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Poems and Paintings

by 7LU

The Persistence Of Memory A parallel world - one good, one bad; One happy forever, one hopelessly sad; A parallel world, the cloud hovers over, The rain falls down and the air gets colder. A parallel world, everything is dead The wind blows cold and full of dread, In one world the sun shines bright, In the parallel world there is no light. In the distance I see a road, To nowhere? To freedom? I do not know‌ Tobi Adeniyi

Butterflies Butterflies flying low and high Butterflies trying to reach the sky Butterflies always gentle and shy Butterflies always flying by Butterflies floating and swooping down Butterflies fly without making a sound Butterflies dance in the light Butterflies go and rest at night. Danni Morgan

Summertime She has left behind A piece of her mind Said goodbye to loved ones Even though, they said “don’t go” But it’s her life to choose Her wrongs from rights to choose A dream to follow A heart so hollow It’s on this summer’s day That she will part her way A husband to care for Many a friend to be there for As the light shines on her She longs to be free Free like the wind Free just to be Her job too important Her life an imprisonment A dream to follow So many tears to swallow As she departs her hometown She looks all around Her leaving feels wrong But she has to stay strong She may regret But she’ll never forget She says, “goodbye friends, goodbye family I can’t stay here, I have to be free.” Bobby Hall

Pegasus A graceful winged horse The dark blue night shines brightly I am happy now. Chaitah Inani

Pegasus Free my blue green soul A magical ride to the sky Finally unchained.

Pegasus Free my blue green soul A magical ride to the sky Finally unchained.

Rive Britton

Rive Britton

Butterflies Up, down, left and right, Here comes a fiery sunset Of colourful wings. Chaitah Inani

Sea Storm A sea storm crashing Against the spiky black rocks An ocean at war. Danny Gregson

Summertime It’s summer time and I’m feeling blue Because you don’t understand That I’m crazy about you. And now you’ve just walked out of my life You’ve got to come back, I am your wife I can’t really see what went wrong So until you come back I’ll stand here strong Although the sun beats down on my face My heart won’t stop its painful ache. Hanniah Farr

Journey Snow falling Free from the sky Swooping and swooshing Snow settling Thicker and thicker Crunching and squishing Figures skating Across the frozen pond Floating and flowing freely The freedom As we skate through The white, the blue and the grey Breathing in The cold fresh air around us, Hand in hand we are free As the falling snow. Jerome Jones

Summertime Stepping out from the darkness Into the light, I feel overwhelmed. From a cold, gloomy winter’s night Into a fresh, new Spring morning. Everything is light, Bright, and the sun Is beaming down on me. I have been waiting, Waiting for this day For so long. It is here. Justice is served. The breeze blows Gently on my face. It feels good. A weight has been lifted, A burden has been raised. 7LU

Orange and Yellow Winter’s all gone The colours of Spring can come And dazzle the world. Jerome Jones

The Kiss Showering colour Love is all our destiny Love lies beneath flowers. Rive Britton

Nighthawks The bar is light and bright But I am dark and empty So many emotions bubbling Inside my mind, Fear, revenge, loneliness, Round and round in my head, Until the bubble bursts‌ Rive Britton

Under the ocean/ All colours and tones of blue/What a beautiful sight Cold Painting

Under the ocean All colours and tones of blue What a beautiful sight. Carl Barrett

Butterflies If I were a fluttering butterfly, I would fly past and close to the deep orange sun, Past the scarlet red and the midnight blue flowers, And sleep in winter and fly all summer long. If I were a fluttering butterfly, I would feed on juicy emerald green leaves, Fly past the towering trees, fly at great speeds, And fly all the glorious summer long. If I were a fluttering butterfly, I would prepare my home for the shivering winter, After the glorious summer, And awake from it in spring. If I were a fluttering butterfly, I would die a happy one. Ryan Jones

The Lady Of Shallot The Lady of Shallot, all quiet and alone Floating on the river with nothing but her sorrow Sailing away towards a dark distant forest Drifting along into a world of dreams. Jessica Kirby

Butterflies Wings flutter about Radiant butterflies like the sun and the stars Rochelle Moncrieffe

The Triumph Of Death Death and destruction everywhere Death rampaging without a care The fire breathes smoke Smoke breathes death It consumes life Without a spear, axe or knife, Death and destruction everywhere. Keshan Blenman

The Water-lily Pond The green shines brightly A bridge from darkness into light It is peaceful here. Elliott List

The Lady Of Shallot As I wonder and I think, As I cry and moan within, The hoots of the birds sound Round and round. Will I ever feel the same again? Will I ever escape My anger and rage, my sadness and pain. As the candle’s flame dies down, As I fall wearily to the ground, The wedding bells I hear Ringing in my ear. Will I ever feel the same again? Will I ever escape My anger and rage, my sadness and pain. Now that I have lost him, My whole world has changed. The love he gave Has gone away. Will I ever feel the same again? Will I ever escape My anger and rage, my sadness and pain. Chaitah I-inani

Journey The lonely wanderers in the snow Without a hope or anywhere to go, The snow from the blizzard is in their eyes It just keeps on falling from the heavy skies A shining light casts their shadows Over the frozen meadow Rescue is here Now there’s nothing to fear Elliot Tyrell

Water Lily Pond Bright crystal water Wind blowing, waves flowing Peaceful, quiet, calm. Rianne James-Collymore

The Lady Of Shallot I am sad and lost The cold river is faithful It’s time; goodbye now… Shannon Forde

Pegasus Standing tall and bright, Using all its power and might Coat as white as pearls. Wesley Johnny

Jacob’s Ladder The angels clap and sing As I climb the stair Songs of joy and praise As I reach my goal The light shines bright And the stars twinkle Pure white robes Carry the magic to the top I can feel the cold of the stair And the warmth of their stares The sun shines full beam As I reach for my goal Katie Perry

The Triumph Of Death Death strikes His job is to kill He will keep on killing Until there is nothing Left to destroy. The sky is grey The fire burns The people scream Death laughs As he sees the world rot This was his evil plot Shannon Forde

Tree A lovely day, the birds fly around Singing their songs, what a lovely sound A couple kiss, a flower blows A couple kiss, their strong love grows The sun shines bright, the clouds part White fire burns in their hearts The tree shelters all Tobi Adeniyi

Water lilies Spring has blossomed now The colours shine so brightly All this new life Chelsea Fisher

Night Hawks Empty, gloomy bar It is very cold outside But love makes it hot Adam Green

The Abyss It’s the golden vortex Blood reds and gilded yellows All is empty space In the abyss. Iridescent colours Whose new beauty Is so daunting In the abyss. There’s air to breathe And space to move But no reality In the abyss. It’s colours will deceive you Lull you with their gentle peace Passionate reds and silent yellows Lure you into the abyss. Time turns you to insanity Boredom becomes your reality No one can survive In the abyss. Bobby Hall

Sun, Empty Room It’s a lonely house There are no people around Just the sun comes in Adebamibo Adjayi

Poems and Paintings by 7LU  

A series of poems written by members of 7LU at Thomas Tallis School based on famous, and not so famous, works of art.

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