers from Thomas Tallis School and Greenwich Community College. There were also many other local people who took part in making the event a success including the Safer Neighbourhood

community police team, tree surgeons, local primary schools, teachers, students, parents and grandparents. The event took place on the evening of Friday 5 December. Local school children had taken part in lantern making workshops and the lantern parade through the estate was led by musicians from the Bollywood Brass Band. The lanterns created a parade of illuminated fruit and vegetables. Once we were back in the square the Deputy Mayor gave a speech about the importance of community events. Then everyone turned to witness the fireworks display, a truly breathtaking visual feast. Everybody then moved into the community hall for wholesome hot vegetable soup made by Rosa Goncalves, a local resident

and community activist. Fresh fruit was distributed free to all. After a lot more dancing and excitement, people made their way home in good cheer.

“Great to see the community having fun together�

Social History Project Travelling back in time on the Horn Park Estate... This week long project, funded by Thomas Tallis, involved the whole of Horn Park Primary School working in collaboration with Eelyn Lee Productions and artist Nick Cattermole. Based on the local history of the Horn Park estate, each year group decided on a topic that they would develop with the support of the artists and their teachers. The nursery group used their bodies to spell words and created a stop motion animation of the school’s name. Reception class went on a trip to the local park and came back to build their own mini garden. Year 1 researched the history of homes in the past and created drawings of their findings.

Year 2 worked with a performance poet and created wonderful poems that became the subject of a story involving a time travelling friendly alien created by a graffiti. Year 3 took photos of the local area and then enhanced them using Photoshop to make them look like images from the past. Year 4 worked with a musician and recorded songs from the past and present; they also recorded various sounds around school and made them into fantastic soundscapes. Year 5 constructed a 3D version of the school’s tree logo from which they hung fruit representing their dreams for the future. Year 6 students interviewed the public to get their

views of the Horn Park estate and find out how the community has changed; they also interviewed members of the Children’s Society who have lived on the estate for over 50 years. There was a wonderful buzz around school during this week and it created a positive image of Horn Park estate. The students, staff, parents and residents involved were proud to be part of the project. The final film was shown to a packed hall of appreciative students, staff and members of the local community. We are already planning our next collaboration.

Business Links Getting hands on experience from the professionals... Great opportunities were made available to various groups at Tallis through our brilliant community business links. This year saw the 6th form Thomas Tallis Inner Temple Law Academy begin, a partnership that offers students the opportunity to work with barristers. A Mock Trial was held in school, Justice Minister Bridget Prentice took on the role of Judge and Eltham MP, Clive Efford the court clerk. Law students took part in a variety of courtroom roles, supported by ‘The College of Law’ students. The Metropolitan Police provided our Year 10 students with a Challenge Day. This

included; Forensics, Knife and Gun Crime, Drug and Alcohol Abuse. The London Fire Brigade took our year 11 students on the ‘Fire Fighter Challenge’, which included learning about fire service and using fire fighting equipment. Fairtrade Fortnight got off to a roaring start with the Fairtrade bus visiting Thomas Tallis. Students were linked via satellite with a Ghanian school. In February the Royal Air Force were in school to offer a selection of problem solving and team dynamics skills to our Year 7 gifted and talented students. The Third Sector Edge competition was entered by a group of 6th form students. They

raised funds for Woolwich Toy Library, which supports local community children. A survival guide was produced, aimed at students starting secondary school, which will be launched nationwide. Ten 6th form students were awarded the opportunity to participate in the two year ‘Career Academy UK’ programme. A business mentor supports each student and there is an opportunity of a paid internship in business eg Bank of England and Lacou. The culmination of the programme is the graduation event held at Westminster Halls, London.

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